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Danny O'Neil covers the Seahawks for The Seattle Times.

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January 12, 2008 1:47 PM

Game discussion

Posted by Danny O'Neil

Coin flip: Niko Koutouvides called it for Seattle, which lost, so it was Brett Favre who got to say the Packers wanted the ball. Matt Hasselbeck smiled.

Deion Branch went down on Seattle's fifth play of the game. He walked off on his own, but was limping noticeably. He missed the past two games with a strained right calf. That was the leg Branch favored. The injury was announced as a right knee injury. His return is doubtful and he was just taken to the locker room on a cart.

Four minutes, 1 second into the game, the Seahawks have run eight plays, gained 50 yards and scored 14 points. Matt Hasselbeck completed his first four passes of the game and just threw an 11-yard touchdown pass to Bobby Engram.

The Packers scored their next two possessions to tie the game at 14-14. Twenty-eight points matches the NFL playoff record for most points in a first quarter.

Second-quarter update: The Seahawks cut their deficit to four points with a 29-yard field goal by Josh Brown. They took advantage of a Green Bay mistake. This one wasn't a turnover, though, but a roughing-the-kicker penalty that cost Green Bay 15 yards and gave the Seahawks a first down on the Packers' half of the field.

Green Bay outgained the Seahawks 230-84 in the first half the biggest difference in rushing the ball. The Packers gained 97 yards on the ground, the Seahawks gained 6.

Fourth-quarter update: Hard to believe, but the Seahawks are being blown out despite getting a 14-point lead. Forty-two points is the most the Seahawks have ever allowed in a playoff game, and Ryan Grant has gained the most rushing yards of any Seattle playoff opponent, surpassing the 154 yards Marcus Allen rushed for in 1984.

I'll check in with observations later tonight.

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Posted by hawks1central

2:24 PM, Jan 12, 2008

If Mora truly is the guru everyone builds him up to be, then let's see how his defensive backs perform under great pressure today. If he really is the second coming of Knute Rockne, one would expect a big game from his unit today. We need his guys to show their mettle in adverse conditions. Prove me wrong, but I don't buy all the hype with this guy.

Posted by Keith C

2:34 PM, Jan 12, 2008

no defense effort so far. the fumbles have been lucky. No pressure on Favre, no effort by Matt. So far Packers have the edge, we need to respond now to keep it close.

More passing please.

Posted by Keith C

3:01 PM, Jan 12, 2008

why cant we knock favre down when we get to him. He is dancing around like a clown and somehow hits open men.

Posted by Keith C

3:03 PM, Jan 12, 2008

we can't keep up with the packers speed in this game. They get the ball and score, we are too slow.

Posted by hawks1central

3:06 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Worst display of non-tackling I have ever seen!
The rare chance they do get to Favre, and they miss him. It Almost makes you wonder if the Seahawks are wearing the wrong shoes? I'm dead serious about that, too, because no team is that poor at tackling. Just a horrendous effort by the defense. A-W-F-U-L!!!!

Posted by Skins for Life

3:06 PM, Jan 12, 2008

You guys are a totally different team on the road, if not for the fumbles, this game would have been over a long time ago.
Why doesn't Morris get the ball more?

Posted by Keith C

3:12 PM, Jan 12, 2008

No...why doesn't weaver get more carries?

Why don't we pass it more?

Why are we playing like bums?

We need to get it going on defense and offense. Matt needs to throw for TDs and the defense needs more turnovers.

Posted by Hawk Love

3:16 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Someone has to mention the 3rd down challenge that turned the momentum to the Pack. There was definitely NOT conclusive evidence to re-spot the ball, and the refs did so giving them first down. Green Bay turned that into a TD a few plays later. It was the only 3rd down stop for the Seahawks defense in the 1st half.

Posted by hammtime

3:22 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Favre is due to throw an interception. Defense needs to step up and make some stops.

Posted by Souppete

3:32 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Pathetic defensive performance and entirely no running game, Shaun has got to go.

Posted by Sparticus

3:39 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Green Bay has looked really good after the first two fumbles, coincidentally when the snow started falling hard. Not to mention, mentally the Seahawks are stymied when playing away from home. There is 21 minutes left and the Seahawks will need to be confident if they want a shot at winning. It starts with Hasselbeck.

Posted by hammtime

3:50 PM, Jan 12, 2008

can't get a 3rd down stop and can't stop the run. 15 minutes left......ugh

Posted by Keith C

3:53 PM, Jan 12, 2008

didn't expect to go out without a fight, but I guess they really don't have it in them today.

Posted by jeffg

3:54 PM, Jan 12, 2008

hawks are finished,it's really too bad.especially after that 14-0 start.

Posted by hammtime

3:55 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Well, that touchdown was the final blow. maybe next year....

Posted by cantwinbigoneonroad

3:55 PM, Jan 12, 2008

"3:16 PM, Jan 12, 2008
Someone has to mention the 3rd down challenge that turned the momentum to the Pack. There was definitely NOT conclusive evidence to re-spot the ball, and the refs did so giving them first down. Green Bay turned that into a TD a few plays later. It was the only 3rd down stop for the Seahawks defense in the 1st half."

Yeah, I'll mention it. His arm was extended fully before his knee hit. Stop looking for excuses. The Hawks are getting whipped.

Posted by Keith C

3:57 PM, Jan 12, 2008

favre is just unreal right now. I don't get how he turned his career around, but he really did. It ticks me off to see him having so much fun whipping our buts.

Posted by Mike

3:59 PM, Jan 12, 2008


Posted by Sparticus

4:00 PM, Jan 12, 2008

If it's true that it's not about winning or losing but about how you play the game, then the Seahawks are losing on that front as well.

Posted by Keith C

4:00 PM, Jan 12, 2008

the seahawks were completely shut out of the game. I don't know how either. I think running on first down killed us. We needed to play tit for tat and we jsut played classic hawks ball. Didn't adapt. THe defense has 0 sacks, we all know what that means.

I don't think we will get much better than we were this season. If Hawks don't get home field advantage, we just can't go the distance.

Hasselbeck needs to step it up another level to get a ring. There running game needs to be addressed, and the defense needs to be more consistent.

See ya next year.

Posted by hammtime

4:01 PM, Jan 12, 2008

"favre is just unreal right now. I don't get how he turned his career around, but he really did. It ticks me off to see him having so much fun whipping our buts"

You have to hand it to him. For a 38 year old man, he seems to be back on top of his game.

Posted by seahawk fan

4:01 PM, Jan 12, 2008

seahawks do not belong in the playoffs!!!!

Posted by Sparticus

4:04 PM, Jan 12, 2008

It's all mental for the Hawks. You could see it in their faces once that 2nd GB touchdown happened. They started thinking they were out matched and they then got out matched. I'm just surprised at the score. Ryan Grant is a man possessed.

Posted by BillyinJava

4:08 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Mike, less caffeine man. Kinda pathetic to get that fixated on some people you don't even know. You act as though you had something to do with Green Bay's success.

Posted by Ben

4:10 PM, Jan 12, 2008

The Seahawks were lucky to get this far anyway. They play in a weak division and got a ton of breaks against the Redskins.

Posted by hawks1central

4:12 PM, Jan 12, 2008

I'll say it again. . . .This is a shameful performance by the defense. . . .No pressure on the quarterback. . . .Tackling so bad that it defies an adjective. . . .To play so poorly with so much at stake?. . . .And again I ask: Why is Mora such a boy wonder???? I saw plenty of punishing hits by the Packers secondary, and NONE from the Seahawks defensive backs. Is Mora really the guy you want running the Huskies, or the Seahawks? Apparently so, because that is all I've seen and heard all year long. I wouldn't want anyo9ne associated with the 'Hawks defense in charge of anything. . .PATHETIC PERFORMANCE!!!!

Posted by seahawk fan

4:12 PM, Jan 12, 2008

are you watching the same game????
completely overmatched in all phases
nice game patrick kerney!!!!!!!!

Posted by BurienHawk

4:12 PM, Jan 12, 2008

At least we are NFC West champs!

Posted by hammtime

4:12 PM, Jan 12, 2008

"Kinda pathetic to get that fixated on some people you don't even know."

I agree. Some people just take themselves waaay to seriously. This is just a sports forum, nothing more. It makes you wonder what these type of people have (or don't have) going on in their lives that makes them want to pathetically assault people on some pity little forum.

Posted by jeffg

4:13 PM, Jan 12, 2008

maybe next year?doubt it.

Posted by Mikey

4:13 PM, Jan 12, 2008

It's time for Holmgren to retire and time to blow up this team and start new. Hasselback will never lead a team anywhere and Alexander is done...give Mora the Head Coach job and make some trades for draft picks...

Posted by Al Dog

4:14 PM, Jan 12, 2008

The NFC West should not get to send a team to the playoffs. The Seahawks schedule was weak. Oh, and Shaun Alexander has no game.

Posted by jeffg

4:18 PM, Jan 12, 2008

speaking of alexander being done,how much does he get a season for doing this?15 million is'nt it?jeez.

Posted by ronnie

4:19 PM, Jan 12, 2008

I know the pro bowlers were taking the whole defense to Hawaii, but did they have to leave this week?

they should revoke the pro bowl bids. from bad (atlanta) to good (redskins) to bad again. 6 drives, 6 tds. no excuse for that.

Posted by debcoll

4:20 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Outcoached on the defensive side, time for a change in defensive coaches

Posted by Eugene Husky

4:24 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Someone mentioned the Seahawks got a ton of breaks against the Redskins. I'll mention the fumble by Collins on the 10 yard line that somehow didn't get called right. You're an idiot.

We need some guys on defense that know how to play outside the PST zone. We need a couple of big d tackles that can stuff the middle. We also need a running back that runs like he actually cares. And we need a big receiver that doesn't get injured every other week.

After that, we have a chance. But until then, we will eek into the playoffs every year by default (NFC West) and will lose in the 1st or 2nd round.

Posted by Keith C

4:25 PM, Jan 12, 2008

guys, this was one game on the road, why all the hate. We turned our crappy season around after 4-4. We played better ball, our defense got nation wide recognition. Maybe we are turning around and we can't see it. We really need to take advantage of our home field advantage and division. We need to win all the home games and divisional games like 05. We need the first or second seed.

I still trust in mike and matt. We need a stud on the oline, new running backs, new tight ends, and better coverage teams on st.

Posted by ronnnie

4:25 PM, Jan 12, 2008

change the defensive coach and whoever's calling the offensive plays. why all the alexander runs when they can't run, you're into the third quarter and down multiple touchdowns.

the team's just too inconsistent and too lax to ever go to the superbowl.

I agree with whomever posted about the challenge that moved the football a few inches. there's no way you can get that conclusive of evidence.

But there's just no excuse for 6 tds on six drives. Grant is running up and down like this is track and field.

Posted by purplereign

4:26 PM, Jan 12, 2008

the seahawks are like night and day when playing on the road compared to the friendly confines of qwest field. this looks like the same garbage that choked against arizona and atlanta this year. no running game and no defense,tough to win in the playoffs with that combination.

Posted by Al Dog

4:27 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Alexander runs like a little girl!

Posted by Keith C

4:29 PM, Jan 12, 2008

This game seemed easier to win until we started playing. I underestimated the pack. Favre and their defense were flawless. The hawks never got their feet on the ground. We were dropping passes like it was 2004 all over again.

The sad thing is we could have come out in the second half rolling, but never got the car started. Pollard gets my most worthless player of the year award. Trufant didn't play up to his name today either.

Posted by Everett fan

4:30 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Well, next year we have to go 14-2, and play them all at home. GB has a better homefield advantage than anybody. . . .

Posted by mfresh

4:30 PM, Jan 12, 2008

can holmgren hire mora
eat pollards salary he cost us more momentum today than anything dropped a touchdown dropped a first down...what a piece of trash
draft jonathon stewart and have a 2 headed attack like the jaguars...unbe-f*****g-leivable

Posted by ronnie

4:32 PM, Jan 12, 2008

there are no holes for alexander. He gets to the line to face two or three green jerseys with no one even slowing them down.

but even a 100 yard day from him or morris wouldn't when GB scores every time it gets the ball.

frustrating because man to man, we have a great defense. talent to talent, experience to experience, the seahawks should have won. but people have to make plays, and too often, these guys just sleepwalk. did any defende get even a single sack today?

frustrating, but it's been that way all season. they can look good for a quarter and then go to sleep. I love holmgren and matt, but that does come down to leadership.

Posted by goldengod2012

4:34 PM, Jan 12, 2008

It snowed.
They ran the ball.
We can't run the ball, if we did this game would be tied.
Our defense is based on speed, and you can't run in the snow.

We need a running game and a tight end next year.
Good luck Packer will need it...and the snow too...your 13th man.

Posted by hammtime

4:35 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Why does everyone think Mora is the answer to either the Huskies or the Seahawks? What has he done? He was mediocre at Atlanta and fired. His dad is best known for "Playoffs? You want to talk about playoffs?"

Why Mora? Is he a defensive genius (I haven't seen much evidence)? Is he an offensive genius? What is the big deal with Mora? As I see it, the only thing is he's a local guy....thats it. Please, the next person who cries for Mora please provide evidence of why you think he will be the answer.

Posted by BillyinJava

4:36 PM, Jan 12, 2008

It's definitely NOT time to get rid of Holmgren and Hasselbeck. Those guys are the only reason we made it this far, and one game does not define them.

Posted by Keith C

4:36 PM, Jan 12, 2008

this game just leaves me bitter. I feel like it could have been closer. I am not going to blame the weather. But our speed defense got no traction in that snow. No sacks, no pressure. We didn't play seahawks football. Too many dropped balls and Hasselbeck wasn't seeing all of his options. We need to pay our cards right this offseason. The NFC is so inconstent that anyone can get the top seeds, and that's what you need to play for. 2 years straight losing in the divisional. Playoffs are tough.

Posted by sad in seattle

4:36 PM, Jan 12, 2008

What does the Seahawks future hold with Alexander and the offensive front line ??

Posted by johnnyrenton

4:36 PM, Jan 12, 2008

i blame & hold PAUL ALLEN to account.the team owner & man that sold seattle's soul.(lol)

Posted by hammtime

4:37 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Congratulations to the Packers, their fans and Brett Favre. Good luck on whoever you face next week.

Posted by BurienHawk

4:38 PM, Jan 12, 2008


Posted by James

4:38 PM, Jan 12, 2008

I underestimated the pack.


Actually, I think a lot of people overestimated the Seahawks, including some the Times' sports commentary. They had a weak schedule, lost against some weaker clubs at the end of the season, and couldn't find a running game. The last was critical, and hurt them time and again. It also hurt them against Green Bay - look at the dimension it provided for Green Bay's offense.

Posted by Curlin

4:39 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Matt Hasselback is an overpaid, underperforming prima dona. He's got the mental toughness of a minnow. He can talk all his macho stuff, etc. and how he's his own man, but the bottom line is he hasn't and never will get the job done for the Seahawks. I've felt this ever since he got elevated when Trent Dilfer was providing the maturity the Seahawks needed.

Posted by GDM

4:40 PM, Jan 12, 2008

I think we could see today the reality of the Seahawks team. We play in the weakest division in football and had only one win against a team with a winning record. Although the Packers are really not that good, they still play a tougher brand of football. Holmgren doesn't call a great game, Shawn has seen his better days, and Hasselbeck is simply not a big-game player. Time for change here in Seattle.

Posted by Hawk Love

4:40 PM, Jan 12, 2008

"Yeah, I'll mention it. His arm was extended fully before his knee hit. Stop looking for excuses. The Hawks are getting whipped."

The Seahawks were outplayed today by a better team...however, THERE WAS NOT CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE TO RE-SPOT THE BALL

Posted by Bart Triesch

4:41 PM, Jan 12, 2008

The Seahawks just can't make it in the big leagues. They can't play real football. Their west coast style just won't cut it in the snow. What a pathetic game. I am so ashamed of my team. Bart Triesch, Spokane.

Posted by Va Beach Hawk

4:41 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Don't want to hear a word about Matt or Mike, they brought it! The "D" and recievers failed us! Pollard better get released tomorrow!

Posted by Jeff

4:41 PM, Jan 12, 2008

I think this game confirmed my beliefs that Ruskell has to tell alexander to take a pay cut or try to find a job elsewhere. I also really think that the lack of threat at TE has to make them look at Davis in the draft. I'd rather he go after a FA at guard than draft one and not wait for the development time. The other player we need back, and healthy is the unreliable Tubbs. But when healthy, he's a force. This game shows we really need more help in the interior. Mebane and Tubbs together should shore up that interior D.

As far as Branch, I guess we're stuck with him, but I'd rather have Hackett than Branch, who gets way overpaid, cost us too much to get him, and is too injury prone. Could you imagine if we didn't trade for Branch and drafted Greg Olsen instead? TE problem fixed.

Posted by kevininwis

4:42 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Do not ever count out Brett. He lives for games like this. At 38 years young and throwing snowballs,you got to love it.

Posted by david1978pdx

4:44 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Game over... I hope Holmgren retires... He game plan and play calling is outdated and overrated.

Here's to hoping this loss will help me get better seats for my season tickets next year.

Posted by pdxhawk

4:46 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Seahawks embarass their fans yet again.

Window is closed.

Posted by GDM

4:47 PM, Jan 12, 2008

At minimum I expected the defense to show up, but they didn't. 6 consecutive TD scoring drives without a defensive stop seems impossible. I like Favre and always will, but come on, containing a 1000-yr old QB isn't that tough . . . even in the snow.

Posted by Kdog

4:47 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Curlin you aren't very bright. W/o hasselbeck we aren't in the playoffs. If we had dilfer we would have been horrible. Hasselbeck is the reason why we have been to the playoffs 5 years in a row, won the division 4 years in a row and that we've won 4 games and been to a superbowl.

How can you blame Matt for todays game? His receivers couldn't catch especially pollard, branch is a wussy and our defense got scored on more than britney spears.

Posted by gb

4:48 PM, Jan 12, 2008

It snowed? ya..... thats it....
Who would have ever seen that coming?

Posted by Asunciondawg

4:49 PM, Jan 12, 2008

i am incredibly disappointed with the blog!!! how can you not have an update between the second and fourth quarter??? the mariners and huskies blogs are outstanding - why can't we get someone who makes somewhat of an effort on the seahawks blog???

Posted by jeffg63

4:50 PM, Jan 12, 2008

nobody told me that there'd be days like these.

Posted by Keith C

4:51 PM, Jan 12, 2008

the seahawks would not be a 500 or better team without matt right now, so I don't get that hate. Shaun showed patches of hope this season, not enough for anyone to take him seriously. We need to give teams a reason to fear us again. Thats when you can beat them all. Hawks need to try it one or two more times with this group, heck look at the packers. The packers can beat the cowboys or the giants. they handed it to us today. Should be interesting to see where we are next season. Matt does have some more growing up to do, and he just played his best season. I think he has a lot more to offer once he figures out that he needs to keep his cool and play smart for 60 minutes.

This season was not a loss though, I think we learned a lot about the team. We need to capitalize soon though. Can't be remembered as a team that makes the playoffs but never goes anywhere.

Posted by pj

4:55 PM, Jan 12, 2008

1978-1979 SONICS =only seattle pro sports champions ever.

Posted by GDM

4:55 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Kdog may have a small point regarding Hasselbeck. However, my personal view is that in a division populated by AZ, SF, and STL, you better be a very bad team to not win the division every year. Our Hawks are not a very bad team per se; that said, we are the best team in the worst division in pro would be extremely difficult NOT to win this division. Thus, by default, we are a perennial playoff team. We can get better, but there comes a time where losses have to be cut and at a minimum Holmgren and Alexander are the fat that needs to be trimmed.

Posted by Rob

4:59 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Our defense won last weeks game for us, and lost this weeks game. 6 straight touchdown drives given up? They gave the offense no chance.

In regards to our running game, I place equal responsibity on the O-line and Shaun...they both played poorly all year.

Matt is a pro bowler, and he deserved it, he played well all year with no running game to help.

Posted by GDM

5:06 PM, Jan 12, 2008

I just don't feel confident with Matt under center...certainly not the way Colt's fans or Patriot's fans feel about their quarterbacks. Yes, Pollard is a boob; his fumble and subsequent inability to make the catch in the end zone were crucial plays. But, we all saw Matt's 'keystone cop' routine in the 4th quarter...seems eerily familar to me.
Getting past Washington wasn't much of an accomplishment...after all, it was Trufant that did that . . . not Hasselbeck...just check the numbers.

Posted by KemoSabe

5:07 PM, Jan 12, 2008

What a disaster & embarassment! I have been an avid Seahawk fan since the inception of the franchise, and this is the first time I couldn't stomach to stick around for the finish. The Hawks were outplayed in virtually every facet of the game...not just outplayed, but totally dominated. I would have cut Pollard before the game was over. He must be blind to have missed some of those passes. He makes Jeramy Stevens look like an all-pro. To be spotted a 14-point lead and then quit playing is inexcusable. On defense, they made the '07 Huskies look good. I expect much much more from a Holmgrem coached team. I think we need some new blood!

Posted by tony

5:11 PM, Jan 12, 2008

ahh...I can smell the anxiety attacks from the east coast....a bunch of over-educated, depressed even more depressed...quick call the therapists....lmao....

Posted by logjammin

5:12 PM, Jan 12, 2008

several mediocre qb's have won super bowls. each of which had a running game to reply upon. the few who have carried their team to super bowl wins were the great ones. hasslebeck is not one of the great ones. he can still lead us to a super bowl, but only on a team that runs first. we need young legs running the ball, pronto. i've called for our first pick to be a running back the last two drafts, only to be scoffed at.

Posted by PLUsam

5:13 PM, Jan 12, 2008

(1978-1979 SONICS =only seattle pro sports champions ever.)

pj, you're forgetting about the 2004 Seattle Storm and the 1917 Seattle Metropolitans.

Posted by Dan

5:15 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Seattle and Tampa were easily the 2 most overrated teams in the playoffs and didnt belong on the same field u didnt beat anybody all year oh wait you did beat up on the 49ers twice and the falcons oh wait you lost that game

Posted by realist

5:17 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Dont trust the NFL

Posted by anti semi

5:19 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Follow the money

Posted by kevininwis

5:24 PM, Jan 12, 2008

To all, I feel your pain, the Pack was 4-12 last year. Hasselbeck is a great QB; Hold you heads high and back your Hawks on a winning season.

P.S. The Pack lost to the Bears twice this year Yuck

Posted by Rob

5:40 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Well the football season is over now, I guess I'll turn my attention to the Sonics now....Oh wait, they suck.

I guess I'll have to wait til april and watch the Mariners...Oh wait, they suck too.

It's a bad time to be a Seattle fan.

Posted by Keith C

5:59 PM, Jan 12, 2008

At least we aren't missing Jackson at all. Burleson is easily one of my favorite players now after starting off on a bad note. Engram was finally healthy for a whole season too. I honestly could care less about Branch because he hasn't done anything upon arrival. Hackett, Burleson, and Obomanu are going to be great in the future and Engram will be the veteran. Who do you think would fill in at TE? Pollard really must go.

Posted by Bart Triesch

6:09 PM, Jan 12, 2008

The Silly Hawks are just pitiful. Girlie-Man football doesn't cut it in the Midwest, where you have to actually play OUTSIDE!! Bart Triesch, Spokane

Posted by Jeff

6:13 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Keith C, my hope is that Fred Davis is available when we draft and Ruskell actually picks him, and doesn't trade that pick away for an overrated wr who wants more money than he is worth.

Posted by Jeff

6:17 PM, Jan 12, 2008

It's quite amazing, that the Broncos saved our bacon by overpaying for Dan Graham last offseason. But with that said, man we sure needed him over what Pollard gave us this year. Pollard will be gone for sure and he's a nice guy but is a non threat.

One nice thing is that most teams in the NFL have a decent TE so we just might have a chance at Davis. I was shocked when Greg Olsen slipped last year and perhaps the reasoning for that is the fact that most teams have a decent TE (other than us). This year, if Davis is there, Ruskell can't flinch and must take him.

Holmy hasn't really had a decent TE since he's been here, and both GB and SF he had very good TE's.

Posted by JB

9:25 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Too much hate from both Seahawks fans and other fans (and why are you on a Seahawks blog?) that are just trying to feel better about themselves by bashing others. The Seahawks had on okay season and a disappointing finish but got beat by a better team in the end. They could not stop the Packers on 3rd down. They tease us every year with plenty of talent but no hope on the road. And I wonder about the coaching on the defensive end.
Forget a new RB, we need a new guard or two and a new TE more than anything. Other than that, try to get a some other talent in the draft (DT, OT, RB).

Posted by lynwwoodsux

9:49 PM, Jan 12, 2008

BEAUTIFUL! Wow, after all the crap talking the hawks fans did all week, and getting spotted 14 points, it was one of the biggest azz kickings in the playoffs ever.

Go Pack Go!

Posted by TY

10:41 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Seattle will always be a mediocre team that only makes the playoffs as a result of a weak ass division. Super Bowl pretenders at home, NFL joke on the road....what's new???? Nothing will change.....we need some new blood up in here

Posted by ethan

10:59 PM, Jan 12, 2008

i love how sports pundits and TV talking heads talked about our stellar defense. the defense that gave up 100 points in last 3 games. the defense that was "improved" by signing Kearney, Grant and Russell. oh but dont worry!! im sure Marcus Tubbs will fill your heart with promise and anticipation this off season.
everyone played on their heels today. what a joke.

Posted by BillyinJava

11:31 PM, Jan 12, 2008

Bart, don't post your full name online, especially when talking trash. I found your phone number on the Internet in about 30 seconds. Thought about posting it to teach you a lesson, decided against it. Just be more careful.

Posted by Birdman

3:56 AM, Jan 13, 2008

Congratulations to Green Bay and their "12th Man" - The Weatherman!

Top 10 Reasons the Seahawks Can't Win the Big Games

1) The refs cheated us!
2) Snow!
3) Brett Favre!
4) Ryan Grant!
5) Al Harris!
6) Charles Woodson!
7) KGB!
8) Shaun Alexander!
9) Matt Hasselbeck!
10) Road games!

Posted by seahawk fan

5:25 AM, Jan 13, 2008

holmgren looked very old and very cold on the sideline today completely outcoached

this score should have been 42-3

packer fans and lambeau made seahawk fans and qwest sound like little church mice

Posted by Chaz Stevens

5:53 AM, Jan 13, 2008

I am pretty suprised to see that some fans want Hasselbeck out. A question for all those fans: who would you rather have? Sure, Brady and P. Manning are better but I don't think we will see either of them in a Hawks uniform any time soon.

I believe that the Hawks have one of the top 3 or 4 QBs in the NFL- so for those of you that want Hasselbeck gone, I ask you--Who do you want playing QB for the Hawks next year? Give me a name.

One final question- Do any of the anti-Hasselbeck people remember the Jeff Kemp era? The Kelly Stouffer era? Dan McGwire? Rick Mier? Stan Gelbaugh? John Friez? Jon Kitna? Point here is: It is very tough to be a good NFL qb, if fact there are probably only 5 or 6 men alive right now that have a chance to be a good or great NFL qb next year. The Hawks are lucky enough to have one of them. We, as fans, should be happy to have him on our team.

Posted by Doc JS

6:57 AM, Jan 13, 2008

The Seahawks were a fraud all year. Tbey won the pathetic NFC West. They were terrible on the road. They have no running game. And it all came home to roost yesterday in Green Bay. End of story.

Posted by HAWKSRULE2008

7:39 AM, Jan 13, 2008

Hey ... any of you wanna-be-fraud-now you're jumping off the bandwagon 'Hawk "haters" wanna give me your season tickets then ?

I'm sure you'll wanna get those off your hands and donate your good seats to me since apparently you won't be going to any more games ...

I'll take the tickets off your hands

Posted by RSF

9:17 AM, Jan 13, 2008

Hard to figure this team out - especially on defense.

Looking ahead to the offseason, at least you can look at the offense and say.. we need to improve our o-line, running back, and tight end position.

But what do you identify as a need on a defense that had 4 supposed pro-bowlers, and could look dominant, or more like the Huskies defense? I think we need to go big on the d-line. Get a guy like Tank Johnson, etc to go alongside Rocky. And we need a size upgrade over D-Tapp. Maybe a veteran corner presence. If possible, a physical safety in the Rodney Harrison or Polamalu mold would be welcomed. Any thoughts?

Posted by tukwilahj

10:21 AM, Jan 13, 2008

Missing Persons Alert: Patrick Kerney

Has anyone seen him?
Mark Taucher really schooled him

Posted by Guard Dog

11:02 AM, Jan 13, 2008

First I would like to say my heart is broken, yet again. Good game Pack, and good luck. Dallas is packin heat.
I think it's time to say goodbye to Holmie and find a defensively minded head coach. I cant take noMora!
Draft a big powerful RB to share time with momo. CUT. ALEXANDER. QUICK. Draft a TE in the 3rd or 4th round. Not a superstar, we have more than a couple good receivers, a big solid body with steady hands and nerves of steel will do just fine. Find help at DT. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD beg, borrow, steal, draft, clone, whatever. We need to invest in our OLine. The Line is the key to the Offense. When they are big and bad, (youth would help too) the passing game is better, the running game is better, we sustain drives chewing up the clock, scoreing points, and all of this leads to WINNING MORE GAMES. And anyone got any idea how to keep our receivers healthy? It really would help.

Posted by Bonnie

5:12 PM, Jan 13, 2008

So, I guess the Boys' season is over. Cry me a river and pass the popcorn. Go Pack Go!

Posted by GDM

6:10 PM, Jan 13, 2008

The Pack only beat two teams with winning records during the regular season and then the Seahawks. There in for it later in the playoffs. If they win it all, it will be a fluke.

Posted by idahohawk

7:10 PM, Jan 13, 2008

The Giants can run the ball and I look for a great game next week but it will but tough to take down Favre in that snow covered stadium! As for our Hawks please draft the best available running back with our first pick and then get a tight end and big defensive tackles in that order!

Posted by Clocktower Media

2:01 PM, Jan 14, 2008

We still love the hawks! Even though they had a ruff time on Saturday, we still love em! We love em soooooo much we redesigned part of our home page to show our 12th man pride, even if we are going to watch the NFC camp game from home.

GO Hawks.

Our homepage is

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