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Danny O'Neil covers the Seahawks for The Seattle Times.

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April 27, 2008 9:54 AM

Seahawks choose DT Red Bryant

Posted by Danny O'Neil

Seattle drafted a defensive tackle in the fourth round, Red Bryant from Texas A&M. He's 6 feet 5, 318 pounds. Here's a link to his profile at the NFL's official draft site.

Bryant played in 42 games in college, starting 41 of them. Rob Rang of is here at the Seahawks draft headquarters. He said Bryant is more of a run-stopper.

Here's a YouTube video of Bryant.

Bryant underwent knee surgery on Nov. 17, 2006. There's also a note in the scouting profile of a scrap he got into at the Senior Bowl with Vanderbilt tackle Chris Williams. It's described as a "wild loss of composure" in a scouting report, but that might be overdoing it especially since some players get involved in a scrap in front of scouts to present proof that they've got a bit of a meanstreak.

Also, there is a Seahawk connection. Bryant is engaged to Jacob Green's daughter, Janelle. The wedding is set for February 2009.

Bryant just finished his conference-call interview with Seattle media. He was asked about the scrap at the Senior Bowl with Williams, who was chosen No. 14 overall by the Chicago Bears. Here's an audio link to his response.

Q: Not knowing you, we've read about this fight at the Senior Bowl. Was that out of character for you?

Bryant: It wasn't out of character as far as just the intensity. I play with a lot of intensity and Chris Williams -- as you could see, he was the 14th pick in the draft -- he plays with a lot of intensity. I felt like he was trying to take advantage of me and so I had to let him know right off the get-go that it wasn't going to take place … A lot of people are going to be shocked because I know I've got something to prove. I know words are cheap and people talk all the time, but I'm going to do whatever it takes to be a success story.

Q: Did you throw at a punch or just push-shove type of thing?

Bryant: No, I was trying to break his facemask.

[A great deal of laughter from reporters listening]

Q: Were you successful?

Bryant: I think I almost broke it. I know he had a headache for about two days.

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Posted by Ziasudra

10:00 AM, Apr 27, 2008

Soounds like another Mebane type - looks like Ruskell has pulled another gem out of the dustbin.

Posted by Husky Fan In New York

10:01 AM, Apr 27, 2008

I like this pick b/c he has very nice bulk and it's no guarantee that tubbs will come back ok. He's already 1 year removed from the ACL and Rocky B. had an ACL injury in college (texas A&M too I believe) and has been good for us as a 5th rounder. We'll probably add a LB or OG in the 6th and at least one kicker in the 7th.

Posted by JR

10:02 AM, Apr 27, 2008

Nice pick..big guy in middle to stuff the run. So we got our tight end...a pass-rushing DE and a run-stopping DT. Looking Good. Nice solid draft. So now, on to filling Special Teams needs,

Posted by Louis

10:03 AM, Apr 27, 2008

Good pick. We need some depth at the DT position, and it looks like we have a good one in Bryant. Good job Ruskell

Posted by Louis

10:05 AM, Apr 27, 2008

Yeah, we could really use some special team players. We were terrible last year in defending the kick return

Posted by TennisGod

10:06 AM, Apr 27, 2008

Nice pick

Posted by JR

10:07 AM, Apr 27, 2008

Yeah, but I wonder who will be out there in the 5th round for our special teams. Does any name pop out at you guy?

Posted by So long Rocky

Posted by salty

10:11 AM, Apr 27, 2008

Texas A&M guy next to Tubb, a U Texas guy....that will be fun to watch as teammates....maybe this motivates Tubbs

Posted by Louis

10:19 AM, Apr 27, 2008

Wow, looking at his bio, he looks to be an immediate impact player. He was amazing...sorta like Tubbs, where with him, his team allows very little rushing yards, where without him, they allow a bunch or rushing yards. Excelent pick. Just excelent!

Posted by mickey

11:38 AM, Apr 27, 2008

Love the attitude. He didn't duck the question or try to minimize it. I think he is going to be the steal for the Hawks.

Posted by ethan

11:42 AM, Apr 27, 2008

so...uhh......where does Tubbs fit in? or does he. another Lamar King???

Posted by reggie

5:45 PM, Apr 27, 2008

One of the experts on the NFL network called Red Bryant the "sleeper of the draft"

Here's hoping that he is right!

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