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March 4, 2008 4:01 PM

T.J. Duckett says it's a five-year deal

Posted by Danny O'Neil

Got to love it when a free agent gets on the phone to Hondo to tell him he's going to be a Seahawk.

That's apparently what T.J. Duckett did, telling Hondo S. Carpenter Sr. of that he agreed to a five-year deal in Seattle. The link to the site is right here.

So what does that mean? It means the Seahawks got a big-bodied short-yardage specialist that they initially courted last season. It does not mean that Shaun Alexander is on the way out. That's the first question everyone has. I don't anticipate this being a player to replace Alexander, but rather someone to add to the equation to help with the short-yardage struggles of the offense the past two seasons.

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Posted by grant

4:12 PM, Mar 04, 2008

5 years? Are we not planning on drafting a RB this year? I hope this deal is heavily back loaded so we can dump him if he fails without screwing our cap.

Posted by derek1973

4:16 PM, Mar 04, 2008

I would love to see the Seahawks trade or cut Alexander after this. We need that cap room for 2009, or to sign a capable TE. I am pretty comfortable with Morris/Duckett/ and some rookie RB carry the rock. Kinda like how the Super Bowl Champion Giants did it with Droughns, Jacobs, and Bradshaw. See you later Alexander. Thanks for the memories.

Posted by Keith C

4:24 PM, Mar 04, 2008

Does he play any fullback too?? Why don't we use Weaver for short yardage!!

Posted by Patrick from Kent

4:25 PM, Mar 04, 2008

So either mo-mo or shawn al is gone...I do not like this deal...we gave an enjury prone RB a long term deal??? Does that make any sense?

Posted by nature

5:29 PM, Mar 04, 2008

First of all we have no idea what his contract looks like. It could be a great deal. Probably is.

Neither Shaun or Mo is going anywhere. T.J. is here for short yardage and to add depth at both FB and RB.

I prefer this move to adding a RB in the draft. Think about it, drafting a RB in the first or second round is a lot more expensive than adding a TE from those rounds.

And lets also hope we nab the best kicker in the draft as soon as we can. Again, cheap salary.

Posted by caineman

5:59 PM, Mar 04, 2008

SA is gone...

Posted by Mike

6:05 PM, Mar 04, 2008

SA is not gone. John Clayton already said if the Seahawks cut him they would only save $125,000.

Posted by Ken

8:25 PM, Mar 04, 2008

Sweet next can we sign Desmond Howard? How about Shannon Sharpe? OHHHHH I know we can go coax Emmit Smith out of retirement! Sweet pick up.

Posted by 84Hawk

10:18 PM, Mar 04, 2008

HAHAHA, Weaver for short yardage? are you joking? still, this is another suspect signing by a suspect GM who continues to only sign former Bucs or Falcons (teams he used to work for). he can't woo anyone else here! This is why Holmgren should be at the helm again - he can attract better free agents because he's a hall of fame coach. Now that he's leaving, we're seeing of signs to come guys.

Posted by jingle8

11:55 PM, Mar 04, 2008

Does this mean that they wont draft a runningback in the first two rounds because signing in my opinion a washout for five years means they are sticking with the ineffective alexander and Mo Maurice another year? Personally i would like to see Jonathan Stewart in the Seahawks backfield next year because he brings a great combonation size and speed along with a hard running style that this team has been lacking the past two years, and Duckett is not the answer for the long term of this franchise so it is time to make the transition for a younger, faster, and especially TOUGHER backfield for the long term success of this franchise. That's my two cents.

Posted by Btown

8:48 AM, Mar 05, 2008

Wow, showing two Weaver runs in the preseason really proves a point.

Weaver is not a short yardage back. He's our fullback now, and he can catch passes. I don't really understand the Duckett signing either, but I don't think it cost us very much. Hopefully there's a plan behind all this. I'd still love to pick up a RB within the first 2 rounds.

Posted by 84Hawk

9:43 AM, Mar 05, 2008

Keith, that was a horrible way to try to prove your point. Weaver is not a short-yardage back, you will have few to agree with you.

Duckett will help with short yardage but this signing pretty much tells us Ruskell is not thinking about drafting an RB. There's no way we'll have five backs on our roster if we draft a new back and how would he get carries? Mo and Shaun were splitting carries, and now you have to use Duckett with his deal.

I honestly don't understand Ruskell's plan, his decision-making for this team has been very suspect. We desperately need a tight-end for this offense and that should now be a top priority. And Trufant's got to sign a damn deal!

Posted by nature

11:40 AM, Mar 05, 2008

This will make perfect sense when:

a) we see his contract. He probably comes cheap. He probably came to us to play on a winner. And he was, after all, a first round draft pick for a reason.

b) shaun or mo gets hurt. Depth?

c) he gets us more short yardage first downs than we had last season.

d) our O-line opens holes for shaun or mo in ways they didn't last year.

e) we use our first round pick on a TE instead of an (expensive) RB.

Weaver is not a RB - he's our starting fullback.

I love the move (so long as he comes to us cheap). The guy is only 28. If he plays out his contract he'll be a very inexpensive and possibly VERY GOOD backup.

Posted by xZX

7:18 PM, Mar 05, 2008


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