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Weathering Change

A family from Bothell, a TV host and a high school sophomore take a shot at cutting greenhouse gas emissions. See how they're doing.

May 08, 2007

Another one rides the bus

Posted by The Fraleys at 12:49 PM

Contrary to our preconceptions, riding the bus has been efficient, up to a point. Cori and Aaron now take it to and from preschool one morning a week, so it's kind of a fun event for Aaron, plus it's quality time for the both of them. Cori takes it to her Kirkland school from Canyon Park once a week.

That's been a theme for us these last few days. As we've cut down on car trips, we've also spent some quality time together as a family. (Insert your own Waltons or Leave it to Beaver joke here.) On Monday afternoon all us Fraley males went on a walk down our hill to the commercial area 3/4 of a mile away, where we ordered Chinese, parked the double stroller over on the Starbucks patio, and met Cori for a picnic when she stepped off the bus. We even all got a spot of exercise that way, God forbid. And then this coming Wednesday, all four of us are planning to hop on at 8 in the morning, ride to preschool, drop off Aaron, then spend a couple hours at the library and Caffe Ladro (love that place!) before heading back home together.

When we signed up for this challenge, we basically ruled out bus riding as an energy conservation tool. It was impossible for John, because his schedule is very tight and very specific. It seemed over-inconvenient for Cori, meanwhile, because the routes from our home (in north Bothell) to her school (in south Kirkland) were too long or slightly off in their timing. But a little time spent with the Trip Planner tool on the Metro King County transit site fixed most of those issues, and Cori can now make the trip in easily under an hour each way, which is just about how long it would take in the car on a bad traffic day anyway.

So, all that to say, riding that bus can cut down on the miles. Who knew?

(P.S. Filled the Prius up at the pump for the first time today. Got 445 miles on my first 8.2 gallons. I think I might have snickered out loud at the other drivers in their assorted pickups and minivans. Am I a snob already? Drat.)


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