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January 21, 2008 1:16 PM

Alexander on KJR, and some numbers

Posted by Jose Romero

Seahawks RB Shaun Alexander spoke with KJR-AM's Dave "Softy" Mahler just about an hour ago, and the most interesting thing he said was a response to a question about whether Alexander will have his contract restructured.

"You don't really do that with your foundation people. You do that with the people you aren't sure about," Alexander said. "I just don't think that they [the Seahawks] would do that. They're too classy for that."

Alexander may be part of the Seahawks' foundation, but there has to be some uncertainty about what he can still bring to the table even if he said he feels he can get back to 2005 MVP form. Alexander has always been sort of hard to figure out sometimes, so I wonder if that statement is what he actually believes. It seems like the Seahawks will at least explore the idea of changing the numbers on Alexander's contract so as to gain some salary-cap room, in part because Alexander has been injured the past two seasons and is not as effective for one reason or another.

Alexander's signing bonus, which was $11.5 million, is guaranteed money. It is spread out over the eight years of his contract which he signed in 2006, so two seasons of it are complete. The base salary for each year is not guaranteed but it also figures into his cap number each year he remains on the team. This year, Alexander made $1.4 million in base salary. In 2008, that annual salary jumps to $4.475 million.

Some of that money would really help the Seahawks in free agency this season if they wanted to make a splash. Just something to think about.

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Posted by I.C. Hawks Fan

2:09 PM, Jan 21, 2008

Alexander is nuts if he thinks he's a foundation person when his lack of productivity prompted the Seahawks to transition from a more balanced offense to a pass-centered offense. He may be able to achieve 2005 numbers again but he needs to prove it. I wouldn't blame the Seahawks for wanting to restructure and I think Alexander needs to at least be understanding of that desire.

Posted by waingro

2:58 PM, Jan 21, 2008

another gem we can deposit in the shaun alexander bank of delusional quotes.

Posted by Loop

3:02 PM, Jan 21, 2008

Peyton Manning restructured his contract to allow for some key additions to his squad.

Just a guess but I think he qualifies as a foundation player.

Watching the way Ruskell operates, no way he doesn't demand Shaun restructure.

Posted by Star4343

3:06 PM, Jan 21, 2008

That is all great but he never said he would not restructure, we need to wait to see if he will when and if they ask. ALso for all we knwo they alreayd are working ont it adn Sa knows but cannot say anything, or for all we know they already told Sa they are not goign to ask. Let not
pretend we know all tha tis goign on in the background here. I think we need to wai to see what happens before we jump to conclusions.

Posted by Ben

3:08 PM, Jan 21, 2008

Shaun I love you man. Your a great man of God, but dude, I hope your right. I know our line sucked this year, and you've had some set backs with injuries. All I'm saying is just be reasonable. Your contract has been given to you because your expected to perform at the level from '05 and prior for the future. It's not being paid for what you have already accomplished.

Posted by Ghost Tackler

3:27 PM, Jan 21, 2008

He needs to get his ass running next year period.

Posted by downinthegroove

3:41 PM, Jan 21, 2008

Shawn is a role player. He basically did say he wouldn't restructure and he can say whatever he wants about his contract so that's just foolish. Jumping to conclusions would be like saying you can run for 2000 yards when you can't even get 100. They need to restructure or get rid of him. Running backs come and go....use the money to shore up the line and get someone the line wants to block for behind them.

Posted by Shaun Alexander

4:06 PM, Jan 21, 2008

I got stabbed in the back!

Posted by caineman

4:32 PM, Jan 21, 2008

Cut him...
He is an Idoit...
I can't believe he said that...

Posted by ethan

6:29 PM, Jan 21, 2008

what a jackass

Posted by -k

6:57 PM, Jan 21, 2008

It's my understanding from previous articles from the Times that Shaun's cap number will be the about the same next year weather he's on the team or not, about 6.2 million. Basically the cap hit from his bonus negates the loss of his base salary.

This is not true, of course, if the team waits until after June first to cut him. Then the team would game about 2.8 mil of cap room this season. Shaun would count for 1.8 mil against the 2008 cap, and 4.6 against the 2009 cap.

Based on this, I expect Shaun to be asked to come back with the team next year. Another year and those cap hits are smaller. Plus, it wouldn't be a bad thing to have him here while a rookie is groomed.

He'll likely be asked to take a pay cut as well, though he'll probably decline. He might restructure, but that will only make the cap hit worse for 2009 if they do cut him.

I think Shaun is actually posturing to get himself released. One more bad year here and his career is done. But if he can get out now, he can likely sucker some team into signing him, and that new signing bonus is more then he'd make if he stayed.

Posted by bigmaq

7:21 PM, Jan 21, 2008

Foundation person - BS - typical SA. Jerome Bettis had his contract redrawn in each of his last three seasons. At that point Bettis had many more miles and injuries on him. But, he never took a play off. If only SA played with the same passion and love of the game that the "Bus" gave it the Hawks might still be practicing.

Posted by drizzler

7:27 PM, Jan 21, 2008

SA reminds me of Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander when he doesn't win Male Model of the Year, but goes up to make the acceptance speech anyways, and has to be told he didn't win.

Posted by Guy

7:29 PM, Jan 21, 2008

Not the type to throw out wishlist rumors but I wonder if there's any chance Deion Branch tries to "recruit" or fascilitate a trade for his former teammate Javon Walker. He wants out of Denver; with Brandon Marshall already there and a chance to unload his salary I can't immagine the price tag would be too high. Would sure be nice to have that Deep threat, especialy with the possiblity of DJ leaving, Deion not being healthy, and Bobby on the back end of his career.

Posted by Jake

8:20 PM, Jan 21, 2008

How about addressing the real problem? Forgive me if you're a Rob Sims or Chris Gray groupie out there, but the Seahawks' guard play was about as bad as it gets this year. The only time anyone had even the slightest chance of ripping off a good run this year was on draws and misdirection plays. I can practically count on one hand the amount of times the Seahawks O-line moved another team's O-line forward in an obvious running situation this year.
It's interesting that no one who seems to know anything about the actual game of football seems to read this blog.

Posted by runningame

9:05 PM, Jan 21, 2008

If Shaun is part of the foundation it's got cracks in it (foot,wrist). His base salary # is too big to keep him around. I wish him luck as the savior of the Dolphins or the Jets. It's time for the ol' Bama Tide to roll on out of town.

Posted by Mike timmons

11:02 PM, Jan 21, 2008

#37 should ask himself what another team will pay him. Then subtract it from what the Seahawks are obligated for. That number is your selfish money. He is taking from the team money that could be used to improve the team. That is why he should be cut. It is going to have to be done sometime.

The bigger question is how do the Seahawks improve. What assets can they trade to get younger? To get a bunch of draft picks? Who would be worth 3-5 draft picks to Miami of the NY Jets.

Here is a hint: Mike Holmgren is one of the best QB coaches in the game. If you could move one player, get a high draft pick this year and next, along with a second round pick, you could improve the offensive line. This could extend #71's career by one or two years.

Dump #37, trade #8, get the best offensive lineman in the draft with Miami's or the jets pick. Sign Faneca and pick up a new running back with the Seahawks own pick. Take a one year hit, and build for the future. The Hawks would still win the NFC West next year.

It isn't going to happen, but it is the best play the Seahawks have. The other option is to get older and slower.

I bet Hasselbeck could get the Hawks 3-4 good draft picks. He is that good.

Posted by RjNyHawks

12:27 AM, Jan 22, 2008

IT WILL ALL WORK OUT::: Shaun will restructure; He said it himself, ""I just don't think that they [the Seahawks] would do that. They're too classy for that." By this I mean the hawks can give him a nice retirement pkg!! he's smart he will do it. we need to draft J. Stewart!!! not the Illinois RB....GO HAWKS we're taking next year

Posted by mark

12:48 AM, Jan 22, 2008

I never really cared for Shaun's playing style. I don't know if it was his running style that made him look like he was not playing at full speed or what. As a person he always seems to have a smile on his face, he is great with charity(as are most of the hawks) and a man of god, no disputing he is a good person. Having said that I always thought he danced around and went east and west to much until we moved into the red zone. He always had to try and find the big play instead of taking the 2, 3, or 4 yard gain. Shaun always made me think of Chris Warren but he had an offensive line with Walt, Hutch, and Tobeck, three pro-bowlers and two hall-of-famers. The recent comments by him really confuse me because I know Shaun is a college educated man!! Does he really not know what is going on. He has had two horrible years in a row, he never could block or catch and still feels he needs to get paid huge money, cause the team a huge cap hit and waste the few years our key players have left. I loved it this year when people said he was a great team player because he didn't complain about splitting time with Mo, of course he didn't, he was getting paid the same amount of money and had to do far less.

I remember how great it was when I heard the hawks had hired coach. He took us to the playoffs his first year with a young Kitna at qb, I remember he then blew up the team to get his type of players in and I wondered why he would overhaul a team that had just went to the playoffs. Not only did he build a better team but he built our beloved Hawks into one of the best sports franchises in the world. Sure I used to get upset with coach sometimes and I had my doubts about Matt when coach brought him in, but I would always look at the pre Allen, Holmgren era and that would make it all better. Not only does coach deserve to have his contract extended if he wants to come back but I truly think that he built some very good teams as the GM/Coach and never should of had that postion taken from him. Sure he had a few bad picks but he turned this franchise around and took it to a level no one could of thought. The playoffs used to be a once a decade thing if we were lucky, now not reaching the championship game/superbowl is a disapointment. Coach has done so much for this franchise that I dont even want to think where the hawks would be without coach. If he decides to stay then he should see an extension for however long he decides, IT IS TIME TO LOOK AT WHAT COACH HAS DONE FOR THE HAWKS AND START TREATING HIM LIKE THE HALL OF FAME COACH HE IS.

Posted by jjhsix

6:59 AM, Jan 22, 2008

"You do that with people you aren't sure about". News flash Shaun - last offseason Tom Brady, who happens to have 3 Super Bowls, restructured his contract so the Patriots could sign Randy Moss. Then again, I guess he isn't really a "foundation" player.

Posted by Ed R.

7:29 AM, Jan 22, 2008

I suspect this is part of Shaun's negotiating process with the Seahawks. He's got to know that they're going to talk to him about his contract, and he's already trying to set things up in a way that will benefit him the most. I don't blame him for doing that if that's what he's really doing.

Alexander may have once been a "foundation" player, but after the past 2 years, it is hard to still regard him as such. I wonder if he really believes he is one? I hope not.

I think the Seahawks will keep him around for next year, but that they'll try their damnedest to get themselves some insurance by drafting for a quality RB. If Shaun doesn't perform, they're not going to stay with him for long.

Lastly, I would say that much of the problem with our running game this year should not be laid at Alexander's feet: our O-line did a poor job setting up the run, though they did well at Pass Protection. The issues with Alexander this year just made things that much worse, IMO.

Posted by DB

7:58 AM, Jan 22, 2008

"You don't really do that with your foundation people. You do that with the people you aren't sure about..."

This is exactly why they should think about restructuring with you, Shaun. Good luck getting 1/2 the money left in your contract - your running the last two years has used up the 'brownie points' you earned in your MVP year and before. If you had run your rear off this year, absorbing more contact, we may have had 2 or 3 home playoff games instead of 1. Then how different would this postseason have been? Nobody would be calling for your head (or your contract).

Posted by Scott

8:40 AM, Jan 22, 2008

I hate to say it, but I was someone who right after superbowl 40 said our highest priority to resign should be Hutchinson, and that we should let Alexander go if he demanded too much (anywhere near the money we ended up paying). There's no question that the guy's production has been about 1/5 of the value reflected in his paycheck these past 2 years.... we basically sold cap room for 8 years and have gotten nothing for it. I doubt he'll even be here next season and certainly not more than another year or two. I really like Mike Reinfeldt but I have to say, that guy got off scott free for what he did... he let Hutch go and inked Alexander to a way-overpriced deal... he's gone off to other things and we're left paying for this tragic mistake for years. I say, don't restructure anything - the guy's done, waive him and let him sign on for a six figure salary in someone else's "runningback by committee" rotation.

Posted by Ken Brown

11:11 AM, Jan 22, 2008

We could restructure him to another team....go get Stewart from Oregon and use Mo and Stew as the 1-2 punch we sorely need.

Posted by Scott (Marysville)

12:24 PM, Jan 22, 2008

I want to let all Seahawk fans interested know that Comcast On-Demand actually has player previews for all the top draft prospects, not just their stats, but game tape, and even combine footage. I'm not sure when they begin it I just stumbled onto it late last season just before the draft. Iím hoping they will provide it again this season. last season I looked up players the Seahawks were projected to draft in all the mock drafts, it was allot of fun and I am looking forward to previewing some of the nations "Grade A Top Beef" (linemen) then hope some of them fall to the Seahawks.

Posted by 12thman73

6:08 PM, Feb 23, 2008

It would be nice for him to take a little bit of a pay cut to help the team since the window on the seahawks winning a super bowl is quickly closing, or we could trade him for someone that isn't as much money and actually wants to run

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