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Danny O'Neil covers the Seahawks for The Seattle Times.

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January 8, 2008 12:37 PM

Favre didn't fly off into the sunset

Posted by Danny O'Neil

Brett Favre hopped aboard the Seahawks' team plane after Packers beat the Seahawks in the final regular-season game two years ago. It was Jan. 1, 2006, the first day of a new year and the last game in Favre's NFL career. At least he said that much as he jumped aboard the plane and spoke with his old coach Mike Holmgren.

"We won that game, but it was a very, very disappointing year," Favre said. "I took as much of the blame as I always do in every season. But I felt like we went 4-12, that’s not the type of season that we’re used to, especially as the starting quarterback. I didn’t know if it was worthwhile coming back.

"A lot of people look at it differently and say, ‘Come back and redeem yourself.’ All that stuff. I didn’t think I needed to redeem myself, but I felt like maybe this is a sign."

Favre said as much on the Seahawks plane, telling his former coach that was probably it for his NFL career. Favre said Tuesday that was the decision he would have made if the Packers had needed an answer right away. Except the Packers told him they didn't need that answer right away.

"Mike Sherman gave me the simplest advice he could give me," Favre said. "He said, ‘You know what? Go home. We don’t need an answer right away. Take your time.’ And I’m so thankful that I did that because had I had to make a decision that next day, I probably wouldn’t be here and I would be regretting it.

"Now what happens from here on out? I have no idea. But up to this point – especially this year – it has been rewarding."

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Posted by Southeast Seahawk

1:04 PM, Jan 08, 2008

As a fan of the game, I'm glad that Favre continued to play. We all know how incredibly talented he is. As a member of the 12th Man, I hope Saturday is it for him, at least this year.

Posted by Don't forget to SACK!

1:34 PM, Jan 08, 2008

Brett is the X-factor in this game no question. Will he get intercepted, hurried and sacked? Does his 38-yr old frame still have something left after a rough playoff game? Either way, I don't see this Packer team winning a superbowl and expect Brett back next year.

Posted by ted

2:51 PM, Jan 08, 2008

I just scored a ticket to Lambeau! Has anyone heard where the Hawk fans will gather for pre/post game?

It will really cool to see Farves final game in person. He's one of the best.

Go Hawks!

Posted by ape

3:48 PM, Jan 08, 2008

Hey Ted,do a little extra screaming for us who can't go, hope it's fun for us all, would you bring me back a QT. of milk?

Posted by Tikibobswhore

7:14 PM, Jan 08, 2008

Im a huge Seahawks fan but I think we are toast this weekend. Favre is playing so well and there just no way we can cover everybody. Plust they have a good running game and our sux. Only chance is for Kerney to make some noise, but they have Kampman. I think we get blown out.

Posted by tikibobshandjobgiver

7:16 PM, Jan 08, 2008

i love the hawks but we are going to get blown out this weekend. alexander is old and washed up. favre is just playing too well.

Posted by Free Beer

7:41 PM, Jan 08, 2008

This error crap on this blog is getting old ! Anyway, he has little faith, the sports writers had the Hawks at the bottom this year, guess who's still playing? Green bay, isn't Mr. super team...they can go down, cheer up!


5:14 AM, Jan 09, 2008

" and there just no way we can cover everybody."

The Bears did , and twice they won. And WE BEAT the Bears. IT CAN BE DONE.They should be worried about covering OUR 4 receiver sets.

"they have a good running game and our sux".

It didn't suck when Mo scored a TD in Atlanta, it didn't suck when Weaver scored a TD against 'Skins. We have a running game, it works and is good enough to get the job done.

'Only chance is for Kerney to make some noise, but they have Kampman. I think we get blown out.'

I THINK YOU AREN'T THINKING FOR YOURSELF and are watching tv sportswriters and are letting them influence you...turn off the tv maybe dude..


"i love the hawks but we are going to get blown out this weekend".

Oh really ? ISN'T that what they said about us against the Redskins...? C'mon people have some faith in your team and their ability.We are definitely NOT gonna get "blown out"...

The game hasn't even started yet and some of you are giving up or seem llike it is a lost cause.Gimme a break...we can hang with them they are and HAVE BEEN beat this year alright ??

LET'S GO !!! 'HAWKS !!!

Posted by Koition

9:29 AM, Jan 09, 2008

"The Bears did , and twice they won. And WE BEAT the Bears."

If you watched the Bears games, you'd know they didn't have to cover anyone. In the first game, the Packers weren't using the "Big 5" as Koren wasn't back from suspension... the Packers also had 3 or 4 uncharacteristic turnovers. The wind in the second game required the Packers to try and run the whole game, when they tried to spread out Chicago, they couldn't pass because the wind was blowing too hard.

Since they are both passing teams, any bad weather will effect both.

Posted by 12thmanforlife

10:31 AM, Jan 09, 2008

I honestly think this is going to be a great game. Both teams are so similar. Its supposed to be cold as hell, but no wind so we will probably see a shoot out. The key to victory will be pressure. If we can get pressure on Favre he will make mistakes and then it will just be up to us to capitalize on them. This game is going to go down to the wire and might be the best game of the year in the NFL, just with the story lines behind it and the 2 teams that are playing. We can beat these guys. I know we can. It will take all 53 players playing their butts off, but we can do it. Go Hawks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Rich Z.

11:29 AM, Jan 09, 2008

Unfortunately for the Hawks the powers that be will make this season a coronation of Favre just like they did for Pittsburgh's Bettis in the Super Bowl. Expect a lot of questionable calls against the Hawks vs. GB. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but we shall see.

Posted by Everett fan

12:23 PM, Jan 09, 2008

To RichZ - unfortunately, you may be right.

Posted by lynwwoodsux

6:52 PM, Jan 09, 2008

Hahahaha!! Wow, already crying about the refs and the game hasnt started yet. The hawks lost to the steelers, not the refs. Cry babies.

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