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Follow the Sonics off and on the court with reporters Percy Allen and Jayda Evans.

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December 15, 2007

Thomas out

Posted by Jayda Evans at 5:42 PM

Just as the Sonics were starting to feel their groove, they lost another player to injury. C Kurt Thomas was scratched from the starting lineup after suffering a sprained right ankle in the win against Minnesota on Friday.

Thomas said he rolled the ankle while coming down from a rebound in the fourth quarter, causing him to briefly hit the floor. He finished the game, including adding the exclamation point with a two-handed dunk in the waning seconds.

C Nick Collison will start in Thomas' place and coach P.J. Carlesimo said he'd probably go nine or 10 players deep early to keep pace with physical Utah. The rotation could include more time for Johan Petro, who has racked up three 'Did Not Play-Coach's Decision" in his past five games.

Thomas isn't the only new injury. Carlesimo has his left pinky finger bandage after suffering a paper cut while reaching into his briefcase in Minnesota.

"I'm going to tough it out," he teased.

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LOL, I was just waiting to hear what the next injury to Thomas was. He's a great influence on the younger guys, but this guy can't stay healthy for more than a few weeks. Oh well, he gets his paycheck either he's not sweating anything. PJ's the man....he'll tough out that paper cut LOL....although for some reason, I believe Thomas would find a way to sit out if he had incurred the same paper cut. This season has been tough to watch....still, watching Durant play is a treat every time he steps on the floor....also....K.C. and Snapper Jones have to be the best broadcasting duo in the matter what the score is, or how many losses pile up, they're having a blast calling the games. I'm watching the game, and they just showed the banners of Malone and Stockton hanging in the rafters. I'm still wondering when Kemp and Payton will have their jerseys raised in KeyArena??? long as I can remember....the Sonics have always struggled playing IN Utah. "The Delta Center" (if you will). I wonder if anyone knows what their all-time record in that building is? I know in the past, a big reason of course was Malone and Stockton, but even after they left, it's been a difficult building to play in. Why is that? Is it much different than any othere NBA arena? Is it the fans? The seating? what? Maybe I'm wrong, but it's always seems like a tough play to play a game. Go Supes!!

Posted by Michael C. at 6:32 PM, Dec 15, 2007

Yeah, this is probably going to be a theme for KT. But since he gives you so much when he does play, I almost look past it. I just wish he could time it better - stay healthy for the big games and miss a Minnesota matchup. As for the Delta, er, EnergySolutions Arena, the Sonics are 26-35 all-time. And it has to be the fans. There is no room between the court and them and they are feisty. They scream for the officials to call every foul - "over the back!" being the favorite yelp - and they just have a very high bball IQ. I'm guessing that helps pump up an already physical and talented Jazz team. Let's also not forget that Utah is coached by one of the greats in Jerry Sloan. There's definitely a system of success here.

Posted by Jayda at 7:26 PM, Dec 15, 2007

Thanks for the info Jayda. Yeah that building is always a tough place to play in. I was watching the game tonight, and I could hear the crowd growling on every call or non-call. They were loud and fiesty the entire's always like that. Jordan proved how unstoppable he was back in 97' and 98' when the Bulls played there in the Finals. Those crowds were insane, and it didn't effect Jordan one bit. I guess it's just tradition....but I find it funny that the Jazz drop all those streamers after EVERY SINGLE WIN.....LOL....Anyway, as for the game....I'm with you on calling the game in the 3rd qtr. Everyone on this blog knows I can't stand Collison....and watching him get torched by a rookie like he did, is completely unacceptable. I wish they'd ship him off in some sort of trade. Collison is an "average" player....but he's not improving, not getting any better in any regard, not doing anything but taking up space with his slow and uncoordinated feet.....I'm just tired of seeing this average guy get so many minutes....but it's not like the team has any other options right now. The fourth qtr...was just pathetic. The Supes were technically still in the game and had several posessions that could have cut the lead to single digits...but every time they got the ball it was just chaos, with nobody knowing what to do, and nobody having any idea who should shoot or when. I guess a fitting end to a tiring road trip. If these guys are pros....they better come out with some real energy after their break.

Posted by Michael C. at 3:21 AM, Dec 16, 2007




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