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Danny O'Neil covers the Seahawks for The Seattle Times.

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February 20, 2008 5:43 PM

Seahawks appear ready to franchise Marcus Trufant

Posted by Danny O'Neil

It appears the Seahawks will designate cornerback Marcus Trufant their franchise player, thereby making him a restricted free agent.

That is not official. It has not been included among the league's official transactions, but it is believed the Seahawks have informed Trufant he will be their franchise player. The deadline for designating a franchise player is Thursday.

As the franchise player, Trufant will be tendered a contract that is the average salary of the five highest-paid players at his position. For 2008, that amount will be more than $9 million, higher than every position except for quarterback [Ed. note: Corrected. Earlier mistake read "cornerback"].

The move means kicker Josh Brown will be scheduled to head to unrestricted free agency.

The next question is whether Trufant was labeled an exclusive-rights free agent, which carries a higher salary but includes the caveat he can not negotiate with other teams. A regular franchise designation leaves the player free to negotiate with other teams and even sign an offer sheet, which his original team can then choose to match or accept two first-round draft picks as compensation from the team that signs the franchise player.

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Posted by BGR

6:16 PM, Feb 20, 2008

"higher than every position except for cornerback." You meant quarterback.

Posted by Patrick F.

6:44 PM, Feb 20, 2008

At least, we have him for another year.

Posted by AddRock1

10:22 PM, Feb 20, 2008

Good and bad news for Hawks fans. Trufant was a must sign or franchise, but the same thing remains true for Brown. Some might even argue Brown, franchised last season, has been more valuable to the team than Trufant, who has benefited greatly from the protection behind him in Russell and Grant. Props should go to head coach in waiting Jim Mora for his development of the secondary as well.

Posted by fish93

10:53 PM, Feb 20, 2008

It sounds pretty official now. Clayton is reporting that Trufants agent recieved the paper work Wednesday night.

Posted by matt

1:07 AM, Feb 21, 2008

in the end we'll get something done with Josh. The front office knows he's an important piece to this puzzle

Posted by setht

1:32 AM, Feb 21, 2008

What a huge mistake unless they can lock Trufant into a long term deal! Trufant is not worth $9+ million for next year not to mention the hit we are taking under the cap! This might be our last chance to get back to the Super Bowl for a while. We are a few players away from being a great team! Trufant find a way to signing a long term deal so we can resign Hacket, Brown, and some free agents.


Posted by GREAT IN 08

5:48 AM, Feb 21, 2008

Bulger...back to throw...hurries right...(Raible) "UNDER PRESSURE"...gets it off Holt...and its...INTERCEPTED...intercepted by Marcus Trufant, he's to the 30...35...he could man to beat...TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS !

Posted by bshawk

8:08 AM, Feb 21, 2008

This is the right move. I don't think Brown is worth 4-5 million per season. I don't think any kicker is. If Brown won't work out a deal with the Hawks that allows them to keep some room to sign another free agent or two, I'd be glad to show him the door myself. Also, with Taylor and Obomanu waiting in the wings, signing Hackett isn't crucial, especially if he expects to get paid like a #1.

Posted by Ron C (Oakley, CA)

12:23 PM, Feb 21, 2008

I personally don't think Trufant is really that good of a player to be designated as the teams franchise player. Although he had a good year last year what about all the sub par years previous? I don't know how many times I watched him get burned by not looking back for the ball or simply overplaying a slant rout getting burned deep. This is a huge mistake, he's not worth the money! Let him go!


Posted by Lake Tapps

3:10 PM, Feb 21, 2008

If you don't think Trufant is that good, this is a great deal. One more year to prove he's worth it. That last years performance can be repeated. If we had signed him we'd be locked in long term. Hurts that cap though. Would be nice if San Fran hadn't inflated the market like they did when they signed Clements.

Posted by James

5:59 PM, Feb 21, 2008

The PI's Hawks Blog reported that Sean Locklear has reached an "agreement on a five-year contract with right tackle Sean Locklear.

The club could not confirm the agreement because it had yet to get the paper work back from Locklear's agent, but a league source indicated the deal will be worth a maximum of $32 million with $12 million in bonuses.
Locklear was scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent next week."
So we try to sign Brown now?

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