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April 27, 2008 3:45 PM

Seahawks draft summary

Posted by Danny O'Neil

Here's one easy-to-handle listing of the players Seattle picked in the league's two-day talent selection.

For the record, Seattle got two Schmitts, there were no Huskies drafted and Cougar quarterback Alex Brink was the only player drafted from a college in the state of Washington.

There was a Corner picked to play corner (CB Reggie Corner chosen out of Akron by the Bills). There was a guy named King (Dunlap, an Auburn tackle chosen by Philadelphia in the seventh round). Players got picked from Northern Iowa, Wheaton and Bentley, but no one from Washington.

Here's the summary of Seattle's choices:

Round 1Round 2Round 4
DE Lawrence Jackson (USC)TE John Carlson (Notre Dame)DT Red Bryant (Texas A&M)
Round 5Round 6Round 7
FB Owen Schmitt (West Virginia)LS Tyler Schmitt (San Diego St.)RB Justin Forsett (Cal)
  K Brandon Coutu (Georgia)

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Posted by HawkTown

4:35 PM, Apr 27, 2008

Looks like we didnt get any LB depth, but Ali Highsmith and Erin Henderson did not get drafted. I saw they were the highest rated left on the board in the 6th round by Given the opportunity to make the roster and play behind some great LB's, you would think the Seahawks would be a great opportunity for them. Hopefully they can sign some free agent rookies to fill some holes. That would be a "steal"
How about Marcel Reece to sit on the practice squad and develop as a Tight End. He is pretty big already and his speed would be great at Tight End. He did a good job blocking for the Huskies. Just wasnt the best at catching all the time. Maybe he could develop as a rookie FA.

Posted by Mike Price

4:41 PM, Apr 27, 2008

Or Alabamie for that matter.

Roll Tide!!

Posted by KG

4:52 PM, Apr 27, 2008

I think we had a decent draft. Potentially filled need areas like TE, DT, LS and K. Jackson is there more for depth for now than starter since we have Tapp & Kerney. And if he can move over in the interior on the D-Line, that would be nice. Schmitt is more of a true FB than Weaver but you can't play two FB's. I think Coutu was the best kicker available so I like that pick. Forsett just adds to a crowded backfield - I'm sure there will be many cuts in our backfield during August but Forsett could be a good special teams player.

The only things I wish we filled was cornerback and wide reciever. I'm sure Ruskell feels like he has enough young WR talent to pull a strong core with so thats why he probably avoided a WR. I think CB is a need we need to continue to work on. Trufant, Jennings, Wilson, Babs is not an intimidating bunch for WR's. They are small and have trouble against big WRs like Fitzgerald, Boldin, TO, etc.

Anyways, pretty decent draft overall though. I really wanted Dustin Keller as a TE but it seems Ruskell got the guy he wanted so we'll see...


Posted by JayDee

5:01 PM, Apr 27, 2008

your dumb. Marcel couldnt block at all as a husky

Posted by torn8dos

5:52 PM, Apr 27, 2008

Hawks blew this draft and any chance of getting to the superbowl next year under Holmy's last year.... Way to go bone heads. The players may be good in like 3 years but not one is an impact needed player... Where is the OG? The new LT we need to work in to replace Walt? Where is the real DT? Where is the WR to get Matt someone to throw at? What the heck did our FO do to secure the holes we had from last year? Guys blew it plain and simple. Great Job way to go FO... Freaking joke draft... whatever.

Posted by James

6:05 PM, Apr 27, 2008

I thought this was a safe draft. Hawks filled two major holes at DE and TE. I have read where the Seahawks believe the best way to improve the team was to inprove the defense.

I was disappointed that they didn't draft an OL but
this approach may turn out to be a smart move. The Hawks will have a new coach next year and the team has hired several important assisant coaches. It may be wise for the coaches and players to get to know each other better. Determine what are the strengths and weakensess in comparison with offenisve and defensive schemes. They may mind up drafting better.

Posted by Dynamo Jaxon

6:05 PM, Apr 27, 2008

Wow, torn8dos

You just proved you have little football personel knowledge. We bolstered our run d which got torched last year especially in the playoffs. We got a pass catching good blocking TE who can fill in at tackle if we need him. Try watching the Senior Bowl and you will see O Schmitt can hold his own catching the ball...Overall excellent draft filled our biggest needs post free agency.

Posted by mickey

6:06 PM, Apr 27, 2008

I'm sorry torn8dos. You expected a starting OG, a starting WR, the next Walter Jones and an ipact player this year?

All when our first pick was number 25?

Posted by Hawksforlife

6:07 PM, Apr 27, 2008


You are one of the most negative people and biggest idiots in Seattle. And you call yourself a Seahawk fan? Man get the hell out of Seattle you negative bum!

I give our draft class a solid B. Carlson will be the guy across the middle that Hass can go to and to answer your question on WR, Obomanu now has experiecne, Burleson is getting better every year. Ingram although up there in age is back.

Aparently the FO sucks though right. You're top two picks were team captians on their teams, and added a need and depth at a position where you can never have enough DEs.

Bring in Red Bryant who I think will be a STEAL, and we got a VERY GOOD defensive tackle. I like Owen Schmidt A LOT and the long snapper was ANOTHER need that we needed.

And lets see, through the offseason, we resigned Lofa Tatupu and Marcus Trufant, brought in Mike Whale to play beside Jones (who still has 2 years left people!) you bring in Jones replacement now and the guy is going to do NOTHING!

You dump "It's all about me" Alexander and grab two 26 year old running backs with different styles, and you get a TE who could be really least Hass might be able to make him look really good.

But your right, the FO dropped the ball on that one.


You don't know anything about Seahawk football or how to look at talent otherwise you would be working for the FO, and if you are working for the FO you must not be very good for them to take your suggestions because from what it sounds like you know nothing.

GO root for the Patriots or Colts or something because all you do is PISS off the rest of the TRUE Seahawk fans.

Why don't you come back here when we do win the Super Bowl and make your claims then, oh thats right you won't because you are the typical bandwagon fan.

Posted by AZ Hawk

6:59 PM, Apr 27, 2008

I like this draft. I think you could make a case for every one of these player making the team - maybe the kicker is on the practice squad, though.

I know people wanted WRs but at the end of the day they have to be able to make the team - and I didn't see anyone in the second day that was certain to do that.

Posted by Lost on the Internet

7:45 PM, Apr 27, 2008

In recent years, the Seahawks web site has offered audio links to each draftee's interview with some NFL draft beatnik. It is a nice look into thei players thoughts on the day and what they can offer the Hawks. I cant find it this year. anyone have a link?

Posted by Anthony

7:46 PM, Apr 27, 2008

This could potentially be a MONUMENTAL draft. I mean obviously it's a big IF and projecting over a lot of things that are unknown (like injuries, coaching, competition, etc.) but I could easily see Jackson, Carlson, Bryant and Owen Schmitt all being pro bowlers and Seahawks for the majority of their careers. We'll see but I LOVE this drat. Don't sleep on Forsett either.

Oh and Tornadoes, if you're looking for a guard, its called MANSFIELD WROTTO. We picked him last year. Not only do we have him but we've got Wahle, Sims, Ray Willis for tackle and Locklear etc. We've got very good depth on the line, just let the young guys grow, shoot.

Posted by BrocksHawks84

8:24 PM, Apr 27, 2008

The Hawks did good in this one. I had been watching Red Bryant and he is a run stopping beast. Texas A&M was giving up next to no yards with him and when he was out they gave up a bunch. He will be a stud with the DE from USC. Carlsen looks like the real deal. He is huge and should run over some linebackers compared to the crap we had in the past. By the way Anthony Russo and Michael Bumpus will be nice FA's that will make spring training interesting. We also have 5 DB's and two Off Line guys as FA's, so all areas addressed. GO HAWKS!!!

Posted by stankoniaks

9:31 PM, Apr 27, 2008

I didnt think DE was such a need with Kerney and Tapp there, so I was surprised when Jackson was picked. I actually would have waited in the 2nd round to pick up a Davis or Bennett at TE and saved the 3rd rounder. They could have moved up in the 3rd round and picked up a Pat Sims or stayed pat and selected Dre Moore or a Mario Manningham.

But with that being said, I actually really liked the 5th, 6th, and 7th round picks. I think Forsett might surpise a lotta folks.

Posted by hawkshuskies09

10:34 PM, Apr 27, 2008

does anyone else think that forsett reminds you of ahmad bradshaw?

Posted by seahawksfan09

10:48 PM, Apr 27, 2008

The seahawks signed 12 free agents so far.
S Jamar Adams Michigan
CB Donovan Alexander North Dakota
WR Travis Brown New Mexico
WR Michael Bumpus Washington State
LB Matt Castelo San Jose State
G Dustin Dickinson Houston
CB DeMichael Dizer Grambling
LB David Hawthorne Texas Christian
S Kelin Johnson Georgia
T William Robinson San Diego State
WR Anthony Russo Washington
S Eric Wicks West Virginia

Posted by seahawksfan09

10:52 PM, Apr 27, 2008

12 undrafted free agents

Posted by Bucs59

10:14 AM, Apr 28, 2008

Being on the west coast, I got plenty of chances to watch Jackson play for SC. Anyone else see what a stud he was. Four year starter for USC! He solidifies the D end position and gives them a rotation option. that way he can spell kerney and tapp so they are fresh in the fourth quarter.

As far as receivers goes, there really wasnt a great selection of receivers out there. No one was good enough to even get substantial PT for the Hawks next year.

I like O Schmitt he gives the Hawks flexibilty to use Weaver as a TE next year, his natural position.

Bryant is a monster, biggest sleeper. He's going to surprise a lot of people.

Tornado, you took a wrong turn to negative town... keep going we don't want you.

Posted by MooseJaw

10:59 AM, Apr 28, 2008

I love how you gave Player Profiles of each draft choice. This is awesome!

Man, I think Owen Schmitt is going to be an impact player. I remember watching a few W. Virginia games including the bowl game and saying wow, imagine him in a Seahawks uniform to replace the departed Max Strong.

I thought for sure he would go earlier. But I'm happy the 'Hawks' got him.

Mark my words, in a few months, people will be talking about Owen Schmitt.

Posted by David Gee

11:33 AM, Apr 28, 2008

Personally, I know nothing about the guys that were drafted, but am glad the Hawks took a good tight end in the first two rounds. Carlson must have flown under the radar a little bit that the Hawks took him instead of Fred Davis and Justin Keller. But if he can block and catch, that's what we've sorely lacked at that position.

I don't agree with taking Jackson in the first round instead of a top OL, but maybe he'll be a pretty good one and give us some depth on the DL. It sounds like it strengthens one of the trenches, anyway.

Posted by Jon Norton

1:05 PM, Apr 28, 2008

Seahawk fans will be happy with the selection of Lo Jack. He was a beast at USC for four seasons and will be an all pro within three years. He is a very solid player from the best school in the nation at producing NFL talent. USC had 10 players drafted including 4 in the first round. I would have liked the hawks to draft TE Fred Davis ahead of Carlson, though. Although Carlson is a better blocker, Davis is a much better receiver and is much faster.

Posted by Evan

1:25 PM, Apr 28, 2008

I really liked the draft this year, although the first round pick was surprising, I did some looking around on the internet and I'm beginning to really like Lawrence Jackson. John Carlson is really steady too, although it seemed like giving up a 3rd round pick was a big cost for moving up, but they did what was needed to get who they want.

My greatest concern is that they didn't draft a QB. Before the draft I heard rumors that they might draft a QB, maybe not a top 5 QB but atleast one with some potentials because Hass is 31 and our backups don't look like starters. But we still got more drafts before it become an issue.

Brandon Coutu looks SOLID!

Go Hawks!

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