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Danny O'Neil covers the Seahawks for The Seattle Times.

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April 17, 2008 7:09 PM

Seahawks don't figure to be chasing Chad Johnson

Posted by Danny O'Neil

You've probably heard this by now, but Chad Johnson's unhappy. Downright mad even. The Bengals receiver gradually increased the volume of his displeasure until his desire to be traded was expressed point blank this week to's John Clayton.

Well, whenever a player gets unhappy that triggers the question of whether the Seahawks would be interested. I've gotten no indication from anyone in Kirkland that Seattle would be interested. No definitive "No" either, but there's a number of facts that would point to him not being a Seahawk anytime soon. Namely:

1) The Bengals have given no intention they plan on trading him.

2) The concern about the Seahawks present configuration of receivers is greater outside the building than inside, which is to say the team feels pretty good about the group even though Deion Branch will be coming off knee surgery. The team likes youngsters like Jordan Kent, Courtney Taylor, Ben Obomanu and Logan Payne. So much so, in fact, that Seattle was willing to let D.J. Hackett head to Carolina instead of attempting to out-bid the Panthers.

3) Johnson's loquacious ways on the football field make him an entertaining character, but I don't think that's the kind of "character" president Tim Ruskell sets about to acquire. To be clear, though, Johnson's not some sort of social menace either. He's just loud. Then again, Darrell Jackson's ticket got punched out of Seattle for being petulant over his contract situation.

Now, it's worth pointing out that Seattle has taken on perceived character risks before with great results. Ricky Watters was considered a volatile player when he came to Seattle and there was no turmoil in his time with the team. Also, I want to emphasize at this point that no one in the Seahawks front office has said to me, "No, we're not interested," or "Absolutely not," but I think it's pretty reasonable to look at those three facts and conclude the Seahawks aren't going to be one of those teams trying to pry Johnson out of Cincinnati.

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Posted by shane/olympia

1:45 AM, Apr 18, 2008

why not?

he has spent time in the northwest - he went to Oregon state

he is in a commercial with Matt

takes care of the rec needs in the draft

Matt sees the defense go nuts last year and add 2 db's and DE

while Matt has an aging bobby

a hurting deion

a gone hackett

and X, Y, Z, who knows what they will do

think of this offense

walter whale spencer sims lock

chad bobby deion

julius jones duckett weaver

Jonathan Stewart or TE keller in the draft

its not going to happen but would be cool as hell though

Posted by lovemyhawks

2:31 AM, Apr 18, 2008

I get real tired of hearing the hawks, mariners and sonics are not willing to take on controversial characters. Is the brian bozworth legacy just killing us. Johnson has never been in trouble, he just wants to win. He works hard and plays hard. He would be a perfect fit to help us get to the superbowl. Give them Branch and all of his injuries and a draft pick (1st 2nd or third whatever it takes).
Don't tell me about obamanu or all of the ok third tier wide receivers we have. We are a step away and need to be bold. Branch was a bold move but he can't get off the injured list. While we are at it, what would it take to get shockey?

Come on Ruskell give us a reason to be excited.

Go Seahawks!

Posted by Ziasudra

6:56 AM, Apr 18, 2008

I AM excited about the Hawks - the moves they made so far are positive, and the draft choices are intact.
The young receivers are all athletic, and will help the offense as needed.
On the other hand, I know little or nothing about Chad Johnson's situation/problems, etc., but I'd prefer using draft choices in areas, such as TE, where we have a depth problem. We don't have a depth problem at WR.

Posted by Alex A

8:07 AM, Apr 18, 2008

I agree that chad johnson is a great player but i also agree that he will never be a seahawk because hes not only loud but he has shown that has no problem talking bad about his front office. There is nothing wrong with wanting a good locker room atmosphere it can only take one disruptive player to mess up the team mentality.

Posted by Junior

8:10 AM, Apr 18, 2008

Depth is not the problem at receiver; size and talent are both question marks. Both of which Chad has in spades. Seattle hasn't had an elite receiver since they drafted Joey Galloway and we all know the end to that story. The receivers coming out of the draft this year would all be "works in progress" type of players. I'd like to see the 'Hawks at least show some interest in a player like Chad or even Jeremy Shockey. If going into the season our #1 receiver is Deion Branch I will be worried. To be honest, it's the only position of question for me for the upcoming season. We finally have an elite quarterback. I'd like to see a top-notch receiver in Seattle for him to throw to. Just my .02.
Long live the 12th man!!

Posted by Romarville86

10:50 AM, Apr 18, 2008

Why should ruskell change his ways when we have had so much success doing things his way. We have been to the 2nd round of the playoffs or further the last 3 years and we have done it with having character guys on the team.

Posted by gregg

10:59 AM, Apr 18, 2008

Who cares about receivers right now? Let's focus on getting a decent running back.

Posted by bigmaq

11:10 AM, Apr 18, 2008

Bringing in a "troubled" receiver sure backfired on both the Boys and the Pats. I'm sure that the fans in Boston and Dallas are relieved that their front offices did not violate their adherence to the "Character and Locker Room Cohesion" rule. Chad Johnson is the real deal when on the field. He is D-Jack with a work ethic, sure hands and speed. Let's face it I am sure that all of the Hawk fans would glumly sit and watch as CJ performed in the Qwest end zones after TD catches.

Posted by bigmaq

11:14 AM, Apr 18, 2008

Note to Gregg: Yes that's whats needed, another cog in the NFL's most expensive backlog of backup backs. Sixteen million of cap and still counting. Where is the feature back? Oh yeah, he is currently in some draft guru's wet dream (or that of fan Gregg). Maybe with enough backs, the Hawks can forego a proper OLine altogether.

Posted by Dr. Gonzo

11:28 AM, Apr 18, 2008

When it comes to the prospect of getting Johnson, I say why the hell not? We're making one last run at a Super Bowl under Holmgren. We have a good set of receivers now, but the problem is there's a fair amount of untested blood on the squad. Guys like Taylor, Kent and Payne might be great, and I really hope they are - but they're coming into this season with a lot to prove.

Having Chad Johnson might be seen as controversial, but Ruskell has never cared much for how his moves look to everyone else. I was one of the many fans who thought he'd lost his mind last year when he let go of D-Jax for a 4th-round pick, but alas, he lasted one year on a horrifyingly bad San Francisco offense and decided to jump ship. No big deal. Ruskell knew what he was doing.

Johnson might be a liability in the locker room, but I think Holmgren would straighten him out pretty quick if he began mouthing off. No offense to Marvin Lewis, but Holmgren doesn't take any crap.

And let's be honest here, how sweet would it be to see a Hasselbeck-Johnson combo dominating the NFC. You can't tell me that wouldn't be the makings of one hell of a football team in a legendary coach's swansong year.

Posted by wabubba

12:12 PM, Apr 18, 2008

On the surface, this deal is too perfect not to get done...

1.) Shaun(a) Alexander's contract this year is probably comparable to Johnson's.

2.) Shaun(a) is from the Cincinnatti area.

3.) Johnson is familiar with the northwest (ex OSU grad)

4.) The Bengals have a slight need at RB and we have a slight (moderate?, major?) need for an established WR that can stretch the field.

5.) In the end, I believe that we will cut Shaun(a) once he (she) is healthy. At least this way the Seahawks would receive something of value in return. An additional low draft choice (6th rounder), would also probably have to be sent the Bengals way.

6.) Johnson, by all accounts, is not a character problem. Just someone who wants to win AND have fun. In my mind, it is probably a good indicator of his character that he wants out of Cincinnatti (where literally the prison inmates run the asylum) and has had difficulty with the organization (which allows the prison inmates to do so...and keeps drafting more).

7.) The Seahawks have the leadership (Hasselbeck, Jones, Engram) on the offensive side of the ball to keep Johnson under control if my thoughts on #6 are wrong. You think Holmgren would allow it to be any other way? :-) I've got to believe that pros like Tatupu and Kerney would also influence him a bit.

Get this done and send Holmgren out of here the way he deserves!!

Posted by David Gee

12:42 PM, Apr 18, 2008

He'd probably command too high of a price, but I'd LOVE to see Johnson on the Hawks. He's not going to disrupt anything. He's going to play hard, play well, and run his big mouth. And that's it.

Let's face it, our passing game isn't going to scare too many people, and if Branch can't get healthy it may even well suck.

Like one of the other posters said, this is Holmgren's swan song. Might as well put all the eggs in this season's basket and just go for it...although it remains to be seen what we'd have to give up.

Posted by No hanging Chad

9:21 PM, Apr 18, 2008

Chad would be a nice addition, but he's a head case on the field...can't imagine what kind of crap he'd put the team through off the field. Let SF sign him.

Posted by Rick W./bighawksfan

12:06 PM, Apr 19, 2008

Im with ( lovemyhawks ), picking up Johnson and Shockey would be outstanding! What a group of receivers to go with the running game on this offense, they would be very exciting cause this offense isnt getting any younger it's time now to roll the dice. Come on Ruskell!!

Posted by grant

2:38 PM, Apr 19, 2008

Seahawks should get Johnson. None of our receivers can stretch the field like he can. His attitude is what? TD celebrations? Anger at being stuck on an under-performing team while he is in his prime? Anger at being stuck on the Chain-Gang-els? He is also a local guy, as many others have pointed out. AND this is Holmgren's last season, aren't we supposed to be going all out? Funny how TO and Moss behaved themselves when they were on winning teams last year, and Chad is less of a problem than those two are/were. I for one would love to have a guy demand that the offense step it up and score TDs and not always end up with field goals. Get Chad, Ruskell!

Posted by G

3:57 PM, Apr 19, 2008

Bring in Chad, Dion at 2 and Engram at 3.

Chad Johnson is like Randy Moss.
Put him on a RESPECTED winning organization with standards and he'll shape up.

Posted by spitfire

12:33 PM, Apr 20, 2008

Chad Johnson sucks - period!

Let him rot in Cinn

Posted by DEATRICS

1:27 PM, Apr 20, 2008

we need a proven receiver

Posted by Scott/Redmond

8:44 AM, Apr 21, 2008

First off, Ricky Waters was NOT easy, nor was he a good fit for Seattle. He may not have bad mouthed the team in public, but he was very selfish and had an inflated view of what he could do. I think he hurt the team and held back the offense at many levels. Secondly, we don't need Chad Johnson here. No, he doesn't break the law - but we don't need that kind of self-centered "me first" mentality in our locker room... they've been working to steer clear of that and it's paying off.

Posted by Max Spector

10:16 AM, Apr 21, 2008

I agree with Grant. Johnson should be one of those that excels and remains respectable on a team that's a serious contender. I'd take Chad over Shockely any day. Chad and Bobby combined make book end examples of skill for the young stable of receivers.

Had we traded Boz for just about anything we wanted and kept Young when he was still in his prime and not headcased him with the Boz deal...sick of hearing about Boz and Hutch, cry babies crap.

Posted by Hawker

3:53 PM, Apr 21, 2008

This could be the bold move the Hawks need. Look no further than the Randy Moss acquisition by the Patriots last year. I say go for Ocho and take a risk for once! Heck he's not beating people up, like Rocky.

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