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Danny O'Neil covers the Seahawks for The Seattle Times.

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April 26, 2008 4:28 PM

Quotes from Lawrence Jackson

Posted by Danny O'Neil

Q: How do you help them, what do you bring?

Jackson: I bring versatility along the defensive line. I know everybody saw what the Giants did in the Super Bowl with their defensive line. I have the ability to go outside and rush the passer, the quickness and strength to bump down inside on the pass rush. The athletic ability to stand up and move around, confuse the offense a little bit.

Q: How much did you play defensive tackle, true defensive tackle?

Jackson: I played quite a bit. I couldn't put a percentage on it. But for the first eight games or so this past season, as soon as third down I would bump inside so we could get the four best D-linemen on the field. As well as the year before, I played a lot of three technique. So I have a lot of experience at it.

Q: Is that something you think you'll be doing here in Seattle?

Jackson: I think they saw that versatility and it obviously opened their eyes to some possibilities. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they used me in that role.

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Posted by salemdawg

4:46 PM, Apr 26, 2008

Sounds like a verstile guy. Perhaps they knew what they were doing after all...

Posted by penman96

5:30 PM, Apr 26, 2008

He's a senoir and 268 pounds. That's not a guy who will turn into a DT. Too small (even though we like our players small). He should be a good DE, now we have him! Maybe we were thinking of trading Kerney or something. Who knows.

Posted by bigmaq

5:32 PM, Apr 26, 2008

They managed to pick two choices above there projections by Sports Illustrated and ESPN. Of course, we know the Seahawks know better. Also, arguably the two slowest players at their positions. Two "reaches" so far. Does not bode well for the Hawks. Neither is a true "playmaker". I think Ruskell's one good pick with Tatupu has bought him more draft cred than he deserves.

Posted by salemdawg

5:34 PM, Apr 26, 2008

Lofa was a "reach" when he was drafted. Shows what the "experts" know, doesn't it?

Neither guy was a "reach" - they were right where they Hawks had them slotted, with their respective values.

Posted by doug

6:21 PM, Apr 26, 2008


Posted by Patrick F.

6:45 PM, Apr 26, 2008

We needed someone to start opposite Pat Kerney, who can stay healthy and be productive. I think Jackson will give us that and more. He seems like a good fit for our style of defense.

Posted by michaelsd

8:30 PM, Apr 26, 2008

Nice language, Doug. Real mature! There's a reason Ruskell is getting paid the big bucks while you're sitting around making your mark by dropping f-bombs on newspaper blog sites.

Posted by TennisGod

9:36 PM, Apr 26, 2008

Personally, I trust Russel, but I think Balmer may have fitted our need better

Posted by hawksalltheway

10:17 PM, Apr 26, 2008

I swear, the minute we win the Super Bowl and Jackson has three sacks on Manning and Carlson has two TD's from Hass, all these negative a-holes are going to say these were the best picks ever and that is what really PISSES ME OFF!

If your that negative, your not a true fan, get the hell out of Seattle and let someone else take your spot. Arrogant cry babies.

Posted by pkim81

11:30 PM, Apr 26, 2008

Balmer was a one hit wonder. Jackson played 4 solid years on one of the best programs in the country. I trust Ruskell and Holmgren. We'll have to wait and see how the turn out. Looking forward to the season! Go Hawks!

Posted by morrisonsghost

2:37 AM, Apr 27, 2008

If Merling was so much better than Jackson, why wasn't he a 2nd team All-American like Jackson was? Or even a third teamer? Also, on passing downs a guy carrying 270+ can slid in to play DT, especially if he's pretty strong like Jackson is said to be.

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