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Danny O'Neil covers the Seahawks for The Seattle Times.

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January 24, 2008 3:57 PM

Seahawks hire offensive line coach

Posted by Danny O'Neil

Mike Solari will coach Seattle's offensive line next season. He served as Kansas City's offensive coordinator for the past two seasons and had been with the Chiefs the past 11 seasons.

He replaces Bill Laveroni. Keith Gilbertson, who worked some with the offensive line, will coach Seattle's wide receivers next season.

The offensive line is seen as an area the Seahawks must improve. The group provided good pass protection last season, but Seattle struggled all season to run the ball consistently. The Seahawks' struggles in short-yardage rushing situations were especially pronounced.

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Posted by clearblueocean

7:29 PM, Jan 24, 2008

Quoting the Seahawks website, "Laveroni fashioned one of the finest left sides of any offensive line in the NFL..." and coached them all the way to Super Bowl XL. That was only two years ago. How does he go from that to getting fired?

Bill Laveroni is a good coach and a good man. You people in Seattle are a bunch of crybabies. This year you won the division and won a playoff game. Last year you won the division and won a playoff game. So lets hire a coach who was dismissed after a 4-12 season and fire a good man and a good coach who helped get the team to the Super Bowl.

Earning over 12M a year Alexander is ridiculously overpaid. For that kind of money he should be able to run with five nuns blocking for him. Brian Westbrook earns under 4M and with an average offensive line runs and finds openings where there are none, and is running all the way to the Pro Bowl.

A (former) Seahawks fan in Philadelphia. (Go get another Starbucks latte, crybabies).

Posted by shutup

5:59 AM, Jan 25, 2008

Yeah there are WAY TOO MANY make no noise-won't be loud-fairweather-only show up to games in September when its warm people-leave early 'cause of my parking "whaaaa" people

But we don't throw batteries here like in Philly
Philadelphia fans have earned their reputation as among the most surly in sports.

Eagles fans cheering as Michael Irvin lay motionless on the turf 'bout that ?

"Unspeakable, even for us," proclaimed a headline in the Philadelphia Daily News.

Posted by Everett fan

7:55 AM, Jan 25, 2008

Clearly some improvement is dictated for the O line. I've never met Laveroni, don't have a clue as to his competence. Two years ago, we had a healthy Jones, Hutch, Pro Bowl Tobek and Matt Strong. This year we didn't. So, if the coach can't get production out of 'average' talent, maybe we need someone who can.
As I said, I have no first hand knowledge of the man.
PS to Philly - in about 200 years, when Philly lives down their notoriety as the city that booed Santa Claus, others might listen to you.

Posted by 12thmanforlife

8:37 AM, Jan 25, 2008

First of all, Philly has one of the better lines in the league, but I am not going to go any futher into that. When you have monsters like Jones and Hutch on your line and a leader like Tobeck you don't need much coaching. The young guys obviously regressed this year and that does have to do with coaching.

We definitely need some changes to happen with our o-line and that includes coaching, but I don't know why we would hire a guy who was just offensive coordinator of a horrible offense. Maybe it was just too much for him to handle and he is better off coaching the line.

Posted by free beer

9:13 AM, Jan 25, 2008

Wellll, philly, if your an xfan, why are you looking at a seahawk wedsite, take your pills and go away!

Posted by John L.

9:37 AM, Jan 25, 2008

Question for Danny O: Will the new O-Line coach make a difference, considering he really wasn't all that impressive in Kansas City?

Posted by Danny O.

10:02 AM, Jan 25, 2008

The question about Solari's effectiveness gets to a point about just where Seattle's offensive line struggled, and that was in the running game.

The group was actually much improved from 2006 in terms of its pass protection. The Seahawks gave up 49 sacks in '06 and 36 this past regular season. The problems obviously came in terms of the run blocking, and the running game has been a staple of the Chiefs offense. The team made the playoffs in 2006 despite going into that season without left tackle Willie Roaf, who retired, and playing what was a very disjointed offensive line early in the year later came together.

That said, it's also difficult to evaluate Solari's effectiveness based on the past two seasons when he was offensive coordinator. That's very different from being a position coach.

Short answer is I don't have a definitive answer. But a person doesn't last more than a decade with a franchise, getting promoted along the way, without having a great deal of expertise.

Posted by hawk in jersey

11:45 AM, Jan 25, 2008

cbo- I am glad you are in Philly with the over achieving eagles! I am glad to see the city is finally happy and content with McNabb, you idiot! Fans are always fans...they never like when their team does poorly, or sub-par. As for the Starbucks digg...more people drink it outside Seattle ( like philly)than do inside...there are good coffee establishments in fact too many to name...all better than Starbucks...but good job with the dated and stolen put down. You hack of a moron!

Posted by clearblueocean

8:27 PM, Jan 25, 2008

Philly didn't boo Santa Clause - just threw snow balls at him. Most of the other stories are also inaccurate. Threw batteries? You must be thinking of Mets fans and John Rocker.

I say you are crybabies because all year long you've been crying about the offensive line and calling for the coaches head. How many teams in the NFL have won at least one playoff game every year for the last three years? Think about it? How many can you name besides the Seahawks?

Was Walter Jones named to the Pro Bowl this year? Was Matt Hasselbeck? Who coached Walter Jones and who coached the offensive line that protected Hasselbeck? How many of Laveroni's players have made it in previous years? What do you want from the guy? You win playoff games and your players go to the Pro Bowl and your "fans" cry and call for your head.

Posted by sjslim

6:36 PM, Feb 18, 2008

Laveroni is a good coach. He is Holmgren's whipping boy. Fire Holgren instead.

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