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February 29, 2008 11:23 PM

Lions eye two 'Hawk D-tackles

Posted by Danny O'Neil

Seahawk free agents Ellis Wyms and Chuck Darby are scheduled to visit Detroit next week, according to Yahoo! Sports.

The connection there is a pretty direct one. Lions coach Rod Marinelli coached both Wyms and Darby in Tampa Bay when he was the Bucs line coach. Darby signed with the Seahawks in 2005 and became an anchor and leader on Seattle's defense. He suffered a season-ending knee injury last season. The Seahawks signed Wyms after he was waived by the Bucs during training camp last season.

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Posted by Dave

2:49 AM, Mar 01, 2008

I'm really starting to get the feeling that our time as the class of the NFC West is really coming to an end. In years past, I can't quite recall so many of our role players being poached, or at least potentially poached by other teams. We're usually the team picking players away from other teams, not the other way around.

Our window is closing, and closing fast.

Posted by Patrick F.

6:26 AM, Mar 01, 2008

I think the window slammed shut last season, when we had absolute zero running game. We're definitely losing our depth, and the draft can only replace so many needs. If we can come away with Crumpler, before the free agency period ends, it will be a success, but if we don't it will be viewed as a failure.

I'm optimistic we'll get something in the draft.

Posted by Jake

10:16 AM, Mar 01, 2008

With the loss of: a) A Kicker b) 2 Backup Linebackers c) 2 Backup DTackles, we now are garbage?! No. Calm down everybody. Ruskell is going to replace these guys. This happens. No team is going to never lose and only gain. Take a breath and save it for Benedict Brown when he comes home. GO HAWKS!!!!!!!

Posted by AZ Hawk

11:36 AM, Mar 01, 2008

Not too concerned about the interest in our backups. It probably means we're going to get younger and this draft will be an important one in terms of making sure our picks are keepers.

Posted by B-Dog

12:04 PM, Mar 01, 2008

It just so happens that a lot of our role players contracts are expiring this season. There is no reason why Will Herring can't replace Niko K on special teams and we have other young linebackers like Lance Laury. Kickers are a dime a dozen I know JB was clutch, but there are othes JB's lurking out there. Chuck Darby is pretty old and banged up and Wyms? Did he do anything last season that caught anyone's eye?

Everybody just chill and wait and see how it all pans out. I hope that someone levels JB on a kickoff return next season!!!!

Posted by Hawksforlife

12:35 PM, Mar 01, 2008

A agree with the last three posts...We lose a kicker and potentially a couple backups and everyone freaks out?!!

As for the no run game? We have a 31 year old beat up running back and just signed a 3 time pro-bowl O-lineman.

We're pursuing Alge and have his interest because of Mora, Ruskell and Kearny.

And we've got the draft, which last time I checked we got some great signees.

Do I need to remind you about Lofa Tatupu? 2nd round.

Leroy Hill? 4th round I think.

Brandon Mebane? 3rd round.

Daryl Tapp? 2nd round.

Of course I could go on, but I think everyone gets the point.

Plus we still have Matt Hasselbeck.

We'll be fine. The Rams won't be a threat. Brown MIGHT win them 2 extra games. AZ can't put things together, and the 49ers don't have a QB yet.

Holmgren is determined and the players will play harder for him with this being his last year, and Ruskell although he's made many mistakes, he's not an idiot and is working around the clock to free up some space.

We'll be fine and so just calm down.

Posted by Youn Ceezar

7:35 PM, Mar 01, 2008

Mike Holmgren's last offseason should be ran a little smoothier than this we need to sign Trufant to a deal give him his money's worth and let him know he needs to live up to expectations or deal will be modified. Then move on to Crumpler ASAP then draft a good DT and TE namely the TE from USC. Have a one on one with Shaun let him know that he is the work horse of a championship caliber team and that we expect more and that we understand the injuries but this is were we stand with you play or go home. GO SEAHAWKS...............

Posted by free beer

8:09 PM, Mar 01, 2008

King5news with Josh Brown saying he never really liked here, the will lose a few game all because of two hundred K, what a jerk!!!!!

Posted by Hawksforlife

8:10 PM, Mar 01, 2008


Thats easier said than done. What do you think Shawn is going to say if you have a one on one? This isn't a parent-teacher conference, there should be no need for a one on one. Shawn knows he's not the most popular guy on the team and although I think he's selfish and not my favorite player, I don't think he was dogging it. I think defenses picked up on his running pattern and Shawn never made the adjustment.

These are professional athletes, there's no reason why management should approach them and threaten them by saying you do this or you're gone.

We'll be just fine, and I don't know, you get Alge, take a runningback or DT in the first round, then focus on TE in the second round and DT and kicker in the latest round. WE can find a good kicker late in the name that comes to mind...Alexis Serna? Oregon State Beaver who only missed like three FG and two of them were against LSU his freshman year. Just a thought.

Posted by Leif Long

8:14 PM, Mar 01, 2008

jake couldnt hv said it btr...jst becuz we r losing a few guys dnt mean n e thing the pats do it evry yr and evry yr there rite back into the playoffs and dont say we rnt as consitent as them cuz we r 5 staright playoff appearances and 4 west titles come on guys we stil hv proly between 3-5 yrs left as long as we got haseelbeck cuz we now hv a D to back us up...we r fine we can replace these guys we didnt lose all stars we lost a few good players is all...

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