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Follow the Sonics off and on the court with reporters Percy Allen and Jayda Evans.

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February 3, 2008 1:14 PM

Trash talk

Posted by Percy Allen

Percy Allen: All right Jayda, round two. So what do you think about the coach's picks for the All-Star reserves? Think you could have done a better job?

Jayda Evans: That's putting me on the spot. But I'd have to say, yes. Leaving Ray Allen off the squad is a travesty. The sole reason Boston is now "Boston," again, is because of KG, Paul Pierce, AND Ray Allen. You can't have one on the team without the others. As we said in the last Trash Talk, the Celtics are one of the more exciting storylines this season and Allen is a major part of that. I'd give the Eastern Conference coaches a "D" for that snub.

Allen: So you're saying you'd take off Joe Johnson? The same Joe Johnson who is 21.2 points per game, which is about three points better than Ray.

Evans: And? Johnson is a superstar player and just as deserving, but why is Allen always in this argument? He's soft on defense, but he helps his team win, which I thought was the objective. Last I checked, Atlanta was 18-24 and ridding a three-game losing streak. Winners should be rewarded and not a simple attempt to spread the notoriety around. So, you obviously don't agree and must think Brandon Roy should have been left off for Baron Davis?

Allen: Maybe not Brandon. I love that kid and what he's doing. Like you said, a lot of guys are deserving. I'm just not sure about Ray this year. He got in last year, when Chris Paul should have made the team and the year before when Andre Miller was having a better statistical season. Davis is balling, but the guy on the West squad that I would have taken off is David West. Not sure what the coaches where thinking here. I like the idea of New Orleans getting two All-Stars for sentimentality, but he's not having the type of year of Davis or Denver's Marcus Camby. The real problem is the fans. Let's get to the heart of the matter. They screwed up. They shouldn't have voted two Denver Nuggets to the starting lineup.

Evans: Finally, some common sense. The fans, while I love them, should be taken out of the equation or made into an equation. Like their vote counts for 60 percent of the total or something like that. But it'll never happen. They buy the tickets and deserve the right to select the stars. But this whole New Orleans thing is screwy anyway. The only thing that should be happening in New Orleans is clean-up from Hurricane Katrina. I know the BCS championship game was there, but I've been there with the Sonics and it's in no condition to host a true party. The whole NBA showcase should be the players doing some real community service and getting that city back to the vibrant place it was. Don't you agree?

Allen: Let's be real here, nothing the NBA does will have a meaningful impact there. The All-Star game will bring in millions of dollars in commerce and Bob Lanier, who does a fantastic job, will help build a few houses pose with the locals, but the NBA can't help that city. New Orleans' problems are bigger than the league. As for the fans, the NBA might want to adopt a system similar to the NFL where fans, coaches and media each have equal control of the balloting. Or next time, they can just ask you who should be on the teams.

Evans: So, you've got jokes, funny. Yes, adopting the NFL's system is the way to go in selecting the teams, but I'm not feeling you on the NBA's impact. Look at what the Sonics did during their second trip to New Orleans. It can't be rebuilt in a day and the people deserve a good time, but I think something more than a one-day photo-op is in order here to really touch the people and make a difference. It's a tragedy that happened in an NBA city so the league has equal responsibility to help the cause. All healthy players should be required to attend to work in the community and the league's staffers should also be there working side-by-side. That's all I'm saying. It's one time. Folks can return to the crazy party atmosphere next year in Phoenix.

Allen: Well that sounds nice, but it's not going to happen. The league can't mandate what players do on their time off. Yes it's a worthy cause, but too many guys would rather go to Cancun or the Bahamas. Besides building a handful of homes for a community of thousands of homeless is akin to giving a band aid when major surgery is required. Anyway, let's agree to disagree once again. Ok?

Evans: Until next week, then. Peace.

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