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April 22, 2008 4:21 PM

Statement from Shaun Alexander

Posted by Danny O'Neil

A press release was just made with a statement from Shaun Alexander regarding his release. Here's the full text of it:

"We received the news from the Seahawks' front office today that I have been released. While it really isn't a surprise, this news marks a major transition in my life. I started my NFL career in Seattle and hoped I could remain with the team through the rest of my days as a player. That said, things change.

I will be playing for another NFL team this fall, and doing everything I can to contribute. I am healthy, energized and looking forward to beginning the next chapter of my NFL career.

I want to thank the Seahawks and Coach Holmgren for all they have done for me and my family over the years. I have nothing but respect and affection for the Seahawks staff, my teammates and the organization. I wish them the best.

I especially want to thank the Seahawks fans. You made me feel proud every time I stepped on the field as a Seahawk. I look forward to hopefully returning to Qwest Field one day to play against the Seahawks, and the daunting task of facing the 12th Man --Seahawks fans are among the best.

Finally, Valerie and I want everyone to know that Seattle is home for us, and it will remain so no matter where I play next. We have made far too many wonderful friends to say goodbye. My family will remain in the Seattle area, and when my days in the NFL do eventually come to an end, I plan to retire here. Our hearts are woven into the fabric of this community, we are blessed to be part of it, and we enjoy contributing to it in every way we can.

Thank you, Seattle. You have become a part of me and you will forever remain in my heart."

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Posted by free beer

4:30 PM, Apr 22, 2008

Leave it to the Weaver..

Posted by Tony Soprano

4:32 PM, Apr 22, 2008

Thanks for the kind words and the memories, Shawn.

Posted by Seahawk Rick

4:42 PM, Apr 22, 2008

That's a classy statement by a classy ballplayer. We all know the nature of this business - here today and gone tomorrow sometimes. Yes, I would say he become (to a degree) a victim of the O-line's troubles the last couple of years - and not being able to stay healthy either is ALWAYS a factor for every player, no matter what your position is. I want to thank you for your years as a ballplayer but even more so what you did in the community and for being a great role model for our kids. Not that's it necessarily your responsibility as a professional athlete to be a role model, but as a parent of two boys, it is appreciated.

You will definitely have your place in the 'Ring of Honor' after you retire, no doubt about that. Best of luck to you in whatever team that you hook up with and may you stay healthy and do well. Again, thanks for all of your contributions to this organization and community.

May we all cherish 2005 and what it meant to all of us - those were some great times for all of us! And you were certainly a very big piece of the puzzle that year.

# 37 we'll miss you........

Posted by Samuel L. Jackson

4:42 PM, Apr 22, 2008

With all the "bad" press we receive about athletes, Shaun Alexander has always been a class act on and off the field. It has been a great privilege to have watched him play on the fiels and to have him give so much to the community. Seahawks fans have been lucky to have had such a strong individual represent this franchise and the cityfor the past several years. I am personally glad to hear that it will not end with his playing days here as he will continue to be a bright light fo rthe future of Seattle by remaining in this community. Thank you Shaun and good luck in the future.

Posted by NoHope

4:53 PM, Apr 22, 2008

Thank you Shaun-A! Because of who you are on and off the field, we will never forget you! I am sure you will rise to the challenge, and enjoy a new team and a new town.

Vaya Con Dios!

Posted by zach

4:59 PM, Apr 22, 2008

One of the classiest statements upon a release i have ever heard of. Wooven into the community, such strong words. Thank you Shaun for everything you have done for someone like me, made me want to watch football every sunday. just to see a player like you , thick or thin, hard or soft, rain or shine. i remember in 2006, the first struggling year, when all the major floods were happeneing and all i wanted to do was go home and watch monday night football vs the raiders and you lit them up for one lasting memory to all of us, you are truly an inspiration to the game and to the community. Good luck winning a Super bow lin 2009 my friend, SIgn WIth INDY :)

Posted by eugenehusky

5:05 PM, Apr 22, 2008

What a classy release by a classy human being. This definitely signifies a new beginning for Shaun, and a goodbye to a major contributor of our best years in the NFL.

The release could have been just rhetoric, as 99.9% are. However, this is a genuine and respectful press release during a tough time for Shaun. I can't wait to see his number retired after his playing days are done--and as Seahawks Rick said earlier, 2005 was a special year that we will always remember! Only the refs could take that away from us..

Nevertheless going to the Superbowl was such a monumental event and I am glad that Shaun will be staying around here to be appreciated along with the other Seahawks Alumni after his playing days are done!

Good Luck Shaun!

Posted by jenifyr

5:07 PM, Apr 22, 2008

Thank you for some great football over the years, and for being such a fantastic role model and integral part of our community.

This season passer will miss you enormously :(

Posted by 12

5:28 PM, Apr 22, 2008

How do you spell "class act?"


What grace, dignity, and courage!

Posted by Tony D

5:48 PM, Apr 22, 2008

Thanks for the memories, Shaw! You will always mean a lot to Seattle and will always be a Seahawk! I wish you and your family the very best! You will be missed!

Posted by Huskycrash

5:52 PM, Apr 22, 2008

I want to echo the statements posted earlier. As a parent in todays society, it's nice to have a sports figure stand up and be such a positive role model. I know it's not part of your job but you did it anyway with such class and dedication. I hope you all the best except for anytime you play the Hawks. I lokk forward to the day they put you in the ring of Honor and it is Honor that makes you the special person you are.

God bless you and Val and your family. I hope all your future endeavors are golden.

Posted by Keith C

5:58 PM, Apr 22, 2008

Great statement. I really appreciate what he did for us. Who couldn't? It is a shame he slowed down a bit too much due to injury. I always thought he would break the all time rushing yards record, but you need to stay healthy.

Best of luck on your new team Shaun, just don't join the NFC West please :).

Posted by thomthorn

5:59 PM, Apr 22, 2008

Shaun you have been the best.

Ruskell has just made another bad decision. His record is now 1 good - 3 terrible decisions. Would someone please fire him.

Posted by SeaHawker81

6:46 PM, Apr 22, 2008

Shawn will be missed. I knew that when he was finally shown the door people would begin to change their tune about slamming him.

As someone who actually knows the Alexander family, let me say Shawn have been such a great example for others to follow both on and off the field. The time, money and mentorship he has given to this community has been second to none.

Glad to hear he is staying in the area even though his career will be elsewhere. Thanks for all the memories!

Posted by Justin

7:42 PM, Apr 22, 2008

Thank you for the memories Shawn. I wish you the best with your next team and your future (so long as you are not playing against the Hawks). You have been a class act and I am glad that you plan on retiring in this community.

Posted by 12thmanforlife

7:49 PM, Apr 22, 2008

Shaun- You will be missed. Thank you for all the good times. You are a great football player and an even better person. Good luck with your next team except for when you play us.

Posted by Thank you

7:57 PM, Apr 22, 2008

Thanks Shaun. You lead us to the SUPERBOWL and we will never forget it.

Posted by No.12

7:59 PM, Apr 22, 2008

Great statement by Shaun. His release marks the end of an era which has been foreshadowed by the past two seasons. Everything comes to an end.

It will be interesting to see who Alexander signs with & for how much-- he certainly won't command big dollars anymore. I would rather see Alexander retire than string out his career any longer with subpar performances with some other team. Good luck to Shaun in any event.

I will be a great day when Alexander returns to hoist the 12th Man Flag and be inducted into the Ring of Honor!

Posted by seahawksally

8:11 PM, Apr 22, 2008

Sean - you are class and wisdom. Your family has to be so proud. I actually think you should stay with the Seahawks in a role of coach and advisor to youngsters on the team and in the area - you have so much to offer. They could not pay you enough - they would get a great running back coach on the field and a great "life coach" off the field. The best to you and your family.

Posted by Ann B

8:33 PM, Apr 22, 2008

Shaun - you will be missed. Great press release. Your value to the team goes beyond the current stats. Ruskell will regret the decision, no doubt.

Posted by John

9:54 PM, Apr 22, 2008

You are a Class act Shaun! Thanks for the memories & good luck going forward. I look forward to cheering for you when you are inducted to the Seahawks Ring of Honor.

Posted by Alex

10:03 PM, Apr 22, 2008

I'll never forget Shawn commenting on Coach Willingham...really what does he have to do with UW? Nothing, other than that he really loved Seattle and was a great guy for us. He may not be what he used to be but when he was at the top of his game, he was special!

Posted by couger

11:03 PM, Apr 22, 2008


Posted by wallywwu

11:44 PM, Apr 22, 2008

It's obviously trendy to rip on Shaun A because of his running style and his last 2 seasons, but the bottom line is that up until 2 seasons ago the guy was one of the best RB's in the league for a long time. To go along with that is everything I've ever heard about him off the field is 100% positive, sure he can be a little naive about things, but is that necessarily a bad thing?

When he comes back to Quest Field either as a player, or after he retires, I will feel the same way I would feel if Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp, or Edgar Martinez comes back for a night.

Posted by David Gee

11:56 PM, Apr 22, 2008

Like many others, I was dismayed the last two years watching Shaun fall down every time someone ran up to tackle him, even if it was the kicker.

But he gave the franchise a lot up through 2005, and he deserves some credit for playing hurt the last two years. I'll remember that more than anything about Shaun.

And it's refreshing to see him make a statement like this when so many others burn bridges on their way out of town. I don't recall statements like this from Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey Jr., or Alex Rodriguez.

Posted by Romarville86

11:57 PM, Apr 22, 2008

Leave it to a cougar to make a classy post. Great Career Shaun, you got all you could out of your athletic abilities and are a great person. I hope you land on your feet.

Posted by simpsonian

12:24 AM, Apr 23, 2008

What a classy guy

Posted by huskiesjv

1:29 AM, Apr 23, 2008

Thanks for all you did Shaun. You were the reason we went to the Super Bowl. It's ashame how many people have forgot that. Good luck with your next venture.

Posted by Reality

4:33 AM, Apr 23, 2008

You are a CLASS ACT to make the above statement.

Posted by Joel Niemeyer

5:59 AM, Apr 23, 2008

Good luck to you Shaun and thanks for your thrilling contributions to the team. You will be in the Ring Of Honor one day.

Posted by Shawn

7:10 AM, Apr 23, 2008

Being able to say to be cut and come out with a great attitude elevates you as a player. We'll see how it all ends but this reminds me a lot of when Jamie Moyer left. I hope you do end up calling Seattle home. I know I will when I retire.

Posted by free beer

7:32 AM, Apr 23, 2008

I stated not liking Shaun when I read he was looking down at Matt, as not be a quality pro. quarterback in the same league as his highness, other words, I the man here....camaras, lights , action, oh that Shaun is a wonderful guy...puke!!!!
Shaun does it for Shaun...oh....the money too!

Posted by Tru Blue

8:32 AM, Apr 23, 2008

Very Classy....I have been critical of Shaun at times, with that said. I have enjoyed watching you run your way into the seahawks record book. I will miss you and wish you the best.

Posted by Merrill

8:34 AM, Apr 23, 2008

"couger," you are an embarrassment to all true Cougars, both here and on other blogs. Are you really a Husky trying to defame us? Crikey, we usually don't need any help with that, and if my lil' paranoiac pondering isn't true (as it most likely isn't), you are proving that in spades.

Shaun, I've been disappointed by the O-line's struggles the past couple of years, and in no way blamed you for them, or for your injuries. It has been noted by either Danny or one of the intrepid Hawks writers for the Times (Jose, maybe) that you have a deceptive speed and often appear to not be moving as fast as you are--and that you've been surprised by defenders saying that after looking at the tapes, they couldn't believe how fast you were in person.

I can't help but feel that this has something to do with things as they stand.

I am disappointed in this move, and you are True Class.

Thanks so much.

Posted by good ol' george

9:05 AM, Apr 23, 2008

Thanks Shaun. There should be a space reserved now in the Ring of Honor.

Posted by tukwila206

9:58 AM, Apr 23, 2008

Thank you Shaun. You will always be appreciated here, hopefully much more so than the past two years. You ARE the greatest Running Back in Seahawks history and will forever be etched in our record books.
Great to hear that he will remain committed to this area. Very classy guy. Best of luck to Mr. Alexander.

Posted by Yurgei

9:58 AM, Apr 23, 2008

Thanks for some damn fine memories, #37.

Good luck in your next stop (unless you sign with the Rams).

Posted by Harris

10:05 AM, Apr 23, 2008

Had to explain to my six year old son last night that Shaun, his favorite Seahawk, was moving on. It was difficult explaining the business of the NFL to a child. But, it was easier to explain than domestic violence, a DUI, or some of the other things I have had to explain lately about professional athletes.

Shaun, thanks for always representing your community with class, never being afraid to wear your faith in God on your sleeve, and as a black man myself (and coach), providing a shining example to young black athletes that how you represent yourself and your family is what truly makes you a professional, and a MAN. That is what some of us will remember from your days as a Seahawk the most. Those things are larger than football. Good luck...and see you in the ring of honor in a few years.

Posted by 12thmanforlife

11:14 AM, Apr 23, 2008

Do you know who doesn't have class? Some punk who calls himself Cougar. You don't deserve to live in such a beautiful city and have such an awesome team to root for. Get the hell out of my town! Go back to Pullman you bitch!

Posted by Pat O'Day

11:20 AM, Apr 23, 2008

A simple, classy, statement from a very classy guy! I will root for him, wherever or for whomever he may play.

Pat O'Day

Posted by KG

11:29 AM, Apr 23, 2008

This release really bugs me. Yeah, we've all been critical of Shaun but he hasn't had a healthy season in the two years he struggled. Plus, look at our O-Line...

And I have been critical of his running style - saving his energy for only the red zone of course bothers every fan who wants our backs to run like Marion Barber but it worked for Shaun. And it worked for us in 2005.

I think a training camp competition between all the backs would have been heatlhy for the team. If he wasn't better, then its an appropriate time to release him. And if all of you think Thomas Jones runs differently than Shaun, you all are kidding yourselves. The guy runs the same style. And Duckett is our other, I'm getting worried.

Ruskell has been hellbent on his way or your gone and that has bothered me. He gets way too much damn credit for basically blowing up a team that was successful in '05. Bad CB draft picks, bad O-line draft picks, still refusing to get a TE. He won't get Shockey because of "character issues" -- sorry guys, I'm frustrated. I want to get to the Super Bowl but with Ruskell at the helm, I just don't see that happening. Especially when Holmgren leaves, then we're screwed.

And thanks Shaun - you irritated me like hell at times, but you played well when healthy. Good luck on wherever you end long as it's not in the NFC.

Posted by Romarville86

11:51 AM, Apr 23, 2008


I agree Thomas Jones runs similar to Shaun but what does he have to do with the Seahawks? They signed Julius Jones from the cowboys who is much different than Shaun and him along with Mike Wahle should be enough to get us to be an average running team at best.

Posted by SelahCoug

12:12 PM, Apr 23, 2008

It is obvious that "couger" is not a Coug as he can not even spell it right. Sounds like a phony name made up to try and make Cougs look bad. Either way the guy is way off and I can't believe that response has not been deleted.

Good luck to Shaun. He may not have done the best that last couple of years, but I would rather have him on the team than the guys that continue to get arrested. Here's hoping he is successful, but hopefully not in the Seahawks division.

Posted by wabubba

12:28 PM, Apr 23, 2008

Hey guy, don't get all warm and fuzzy over Shaun(a)'s press you really think that he wrote it himself?'s just evidence that he has a good agent who is concerned about PR.

I'm ambivalent about his release. His running style bothered me but he was productive with a GREAT offensive line, and injury-prone and non-productive with a below average line. Time moves on, and players come and go.

Posted by KG

12:54 PM, Apr 23, 2008

Sorry Romarville - I meant Julius Jones...damn, I made the same damn mistake on a previous blog entry. sorry about that, they're brothers - they do run the same though.

Julius in Dallas was called "two steps, fall down" by some of their radio guys...that sounds like the same criticism that Shaun always got.

Posted by C Diddy

1:08 PM, Apr 23, 2008

I think it was time to move on. Ruskell is one of the best in the business I think he knows what he is doing...Look at his previous moves. Thanks for all that he did for the hawks. He will be in the ring of honor but it's simply time to move on cause his running style does not fit our offense of line........You went out like a man though....Good Luck #37

Posted by drgonzo

2:16 PM, Apr 23, 2008

"Couger" -

First of all, learn how to spell your own beloved school's namesake. That glaring grammatical error alone should be enough damning evidence of your embarrassingly naive grasp on this situation, but mouthing off like that about one of the classiest players in the NFL is only going to make you look even dumber. Bravo at doing your school proud, son. I'm sure your education is really paying for itself by now.

That being said, this move is for the better, and it was definitely Shaun's time to move on. I don't think teams will be jumping at the chance to sign him, but that's not to say he won't be in the NFL this year. He gave Seahawk fans one of the best seasons by an NFL running back in league history back in 2005. And though the season ended on a pretty sour and one-sided note with Super Bowl XL, the electrifying feeling that was prevalent in this city during that time was just plain magical. It's why we're sports fans.

Shaun brought us all that, and though I'm echoing countless other posts already made in this blog, I'm wishing him and the Alexander family all the best in the years to come. Bon voyage, Shaun, and the memories will never die.

Posted by BavasiRocks

9:29 PM, Apr 23, 2008

Thank you Shaun Alexander. I have really enjoyed watching you as a Seahawk and I think I speak for everyone when I say that your contributions are tremendously appreciated. You'll forever be a Seahawk in my eyes. Best of luck wherever your future endeavors may take you. THANK YOU SHAUN!

Posted by Dalleskehawkfan

9:54 PM, Apr 23, 2008

WHat a class act. Thanks for everything Shawn

Posted by Johaan

2:19 AM, Apr 24, 2008

God bless you and yours Shaun. You are a class act all the way, and a great credit to the NW.

Posted by Scott/Redmond

9:08 AM, Apr 24, 2008

He did some great things here, and I wish the guy well - that said, he might have a hard time finding a new team for what he'll ask for/expect of them.... time will tell.

Posted by Jim

10:27 AM, Apr 24, 2008

Shaun thankyou for your great career in Seattle. I have been a huge fan of yours and Seattle, and had the plaesure of meeying you over Disney this past March. You have and always will be a class act. Since I live in Tampa I would love to see come over and play for the Bucs. Best of luck to you where ever you end up

Posted by Andrew

11:33 AM, Apr 24, 2008

Shaun is a total class act!

Posted by Dakota Cougs Fan

5:09 PM, Apr 24, 2008

Cougar, even saying things you don't mean just to gain a shock value response makes Shaun's statements even better, he has class, you're just an... I don't use language like that but it sure fits well!

Posted by SumUmA

6:58 PM, Apr 24, 2008

As a pre-bandwagon season ticket holder and follower of the Seahawks since their inception I can say that, Shaun Alexander, helped put us on the map and bolstered our respectability more than any other player (don't even bring up The Boz) in our history.

I think that many people have only seen Shaun in action later in his career failing to see his steady rise since 2000. His numbers speak for themselves. Yes, he wasn't great catching the ball nor could he throw a block that would stop me from getting to Matt, but it doesn't matter. Did we all forget the big time yards he was chewing up on the ground? Opposing defenses had to always hedge their bets against the run which opened up many opportunities for our passing game.

His place in the Ring of Honor is assured, and I feel that 37 should hang from the rafters. Had it not been for injuries he would easily have surpassed the 10,000 yard mark by now. He is 24th all time in rushing yards with two injury plagued seasons. He will end up passing the likes of Eddie George, Ricky Watters, OJ Simpson, Corey Dillon, and John Riggins before his career is over.

Having said all this, I feel it was one of the two big mistakes made by Ruskell during his tenure with the Seahawks. Signing a running back who has taken as many hits as Shaun to that kind of contract wasn't wise in my opinion. I had enough with Shaun and the $$ during the 2007 season. Nothing personal, but I want a Superbowl in my lifetime. If a player is getting paid too much for what they are contributing on game day, they have to go...

Posted by SonicsandMeBFF

8:40 PM, Apr 24, 2008

I hope he finds a better O-Line wherever he goes.

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