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February 26, 2008 9:52 PM

Packers missed on Wahle

Posted by Jose Romero

So says this story from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. The article also confirms what I speculated last week, that Wahle's signing bonus made the contract's total value around $20 million.

Interesting that the Packers would go after a guy they let go in the first place. Wahle never made it for his visit to Green Bay after the Panthers cut him. I guess the pull of West Coast (Northwest) living was strong, seeing as Wahle has roots in this part of the country.

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Posted by commoncent$

8:14 AM, Feb 27, 2008

WOW!! can you believe it. something new on the blog. The funny thing is, this isn't even very good news. Guess they are desperate for something to post on this cr*ppy blog. What amazes me is that we are coming up on free agency and the combine was over the last week and the seattle times seahawks blog had nothing to say at all about the events. This is a waste of online space. Get someone else on here who can maintain this thing.

Posted by AeroHawk

8:37 AM, Feb 27, 2008

commoncent$- Couldn't agree more!!! Yea, no games are being played, however this is the time of the year which makes a major impact on how well we do when the games ARE played. When you compare the Hawk blog coverage to that of the Huskies, it is like the diference between night and day! On that blog, Bob does a wonderful job of pulling in new, pertinent information and even joins in the discussions. Just a plain shame that our Pro team can't get the same coverage!!!

Posted by bigmaqg

9:20 AM, Feb 27, 2008

One must have some serious reservations regarding Wahle. The rationale:
1) the obvious - coming off of "serious" shoulder surgery
2) the casual nature in which the Packers - who know Wahle best approached his availability - very unlike everything we know about Ted Thompson one of the most highly regarded personnel guys in the league.
3) Wahle's price - in this league you rarely get a bargain in free agency - generally, if the price didn't match the ultimate performance it is because the price was too high not too low. The only other reason for the "low" price ($3 million vs $7+ million the top guards) is that Wahle's agent is a rank amateur and will never last long in this business or maybe Tim Ruskell has the compromising pictures.
I suspect Wahle will be serviceable at best in the mode of "Pork Chop" at best and Tom Ashworth at worst.

Posted by KJ

1:13 PM, Feb 27, 2008

I agree with the other posters about this blog. Why is the Tacoma News Tribune so far superior to this blog? Isn't this the flagship paper in Seattle?

The link Romero posted was posted yesterday (or the day before) on TNT.

this blog is neglected and should be much better than it is...

Posted by AZ Hawk

2:06 PM, Feb 27, 2008

Ty Law was released. Is he worth looking into? Can a team get him for a Randy Moss-like deal (i.e. no money for the chance to make a run at the Super Bowl)?

I imagine he isn't as desperate as Moss was since he always has a ring and may just be interested in being paid.

Posted by Frank Hughes

5:11 PM, Feb 27, 2008

Hey guys its me Frank Hughes from The News Tribune. I can see this blog is nowhere near the level mine is. So if you want great Hawk news, and up to date stuff just go to

Jose and I were talking, and he decided to take a job at the TNT to be my assisstant (bitch). I think he will do a great job! Until then go to my blog!

Posted by Frank Hughes

5:15 PM, Feb 27, 2008

Hey its me Frank again. So I decided to let Danny here, be Jose's assisstant (bitch). I just dont know how I see this working out though. Danny is kind of a douche. I dont think the guy can even tie his shoes by himself. Well if you have any suggestion of the crap we should Danny through let me know at my blog

Posted by commoncent$

9:43 AM, Feb 28, 2008

WOW.... i just checked out the NewsTribune Seahawks Blog. What a difference. Things were relavant and timely. Unlike the Seattle Times blog who seems to simply wait for ESPN and John Clayton to say something about the hawks and then regurgitate things here on this blog.... Very pathetic and lazy attempt by our Seattle Media.

Posted by Clayton

12:22 PM, Feb 28, 2008

Ty Law has nothing left. It'd be a waste of money to even consider signing him at this point.

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