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March 3, 2008 3:04 PM

T.J. Duckett visiting Seahawks

Posted by Danny O'Neil

Running back T.J. Duckett is in Seattle for a free-agent visit. The Seahawks expressed interest in signing Duckett last year, but he ended up signing in Detroit. Duckett's size and success in goal-line situations three seasons ago when he scored eight touchdowns for Atlanta in 2005 point to the fact the Seahawks may see him as a solution to short-yardage struggles of the past two seasons.

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Posted by Hawker

3:18 PM, Mar 03, 2008

I thought Weaver was good in short situations last year, but they rarely let him show it. I wouldn't mind seeing the Hawks using this offseason to start an undercurrent of youth, rather than signing these patchwork guys.

Posted by Patrick F.

3:35 PM, Mar 03, 2008

I think we should look for running back depth/Alexander's replacement in this year's draft.

I agree with Hawker, in that we need to start building with some younger guys.

Posted by 12thmanforlife

4:36 PM, Mar 03, 2008

Weaver is good, but we need a full back in there too. I don't see the point in signing Duckett. I don't know how that makes us any better. I would much rather take a rb out of the draft. We need somebody who can be a game-breaker. Somebody who can make something out of nothing.

Why does Ruskell only want to sign guys from his old teams? Its not necessarily a bad thing when you sign a guy like Kerney, but it just seems like he is stubborn and has a huge ego that sometimes gets in his way.

Posted by 12thmanforlife

4:39 PM, Mar 03, 2008

Oh yeah, there was one more thing. I was looking up that Chris Johnson out of E. Carolina, who ran a 4.24 and it said he was only 5'1" and 196 lbs. Is that true? 5'1" and 196 lbs is stocky as hell and being that short could be a big advantage when running behind huge linemen and when people have to get on the ground to tackle you. Can someone please confirm this guys size?

Posted by alan

4:47 PM, Mar 03, 2008

TJ not bad choice for short yard. He can catch to I see him being used if Alexander dosn't perform this season.

They will probably draft another one for the future. Whats that say about Mourice Morris? I thought he was the future?

What about Ben UTECH for our TE?

Posted by ISlander

4:52 PM, Mar 03, 2008

The guy from east carolina is definitely 6'1, not 5'1. The knock on him is that he's too light for his height. Barry Sanders was about 5'9 and he was considered a very small RB. The guy from East Carolina is very fast but scouts worry about his ability to take a hit, like reggie bush and whether he could handle the beating a NFL RB takes on a game to game basis.

Posted by Mc

7:40 PM, Mar 03, 2008

5'1", that is funny. That would be worthy of the Guiness book.

Bottom line, I like the idea of youth at the RB position, while at the same time trying to see if Shaun is really done. I think he's deserved a shot to prove last year was a fluke: poor O-Line play and his being banged up. Worst case scenario, so long as pass-pro is being taken care of, I believe RB is a very replaceable position in the NFL today. So long as whoever is toting the rock is NFL-capable and hungry, we should be okay there.

Posted by AZ Hawk

5:05 AM, Mar 04, 2008

There are so many options at RB this year in the draft. If Stewart, and Mendenhall are already drafted, Felix Jones, Jamaal Charles, Ray Rice, Kevin Smith, Mike Hart, Alley Broussard, Justin Forsett, Chris Johnson and Allen Patrick are options for later rounds depending on who the organization likes.

I'm thinking we go TE in the first round and then look at the above for round 2.

Posted by AZ Hawk

5:10 AM, Mar 04, 2008

Obviously, I wouldn't include Alley Broussard as a first day pick.

Posted by Thomas

7:39 AM, Mar 04, 2008

looking what small amount of film i could find on-line, he is explosive through the first level, something both of our backs - no matter how they grade in other areas - have been seriously lacking. this may be the only bright spot this off-season...

Posted by 12thmanforlife

9:06 AM, Mar 04, 2008

Ok, that makes more sense. It must have been a glitch on the web site. 6'1" and 196 though is a receiver, not a back. And he is supposed to have pretty good hands. He led the nation in all-purpose yards last year. Way too slim to be a rb in the nfl.

Posted by brian

2:54 PM, Mar 04, 2008

duckett is a good running back he is better than shaun alexander who dances everywhere. we need a good power back. mourice morris is good, but him and shaun alexander couldn't get the short yards last year.

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