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Follow the Sonics off and on the court with reporters Percy Allen and Jayda Evans.

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July 7, 2008 3:55 PM

Photos of new OKC team

Posted by Percy Allen

The team-formerly-known-as-the-Sonics took the court today against the Indiana Pacers in the Orlando Pro Summer League. The Oklahoma City team wore generic jerseys, however, it was a stark contrast from the old green and gold garb of the Sonics.

Here's a few pics.

Sonics_No_More_Basketball_FLJR104.JPG Oklahoma City Forward Jeff Green, left, goes up for a shot against Indiana Pacers forward Stephen Graham during an NBA summer league basketball game in Orlando, Fla., Monday, July 7, 2008. (AP Photo/John Raoux) Sonics_No_More_Basketball_FLJR105.JPG

Oklahoma City's Guard Russell Westbrook (0) scrambles for a loose ball against Indiana Pacers' Earl Calloway during an NBA summer league basketball game in Orlando, Fla., Monday, July 7, 2008. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

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Posted by Richard

4:17 PM, Jul 07, 2008

makes me want to vomit.

why even post pictures of this crap?

Posted by GoRentonGo

4:32 PM, Jul 07, 2008

So this is what divorce looks like. The new boyfriend in shots with your old flame. Yuk.

Posted by Ray

4:35 PM, Jul 07, 2008

Oklahoma City Forward Jeff Green

and also there will be

Oklahoma City Guard Kevin Durant


Posted by No Ball in Seattle

4:41 PM, Jul 07, 2008

I think this blog should be cancelled unless Schultz wins his case. The Sonics website doesn't even say Thanks Seattle For 41 Great Years! Just shows how classless OK owners are...but seconds after the announcement they had ticket info up.

Let's start a Blazer to chear for McMillan and Roy.

Posted by

4:46 PM, Jul 07, 2008

Are you guys getting paid to follow other basketball teams not in the seattle area, I assume not so why does this blog still exist and why are you posting pictures of a Oklahoma team, not with our time and I would think definitley not worth the Seattle times time either.

Posted by GoRentonGo

5:16 PM, Jul 07, 2008

Mike --

If you want to complain, go read the paper back in OKC. But the fact you are reading on this blog and commenting justifies the advertising investment on this page, and THAT's what the Seattle Times (and all media in general) is all about.

Posted by Sick in Seattle

5:37 PM, Jul 07, 2008

This is disgusting, they are Seattle's team. I hope Clay Bennett loses so much money that he becomes destitute.

Posted by GoRentonGo

5:44 PM, Jul 07, 2008

What you really want to happen is for the fans in the new market to get a taste of winning right off the bat (WHY is P.J. still the coach? I digress). If winning happens, then is expected then reality hits and players leave for LA or Chicago, rock bottom happens fairly quickly. Look at the Florida Marlins of baseball for an example. Two rings and they still can't draw or make money.

Geesh, I'm cynical today.

Posted by Sonic Fan

5:57 PM, Jul 07, 2008

Rather than posting these photos, please forward to (soon to be ex) Mayor Nickels and (soon to be ex) Governor Gregoire. Thanks.

Posted by bennettdevil666

6:25 PM, Jul 07, 2008

I am completely devastated. this has been one of the worst sports weeks of my life.

Posted by rokusaburo

7:11 PM, Jul 07, 2008

Honestly, no-one wants to see this.

Do they I mean really?

Posted by basketball sucks

7:57 PM, Jul 07, 2008

Forget basketball, seattle should focus on getting a nhl hockey team. Right now i would rather see two hockey players fighting than see the seattle sonics in oklahoma city jerseys.

Posted by InternationalDistrict

8:20 PM, Jul 07, 2008

Sweet Unis!

I will always be a fan of OKC hoops for easing the tax burden on us Seattleites.

Posted by F Seattle

9:02 PM, Jul 07, 2008

Awesome pics. Keep them coming!
I for one am an exited Seatle native looking forward to OKC kicking some serious ass next year.
Just hink...people will actually be in the seats to watch the game. What a fucking concept. You should be ashamed Seattle.
Go gay pride!

Posted by Chuck

10:39 PM, Jul 07, 2008

Paul Silvi on King5 just referred to these guys as the RobberBarons, I also like Bandits. Either one fits. I expect that we will see this for a little while but as people begin to stop posting on this forum they will drop it.

Posted by lox

10:55 PM, Jul 07, 2008

I really wish I didn't click on this link. Seeing those pictures and reading "OK City forward Jeff Green" feels like a punch in the stomach. Very, very sad and painful to see so soon after the "break-up".

And "InternationalDistrict"- go to hell. It's because idiots like you that we no longer have our team. You actually believe you'll pay less taxes now? What a fool. Taxes don't go away, they just get diverted to whatever other shortsighted endeavor your politicians think will help them get re-elected. In this case, to prop up and support a dying Seattle Center and empty, tenant-less Coliseum. (No more Key Arena, the sponsorship was contingent on the Sonics playing there).

Posted by Stephen Anderson

7:03 AM, Jul 08, 2008

What's wrong with supporting an NBA team across the USA. That is what the NBA fans of OKC have done until last week.

Posted by The Observer

7:27 AM, Jul 08, 2008

I have no interest in teams from Oklahoma. Either shut down this blog or start covering teams where there is more regional interest like Portland. Beef up your coverage of the Storm. Anything but OKC!

Posted by MayorNickels

7:37 AM, Jul 08, 2008

Remember these pictures and the many we will see like it over the next months when it comes time to re-elect our mayor and city coucil 'leadership'.

Posted by Andre

8:18 AM, Jul 08, 2008

Is it bad that I want these guys to be worse than they were last year? I mean I still like Durant and Green, but unfortunately they've got to take a hit for me to see something good come out of this....still feel sick seeing this crap.

Posted by grant

9:02 AM, Jul 08, 2008

Look on the bright side Sonics soon as Durant and Green play out their rookie contracts, they are gone. Clay will lose his best players to free agency and have zero success signing any legitimate NBA free agents. OKC fans better enjoy Durant while they can, because he is absolutely out of there. These guys don't even have their own practice facility right now, and the Ford Center is a barn. The OKC tax will give it a new paint job. But Bennett will turn around and demand a brand new $600 million dollar "state of the art" tax payer funded facility to increase his bottom line. OKC fans say they are great sports fans, but lets see how they like watching the worst team in the league while the owner has his hand in their pockets.

Besides maybe Schultz will still undo the sale...screwing Stern and Bennett.

Posted by QueenAnnMan

9:59 AM, Jul 08, 2008

"And "InternationalDistrict"- go to hell. It's because idiots like you that we no longer have our team. You actually believe you'll pay less taxes now? What a fool. Taxes don't go away, they just get diverted to whatever other shortsighted endeavor your politicians think will help them get re-elected. In this case, to prop up and support a dying Seattle Center and empty, tenant-less Coliseum. (No more Key Arena, the sponsorship was contingent on the Sonics playing there)."

I thought the entire premise of the pro arena faction was that the allocated taxes do not take away from other more needy causes. Are you offiicially retracting your position? If so, I am even more excited to learn that these taxes are now being diverted to legimate areas of public need.


Posted by Jon

11:28 AM, Jul 08, 2008

Time for all of us fans to move on. The times need to stop pretending this is our team anymore let them lose in Oklahoma City. They didn't even try to put a good product together before being sold and now they move out Stern is a fool if he thinks the rest of the league would tolerate drafting 5 seven footers and not one of them can play. Good move Wally and now Clay and Sam have their team Lose baby Lose enjoy the feeling Oklahoma.

Posted by Jeff

1:43 PM, Jul 08, 2008

The OKC team is on here because real fans of your former team don't all of a sudden hate the team with a passion when they don't play in your backyard anymore.

A lot of OKC people still follow the Hornets when they left for New Orleans. We didn't all of a sudden start hating their guts like a lot of the Seattle bandwagon fans do.

Posted by David B.

4:40 PM, Jul 08, 2008

There is no point in putting this up; I don't want to see it, it just hurts too much.


Posted by David tosses Clays salad

4:44 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Jeff. The vagabond crap franchise that is the Hornets played part time in OKC for what amounted to a cup of coffee. They didnt LEAVE OKC, they were visiting all along. and yeah.. we can hate the OKC whatchamacallits because they are just that: a facelesss, soulless franchise with a disgusting owner, retread coach, Clipper-esque injection of youth, NO HISTORY and no chance at success. They wiped out any semblance of our past during the "good faith" effort to keep the team here. Good luck keeping Durant. Good luck attracting free agents.

The Sonics are an institution. They ARE because of the history books. They will live in our hearts forever and OKC cant touch the name. For that I am grateful.

it is a sad time for the league. They are resorting to backwoods markets to monopolize a small town's passion for sport. A passion that has been on the steady decline for the NBA since the mid 90s when expansion, Stern's blunders (remember the ticky tack reffing that started around that time) and salary levels ruined the game.

I wish the fans of OKC luck, but you can butter my canoli if you think we are fairweather for not supporting the team. Grab an identity and at least 20 years of track record before you talk to us.

Posted by elevenbravo20

5:02 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Bottom line: Seattle failed to step up and provide funding for an adequate arena; OKC did not. Blame your neighbors, blame your politicians, blame David Stern, blame yourself.

And before you make anymore ignorant prognostictions about keeping/attracting quality players or the success of the franchise in OKC, do a modicum of research on what Chris Paul or Byron Scott thought about living and playing here. The franchise couldn't be more mediocre here than it was in Seattle. OKC is comparable to Salt Lake City or even Portland -- except that it's maybe even more sports-minded and fanatical -- two franchises that have made the playoffs more frequently than almost any others, including Seattle, in the past 40 years.

Posted by elevenbravo20

5:04 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Stealing your only thunder: prognostication.

Posted by P.O. Coug

6:37 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Hey Times' bloggers: you like rubbing salt into our wound. Enough already! Denial stage is over, now let us grieve in peace

Posted by SeaStefan

6:49 PM, Jul 08, 2008

That's OK ... the OKC team has already beenb cursed .... type in "Emerald Curse" at Youtube ....

Posted by SeaBalt

8:33 PM, Jul 08, 2008

That video was funny--it makes me feel a little better.

Posted by 206er

10:55 PM, Jul 08, 2008

GROOSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just hope we can see supersonics green and gold back in the 206 soon

Posted by MelloDawg

1:30 AM, Jul 09, 2008


Not like you'll ever post on this blog again, but it's adorable you think that just because Chris Paul bought a condo or whatever in OKC that it means ALL NBA players will love it there.

Newsflash: He wasn't even in his 3rd year yet. What's he going to do? Say the place is a dump and refuse to adapt to his surroundings? I've yet to see a single Oklahoma City moron come on the blog or any message board and use another piece of evidence BESIDES Chris Paul and his condo.

Laughable. Waive Durant goodbye.

Posted by end sonic blog

11:41 AM, Jul 09, 2008

Sonic blog is depressing. Seattle times should just get rid of this blog permanetly. I am sick of seening the seattle sonics in oklahoma city.

Posted by whiners inc.

12:10 PM, Jul 09, 2008

Newsflash: DURANT, GREEN, and WESTBROOK crush Magic 100-77. New sources say this could be a very good team, and very soon.

WESTBROOK so far has been the best of the draft.

"It was the first time all three had been on the court together in a game, and like he had done the day before, Westbrook opened eyes with his play, racking up 19 points, 3 assists, and 3 steals. "I knew he was a great defensive player, a guy that could get to the basket, athletic" Durant said. "But I didn't know he was that good, he came out and showed me a lot."

"I know that dominating a summer league game, doesn't mean that the OKC bunch is destined to win a world championship, but if they can keep these three guys together for a few years, it will be interesting to see how they develop."

Here's three cheers to their DEVELOPMENT and a winning tradition in OKC.


Posted by Bart

12:43 PM, Jul 09, 2008

As a fan of the Cleveland Browns I can relate. I would hate the OKC team and every player on it unconditionally.

Posted by SaukMtnMan

2:31 PM, Jul 09, 2008

Can we get the Blazers on KJR with Calabro doing his thing when the season starts? Better yet, can the Blazers play just one of their OKC Raiders games in Seattle? Just one? Oh, I'd love to be at the Key for that. And have the Blazers drub them by 41...a point for every year that was stolen from us!!! Yeah, and bring all our favorite people in for the occasion...Stern, Nichols, Bennett, Lacata, Gregoire, that possible?

Posted by Sad-in-Seattle :(

2:46 PM, Jul 09, 2008

I am watching Westbrook play live in Orlando. He is an absolute STAR, a beast! What we're we thinking??? Not only did OKC take our team, they got the best player in the Draft, and we get to watch them succeed from afar. Talk about an INSULT. Thanks shultzee, ceis, and nickels. WTG!

Posted by Pistol Pete

11:48 AM, Jul 10, 2008

Some friends and I will be in Seattle for some college football in several weeks. Looking forward to seeing the fine town.

Posted by Mighty

10:42 PM, Jul 18, 2008

I've been a Sonic fan ALL my life. .through good times and bad. . mostly bad but that still didnt stop me from loving to watch and root for them. Just becuase they are not in Seattle doesn't mean their history is dead with the city. I totally understand how come everyone is so upset and distraught over the situation, but in the end the Team still has Seattle's fingerprint written all over it. Thats how come I'm still going to be behind them.

Take this analogy for example. . . .you have a pet dog, you've raised it since a little pup and gave it all the love in the world. In turn, you grew attached to him/her and gave it all the love you can give. All of a sudden you lost your job and have no source of income and wont be able to take care of it anymore. You end up giving it to a animal shelter, it finds a new home and ends up being happy and thirving. Are you gonna be glad or wish that it ends up going somewhere and dying? I'd be happy for the dog cuase it was able to live and grow into whatever it became. I'd be happy becuase I let him go that I was a part of his success.

Root for them still!!

Posted by will

10:24 AM, Jul 20, 2008

Seattle knows how bad we felt when the Hornets left Charlotte. New Orleans even took our team name (it was historical too). At least you don't have to worry about that. Now we are left with a lottery team while we watch our Hornets be in contention for a title. If the Hornets didn't move to New Orleans then none of this would have happened. If the NBA wanted a new team just create one so cities don't get ticked off at the league. These moves are so stupid. Just to let you know we feel for you Seattle over here in NC.

Posted by okc fan

8:19 PM, Aug 05, 2008

I am excited about seeing a real NBA team right here in state! I haven't been to a game in 35 years. This will start a new routine going to the games.

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