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February 15, 2008 1:50 PM

Checking on Crumpler

Posted by Jose Romero

I think everyone is right on in saying that this could be a good fit for the Seahawks, but Alge Crumpler is a guy who won't come cheap. That said, tight end is a priority for the Seahawks and they had to have saved money by signing Wahle. I'm keeping an eye on this one to see if Crumpler plans to come out here for a visit.

I'd say Crumpler is a better fit for the Seahawks as an organization over Jeremy Shockey, but we just don't know for sure about Crumpler and Tim Ruskell's relationship.

I'm glad to see a lot of people posting responses to the entries. Thanks for taking time.

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Posted by Big Wil

2:08 PM, Feb 15, 2008

Thanks for keeping us up to the second Jose, it's much appreciated! We need to be all over Alge Crumpler, his skills as a pass catching tight end are perfect for us. We can afford him, let's just make it happen! I saw they also released Rod Coleman (D-tackle). I'd love some run stuffers but can't remember if that's his MO. Please let us know. Thanks, Go Hawks, Go Mariners!!!!

Posted by wallywwu

2:16 PM, Feb 15, 2008

Does anyone know how Crumpler got along with Jim Mora? If they had a good relationship that could be a plus as well.

Posted by KTown Matt

2:28 PM, Feb 15, 2008

alge would be a great addition but he's a little short. I still think that if Fred Davis is available we should go for him. Another cheaper possibility is Ben Troupe from Tennessee. He's a solid athlete with great hands and he can block. The Titans have Bo Scaife starting so they won't resign Troupe.

Posted by swab

2:39 PM, Feb 15, 2008

Salary cap should not be an issue.

Posted by Coop

2:42 PM, Feb 15, 2008

Crump is just a few steps better the M. Pollard. Let's rebuild the TE position with someone that doesn't have a bum knee. The kid from USC (Davis) would be a good start but I think Craig Stevens out of Cal would be a better fit...big, great hands, an extra blocker for our weak ass running game.

Posted by Keith C

2:49 PM, Feb 15, 2008

with crumpler, we would have scored at least 2 more TDs in GB...Such a good tight end. Doesn't Mora know him?? Bring him over! PLEASE!

Posted by Cranky J

3:58 PM, Feb 15, 2008

It still baffles me how/why the Bags have tried over the years to fill one of their biggest needs on offense (TE) on the cheap. In the West Coast offense the TE is one of the most important positions on the field, perhaps even more so than WR. Think back to the great offenses that Holmgren was a part of in SF and GB and the TEs they had -- Clark, Jones, Chimura, etc. -- they all played vital roles in the team's success. So I find it increasingly frustrating/perplexing why have the Hawks been so reluctant to spring for a top-flight TE. True, they used a 1st round pick on Jerramy Stevens (which turned out to be reach, if not total disaster), but who did they have pre- and post-Stevens? Christian Fauria? Itula Mili? Old Man Pollard? It's like they're gun shy to step up and bring in a legit TE be it through the draft or free agency. Whether it's Crumpler (experienced & proven) or Davis (young & athletic) from USC is really a moot point as far as I'm concerned, just so long as they at least get one of them.

Posted by Ben

4:40 PM, Feb 15, 2008

I still haven't figured out why everyone is so high on Fred Davis over Martellus Bennett. But that is neither here nor there. I agree that we need to look into the Crumpler situation and find out what's going on there. He definitely would be a good fit for our organization. However, you've only got so much cap space. I like how things have really begun to pick up around here though. It's definitely exciting to think about.

Posted by Pete

5:32 PM, Feb 15, 2008

I would love to see Crumpler brought in, Cranky J is right after so many failed attempts at bringing in a TE lets get someone who is proven. Davis from USC is also a great option though. It would be nice to see us get a top RB or maybe some future o-line help or some d-line additions.

Posted by PayClayBennett

5:45 PM, Feb 15, 2008

Don't just sign Alge - get him the football. The TE was just as missing as the run game this past season - Alge would step up in this system.

Posted by Ken

6:01 PM, Feb 15, 2008

I actually jumped over to your website because I was on and noticed Crumpler was released...I figured if anyone would know if the Seahawks were interested, this blog would have the information...cudos to you for keeping it up-to-date. Incidentally, I wouldn't want the head-case that is Shockey. He's almost worse the Stevens.

Posted by IslandHawkFan

6:06 PM, Feb 15, 2008

Ya we need Alge. He is a beast with good hands and would work well in the our system. His numbers were good before he got hurt and thats WITH Vick at QB. And while we're at we might as well drop Alexander and sign someone who doesnt pussyfout it, aka Jamal Lewis.

Posted by Jason

7:16 PM, Feb 15, 2008

I think that Alge Crumpler would be a great fit in a Seahawks offense that is in need of a good receiving tight end. I was really excited about Pollard this past season, but he failed to come up big when it counted. This offense really needs a tight end with big play capability that can really streach the field and draw attention from the secondary. The Seahawks would be smart to at least make an attempt at Crumpler. Keep the posts coming, I love them!

Posted by Ben

8:11 PM, Feb 15, 2008

Well considering Mora coached him. Ruskell drafted him. His brother lives in the NW. I'd say we have somewhat of a shot at getting him.

Posted by Patrick F.

9:22 PM, Feb 15, 2008

We desperately need a Tight End, who can actually catch the football and Crumpler is that kind of guy.

I heard Ty Law might be released in Kansasy City. Any chance the Hawks take a look at him for corner opposite a hopefully resigned Marcus Trufan? I think it be a nice veteran addition. He played at UW, and Kelly Jennnings gets beat too often.

Posted by Shane-O

9:36 PM, Feb 15, 2008

Glad to see some football blogging going on!

When I saw Crumpler got cut all I could do is hope Mora Jr. was on the phone to him wooing him to the NW.

We need that huge target in the middle of the field.

Let's get r done!

Posted by Keith C

9:54 PM, Feb 15, 2008

don't hate on Mili...He was a good backup.

Heller was good too.

Def need a starter though.

Posted by Wilbur

10:02 PM, Feb 15, 2008

Crumpler won't break the bank. TE is generally one of the lowest paid positions on the field. It is actually the second lowest (only P/K is less) franchise number (4.3 mil per year). So the average of the 5 highest paid TE's in the league is only 4.3 mil. I'd guess 5 years at 3.5 mil per year and a modest bonus would get it done.

Posted by Henchman#2

10:46 PM, Feb 15, 2008

Crumpler is the only dude ive ever seen who could not only shrug off Lofa Tatupu like it was nothing, but put him square on his backside in the process......I was scratching my head during that Atlanta game though.

Posted by Bruce

11:19 PM, Feb 15, 2008

Ty Law at UW? Maybe you're thinking of Lawyer Milloy.

Posted by hawkfan76

4:23 AM, Feb 16, 2008

For a TE of his caliber to fall right into the Seahawks hands unbelieveable and also to get Wahle to shore up the OG position the Seahawks two top Priority's filled before draft day is just unbelieveable.

Posted by jgm

5:56 AM, Feb 16, 2008

"Alge" Crumpler would fit right in with the other plankton and sea urchins in Seattle, noteably our new "whale or as some some might say "wahle", Will "Herring" Lofa Tatupu ( that just sounds like something from the ocean), Charlie "Fry". In fact we had another Crumpler on the team once, Carlester. What is with that family's ability to give their sons names. Whatever their names those brothers can catch the ball. I had a nick name for Carlester when he was here "Velcro" because any ball that touched his hands, stuck like Velcro.

Posted by Ben

6:56 AM, Feb 16, 2008

I wonder how much influence Patrick Kerney would have over Alge Crumpler. I mean if anyone knows what we're trying to do up here, and how close we are, Kerney would certainly be able to make a phone call. Maybe he already has.

Posted by AZ Hawk

9:38 AM, Feb 16, 2008

I hope Holmgren is going for broke this year. Wahle seems like a good sign. He can use Mora and Kerney to try to get Crumpler and Coleman for a deal. Then get Lawyer Milloy for a deal to come back to the NW. All in the name of going for broke. Worst case scenario these guys have their old coach back the following year with plenty of talent to boot. New facilities, quality veterans and good talent, who wouldn't want to jump aboard.

Posted by Matty G

9:58 AM, Feb 16, 2008

Crumpler has always produced for the Falcons and he would be a fit for the Seahawks. I would be really happy if the Hawks swooped him up.

Shockey brings more attitude, but who do we want to trade away to get him? Crumpler is out there and available for us to sign and I think that after his past few years, Algae would be revitalized coming to Seattle to play for a winning team.

Posted by stankoniaks

11:39 AM, Feb 16, 2008

Shockey?! Are u kidding me? Its not exactly a coincidence that the Giants surge coincided with Shockey's injury. Boss may not have the hands Shockey has, but he's a much better blocker, and much much better chemistry wise.

Why would u trade for someone whose team is clearly better without him?

Posted by pattycabram

1:24 PM, Feb 16, 2008

I think it's a salary cap issue. I'd rather get a veteran tight end, than a vet at RB or DT. i think we can meet those needs in the draft, but a TE that can help us stretch the field, block in the run game, and make us more of a Super Bowl threat? i think we're better off with someone like Crumpler if we can afford it.

Posted by caineman

2:56 PM, Feb 16, 2008

This would be big time if the hawks could get Alge. I heard his brother lives in the area. Go Mora, earn your money...

Posted by nicholas nature

3:44 PM, Feb 16, 2008

Lets look for a young cheaper rising tight end. We don't need a pro bowl tight end. Just an efficient guy with some speed. We should talk to the Chiefs about that tight end they drafted from Whitworth in Spokane last season. He was tall fast and affordable.

Posted by free beer

4:21 PM, Feb 16, 2008

There seem to be a lot of players where teams say, oh man, the salary cap and all, we hate to let him go, his boogered up heath wise, and thirdish, but if you want him....well ok!

Posted by Scott

6:53 PM, Feb 16, 2008

I saw this move by the Falcons and my first thought was that he'd be pursued up here. I think they'll want to, but I think the pricetag will be too high. There isn't much depth at TE coming up in the draft, which means he might command more money.

Posted by Go hawks

7:44 PM, Feb 16, 2008

He would be a good get if he wanted to come here to win but he wants big money and that equals an expensive injury prone band aid.

Posted by Go hawks

7:50 PM, Feb 16, 2008

I remember when Holmgren took over we where doing most our business with the packers and that didnít turn out to bad but with mora I hope that we donít get flooded with the Players he only had one winning season with.

Posted by Patrick F.

9:09 PM, Feb 16, 2008

Ty Law went to Michigan. I was thinking of Lawyer Milloy. I'm such an idiot.

I would like the Seahawks to give Ty Law a shot though. I heard Lawyer Milloy is getting cut too, but I like our safeties.

I really hope we get Crumpler.

Posted by phil

9:31 PM, Feb 16, 2008

to get alge we would free up our draft picks

Posted by Free Beer

11:36 PM, Feb 16, 2008

What the hell is with the camouflage letters we're supposed to type in, i look like J, J look like i, what a bunch of shit! The F@#&ing Times doesn't people to post, take the damn blog off!

Posted by hawklove15

12:12 AM, Feb 17, 2008

I love the Wahle signing, no doubt. But all this talk about picking up Alge, I'm not buying it. The guy is 30, has knee issues, a questionable work ethic and is about a year away from the same guy we put our faith in last year...Pollard. Why are we settling on the table scraps of the Atlanta Falcons? Why should we pay this guy a premium whatsoever when we can pick up a great young TE in the second round of the draft (Bennett, Carlson, etc.). Alge is past his prime and just because he would be coming in to a fresh environment, doesn't mean he will be fresh. It's disappointing to see Hawk fans enamored by a known name like Crumpler just for the sake that he is known. We need youth people. Our line is getting old, our RB is slow and afraid of contact, and we haven't had a playmaking TE in lord knows how long. Lets not waste our time on burnt out vets...yes that includes Ty Law. This draft is much too deep and that should be our primary focus. Stay smart and get a few free agent signings like Wahle. Draft a RB in the 1st round (Stewart, Mendenhall, doesn't matter, let's get one of em), and a TE in the 2nd...then focus on depth. Franchise Trufant. Re-sign Lock and Brown. Let Hackett walk. And we're good to go.

Posted by NJ Hawk

8:17 AM, Feb 17, 2008

Hawklove, I think you are right. Though if they can land Alge, and get a young guy that could benefit from his experiance. That would be perfect. He has to realize that the big money wont be there for a guy his age. The RB spot is huge...and more O line for matt and the runners. I think D is good...but O has big issues that once fixed will be hard to stop.

Posted by Pete

9:10 AM, Feb 17, 2008

Hawklove I know Im big for Crumpler coming and all but here is what it can allow us to do.
1st - We probably wont be able to get Mendenhall, Stewart or Jones in the draft there are just to many teams with RB problems ahead of us.
2nd - This free's us from being forced into maybe reaching for Fred Davis out of USC in the 1st and maybe we take that best of guard from Virgina (sorry Im forgetting his name right now)
3rd - we take a TE later in the draft say 3rd rnd who we work on for a year or two
Of course though we need to get Tru under contract, Lock and Brown. I think Hackett has a lot of talent and would like to see him stay in Seattle.

Posted by Ben

9:30 AM, Feb 17, 2008

First of all, nobody is saying overpay for Alge Crumpler. Atlanta cut ties with their TE mainly because of cap reasons, not because of injury. Crumpler is a HUGE voice in the locker room. That's something that big for any team. Holmgren has always required a stud TE for his West Coast offense to work properly. And we thought we had that in Stevens. Alge's veteran leadership and talent is the perfect fit for Seattle.

The draft doesn't have any elite TE's coming out, but it does have some depth with Martellus Bennett, John Carlson, Fred Davis, and Jermichael Finley. Bennett in my mind is the most talented out of the bunch in my opinion. However he never went to USC, so he never got the recognition that Davis did. And Bennett is 6'7 compared to Davis' 6'2 frame. Both we be a huge upgrade on this team. And both are projected to go in the late first, early 2nd round with Bennett going first and Davis falling to about the 40-45th pick.

Posted by free beer

10:41 AM, Feb 17, 2008

I hear the Hawks are giving Joe Namath, a look at, why not, he can still stand up right when he's sober!

Posted by cosby

10:56 AM, Feb 17, 2008

I think that Seattle should concentrate on the offensive line some more, and draft a YOUNGER FASTER TE than Alge Crumpler. The whey to get the run game back is to get the offensive line to create HOLES for the running back. We dont need to draft a running back, we already have a damn good one.

Posted by steve

11:10 AM, Feb 17, 2008

Come On...Alge Crumpler Would be another nice addition to the Seahawks Offense! Lets get him befor some one else does! And lets still concentrate on signing our FREE AGENTS lIKE Marcus Trufant!! It is important to remember that the offensive line must be dominate, your running game DEPENDS on it!! Dont you Seahawk fans agree?????????? Come on!!! FREAKIN ROOKS!!!

Posted by hawklove15

1:04 PM, Feb 17, 2008

Alge was not solely cut by Atlanta to save cap room, it was a lack of performance and his inconsistent work ethic. Look at his stats drop off from last year and you'll understand. Wouldn't you hawk fans get more excited over a playmaking young TE like Fred Davis or a huge target like 6'7" Martellus Bennett? These guys are young, healthy and ready to contribute. Why drop any money on a 1-2 year contract for Alge who could continue to drop off...when you can pick up a TE in the 2nd or 3rd round that will be quick off the line and a playmaker for our offense. I just don't get the attraction here for Alge. It's one thing to sign a guy like Wahle who has the experience and who is available for a good rate, but to spend a good amount of money on a guy like Crumpler who yes has had a few good seasons, yet those seasons are behind him. And for those in continual denial about Alexander's ability to produce...I'm a Seahawk fan through and through but I can't bear to watch him hit holes like a slug and fall to the ground another season. A big gain of 12-15 yards every other game is not enough for me to cheer for this guy any longer. I know everyone blames the line but that's just one aspect of it, you put a guy who consistently hits the hole hard, has great vision and can run downhill (north and south) in our same system last year, and I guarantee you he can put up better numbers than old Shaun. And for a guy who avoids contact so much...he sure get's injured often. Mo Morris looked stronger at the end of the season and I don't even feel comfortable with him starting. It's time the Hawks went after it and drafted some big name offensive stars. They are there for the taking this year, I really hope we can get this done.

Posted by AZ Hawk

6:13 AM, Feb 18, 2008

A lot of people seem to think you can draft a TE and just plug him in there. How many TEs in the draft even know the West Coast offense? Jerramy Stevens had big time college stats and experience and still took 2 years to crack the starting lineup. I'll bet some of that has to do with needing time to learn the system and get accustomed to going against NFL players.

If you think you're going to plug in a rookie TE and now our team will be BETTER next year, rather than having someone like Crumpler or even Pollard for that matter, you're crazy.

Doesn't anyone see a BIG need at DT? I feel comfortable with Tubbs as a backup DT, knowing he has the talent to dominate when he's healthy but we need another guy like Tubbs - still. Why haven't we addressed this issue? It's been an outstanding need since we drafted Tubbs and, honestly b/c of health issues, has never really been filled.

I say try to sign Crumpler at the right price (will take some salesmanship but we have a better shot that anyone, it seems) and get that final piece of the defense addressed. Then tinker all you want RB, G, drafting a TE, etc.

Posted by AZ Hawk

7:17 AM, Feb 18, 2008

Anyone look at the info. on Frank Okam out of Texas? This guy looks like a stud, if he's available at the bottom of the first round.

Posted by KTown Matt

8:14 AM, Feb 18, 2008

Alge Crumpler was solely cut for cap room. Hawklove is smoking the good stuff if you think differently. He caught 44 passes and 5 TD's last year despite having a merry go round of QB's including Redman who was out of the league for 3 years, a new coach and offense, so he is far from aging and worth gambling on over a rookie that might not pan out. . He's been on historically some of the best running teams over the last 7 years so you know he can run block and he's only 30 going to be 31. As for injuries he's missed 4 games in 7 years so I don't think that's an issue. I just have a hard time gambling a first round pick on a TE when the best ones in the league were either not drafted or drafted late excluding Shockey and Winslow. Draft an RB, DT or G and address the younger tight end 4th-5th round. Mebane is a great addition and if they can pick up another 300lb DT either by draft or free agency we should do it.

Posted by papahawk

8:26 AM, Feb 18, 2008

Last year Ruskell "over did it" by fixing the secondary with three new players and a coach: Grant, Russell, and Josh Wilson, plus Jim Mora. I'd say the strategy worked out. This year its no secret the biggest area needing upgrade is the offensive line and tight end. Well, gone is Laveroni, in is Mike Solari as the line coach. Now we see Mike Wahle enter. Who next? I would be excited and not shocked to see Crumpler or another veteran signed, plus the drafting of a top tier TE in the draft. Just think about that- A two TE set that may scare some defenses! No offense to Will Heller, but he has a tough time getting separation from the Bench, let alone a defender. It would be in true Ruskell style to do the double-whammy.

Posted by lyleo

9:01 AM, Feb 18, 2008

1 Balmer, DT, NC stud (see us fail to stop GB?
2 OL
3 OL
4 Cottam, TE,TENN (huge, good blocker 1st yr)
5 Best available project QB

Posted by ben

11:12 AM, Feb 18, 2008

Are we going to get an update or what!?! We've been talking about this damn topic for the last three days! I want to know if any clubs have made any phone calls or have shown any interest to what's developing on the free agency front!! So let's go Romero!!!

Posted by Michael K.

11:55 AM, Feb 18, 2008

One way or another we need a TE. I found it interesting this weekend that Jim Zorn mentioned how huge it was going to be to have a TE in his West Coast offense. I heard an interview on ESPN radio and he made sure he mentioned Cooley.

The announcer and Zorn were comparing many of Washington's receivers to the ones that Zorn worked with in Seattle and Zorn couldn't say enough about the impact a TE like Cooley will have on the offense. It was the only time he talked about a Redskin player without kind of bringing up someone he would compare to in Seattle.

Posted by Patrick F.

8:24 PM, Feb 18, 2008

If I'm not mistaken, didn't Crumpler lead the Falcons in receptions and TDs for years? He was Vick's number one target, when he actually threw the ball. Yeah (sarcasm) I could see why we wouldn't want him playing tight end for the Hawks.

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