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March 4, 2008 4:19 PM

Tight end Jeb Putzier to Seahawks

Posted by Danny O'Neil

The Seahawks signed Jeb Putzier to a one-year deal, a free-agent tight end who most recently played for the Houston Texans.

Putzier is 29 and played six seasons in the NFL. His two most productive years as a receiver were with Denver in 2004 and 2005. He caught more than 35 passes each of those two seasons.

Putzier went to high school in Idaho and attended Boise State. He brings depth to a position that was the biggest question mark on the offense. The Seahawks have Will Heller under contract, but his strength is as a blocker. Marcus Pollard, the starter last season, is an unrestricted free agent.

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Posted by 12thmanforlife

4:42 PM, Mar 04, 2008

Wow! Hawks sure are making a big splash this off-season. I hope this is just for security incase the rookies we draft don't develop quickly enough.

Posted by hawksfan12

4:55 PM, Mar 04, 2008

I'm sure it is, 49ers made a big splash last offseason look where it got them

Posted by Leif Long

5:07 PM, Mar 04, 2008

eh its btr thn nothing rite...? i always thought he was pretty good with denver nvr with houston tho...but im sure he is jst for depth and the seahawks wil draft there 08 starting TE...

Posted by Thomas

6:23 PM, Mar 04, 2008

hopefully not another marcus pollard waiting to happen... not that pollard didn't have heart, because he did. not only that, but the guy had a mohawk, and that rocks. unfortunately, heart and mohawks - as cool as they are - don't always make you a better tight end... heart and a mohawk don't always mean catching the ball when it matters in clutch situations... ie: Green Bay... especially when matt makes it easy for recievers... that's precisely why d-jack leads in all time receptions w/ hasselbeck, but when he goes to SF under a different QB his numbers plummet, or rather dissapear.... GIVE MATT THE TOOLS HE NEEDS! i mean, the guy performs at an all-pro level with rag-tag units - imagine actually giving the guy some weapons!! there's absolutely no difference in skill in my mind between hasselbeck and tom brady save the weapons on the other end of the ball... and i bet deon branch could back me on that one.

Posted by rossco

7:47 PM, Mar 04, 2008

Okay Thomas - that might be the stupidest thing i've ever read. Hass is nice, but he's not Brady by a longshot. What 'weapons' did Brady have in '06? Reche Caldwell? the 'hawks have a great WR core (with branch and hackett in the mix).... a good TE will help immensely. too bad Jeb ain't the answer. crossing my fingers for a great draft.

Posted by Ken

8:22 PM, Mar 04, 2008

Wahoooo we got the jewel baby...who needs a big name we got a putz! If he sucks we can just say well we new he was a putz......

Posted by nature

9:04 PM, Mar 04, 2008

He came way cheap and he adds depth. He played well in Denver under a pretty good offense. He didn't do so well in Texas under a not very good offense. He might be a bit of a gem or he might just be a great backup addition. This is a no lose situation (could probably get cut in training camp if he sucks and cost us next to nothing).

He's not being brought in with the same expectations we had of Pollard. Geez... we have on TE on the roster.

Draft a TE early. Great for the cap this year and hopefully we get lucky.

And wow... some of you people are way sofa king critical of every move the hawks make - even the MINOR ones like this. sheeesh...

Posted by 84Hawk

10:15 PM, Mar 04, 2008

wow Rossco - we have WR depth? Um, no we don't. Hackett is not coming back, Branch will miss the entire off-season workouts, preseason, and the first few regular season games, Engram is 35...where's the depth?

Posted by Patrick F.

12:57 AM, Mar 05, 2008

The Putzier deal is a good one, but I don't understand the Duckett signing at all. Putzier is a decent tight end, where as I don't see Duckett being better than Alexander or Morris.

Posted by Thomas

2:04 AM, Mar 05, 2008

to the poor chap whose mother named him 'rossco' forever dooming him to be paid little attention to whenever in a serious context by manifesting an image upon the opposing subject of a squat, little, balding, fat guy with a pizza stain down the front of his shirt being negative about everything because he is miserable, lonely, and mean....

"to rossco!!! smelly-man extraordinaire!"

the next time you want to try and legitimately respond to another post, it might be better to NOT start off by calling a person you don't know stupid, 'mr. tactful.' next, you might want to know the differences between a slot, split-end, and tight-end... before trying to tell me what weapons we have or haven't had to utilize over the past year... in case you didn't notice bobby engram was running TE routes just to get the ball down the middle of the field because of this 'depth' at wide receiver you speak of ... and deon branch is injured - i doubt we'll see much - if any- of him in 2008, and hackett is seriously injury-prone only starting like six games last season.... where is this depth you speak of??? i hope you're talking about courtney taylor and ben obamanu because at least then you make partial sense, although, not much because they've no experience no matter how talented those rookies are - THEY CANNOT START. get your facts straight, rossco - especially if you want to call someone stupid.... otherwise, you only serve me by making yourself look even more of a bloody fool.... leave it to the most insecure, creepy, control-freakish guy in the room ( that would obviously be rossco ) to automatically begin lashing out at other posters who weren't talking to him in the first damn place! shouldn't you be hanging around a patriots blog? tom brady a better QB than matt hasselbeck - NEVER IN THIS 12TH MAN'S MIND!!!

Posted by rossco

7:22 AM, Mar 05, 2008

Thomas - ooooh well-crafted. I'm sure i used my given name on a public blog, Thomas. It appears that you didn't read what i posted, or simply didn't understand. i'm guessing the latter.

First, the word 'depth' was not used at all in my post. we have a nice core of WRs in Branch (he won't play a ton this year, but i'm talking about future too), Engram (had his best year in '07), and Burleson. Obomanu, Taylor, and Kent will prove to be a good combination in near future years. i don't think i need to say a word about slot or split-end WRs to state my point about the 'hawks having a decent WR group. of course we could use more talent (i'd love to keep hackett, especially since his departure will leave us a little on the small side) but that's true about EVERY position (except left tackle and linebacker). Of course I think an TE upgrade is a must for the passing and running game, but fortunately, this draft should produce that TE for us. i'd rather see a great RB or OL pick-up than another WR.

Second, i didn't call you stupid, only your stupid statement about Hasselback being as good as Tom Brady but doesn't have the 'weapons' around him to help him out. Are you serious about that? have you ever watch a football game? not one NFL expert or sensible football fan would ever agree with that, but frickin' Thomas from Duvall (or whatever podunk town you live in) believes it - of course it's right! Brady hasn't had many 'weapons' his entire career and look what he has done. Only 3 Super Bowls before the age of 30. The one year that they gave him some 'weapons' in Moss and Welker, he only led them to an 18-1 season, set the season TD record mark, season points record, and was unstoppable. i hate the pats and belichek, but Brady is a top 3 QB of ALL TIME. do you even watch football, THOMAS? you must stop that blithering homer talk. i also think Elway is a top 3 QB of all time - does that make me a denver fan too?

Posted by Thomas

8:31 AM, Mar 05, 2008

look, i'm not going to argue w/ the 'belligerent guy in the room,' .... as a matter of fact: you seem to think tom brady's a much better QB than matt hasselbeck ** fine. ** as opposed to myself who believes that matt hasselbeck matches up with tom brady aspect for aspect, stride for stride any day of the week.

we've a difference of opinion. again, FINE.
the defining variable here was you calling me stupid for my opinion... (no matter how you spin what is clearly posted above - this isn't dickens, buddy - i'm sure you can read...) which i might add, i've still not done in regards to your oppinion ( call it stupid, that is...)

we don't agree. i'm ok with that.
let's move on... lol
it's over.

Posted by Dan

8:42 AM, Mar 05, 2008

Won't the Hawks be playing the Pats this year? So we'll see whos the better QB. Now they both have weapons at tight end... Brady has Kyle Brady and Matt has the Putz.

Posted by rossco

10:03 AM, Mar 05, 2008

I can't believe this "who's better" is even a debate in this room, but okay... i guess i can accept someone not agreeing with me and conventional NFL wisdom. okay.

again, look at my statement ("...that might be the stupidest thing i've ever read.") that is certainly not an insult to you personally. you shouldn't be so sensitive - especially not in here.

and i don't think one game next year will prove the better QB - look at the 2 careers (incl. supporting casts) and judge them. that said: GO 'Hawks, and GO Hass!

Posted by ethan

12:37 PM, Mar 05, 2008

where's all the 6'7 alcoholic immature rapists in Free Agency? we need one quick!!

Posted by free beer

5:54 PM, Mar 05, 2008

I'm not sure I like the idea that this guy went to school in Ida-HO! The repercussions from the feminist movement could be the down fall of the entire seahawk organization!

Posted by PayClayBennett

10:47 AM, Mar 07, 2008

I'm starting to wonder if Bavasi is making some of these moves....the lack of depth at receiver is alarming - but I think they get a TE in the draft they like. Still - Putzier and then entertaining Julius Jones - makes me think about Jerrod Washburn...

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