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August 7, 2008 2:46 PM

A chance encounter with Shaun

Posted by Jose Romero

So I'm taking a little down time with the team off to Minnesota and Danny in Minneapolis covering the game, and I head off to run an errand at University Village in NE Seattle. Such a pedestrian-friendly mall, the kind of place every motorist thoroughly enjoys. Yeah right.

Anyway, this was about half an hour ago. I'm stopped at a crosswalk and guess who walks in front of me, with a group of youths? Shaun Alexander himself. So I stick my head out of the car window and yell "Shaun!"
He turns and recognizes me, and we proceed to have a 20-second conversation that is hastened by the fact that he's headed somewhere and I'm in my car.

Shaun asked what I was up to. I said I've been at training camp, and that I bet he really misses that (sarcastically). Shaun said he didn't, but that he'd be back in about a couple of weeks. And then he was too far away.

Hmmm....two weeks? So does Alexander have something in the works with another team, and gets to miss training camp before reporting to that team? That's a pretty sweet deal for him if that is the case. Or was he just expressing confidence that he will be with a team soon? At any rate, he still looks like he's in shape. And you never know...after all the roster cuts are made and exhibition games are done, some team might take a chance on signing Shaun, who will turn 31 on Aug. 30.

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Posted by nature

3:59 PM, Aug 07, 2008

I'd like to see him play more.

But if he doesn't... well... I'd love to be in his shoes. He's made enough money to live more than just comfortably, he's still rather young and has his whole life ahead of him, and it would seem he's not going to go through life with debilitating injuries left over from too much football.

Posted by Softy

4:17 PM, Aug 07, 2008

hey, if any team is looking for a guy who can take a hand off and fall stright to the ground to avoid being hit....I'm available.

Posted by BGR

4:57 PM, Aug 07, 2008

It's more of Shaun thinking that things will turn out okay, like that broken foot in 2006 that was going to heal in a week.

Posted by Eric

5:04 PM, Aug 07, 2008

Shaun is delusional but you gotta love him. Nice to hear he is still in the area working with kids. Well, lets hope he is working with kids and not just hanging out with them cause that would be weird and frowned upon.

Posted by star4343

7:12 PM, Aug 07, 2008

Right he has to be delusional, I mean there is no way someone could actually want him right? Saracsm off, or maybe someone will want him and now that he is healthy and hopefully be behind a decent o-line he will play well. You know you can slam him all you want but for 5 years he was amongst the best in football. And as much as you want to beleive our running problems were all about his lasck of whatever the fact is our o-line was aweful adn he was playing injured. IF he is healthy and gets on a team he might just have a very good year. But of course it will not matter judging by the responses here you are all to hate filled to admit you were wrong. reading these posts make sit obvius why we were voted one of the owrse fans bases in sports.

Posted by Alan

7:19 PM, Aug 07, 2008

Shaun is a great running back. Seattle fans who say he wasn't sure rode his coat tails to the SUper Bowl. For five years he was the best RB in the game hands down. I am not a SA lover but I did like him and if Holmy had a chance with one more year I bet he would have kept SA. A Healthy SA is a great RB. Mark my words he will have a good year if he comes back behinfd a good O line.

Posted by Bill D.

11:33 PM, Aug 07, 2008

Jose, did he seem "down" or anything? It would be kind of depressing to go from the NFL MVP to nothing in 1.5 years. Then again, he is still making money.

I'd like to see him come back; I wish there was a spot on our roster (then again it is good that there isn't). He seems like a real swell chap.

Posted by uwlb

9:34 AM, Aug 08, 2008

Everyone who posted their opinion regarding this small " chance encounter with Shaun Alexander" is slightly out there with comments. Besides Alan, you actually brings some sort of back up for his post. Let me see anyone on this form go out and play in the N.F.L. and run into 240 lbs lb's and 300 lbs linemen. Actually, I'm probably the only one posting that could, haha..

The comment about hanging out with kids just cause is not necessary (Eric). Slightly, low blow in my opinion. Stop hating everyone, because if the new batch of running backs for Seattle dont produce, what will everyone say then...I'm not sucking up to Alexander but at least give the guy some credit for what he did and not bash him with low blows. I'll admit sometimes he did appear to go down softly..thats just my 2 cents...

Posted by Ziasudra

10:45 AM, Aug 08, 2008

Shaun was a big asset for many years; if he no longer was, it was past his peak. We don't 'hate' him, we just observe that he was no longer effective. The M's FO made a judgement call that it was time to move on. End of story. Nothing to do with 'love' or 'hate' - all to do with analysis.
But do you remember the nursey rhyme? -
There was a little girl
Who had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forhead.
When she was good
She was very, very good
But when she was bad
She was horrid.

Posted by HawksFanNYC

10:56 AM, Aug 08, 2008

Since when was Seattle voted one of the worst fan base in sports? And who was voting, Steelers fans?

Posted by ethan

11:48 AM, Aug 08, 2008

did we ever find out why he gave his daughters stripper names?
(Heaven, Trinity, Innocence)

Posted by DelusionThumper

8:44 AM, Aug 17, 2008

Ethan...WAY TOO FUNNY! After last nights PS game looks like all of this will be moot!!! Star43 and his unrequited mancrush on Shaun will become the stuff of pathological legend on Seahawk forums and blogs across the Internet. Ummmmm....Forsett, if you find someone rifling through the stuff at the bottom of your locker....his name's Star4343....or dadc...or whatever name he chooses to hide his pathologically delusional behavior behind. Shaun was good for us for four or five seasons...the last two he just laid down and held the ball on the turf like a sissy boy.

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