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Weathering Change

A family from Bothell, a TV host and a high school sophomore take a shot at cutting greenhouse gas emissions. See how they're doing.

May 04, 2007

A day without motor vehicles

Posted by Kimberly Roberts at 05:22 PM

Just for fun, I woke up this morning, and decided I wasn't going to set foot inside a motorized vehicle for the entire day. Yes, that's right — no cars, not even buses. The morning was a breeze. I walked to school like I always do. After my lacrosse practice, I was tempted to ask my neighbor Isabel for a ride home — actually, she even offered! I replied, "No thank you,"almost cringing, as my legs were a tad trembly from the seven sets of sprints we had done that day. The longing for a ride subsided, however, when I plugged my I-pod in and selected some Belle and Sebastian. I arrived home shortly and began doing homework.

At about six o'clock, my friend called me, urging me to do a crash study session at her house for this Japanese test we had tomorrow. I knew I needed this study session, but Sara's house in Laurelhurst seemed worlds away.

"No motor-vehicles, no motor vehicles..."I chanted from within. Despite my exhaustion, I decided it was time to resurrect my bicycle from the depths of my garage. After making my way through old suitcases and unwanted cassettes, I found my bike. It was slightly dusty, but that hot pink with purple stripes shown through. Okay, so I guess my bike suits 6th graders more than me, but it gets the job done. I pumped some air into the tires since it hadn't been used for years.

I took the Burke Gilman over to Laurelhurst, to be passed countless times by bikers with yellow spandex and skinny tires. The ride was actually quite refreshing. The breeze was invigorating and I arrived within half an hour.

In retrospect, each decision I made to walk or ride my bike did take some effort, but after doing it, it honestly was not that much of a hardship. The time was hardly a sacrifice. I got some exercise, and got to show off a sweet set of pink wheels. I'm sure I couldn't do this every day, but exercising my will power will make environmentally conscious decisions easier and stop me from being lazy.

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