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Danny O'Neil covers the Seahawks for The Seattle Times.

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June 25, 2008 4:11 PM

Seahawks sign Tyler Schmitt, Brandon Coutu

Posted by Danny O'Neil

Seattle announced the signings of long-snapper Tyler Schmitt as Jose Romero reported would happen. The Seahawks also announced kicker Brandon Coutu signed a contract. The pair joins Justin Forsett under contract. The Seahawks have signed three of their seven draft choices from last April.

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Posted by SeaHawker 81

7:53 AM, Jun 29, 2008

So... Awesome that we signed the last 3 of our 7 picks taken, but how about the guys that will make an impact this year & possibly be starters by the end of the year. The men and women of Seahawks country demand the signing of OWEN Schmitt! Lets git-r-done! LOL

Posted by Free pop

7:49 PM, Jul 01, 2008

Give a great big cheer for the hero of the year mister touch USA, HARR-HARR-HARR !

Posted by doug

1:37 PM, Jul 02, 2008

im alarmed by the fact we still have not signed the top picks. Is it true they are holding out? When will they sign? this is getting absurd!!! If they dont want to be hawks they should have let us know before the draft!!!

Posted by James

1:48 PM, Jul 02, 2008

Please give us something else to read, anything! I need something right now beside sonic trials and M's woes! Please!

Posted by free pop

8:07 PM, Jul 02, 2008

I got something...not new but I agree with the pres. of the NFL when he said paying new recruits millions, like Long at Miami paying $57 plus millions for five years and they don't know if he can make it in the NFL.....guess their ticket prises are going up?

Posted by duce duce

2:05 PM, Jul 03, 2008

Doug- you need to relax man. There are a bunch of rookies who haven't signed yet. They can't be holding out if there is nothing to hold out of. They were all at the mini camps. We are still 3 weeks away from training camp. Most rooks won't sign till right before. Only a couple of 1st rounders have even signed. Don't get your panties in a bunch.

Posted by free pop

9:00 PM, Jul 03, 2008

I think y'all a bunch of fruit cakes....not really but let's do something? If any of you had a brain you'd be dangers ? If it wasn't for football you y'all wouldn't have a life? Any one saying awesome should be taken out and shot with a bb gun, right between the eyes balls!!! If I offended anybody I'm sorry..

Posted by Ceahawk

1:50 PM, Jul 04, 2008

I'm with you James lets get the season underway. The Ms suck and so did the Sonics. At least now we can grin when the OK losers lose

Posted by lambodog

9:09 AM, Jul 05, 2008

Let's get Owen signed! I'm planning on being at his Hall of Fame induction is 2025!

Posted by Kevin

10:41 AM, Jul 05, 2008

The Seahawks are a class organization with an ownership committed to winning. (Unlike other former Seattle organization ownership groups.) No worries, this team will sign the best of the draft and get them prepared for the NFL season like always.

Posted by mst1ms

1:09 AM, Jul 08, 2008

I hope to make a feed back to a public blog named sports
wonders,I need the news & then pics.

Posted by Dawgfan

3:08 PM, Aug 11, 2008

The Seahawks will never regret signing Brandon Coutu as a kicker. He was awesome at Georgia and has great range as a kicker. I am so glad he was signed because he deserves a chance to play in the NFL.

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