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January 25, 2008 4:35 PM

Mr. Zorn goes to Washington

Posted by Danny O'Neil reported the news that Jim Zorn accepted a job with Washington as the team's offensive coordinator. The Washington Post confirmed the news with the update that Al Saunders, the team's associate head coach who's been in charge of the offense the past two seasons won't be back with the team.

Here's the link to the story right here and the Washington Post's Insider coverage right here.

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Posted by Eugene Husky

6:04 PM, Jan 25, 2008

Well good for Zorn. I mean, he probably wouldn't have had that opportunity here in 12 months (cough, cough).

Let's go to the Washington Redskins--on the other side of the country, to a team that doesn't even have a coach! Brilliant!

Sorry Zorn, as much as you deserve the shot at o.c., this really smells of greed rather than opportunity. You shoulda waited dude...until at least you knew who your boss would be!

Posted by TMann

6:42 PM, Jan 25, 2008

Come on, Husky. That's a little harsh, isn't it? The latest news stories seem to indicate that the Hawks weren't even offering him a contract extension. There aren't THAT many offensive coordinator jobs to be had.

Mr. Zorn has meant a lot to use life-long Seahawks fans, and I'm sorry that he didn't stay on here with our team, but I hope that he does well with the 'Skins.

Posted by Keith C

6:59 PM, Jan 25, 2008

This makes me upset. I know nothing about his situation or whatever, but why did he rush out of Seattle? I hope he talked to Matt about this at the end of the season. Otherwise, where is the commitment?

I feel stabbed in the back, that is my own opinion. I don't see why a guy can't wait a year to land a job, even though movin up can be hard to do. But still, where is the commitment to the team, coach, and Matt? I know it was there.

Posted by SeaHokie

8:51 PM, Jan 25, 2008

Why Jim Zorn wants to join the dysfunctional morass known as the Redskins is beyond me. But it's his life, his decision. Good luck to him; just not too much of it.

Posted by Bleaker

5:21 AM, Jan 26, 2008

To Keith C: You are upset? You feel stabbed in the back? How do you think offensive line coach Bill Laveroni feels? Where is the commitment? Good question.

Posted by Southeast Seahawk

5:39 AM, Jan 26, 2008

While I would have liked to see Zorn stay, change is sometimes needed and good. Let's face it, our offense needed a shake up and from the looks of events this past week, we certainly have that now don't we? Good luck to Zorn and all the other former coaches for the 'Hawks. Now we'll get new life into the offense. Look at what new blood brought the "D" this past season. We'll be fine.

Posted by JW Timmins

1:36 PM, Jan 26, 2008

My question is simply this - does it make good sense to take the OC job without waiting to see who the Head Coach will be? Or, why work for an organization that gives little or no choice of assistant Coaches to their Head Coach? Sounds like Oakland of the East. Maybe the NFL is different that my normal guy job in Seattle but I'd like to know who my boss is before I sign-on.

Posted by Damn it Jim!!!

8:13 PM, Jan 26, 2008

That's OK Jim. Maybe you'll discover why this was a bad decision other than the fact you can get co-owner Tom Cruise's autograph. Hopefully there will be an opp to return to coach here again.

Posted by Bleaker

10:26 AM, Jan 27, 2008

Maybe they know who the head coach will be for the Redskins, but can't say because he is coaching in the Super Bowl.

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