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January 7, 2008 10:18 AM

Ted Thompson's two cents

Posted by Jose Romero

Remember him? Thompson was Mike Holmgren's lead personnel executive when Holmgren was the Seahawks' GM, and now Thompson is the Packers' general manager calling his own shots.

He and Packers coach Mike McCarthy had a little confab about what to look for from certain Seahawks that Thompson is familiar with.

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Posted by 12thmanforlife

11:08 AM, Jan 07, 2008

What were his two cents? He can't know too much about our team considering there isn't much left from 2004. He definitely doesn't know anything about our defense. He will know all about it on Saturday though.

Posted by SeaHokie

11:14 AM, Jan 07, 2008

He may have the same perspective as the New York sports talk guy who was asked about the Hawks' playoff chances a few weeks ago. Didn't give us much of a chance because "Hasselbeck isn't what he used to be, Walter Jones is gone, and the defense is getting old."



12:38 PM, Jan 07, 2008

...Hey...what's that sound ?....(nothing heard)...OH !

IT IS THE OVERWHELMING SILENCE from all those guys at ESPN, FOX Sports, CNNSI, the AP,the Sunday tv show guys, and all the rest of them NOLT SAYING how wrong they were !!!

I'm not hearing anything Emmitt...Keyshawn...etc etc...Wilbon...

The silence is deafening...

Posted by 12thmanforlife

1:10 PM, Jan 07, 2008

You know, thats fine with me. I don't want anybody to give us respect. I think it makes us play harder. And Emmitt Smith and Keyshawn Johnson are 2 of the most ignorant analysts out there. I hate listening to them. At least Michael Irvin was entertaining.

I am still pretty disappointed in you, Danny. You of all media people should know what its like here and know what type of team we have and how hard it is for other teams to play here and still you picked against us. I hope we at least earned your respect after last game. Maybe this week we can get the rest of the nation's attention.

Posted by Big Earl

3:38 PM, Jan 07, 2008

I dont know what Hawks he could be familiar with. Hasselbeck and Alexander, Walter Jones. Other than that this years team is way different than when Thompson was here. All the WR's are different and most of the Dline, LB's and Secondary. This is going to be a great game. Green Bay has shown this year they have trouble in cold weather. Lets hope the Hawks come out on top. I cant wait for Saturday.

Posted by Big Ski

4:35 PM, Jan 07, 2008

Hear ye...hear ye...few are dissing on the Seahawks. Someone has to be the favorite, and another the dog. In this matchup, GB is rightly the favorite and Seattle the latter. And one other note, the only weather problems GB had this year were in 40+ mph winds, not cold weather. Both the Raider and Lion Lambeau victories this year were in exactly the same weather forecast this coming Saturday...and in those games..the Packers rolled. Good luck to the Seahawks and their fans this weekend, should be a great game.

Posted by ape

8:37 PM, Jan 07, 2008

I hope he told them the Hawks will run or catch the ball in the endzone, other then that, I got nothing!!!!

Posted by RealityHere

8:17 AM, Jan 08, 2008

Calm down a little bit Hawks fans. We won one wildcard playoff game against a team that was running on fumes emotionally. The Seahawks are an ok team in a horrible division...accept it and enjoy the playoff ride. You people sound way to bitter.

Posted by Everett fan

12:09 PM, Jan 08, 2008

Jose - can you take over the Seahawk blog? many of us are upset at Dan over picking a Wash win last week, and would like to see him gone. He'll no doubt pick GB by 10+ points this week.

Posted by 12thmanforlife

1:28 PM, Jan 08, 2008

An ok team!!? Does an ok team go to the playoffs 5 years in a row? Does an ok team go to a super bowl? Does an ok team have 4 defensive players going to the pro bowl?

Only 2 teams have more wins than us in the last 5 years. NE and IND. I think we are a little bit better than ok.

Douche bags like RealityHere are why we sound bitter. We are the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL. No respect.

Posted by EL Predicto

8:20 PM, Jan 08, 2008

12th man. What a self serving gimmick. I remember when the Pack came out to Seattle a few years ago and there was more Packer fans in the stands than the home team had. Must be those new attactive? uniforms that brought out the fans. No, it was Thompson who brought in the personnel to turn a meaningless franchise afterthought into something respectable. Now he has retooled the historic icon of the NFL in 1 1/2 years. All the microsoft money in the world can't compete with proud community ownership. This is the real 12 th man.


5:26 AM, Jan 09, 2008

Sounds to me like there is some JEALOUSY involved by fans of other teams as we have gone to THE DIVISIONAL level now THREE YEARS in a row.

Posted by Frank Einstein

6:47 AM, Jan 09, 2008

The hawks were better than the skins...the Taylor death angle just made for a good story leading up to the game. Just like the familiarity amongst former coaches/players/front office types makes a good story leading up to this week. Neither matters. What matters is that GB is a very tough team this year, and it's going to take one heck of an effort to win over there.

Posted by RealityHere

6:47 AM, Jan 09, 2008

How did that Super Bowl work out for you 12th Man?


9:11 AM, Jan 09, 2008

SuperBowl was great. The whole country knows we got ripped off.

Posted by GBrules

10:56 AM, Jan 09, 2008

Big Earl what? Green bay has shown they can't play in the cold this year. One game buddy doesn't make a season. Also we are playing at home, trust me cold is not the issue. Other weather conditions maybe, but not cold. That said though, I do believe the Seahawks have a good chance. I thought they would win last week, and I think Holmgren will be the key to a hawks victory this week. Go Pack!!

Posted by GBrules

11:03 AM, Jan 09, 2008

MILITANT'HAWK 12 NFL titles for GB and how many for Seattle? GB Jealous, please come back when you won something. That superbowl with Pitt was pathetic. Worst SB in years, so don't act like your anything special. Not to mention the horrible division you play in. Don't come with that weak sauce!!

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