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Follow the Sonics off and on the court with reporters Percy Allen and Jayda Evans.

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June 11, 2008 11:09 AM

Sonics moved to Oklahoma in the D-League

Posted by Percy Allen

With just five days remaining before Monday's court trial between the city and the Sonics, maybe today's NBA D-League announcements will go unnoticed.

But I got a tip about this a few weeks ago and was never able to get any confirmation from anybody within the two leagues.

Anyway, since 2005 the Sonics were assigned to the Idaho Stampede along with the Portland Trail Blazers, which made sense because of the proximity of the Northwest teams.

Today, the league re-assigned the Sonics to the Tulsa 66ers in Oklahoma.

The league made note of several new developments in today's announcement, but did not highlight the change with the Sonics.

On the surface, the re-assignments makes no sense because the teams assigned to Idaho are the Blazers and the Toronto Raptors, which is about 2,000 miles away.

The Sonics will share the 66ers with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Clearly the NBA, which approved Clay Bennett's bid to move the Soncis to Oklahoma City, fully expects the Sonics will no longer play in Seattle.

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Posted by Eric E

12:22 PM, Jun 11, 2008

And boy are they going to be wrong!!

It's all posturing in my eyes. The NBA is putting all their chips in right now and hoping we don't have a better hand. I think a lot of people are starting to realize that we just might.

Also, from Stern helping his friend steal the Sonics from Seattle to the NBA finally being exposed for rigged officiating, is there really any question that Stern needs to go?!?!

Posted by malaman41

12:44 PM, Jun 11, 2008

Man. I wish I was not such a basketball fan. Because if I was not, I would be stepping away from the NBA all together. It is hard to walk away from 31 years of being an NBA fan.

Posted by Magnolia

2:28 PM, Jun 11, 2008

"Clearly the NBA, which approved Clay Bennett's bid to move the Soncis to Oklahoma City, fully expects the Sonics will no longer play in Seattle."

What realistic person doesn't expect the sonics to move.

Nickles case is flimsy at best. Howie's case is a non-starter.

Posted by jeffd928

2:57 PM, Jun 11, 2008

It ain't over till it's over. Don't sign any long-term lease agreements in Tulsa.

Posted by Brett

4:34 PM, Jun 11, 2008

Then prepared to be surprised Magnolia. There is no way the Sonics will be able to move to OKC next year even if the city loses. The appeals process will cut into the season, so they are guaranteed to be here at least one more year. Oh, and any legal expert you talk to says that the city has the upper hand in this case, so don't count on having a team for at least two years, if ever.

Posted by Stephen S

5:16 PM, Jun 11, 2008

Looks like the Sonics have won some major decisions regarding the court battle in regards to evidence. Just keep hoping and Shultz has put his trial on hold. Things seem to be unraveling fast.

Posted by MelloDawg

3:18 AM, Jun 12, 2008

Stephen S,

Do you even follow the media? Schultz AND the PBC's lawyers put the trial on hold.

Just another typical, ignorant Okie trying to twist the facts.

Stop reading your rag of a newspaper.

Posted by MelloDawg

3:18 AM, Jun 12, 2008

P.S. They never even really put it on hold, they're just pushing it back until July.


Posted by Dump PJ

12:19 PM, Jun 12, 2008

Anyone who thinks the Sonics are leaving town are either brainwashed OK fans or just don't know the facts. After reading numerous legal opinions of this case, I will be shocked if the judge rules against the city and allows a buyout. I would be even more shocked if the NBA allows the Sonics with this ownership group to remain in Seattle for 2 lame duck seasons and essentially waste one of the leagues biggest draws - KD.

What is really funny is that the organization's purging of the roster and efforts to dump games (I can only assume that PJ was dumping games by the way he coached in 4th quarters) will likely backfire in court. What did they expect when they overpaid for the franchise which was losing $25-30 million/yr and then put maybe the worst product in the league on the floor with minimal marketing? I can't see how the judge will feel any sympathy for them and it just goes back to what the lease says which is that they cannot break it.

Posted by DAWGONE in AZ

12:23 PM, Jun 12, 2008

Mellow (or anyone else):

When did this news of a trial push come out? I didn't hear anything about it being rescheduled into July?

Anyone have a link to the news?


Posted by Kurt

12:37 PM, Jun 12, 2008

Why doesn't Stern just create a new franchise? Nothing is being gained here, the league already has a bad rap. I realize he doesn't want more people buying teams, threaten to move them hoping to be awarded a team, but if Memphis gets a team, and Charlotte gets a new one....why not OK AND! Seattle?

Posted by Kurt

12:40 PM, Jun 12, 2008

What the NBA needs to do is create as many teams as are desired. Then create divisions like pro soccer does in Europe. You gain entrance in to the top league by winning. Lose your place for tanking. That way it could cap the number of team in the 1st division so the league doesn't get watered down.

Posted by Dump PJ

2:40 PM, Jun 12, 2008

Posted by DAWGONE in AZ

6:48 PM, Jun 12, 2008

Who the heck is the dude on the floor of the Laker-Celtics game tonight wearing the vintage Sonics jersey?

He's sitting in the seat right next to the scorers' table....the sight of that jersey brought a tear to my eye (but maybe that's the miller lite talking).



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