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Danny O'Neil covers the Seahawks for The Seattle Times.

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July 8, 2008 12:38 PM

Seahawks, the unchosen ones

Posted by Danny O'Neil

Michael Lombardi formerly worked in the Raiders front office and spent some time with the Broncos last season. Well, he's been writing a "Frankly Football" column for this offseason, and I came across a 53-man roster he picked that fit under the league's salary cap.

He included no Seahawks. If you want to double check, here's the link to the story. He picked five players apiece from the Packers, Giants and Jaguars and even chose three from the Raiders, but no Seahawks. Not that this could be a complete shock that Lombardi is not enamored with the Seahawks personnel decisions. After all, he is apparently uncertain of how to spell the last name of the fellow who picks the players, referring to "Tim Ruskill, the president and GM" in a story he wrote last month that you can read here.

Bucky Brooks also compiled a 53-man roster for Like Lombardi, no Seahawks. His list is linked right here. Brooks picked his share of Chargers -- six of them, in fact -- and plucked five Panthers off the Charlotte roster. No Seahawks, though.

There were only two teams that didn't have a player included on either list: the Seahawks and the Dolphins. Well, one of those teams won one game last season and the other has made the playoffs five seasons running. Go figure.

Now, those lists don't reflect skill or talent, but are based on the value of a given player at a given salary-cap number. It will inevitably favor standout players who are still playing on rookie contracts and were not drafted too highly. That's where you get the most bang for your buck. But it is amazing that neither personnel guru found a single Seahawk they wanted at his 2008 price.

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Posted by 12Strong

2:40 PM, Jul 08, 2008

That is just plain ridiculous, what a blatant oversight on thier part. I have come to expect nothing less from those idiots after Dr. Z referred to the 12th man flag as "stupid and gimmicky."

Posted by James

2:50 PM, Jul 08, 2008

What a bunch of morons. Not one? Fools.

Posted by Just Palin Earl

2:56 PM, Jul 08, 2008

What do you expect from a idiot living off a last name. Ha sdone NOTHING as a personal guy in the NFL and some other idiot named Bucky who I have no idea who he is or have never even heard his name mentioned in a Football conversation. And has that Dr. Z fool EVER been correct with any of his preseason picks? I didnt think so. I expect this magazine to fold up soon with Rick Rielly leaving for ESPN. SI BLOWS!

Posted by Mac

3:57 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Any wonder why the Raiders are the way they are? This guy would take Dunta Robinson (cap number: $3.2M) as a starting cornerback, despite Robinson ending his 2007 season with a torn ACL and a torn hamstring, and likely starting 2008 on the PUP list.

Marcus Trufant's cap number in 2008 is $2.8M.

Posted by Southeast Seahawk

4:20 PM, Jul 08, 2008

I saw these lists earlier this morning and had the same thought---what a bunch of idiots. Then I rememberd why I no longer subscribe to SI. Thinking about these lists a little more, Im OK with them. Well just fly under the radar, getting little to NO respect from the writers ending with our beloved Hawks returning to the big game and sending Coach out in style, with the hardware. Go Hawks

Posted by Ziasudra

6:50 PM, Jul 08, 2008

Danny - thanks for the write-up. I wondered where you were for the past few months - did someone finally get you out of bed, or were you vacationing in Timbuktu?

Posted by FearlessFrog

12:22 AM, Jul 09, 2008

It's almost to the point of ludicrous how little attention the Seahawks get. For god sakes, we've made the playoffs 5 years running, won our division 4 years in a row, and are only two seasons removed from the freaking Super Bowl where we got royally screwed out of an easy win.

They're just adding fuel to the fire, though. This is exactly how it was pre-2005 season. Everyone completely disregarded the Hawks, wrote them off as a below .500 team because they were playing the NFC East and AFC South, and I was sitting here more excited for them than I've ever been.

I'm getting more of those vibes, guys. The time has come.

Posted by GO'HAWKS2008

6:50 AM, Jul 09, 2008

Another question is why are you EVEN reading CNNSI ? What a waste of time and brain cells. ESPN and CNNSI are wastes of time.They are biased, incomplete, flash over substance, unaccountable, boring, inaccurate garbage.

They continually favor certain teams, are not fair in coverage to all teams AT ALL, and they even promote scandal and innuendo.

I left these websites, along with ESPN tv a few years back.

Posted by eastcoastblows

9:59 AM, Jul 09, 2008

Just goes to show you that CNNSI got what they paid for. A washed up nobody.

Posted by gonzo

10:20 AM, Jul 09, 2008

All the better for when our defense devours quarterbacks alive and the Patriots leave town in December with the tails between their legs.

The more I read ESPN, the more I think it should stand for "Excessive Seahawk Pigeonholing Network."

Posted by Moo

10:41 AM, Jul 09, 2008

Thanks for posting this Danny, I saw both lists yesterday and I was astounded not to see a Seahawk anywhere.

I don't wanna parrot everything said above, but...fine. We'll continue to fly under the radar. But when we DO beat the Pats here in Seattle everyone is going to have to take some notice...

Posted by SaukMtnMan

2:18 PM, Jul 09, 2008

Seattle slighted again? Say it isn't so...
You know, I've come to highly disregard any of those numbskulls and what they have to say. Every year they spout off on how the Cards or the Niners are supposed to be the Cinderella team in the NFC and make a "serious" run at the Hawks NFC West throne. How many players from those two teams made their cut?
Or more importantly, who cares.
I'll take my Hawks over any other teams squad any me a "homer" but the Hawks are a good TEAM.
And back to playoffs we go...

Posted by fusillade

4:26 PM, Jul 09, 2008

Why would anyone assoiciated with the personel choices of the hapless Oakland Raiders be concidered a guru?

Enough said.

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