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Sins of emmissions

Nicole Brodeur has been a Metro columnist at The Seattle Times since 1999. A New Jersey native, Brodeur has written for newspapers in California and North Carolina, and spent the best years of her life waitressing. She lives in Seattle with her 14-year-old son, needs to walk more, take the bus, stop microwaving tea water and consider turning her second car into a composting container.

May 23, 2007

By the numbers

Posted by Nicole Brodeur at 05:50 PM

As if I need any more convincing that my car is doing me harm than good, there's this:

It costs me $191.05 every month to commute to work alone. That's $2,292.60 a year.

BUT, if I found one person to put in my car, that annual cost would be half -- $11,46.30.

I don't know what else I need to convince them that all this independence is slowly eating away at our bank accounts and environment.
But I get the picture.
And so I got onto and got me a commuting buddy.
Her name is Stephanie and she lives two blocks away from me. Works two blocks away, too.
I picked her up last Friday morning like we were old friends. I had driven past her house countless of times. Now I know who lives in my neighborhood. People just like me.
We drove along, talking about what Seattleites do: Housing prices.
I dropped her off at her office and in moments, was at mine, feeling like that much less of a slacker.
At 5 p.m. sharp, I met her at the same corner where I dropped her off.
"Hi, honey, how was your day?" I joked. She got in my car like it was half hers. Which it is. Sorta. On Fridays, anyway.
This could be the start of an air-clearing friendship.
Now, was that so hard?

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