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Follow the Sonics off and on the court with reporters Percy Allen and Jayda Evans.

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March 23, 2008 5:13 PM

SOS rally planned

Posted by Jayda Evans

This release is from Save Our Sonics:

Save Our Sonics will hold a fan event before and during the SuperSonics vs. Trail Blazers game on Monday, March 24. The grass roots advocacy group has more than 100 adjacent tickets in the lower bowl for the game.

Save Our Sonics' members will wave signs and lead chants inside Key Arena during the game, demonstrating the characteristically strong support Seattle fans have shown the NBA for the past 41 years. Fans who want to participate can meet the Save Our Sonics crew at Ozzie's Restaurant & Bar (105 W. Mercer Street) for a pre-game strategy session from 5p.m. to 8p.m.

Save Our Sonics released the following statement:
"Seattle has been an outstanding NBA city for 41 years. Our actions at the March 24 game aim to show the city, the league and sports fans across the country what everyone will lose if the Sonics relocate to a smaller market. Seattle fans are considered among the best in the country for all three major sports, but we initially earned our raucous reputation during all those Sonics playoff runs at Seattle Center.

"We hope Seattle fans join us in full force to make Monday's game a playoff-type atmosphere inside the arena. We've also been contacted by a large group of Blazers fans that expressed support for our cause and their desire to keep the I-5 rivalry alive. The Northwest will truly be united Monday in the hope that we see many more years of on-court battles between the Sonics and Blazers. We encourage everyone to chant loudly and get our message across while complying with NBA regulations for appropriate fan conduct.

"In the critical three weeks leading up to the NBA Board of Governors vote on April 17, Sonics fans must remind the NBA and our city leaders how ingrained the Sonics are in our local culture. With Steve Ballmer's generous Key Arena remodel offer on the table, Seattle needs to come together and draw up the final play to win the Board of Governors vote and save pro basketball in our city."

Talking points

-- Seattle set NBA attendance records when more than 39,000 fans crowded the Kingdome for a game in 1979.
-- David Stern is overlooking Seattle's past efforts. Key Arena was actually designed with full NBA supervision and approval in 1994, and Stern lauded it as a model venue for the league after its construction.
-- In the four days following Steve Ballmer's announcement that he will contribute $150 million to a Key Arena/Seattle Center remodel, voters' calls to Governor Christine Gregoire's office ran 97% in favor this arena plan. The city cannot afford to pass up this opportunity to revitalize Seattle Center and keep the Sonics in town.

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Posted by Bellevue Rob

5:36 PM, Mar 23, 2008

The Last sentence in the talking points says it all... Revitalize Seattle Center. That has been the focus of this region since this began. The solution to the Sonics mess first and foremost must start with a plan that does not include putting another band aid on a forty year old building. If we had taken a serious look at options for a new building in the region, we would not be where we are at. Either approve a 300 + million fix up of the key to save the Seattle Center, or lose the Sonics. Stupid and short sighted, in other words, situation normal for Seattle region government.

Posted by Publicbulldog

9:15 PM, Mar 23, 2008

Give ballmer some waterfront property where the viaduct sits and let him create a new waterfront civic spectacle for our time.

We are running out of parking lots to sell.
The Civic leaders cant do anything without saddling us with the arts ball and chain.

Let the arts have the tax,and let Ballmer have the waterfront property instead of trying to save it for residential developers.

Create waterfront jobs instead of waterfront snobs.

Posted by adama

12:43 AM, Mar 24, 2008

I'll be there. First game this season, but it seems like a good one to go to.

Posted by asd

3:06 AM, Mar 24, 2008

Why do you they wait until the last minute. I have lost faith in this group. Couldn't they give those of us with jobs a couple of weeks to make a real presence felt?

Posted by JeffGreen22

9:45 AM, Mar 24, 2008

We're also planning an on-court protest as soon as the third quarter is over. We have a quite a few already commited to it so it will be awesome.

Posted by Save Our Sonics

1:02 PM, Mar 24, 2008

No, it won't be awesome.

What you are advocating is an illegal activity. It is also something the team is prepared for and has hired extra security to prevent.

The chances of anyone getting anything but arrested are slim. We don't want anyone hurt or arrested and we want to make sure that what is done is done right.

Our group wants to be on record that we have nothing to do with this idea and that we do not support it.

We have plans in the works for an effective and LEGAL plan for a major fan protest at an upcoming game. Please goto the saveoursonics web site and sign up for the action alerts and we will keep you informed of this upcoming event.

Posted by Save Our Sonics

1:08 PM, Mar 24, 2008

First, thanks to Jayda and Percy for their support of the cause. Everyone with SOS appreciates their efforts.

Second, for "asd", we don't like to wait until the last minute. However this is an all volunteer effort and we all have real lives to tend to as well as working hard to save the team. We are proud of what we have done but we will be the first to admit that we could do a lot more if we had more people involved in leadership of the group.

We do plan ahead as much as possible but this is such a moving target that when we plan something we end up having to change the plans all most as fast as we make them.

The members of the group have been great, thousands and thousands have responded when we have asked for them to do things. What we are lacking is more people with skills in event planning to step up and be part of the leadership group. If you have those skills please contact us because we can use your help. :-)

Posted by SOS Insider

1:09 PM, Mar 24, 2008

JeffGreen22, Please Don't do the walk on this game, We are trying really hard to get NATIONAL COVERAGE for our actions tonight and we want to keep everything positive. I personally (I am not speaking for SOS) would be down with more aggressive actions like Storming the court with a bunch of fans, but a lot of people have put a lot of work into making our message tonight positive and it could be completely spun the wrong way by Stern and his media cronies if we are not careful.

Posted by JeffGreen22

4:07 PM, Mar 24, 2008

SOS Insider, I'll definately be there, I might be the first person on the court. I in no way have any connection with the Save Our Sonics people, and hopefully never will. As for these "extra security measures" that really doesnt inspire me to not do it. If your peaceful and calm, they have no reason to put force on you, and if they do, oh well, it was for a good cause. Check out

Posted by Portlander

5:01 PM, Mar 24, 2008

Sonic fans, please keep it classy. I am a Portlander and have grown up watching the Blazers/Sonics rivalry and am truly upset by the actions being taken by He Who Must Not Be Named Bennet and the evil commissioner Stern. I whole heartedly support the SOS campaign and feel that it is a great idea, especially if you have positive media attention. However, storming the court or holding a protest will not help your cause. Mr. Stern is a master manipulator and will definitely use it against you. Many people around the country respect and admire the city of Seattle; please don't ruin that image.

Save the Sonics

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