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Follow the Sonics off and on the court with reporters Percy Allen and Jayda Evans.

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June 9, 2008 11:43 AM

Bayless and Gordon arrive this week for workouts

Posted by Percy Allen

The Sonics will continue with workouts this week and Arizona guard Jerryd Bayless is the headliner for the 15 players scheduled to appear.

The 19-year-old 6-3 guard is believed to be the player the Sonics will select with the fourth pick in the June 26 draft. He's a talented player touted as the second best guard in the draft behind Memphis' Derrick Rose. Rose will likely be chosen with the first or second picks.

Bayless isn't a natural point guard and some scouts believe USC's O.J. Mayo has more overall talent.

Still, Bayless seems a better fit for the Sonics. He averaged 19.7 points, 4.0 assists, 2.7 rebounds and 3.0 turnovers in 30 games for the Wildcats.

The Sonics will also bring in touted Indiana guard Eric Gordon, who is also a candidate for the No. 4 pick.

Bayless and Gordon are the big names, but apparently the team wants to get a good look at several center prospects. The Sonics had five centers visit on Sunday and six center are scheduled to appear this week.

The list includes: South Florida 6-9 center Kentrell Gransberry, California 6-11 center Devon Hardin, BYU 6-11 F/C Trent Plaisted, Florida 6-10 center Marreese Speights, UCLA 6-9 center Lorenzo Mata-Real, Arkansas 7-0 center Steven Hill

The Sonics will workout seven forwards this week. The list includes: Kansas 6-9 forward Darrell Arthur, Rhode Island 6-8 forward Will Daniels, 6-9 forward Luc Louves of France, Oklhaoma State 6-9 G/F Marcus Dove, Maryland 6-9 forward James Gist, Indiana 6-9 forward D.J. White and Alabama 6-9 forward Richard Hendrix

Those who made visits on Sunday were: Stanford center Brook Lopez, Boston College 6-11 center Tyrelle Blair, Sansas 6-11 center Sasha Kaun, Louisville 6-11 center David Padgett and 7-foot center Vladimir Golubovic of Serbia.

Lopez is also a possibility for the No. 4 pick, however, he's been falling in several mock drafts.

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Posted by Objective

2:21 PM, Jun 09, 2008

If OKC doesn't take Mayo they are nutz. Perrt good lineup this:

5 Sene
4 Green
3 Durrant
2 Mayo
1 Frodo

Posted by jd

3:37 AM, Jun 10, 2008

1st: OKC does not have a team so they are not selecting anyone.
2nd: Sene is out for the year with a knee injury and has not shown that he is ready to start yet even when he is healthy.
3rd: Mayo could very easily be gone before the Sonics select.
4th: It is spelled "Durant".
The team that you listed here would lose more games than the dismantled team that Bennett put out there this last year!
Nice display of your ignorance though. I think that I will trust a professional scouts judgement over your lame concept.

Posted by srkboy23

11:39 AM, Jun 10, 2008

The only players we should even think about taking with the #4 pick are Mayo, Bayless, Rose, or Beasley. Bayless is the only 1 of those 4 that will definitely be available by the time we pick.

Posted by Audrey

7:07 PM, Jun 10, 2008

How 'bout if we trade Durrants for Aaron Brooks and a couple of 2nd round picks. Then we can move Green to his natural 3 position. Then we can use the 4 pick for kevin Love..that way we have a powerful frontcourt in Swoft, Green and Love and a ballhawking backcourt with Broocks and Ridnour. Then we should use our 2nd round picks to select Derrick Lowe 'da franchise' and the next Bruce Bowen in Kyle Weaver for defense. That is an automatic plaoff team dtarting next year. And we gotta get Mikki Moore back somehow.

Posted by Matilda

8:17 PM, Jun 10, 2008

Good call Audrey.

I think we need consider things in the big picture. If this team has Adam Morrison that would truly put us over the top except for point guard. what people don;t realize is thas Adam is adept at handling the ball and was the best point while at gonzaga too. If not for the tremendoes depth at Gonzaga and the need for his shooting he would have been the point.

A team with Swift, Durrant, Green, Mayo and Morrison would really provide amazing athletism, defensive tenacity, and superior athletisim with superior size. In other words we need to trade the pick for Adam Morrison and realize our dream.

Posted by Are you high?

3:01 AM, Jun 11, 2008

Don't forget to sign Dan Dickau and Luke Jackson. Then, if we're lucky we might be able to trade Wilcox and Collison for the Collins twins! They went to Stanford- they must be really smart!

Posted by Mix

11:23 AM, Jun 11, 2008

Does anyone on here talk about how the NBA is a fraud and is rigging games... when does Stern get taken before congress and when does congress or the authorities start to talk to refs about rigging games? The press isn't much help here, since Refs can't officially speak to them (convenient)...

Posted by Trezeguet

2:32 PM, Jun 11, 2008

"Does anyone on here talk about how the NBA is a fraud and is rigging games... "

Shhhh. Discussion of said topic severly damages media efforts to convince gullible Seattle citizenry that NBA is worth retaining.

Put a lid on it now.

Posted by Seattle Super Sonics

11:17 PM, Jun 11, 2008

OKC, dude OKC doesnt have a team. And you my friend are what troubles me. You dont know jack about basketball. You think you are somekind of a big shot even being on here. This is the Seattle Times for our Seattle Sonics. Sene is a flat out bust. And that's your center? And Frodo? ? With Sene and Frodo you are the mastermind of OKC. Go back to your sandbox. And quit eating so much of your kitty litter. It is effecting your brain. Wait, I forgot, you dont have one, never mind.

Posted by obie

8:47 AM, Jun 12, 2008

ooooh burn

Posted by thoughts

4:28 PM, Jun 13, 2008

It's funny to see people from OKC on here. They are living vicariously through us. At least they got a NBDL team close to home now. I have always liked the people that I met from Oklamhoma but this thing with Our Sonics is showing me a side of them that people used to joke about.

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