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Danny O'Neil covers the Seahawks for The Seattle Times.

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April 3, 2008 3:15 PM

Seahawks exhibition schedule announced

Posted by Danny O'Neil

Some familiar foes are on the docket for Seattle. The Seahawks play the Vikings in the first exhibition game on Aug. 9 in Minnesota, the fourth time in five seasons Seattle and Minnesota have played an exhibition game.

Seattle will also play at San Diego in an exhibition game for the third consecutive season. That game will be televised on ESPN on Monday, Aug. 25.

The Seahawks' regular-season schedule will be announced later this month.

  Date Opponent Time TV
Week 1 Sat, Aug. 9 at Minnesota TBA KONG-TV (Ch. 6)
Week 2 Sat, Aug. 16 Chicago TBA KONG-TV (Ch. 6)
Week 3 Mon., Aug. 25 at San Diego TBA ESPN
Week 4 Fri., Aug. 29 Oakland TBA KING 5

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Posted by duce duce

3:52 PM, Apr 03, 2008

I think you mean Oakland for the last 3 years. Though this will be the second year in a row that we played SD. Can we get some new teams to play or what? How do the preseason teams that we play get determined anyway?

Posted by Alex A

3:52 PM, Apr 03, 2008

Come on give us the vikings here we want to abuse hutch. Oakland as our final warm up for the season that should get us real used to quality teams..... of course i'm being sarcastic.

Posted by leif long

6:28 PM, Apr 03, 2008

we realy do need to play some new teams but w/e it works i gues and it doesnt mtr it only preseason but cnt wait to play steve hutchinson again...

Posted by free beer

9:16 PM, Apr 03, 2008

Me I don't have a problum with Hutchinson, Seahawk wanted to play a dollar game....BYE!
That weasel Brown, now his a different story, he would probable sell National security secrets to the Chinese, or make us pay 20 cent tax on plastic shopping bags.

Posted by free beer

9:31 AM, Apr 04, 2008

Oh camp down lady sing that song,,,do down lady five mile long...oh do da day?
Little Miss muffed sat on the tiffed eating her cheerios, along come a spider sat beside her and said....what's in the bowl bitch!
How about them Russians.

Posted by Alex A

3:18 PM, Apr 04, 2008

what do you mean we wanted to play money games we wanted to match his contract but he signed something that made that impossible to do. the only game we played was not having two franchise tags to hand out.

Posted by dr_gonzo

3:33 PM, Apr 04, 2008

what the HELL are you people talking about?!

Posted by Alex A

3:58 PM, Apr 04, 2008

I'm talking about hutchinson and how i want them to come here so we can yell at him some more. as for this
"free beer
Oh camp down lady sing that song,,,do down lady five mile long...oh do da day?
Little Miss muffed sat on the tiffed eating her cheerios, along come a spider sat beside her and said....what's in the bowl bitch!
How about them Russians."

I have no freakin idea what that is about???!!?!?

Posted by free beer

9:18 AM, Apr 05, 2008

What that was Alex, is called killing some time being there isn't anything new on this blog, I even told a joke here once, WOW!
The Seahawk management said they would have matched the offer for Hutch....after they drug their feet to sign him, a quality play like him doesn't need to play bull crap games....gone!
If you didn't like my post, don't type the whole thing out, don't read it, you could have just referred to my post, not type it word for word.

Posted by Alex A

12:00 PM, Apr 07, 2008

its called copy and paste not exactly hard, no one spent the time to type your nonsense out word for word just two clicks and its done. Although it seems that youve become a little butt hurt about it. I agree they shouldnt have dragged their feet on him but they were also tending to the league MVP at the time and made a choice (time showed it to be the wrong one) and spent their time "wooing" alexander.

Posted by free beer

8:01 PM, Apr 07, 2008

Nonsenses....butt hurt, why you ignoramus, you take someone just trying to have a little fun..well!
So wise guy I take your saying the same thing I said about Hutch, they dropped the damn ball on signing him... they were (dragging) their feet.
I wasn't butt got me in the cookies!

Posted by Chad

8:36 AM, Apr 09, 2008

The really odd thing about this schedule is the four day turnaround between games 3 and 4. SInce Seattle doesn't game plan heavily for these games, and since the fourth game is played almost entirely by the second string, it shouldn't be a problem.

Posted by HubDub

2:59 PM, Apr 14, 2008

These are pre-season games, people!!

The starters get some reps and say how they are ready for the regular schedule (whether they are or not).

The scrubs and second stringers hope to impress.

And, for one more year, we watch Seneca Wallace take a few snaps before he gets mothballed for the season.


Who cares who we play?

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