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February 9, 2008 9:36 PM

Interesting reading

Posted by Jose Romero

After watching Josh Brown's appearance on the Gospel Music Channel's taped airing of the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration from Phoenix, I ran across a couple of interesting pieces that mentioned the Seahawks.

First, let me say that it was kind of funny watching all of the NFL players in the NFL All-Star Gospel Choir do their thing. Seahawks FB Leonard Weaver looked very much into the song they sang -- it was an upbeat number that had the crowd on its feet -- while Brown didn't move his feet much. But then again, he's paid to kick and not dance, right? I'm joking of course.

Anyway, Mike Florio wrote the following for Yahoo! Sports. It mentions the possiblity of the Seahawks opening the 2008 season on a Thursday night against the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants. The game would be in New Jersey.

And here's a story from from the Associated Press about players at the Pro Bowl this week who are talking business. As in free agency and where they might end up playing in 2008, including Seattle CB Marcus Trufant.

It's likely that the Seahawks re-sign Trufant, but that doesn't stop other teams' players at the Pro Bowl from making sales pitches.

Speaking of the Pro Bowl, it might be kind of hard to focus on the four Seahawks in the game with 13 Dallas Cowboys playing for the NFC.

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Posted by ian

11:11 PM, Feb 09, 2008

How the hell does one team get 13 players in the pro bowl??

Posted by free beer

10:27 PM, Feb 10, 2008

Watch the pro bowl today, hells fire, Matt looked good....amazing how good you can do with a DL, huh?

Posted by duce duce

1:33 PM, Feb 11, 2008

A DL? Last time I checked he needed an OL. Last time I checked defenses don't play very hard in pro-bowl. Last time I checked they weren't even allowed to blitz. Last time I checked Matt had a pretty good year with the line he has.

Posted by cb

3:46 PM, Feb 11, 2008

Seattle Fans Tell me About Jim Zorn. I am a Redskins Fan.

Posted by free beer

9:25 PM, Feb 11, 2008

I meant offensive line duce duce, don't beat me!
I screw up my post all the time....prove read...right?

Posted by free beer

9:27 PM, Feb 11, 2008

See I loused that one up too!

Posted by duce duce

10:08 AM, Feb 12, 2008

I was just trying to make the point that our line played pretty well in pass protection. Matt had his best year to date. Our line is under enough scrutny with the way it run blocks. Lets give them some praise for the way it kept Matt upright and healthy for the most part. Lets also hope that Rob Sims can go from a pile of elephant dung to a solid guard or we find a nice replacement for the aforementioned elephant dung.

Posted by AeroHawk

1:28 PM, Feb 13, 2008

Are you on vacation, or have you given up covering the Hawks? We've been losing coaches left and right and it appears that you are asleep.

Just askin......

Posted by peterfriday

3:04 PM, Feb 13, 2008

Im not a big fan, but i like the global show, particularly cheerleaders. Where are the sponsors to encourage wome in sports at large ? Completely hidden, very outrage, women worth more geez

Posted by free beer

9:23 PM, Feb 13, 2008

Look on the Internet at a guy named Gregg Valentine, if you want, he's 5'6" tall, 28" arms, achieved with steroids. He thinks it looks good, he's a freak! Got nailed for selling steroids, lost everything, getting it from the Mexicans gangs in california. Beings there isn't any Seahawk post or news...take a look, something to do?

Posted by B-Dog

10:38 PM, Feb 13, 2008

I have been slightly fed up with Danny and Jose for quite some time. We had an O-lineman that Carolina just released, Chris Whale visit the Hawks today and there was no coverage. I got the little info that there was from kjr, but would have loved to find something on here. I know it is the offseason, but at least give us Hawks fans something to discuss.

I think Chris Whale would be a great fit in Chris Gray's spot. I think he is 31 and was a two time pro bowler. A good veteran pressence on the O-line. Sign him up.

Posted by 12thmanforlife

8:26 AM, Feb 14, 2008

Its Mike Wahle. He's 30 and made the pro bowl once. If we can get him for half the price of Faneca we should take it. He would definitely be an upgrade.

Posted by stankoniaks

2:04 PM, Feb 14, 2008

We signed Wahle. Whats the scouting report on him compared to Hutchinson, Faneca, or Deilman (last years option)? same level, lower?

Posted by Lake Tapps

4:10 PM, Feb 14, 2008

Tried to research Wahle a little, what I took from it was that at one point he was a dominant player but because of injuries those years might be behind him. I think he's obviously a guy they think will add a veteran presence along with depth. The fact that he played for Holmgren before leads me to believe he's a good charecter type. I am hoping he will be at right guard. I say this because i'm holding out that they will find another solution at left guard possibly a little more of a short term fix until sims can prove himself a little more.

Posted by Lake Tapps

4:11 PM, Feb 14, 2008

Strange that we're the ones updating this blog

Posted by 12thmanforlife

4:25 PM, Feb 14, 2008

Yeah, Danny you are kind of slacking a bit. Maybe he is on vacation. Does anybody know how much he signed for?

Posted by B-Dog

4:43 PM, Feb 14, 2008

Tried to do a little research as well but could not find on or cbssportsline any information regarding sacks allowed, pancakes, etc. I agree that I hope he is the solution at right guard not left guard so we can make one more big o-line signing.

Posted by AZ Hawk

6:09 PM, Feb 14, 2008

I'm hoping Wahle can run block.

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