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February 29, 2008 10:25 AM

Josh Brown: Chiefs, Falcons may be among those interested

Posted by Danny O'Neil

The Falcons and Chiefs are two teams reportedly interested in kicker Josh Brown, an unrestricted free agent. The report regarding Atlanta came from ESPN's John Clayton. The Chiefs' interest was reported in this story in the Kansas City Star, which is linked right here.

It's worth noting that the other player mentioned in the Star's story -- center Jeff Faine -- already reached an agreement with Tampa Bay.

KJR-AM's Dave Mahler said on the air that Brown informed him in a message that the chances of him leaving the Seahawks are 100 percent. [Editor's note: This should have been included earlier, but I didn't know had a report on the story. Here's the link to that report.]

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Posted by mike

10:42 AM, Feb 29, 2008

Softy said about 30 min ago that Josh Brown is 100% gone already and he heard it from Josh himself.

Posted by Alan

11:48 AM, Feb 29, 2008

Josh is gone already? Well Kickers can be found in late rounds. And if Alexander can run behind Wahle and Jones then we don't need all those long field goals anyway.

Posted by Dave

12:17 PM, Feb 29, 2008

As a Seahawk season ticket holder that will cost
2 games year cause kickers that cam kick 50+ yard
field goals with accuracy like Josh are hard to come by.

Posted by John

12:33 PM, Feb 29, 2008

That is definitely bad news. I don't doubt we can find
a new kicker but it will be a considerable downgrade from what
Brown provided.

Posted by StephenfromIdaho

12:40 PM, Feb 29, 2008

I agree with Dave, losing Brown means tacking another 2 losses on the W-L columns, not to mention his addition to the kick coverage teams. Would be a devastating loss and sad day to see him go. Why won't the Hawks cough up the dough to sign him to a long-term deal?

Posted by Keith C

12:43 PM, Feb 29, 2008

Well that was a short stay...100% is not a good percentage. I guess he isn't making the money he wants. If it means making us a better team in a way that counts, let him go...if it means making no big moves and losing him...then that will be terrible.

Posted by StephenfromIdaho

12:45 PM, Feb 29, 2008

I agree with Dave, losing Josh Brown would also mean two games in the W-L column. He is a proven clutch kicker that also helps out on the coverage during Special Teams. Is this a financially driven decision or he is a cancer in the locker room? Seems strange to me that the Ruskell would let him go.

Posted by mike

1:06 PM, Feb 29, 2008

no i guess when softy talked to brown he said that the hawks were willing to make him the highest paid kicker in the nfl so money wasn't and issue it was something else

Posted by mickey

1:16 PM, Feb 29, 2008

Supposedly the Seahawks offered to make him the highest paid kicker. He wanted more than that.

Maybe you can post this up to Trufant's not signing a contract that would allow more cap room.

I think Tru is being selfish and hurting the team.

Posted by No.12

1:35 PM, Feb 29, 2008

Too bad if Brown does go, but stuff happens. Perhaps there's someone just as good or better out there that the Hawks will discover. Kickers come and go, no matter how good they are. New England parted with Vinaterie, and he won them multiple Super Bowls with his foot.

Bottom line is that these players either want to work in Seattle or they don't. When you start splitting hairs at the level of $3.5M per year vs $4M per year for example, money's not the deciding factor. Of course, ideally the Hawks wouldn't need to rely on "winning" field goals to begin with-- they'd just decisively score enough TDs to win flat-out.

Posted by Chris

1:47 PM, Feb 29, 2008

Josh Brown was 22nd in the league in FG % and only 11/16 from 40+. You can blame the snapper for some of that but overall, I don't think that is hard to replace (especially when you consider what we would have to pay to keep him). Kickers are a dime a dozen, I won't lose any sleep over losing Josh Brown

Posted by BB44

2:08 PM, Feb 29, 2008

The Hawks can't keep all these guys especially if they plan on being competitive. The Patriots have shown that sometimes you have to part with players if their priority is just about making the most money.

I've heard that the Hawks have offered Brown $2M per season and that he wants $2.5M. $2M sounds like a lot to me for a kicker.

It's the same situation with Trufant. He needs to realize that he isn't a true shut down corner. He's had one good season and now he expects to be paid like an all-pro?

If these guys aren't willing to accept just a little bit less so that the team can sign a few other guys to help them win a SB then let them go!

Posted by Crespidus

2:13 PM, Feb 29, 2008

As long as the Hawks don't give up all their draft picks for Barber, they can get a kicker in the 5th - 7th round. Look at Mason Crosby for Green Bay last year, led the league as a rookie. There are lots of kickers floating around that would sign a 1 year contract for a chance. I really like Brown, but Huskers have been known to be a little loco.

Posted by Ken

3:19 PM, Feb 29, 2008

Well have fun losing 14 games with the Chiefs Josh, don't let the door hit ya on the way out. Hawks offered a record amount of cash to keep him in Seattle.....oh well he is dead to me now. Go Hawks!

Posted by Superdave

3:20 PM, Feb 29, 2008

I don't think you can blame Trufant's contract to his selfishness. I believe using the franchise tag kind of dictates the amount of the offer based on the top-X player salaries of that position. I hope losing Brown won't bite us in the backside (Hawks: don't out-Mariner the Mariners).

Posted by Crespidus

3:28 PM, Feb 29, 2008

Denver Post reports Jason Elam and Broncos did not come to terms. I bet he would jump at the deal Brown turned down.

Posted by Kevin

3:29 PM, Feb 29, 2008

so sorry to see him go but what does he want hawks offered 5 years and 14 mill oh he wants trufant money I guess

Posted by 12thmanforlife

3:52 PM, Feb 29, 2008

I second Ken's blog

Posted by BB44

4:08 PM, Feb 29, 2008

Seattle offered 5yr/$14M and he still doesn't think that's enough?! Josh Brown, how many Super Bowls have you won us to think you're worth more? In fact, look at the Super Bowl film and tell us all what you think you're worth!

Posted by ethan

5:04 PM, Feb 29, 2008

Brown's services were incalculable. I mean..look at the Packer playoff game. His HOT PANTS gave us a 14 point lead. Then someone surreptitiously turned off his HOT PANTS. We go on to lose. You just can't find that type of "HOT" or "PANTS" just anywhere.

He's doing the Christian thing and leaving for more money.

Posted by Chris

12:55 AM, Mar 01, 2008

Ethan- What does being a Christian have to do with anything? It doesn't sound like the money is that much better than what the Hawks offered, maybe he just wants to kick in doors because the hot pants fried his legs. Besides, Christian or non-Christian, most of us would would take the best offer given us if we had the chance; that is what free agency is all about.

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