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Sins of emmissions

Nicole Brodeur has been a Metro columnist at The Seattle Times since 1999. A New Jersey native, Brodeur has written for newspapers in California and North Carolina, and spent the best years of her life waitressing. She lives in Seattle with her 14-year-old son, needs to walk more, take the bus, stop microwaving tea water and consider turning her second car into a composting container.

May 16, 2007

Road rage.

Posted by Nicole Brodeur at 11:15 PM

When I was pregnant, all I saw were other pregnant women. They were everywhere. This was comforting; made me feel like I was part of something big, of planting new seeds in the garden of humanity, and hoping for a happy, healthy bloom.

It's the same thing as I try to cut back on my carbon footprint -- but darker. Instead of seeing other guilt-bloated, going-greeners like me, I see nothing but offenders. And it's starting to scare me.

This morning I was in a parking garage behind one of those humingous Ford F-150s, the kind that make that meatgrinder sound when you're both stopped at the light. My eye instantly focused on the driver's side: There was a woman driving. But did she have a passenger? Nope.

Instead of passing her, blocking her in, pulling her down out of the cab and giving her a good talking to ( and facing assault charges) I found myself making excuses for her. Maybe she had just dropped off her horse at the stables in Woodinville. Maybe she had to pick up 4 tons of cinderblocks after this. Or maybe she was just one of those people who loves a truck and pays for the gas and doesn't think so far into the future.

Ah, but she does. We all have to. It's like starting any new routine. Sometimes you have to rethink what you love, and make huge sacrifices, in order to make your entire life more meaningful.

Kind of like having kids, right?

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