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February 28, 2008 3:41 PM

Alge Crumpler, visiting Seattle

Posted by Danny O'Neil

Tight end Alge Crumpler is in Seattle Thursday afternoon, beginning what is expected to be a two-day visit. Crumpler is a free agent, released by the Atlanta Falcons earlier this month. He previously visited the Tennessee Titans.

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Posted by Alge

4:23 PM, Feb 28, 2008

"He previously visited the Tennessee Titans." means I wasn't impressed

Posted by 12thmanforlife

4:52 PM, Feb 28, 2008

I think Alge is a perfect fit for our team. He is already familiar with Ruskell and Mora and the west coast offense. He is a good receiver with strength and speed. I haven't seen anyone run over Lofa like he did. And even if we draft another one, which I hope we do, that rookie won't be able to step in right away, so it is important that we get a veteran te who can actually play. Not like Pollard. I really like Dustin Keller out of Purdue. He may be a little light for a te, but he was the fastest and second strongest in the bench press at the combine. He might still be there in the 2nd round. And hopefully either Stewart or Mendenhall are there when we pick in the 1st.

Posted by pcbh16

6:02 PM, Feb 28, 2008

Lock him up and draft Mendenhall. Kiper had him falling beyond us in his mock draft. This would be a huge signing, allowing us to do something different in the 1st round.

Posted by KKO

6:05 PM, Feb 28, 2008

Dreaming big and probably not a realistic budget but if they could get Alge for a reasonable price, that means TE is removed from the draft needs. Marion Barber has been tendered the max offer, meaning if someone else signed him, he's worth a 1st and 3rd round draft pick (right?). I'm not sure what it would take to sign him and Alge but IF it was doable, imagine adding those two guys. We're still a little weak on the lines but can use the 2nd and 4th rounds to solidify.

Every time I watch Barber, I am more and more impressed. I don't see him being the single option, platooning with Shaun or Mo but Marion would get the majority of carries. 1st and 3rd too much? Probably...but he's a known entity.

Posted by tsmith6426

7:26 PM, Feb 28, 2008

If i was Ruskell, i would sign him for 2 year contract for about 3 or 4 mill. a year, then try to find a trade involving Alexander. Then when the draft comes around pick up the Great back of the northwest in J. Stewart from Oregon.

Posted by Keith C

9:23 PM, Feb 28, 2008

Alge was great on fantasy football team 2 seasons back...massive amounts of help from him. Just watched some film of is safe to say that he would be an unbelievable asset to the seahawks...Impact player, once he starts gettin down field, it may be hard to stop him. Please make a deal!!Imagine Branch and Crumpler along with Engram, Burleson....pair that with weaver and a good RB and a solid have a superbowl team if the D plays like last year (minus GB).

I didn't expect this offseason to be this fun! We could really add some pieces to help us.

Posted by e60

4:45 AM, Feb 29, 2008

cut alexander and sign crumpler and j brown
draft j stewart

Posted by shane/olympia

9:00 AM, Feb 29, 2008

E60 its is just that simple

you are right on!

Posted by free beer

9:30 AM, Feb 29, 2008

Tread Alexander, who in their right mind would want him......maybe get a couple of new cheerleaders for him at this stage of his career.

Posted by Frosty

9:41 AM, Feb 29, 2008

It would be tough to find any team that would be willing to pick up Shaun's contract. The guy hasn't produced nearly enough to even be considered by any team. If we did manage to ship him somewhere we would most definately be eating a large majority of the $$ in his contract. Signing Crumpler would be huge. Draft Stewert or Mendenhall and we'd be in a good position. We also need Brown back, he is clutch and saved us too many times to count late in the game.

Posted by 12thmanforlife

10:07 AM, Feb 29, 2008

Word is Brown is not coming back. Neither is Hackett. Ruskell said publicly that he is not going to cut or restructure Shaun's contract. He also said that Trufant isn't a shut down corner and they are not going to pay him like one. It might be true, but you don't say that to the media. That is only going to hurt in trying to sign him long term. And even though he may not be shut down, he is very good.

Posted by Thomas

10:28 AM, Feb 29, 2008

gentlemen, this could potentially be a very, very, very good thing indeed. first of all, imagine how much Hasselbeck utilized Bobby Engram across the middle last year - (this was in part due to some injuries. however, it was mainly because of not having a decent TE...) Bobby broke several records in receiving last season, both personal and franchise records. now imagine how much more dynamic our team would be with two very different threats down that area of the field in both Engram & Crumpler... having both a fleet-footed, fast, small laser-guided missile in Engram, and an unstoppable threat that can use his strength, size, speed, and mass to his advantage while catching the ball in Alge Crumpler - think ICBN if using the same missile analogy.
now, this is also very good potential news if we were to loose some experience and wisdom on the starting offense via loosing DJ Hackett in free-agency... whereas Ben Obamanu & Courtney Taylor (both hot w/ talent )will more than likely be the ones to fill in the absent slot. we also could be without Deon Branch for longer than expected which is another reason to try for Crumpler... -exciting stuff!
has anyone heard any chatter over the possibility of looking @ San Diego's unrestricted free agent RB Michael Turner????? it looks as if an aging Shaun Alexander won't be going anywhere any time soon, and the only way i can see that working in the 2008 season is if he's a paired with someone younger and faster like RB Michael Turner...

Posted by GAseahawkfan

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