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August 18, 2008 3:18 PM

Jackson to start Monday

Posted by Jose Romero

Defensive coordinator John Marshall said the plan is to start rookie Lawrence Jackson for the second straight exhibition game. Jackson started Saturday.

Jackson and veteran Darryl Tapp are competing for a starting job at defensive end.

Marshall also addressed questions about why the Seahawks blitzed Bears QB Rex Grossman so much early in the game, which seemed like a lot for a preseason contest. Marshall said the Seahawks were just "running their stuff" and didn't do anything out of the ordinary. Marshall felt Grossman had made the Seahawks pay in previous games, and didn't want him to get a rhythm right from the start.

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Posted by Southeast Seahawk

4:04 PM, Aug 18, 2008

I loved the way the D started the game. Blitzing Grossman was nice to see. A couple of times it looked like a jail break!

Posted by kenneyxiii

5:56 PM, Aug 18, 2008

The D played great but Chicago's offense is pathetic at best. Hopefully Morris gets the start over Jones, cut Duckett, I was shocked to see we signed him to a 5-year deal. WTF were we thinking, anyway. Living in Florida makes it hard to follow the Hawks, but thank god for NFL Sunday ticket and the internet. I would like to say I am discusted on how little ESPN and the national media talk about the Seahawks, its always how we are the best team in the NFC West but... The NFC west sucks and this could be Arizona's year... Its pretty much sad how the national media takes the Seahawks. If they played over here on the East Coast they would be a top 5 team... Probably around 5th in the NFL.... The love affair with Dallas needs to stop. At least let them win a playoff game w/ in the last 12 years... I'm tired of hearing about the lubed up ball...

Posted by chuck

6:43 PM, Aug 18, 2008

Kenny thats what i been talking about. espn is horrible every seahawks fan should boy cott them.Nfl network is much better.

Posted by dawgfan

8:39 PM, Aug 18, 2008

In case this hasn't been posted, here is a nice article on Lofa.,-media-attention

Posted by chucko

6:20 AM, Aug 19, 2008

Absolutly rediculous that we have to answer "why we Blitzed" the moron. If we didnt send enough guys we would be reading why didnt we blitz. Enough with that. We need to blitz A LOT!!! ALWAYS. the patriots lost (and they are good) cuz they couldnt deal with NY pass rush. We have a team capable of getting at the QB(even though we couldnt get BRETT FAVRE) Our entire season is predicated on the blitz. If we rush we force mistakes and our offense has a shorter field. This is basic:) Now i have to get ready for a hurricane here in Tampa!!

Posted by GrizzlyHawk

6:35 AM, Aug 19, 2008

Isn't every year supposedly Arizona's year?? Do the so-called experts really manage to forget every offseason that this is the Cardinals they're talking about?

Posted by Ziasudra

7:37 AM, Aug 19, 2008

The writers have to say something controversial (i.e., AZ to win the West) to get readers' attention. I suspect none of them bought tickets on Az in Vegas. . . .
I'm looking at 13-3, home field advantage thru to SB XLIII.

Posted by Pete

8:31 AM, Aug 19, 2008

Ok, who do we have left on the list of those not practicing... we've gotten a lot of guys back.

Branch, Engram, Locklear, Red Bryant... those are the main ones, correct? Who am I missing?

Posted by White LIne Fever

10:21 AM, Aug 19, 2008

Joe Horn was just released , would he be a fit??? another Ruskell Atlanata Connection!

Posted by Southeast Seahawk

10:26 AM, Aug 19, 2008

From Monday's practice on the sideline were Offensive linemen Will Robinson (ankle) and Samuel Gutekunst, defensive linemen Red Bryant (knee), Chris Cooper (hamstring) and Larry Tripplett (knee), linebacker Will Herring (knee) and snapper Tyler Schmidt (back).

White Line:
Also in no way should Joe Horn come to this team. We don't need all that drama

Posted by UW Dawg Fan on Campus

11:03 AM, Aug 19, 2008

Who gets cut: Jamar Adams or CJ Wallace? I always like to see a few Huskies on the Hawks, but obviously care more about having the better player on the squad.

Posted by 12thmanforlife

11:36 AM, Aug 19, 2008

Dawgfan- that is a great article on Lofa. I especially like how the writer said that Lofa wouldn't like it because it was letting the world know about him. Yes, he is our little secret to success around here.

So, if Lo-Jack is getting the start, does that mean Kerney isn't playing again this week or is Tapp not going to start? That part of the equation was left out.

And yes, we need to blitz all day long. We have the athletes at all defensive positions do to so.

Posted by Robert

11:59 AM, Aug 19, 2008

The Chicago papers commented on the aggressive Seattle blitz. They didn't complain about the Seahawk attack; they complained about the poor pass protection that Grossman/Orton have to look forward to.

Posted by bigmaq

2:37 PM, Aug 19, 2008

Pretty lame 'tit-for- maybe - tat" payback rationale on Marshall's part - Grossman had made Hawks pay in previous presumably regular season games. Presume the Bears or one of their sympaticoes will extract some payback, it not this year, then next. These coaches have long memories and Marshall's explanation is like throwing gas on the fire.

Also, does this mean that Marshall will approach preseason games differently depending on the amount a QB made them "pay" in the past. I guess, that means that the next preseason game in which the Hawks face Favre or Roethlisberger they must collect some retribution.

Most independent commentators were shocked by the Hawks continuous blitzes in game 2 of the preseason. Maybe, Marsall just doesn't like Grossman who lost a claim to the starter's role based on his performance.

Posted by 12thmanforlife

2:44 PM, Aug 19, 2008

I don't even know why this is a topic of conversation. They blizted us a ton too. The really good defenses blitz and blitz a lot.

Posted by wabubba

4:11 PM, Aug 20, 2008


Coaches learn from experience and make adjustments the next time accordingly. Nothing new there...

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