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Sins of emmissions

Nicole Brodeur has been a Metro columnist at The Seattle Times since 1999. A New Jersey native, Brodeur has written for newspapers in California and North Carolina, and spent the best years of her life waitressing. She lives in Seattle with her 14-year-old son, needs to walk more, take the bus, stop microwaving tea water and consider turning her second car into a composting container.

May 04, 2007

Radio daze

Posted by Nicole Brodeur at 07:45 PM

Looks like we have a little competition going. I was on KMTT's Mountain Morning Show with my friend Marty Riemer on Wednesday. He's been following the challenge and wants in. So we're having a "Carbon Off," if you will.

Marty's carbon output is already FAR below mine ... he drives a Prius, for crying out loud. BUT he also has a baby girl, so his diaper output has got to be killing something, somewhere. And he's a gadget nut ... I think I said on the show that he was "more wired than Robin Williams before rehab." (I'll try to get link of the segment on here for you to listen).

I'll be checking in with him over the course of the month to see how both of us are doing. What do the wise recovery people always say? The first step is admitting you have a problem ...

To do this weekend: Put everything in the house on power strips. So instead of turning things off with the remote and continuing to drain power, you click off the power strip and stop the flow.

Every little bit.


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