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Follow the Sonics off and on the court with reporters Percy Allen and Jayda Evans.

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January 20, 2008 1:24 PM

Okies on the prowl

Posted by Jayda Evans

Forgot to mention that Oklahoma City's newspaper, The Oklahoman, is busy getting ready for the Sonics' arrival. The paper is owned by Sonics chairman Clay Bennett's wife's family, by the way. But two reporters were dispatched to Dallas, which is about 200-miles south of OKC, to begin work on features. One is a "get to know your Sonics" type piece where every player is expected to be profiled.

Don't know when the paper will get F Wally Szczerbiak, though. When the idea was explained to him, he gave a crazy look and a firm "No" to the interview request. Szczerbiak also declined to speak to locals following the game, however, stating he didn't want to say anything that would get him "fined or suspended."

"I'll just let my game do the talking," he said of scoring 20 of his game-high 26 points in the second half.

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Posted by Michael C.

2:33 PM, Jan 20, 2008

an OKC paper putting together a "get to know your Sonics" piece??--That makes me physically ill. I'm proud of Wally's reaction. He's a true vet....did you guys see him attack the rim late in the game against Dallas the other night? It was late in the 4th qtr...(the game was clearly in hand for the Mavs)....but Wally took the ball HARD to the rim, made the basket- while drawing a foul....and he let out a loud scream afterwards. Nice to see guys like him still fighting and playing hard . We as fans have gotta have the same attitude. Save our Sonics!!

Posted by Dump PJ

3:00 PM, Jan 20, 2008

Can we assume that Wally is not happy with PJ? Or maybe he was referring to commenting on the state of the Sonics franchise? I agree Michael, great to see Wally in there battling despite the circumstances. Appears to me like most of the vets have been giving a fairly consistant effort. The more erratic play is coming from the rookies which is somewhat understandable. Bottom line is PJ is a coaching loser at the NBA level.

Posted by Saltherring

3:51 PM, Jan 20, 2008

The OKC newspaper story featuring the Sonics wouldn't be complete without a team photo with all players giving the "finger" to Pinoccio Bennett and his Okie buddies.

Posted by JAWA

4:28 PM, Jan 20, 2008

A bit early for that newspaper to be doing that since it's not even a given that the Sonics will be OKC bound, but what else would you expect from what was once deemed the worst newspaper in America?

Posted by lorlor

6:47 PM, Jan 20, 2008

You gotta love Wally, Szerbs that is not that lunatic Walker. I was bored today so I did a little research about the OKC/Sonic situation and I found a lot of interesting info from the blog.

1) NBA Relocation Committee for OKC has been set.
The group is Miami Heat owner Micky Arison, Lakers owner Jerry Buss, Warriors owner Chris Cohan, Nets part owner Lewis Katz, Pacers co-owner Herb Simon, Sixers chairman Ed Snider and Spurs owner Peter Holt.

2) The blogger DMayberry, who maybe a reporter for the news agency has been very supportive of the Sonics to stay in Seattle, which I found unusual, but frankly nice to hear an honest voice and comments from one who lives in OKC. Check out this page of blogs from him and his visit to Seattle. I like this guy, he may have been the one who interviewed Bennett in OKC. Jayda do you know?

3) Looking at this website, seems like OKC is more interested in the Hornets then the Sonics.

4) The tax picture looks mixed in OKC. There seems like there is some reluctance on funding the tax. What I dont get is the ownership group is willing to put $150 to build a new arena in the Seattle area, yet they are pushing OKC for a tax to pay for their $150 in Ford Center approvements. To met that is just plain wrong, no matter what city you are going too. Funny thing is, is that know one on the OKC blogs bring it up.

Posted by Jayda

8:31 PM, Jan 20, 2008

Hello Lorlor. Yes, I've met Mayberry and he's one of the people following the Sonics this season. It does seem OKC is more interested in the Hornets because that's the first team to arrive in the city, but there's lots of love for the Sonics, too. Seems the city just wants an NBA team, seeing the cultural value. But wait, there is no cultural value for an NBA team. I'm so confused.

Posted by Merrill

5:27 AM, Jan 21, 2008

Bennett the Liar isn't the villain here. His name is Howard "The Price of Betrayal" Shultz. BOYCOTT STARBUCKS! The coffee is mediocre and the "homey cafe" is fake (who ever heard of metal bloody chairs and tables in a homey coffee shop???).

Posted by Joe

6:37 AM, Jan 21, 2008

Between the Hornets and Sonics, the fans of Oklahoma will surely pick the Hornets who are playoff bound! They will surely pick any NBA team as long as they got one, but for how long they will have keen interest for the team that is rebuilding is still unsure. Everybody loses interest on a loser, but the Hornets that's a different thing, with a winner coach like Scott!

Posted by TJ

11:42 AM, Jan 21, 2008

This blog entry seems very odd. Who's Jada? Not sure OKC would care a great deal about what people in DFW thought more Arkansas, or Kansas

Posted by mark philippsen

3:08 PM, Jan 23, 2008

way to go wally!! sonic fans love you.screw those okie pukes.we are not going anywhere yet.Jayda;
send to mayor and governor as they say they want to keep sonics.

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