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January 7, 2008 10:03 AM

Could Faneca be a Seahawk?

Posted by Jose Romero

I know, the playoffs aren't over yet and free agency is about two months away, but in my morning reading today I came across a couple of interesting articles from Pittsburrgh about guard Alan Faneca. The guy seems like he's checked out of the Steel City already.

I would imagine that the Seahawks must have some interest in signing the Steelers' star guard, a seven-time Pro Bowler and free-agent to be who might have just played his last game as a Steeler on Saturday, given Seattle's issues with a young and still learning Rob Sims at left guard and aging Chris Gray at right guard. And the fact that, let's face it, the running game hasn't been the same since Steve Hutchinson departed.

Faneca could be just what the Seahawks are looking for, but he would come at a price.

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Posted by Tariq Ahmed

11:21 AM, Jan 07, 2008

Buy Shaun his legs lost by Hutch depart. Faneca is good for Seahawks get Him soon.

Posted by Jeff

11:53 AM, Jan 07, 2008

They don't have a lot of cap room this offseason, and they will just have to lock up Tru either via the franchise tag or a long term deal (and I bet he gets Clements money or thereabout). They will want to resign Hackett since Branch has been unreliable and Nate will be in the third year of what is really a four year deal.

So I bet Shaun will be asked to take a paycut. Then after all that, will Ruskell still have enough money for Faneca?

I'm pretty certain that Locklear and Darby will be allowed to walk. Strong and Gray will also come off the books. Pollard will probably be asked to walk and it wouldn't surprise me if Fred Davis is targeted in the draft.

Posted by BlueThru&Thru

12:36 PM, Jan 07, 2008

They actually do have a lot of cap room this season, amazingly, but will for sure need to restructure a few deals to make room for all their needs. I bet they go after Faneca, and a TE either in the draft or via free agency, and also will look to draft a RB and some other offensive line depth in the later rounds.

In addition, some more depth at DT, with a run stopping specialist would be a great pickup, either via the draft or free agency. Probably won't get every need taken care of, but should be able to afford to get most of them covered between the current cap numbers, some increase in them from restructuring, and being smart with the franchise and transition tags.

Posted by shemberry

12:40 PM, Jan 07, 2008

The Hawks need to sign Jordan Gross, younger, better than Faneca, and I know for a fact that he wants to play in Seattle. He could play RT or guard.

Posted by Jeff

1:19 PM, Jan 07, 2008

I would LOVE to get Jordan Gross, esp as Walter ages you may want to move him inside to prolong his career and Gross can play either tackle spot. But I think he gets franchised.

Blue T&T, I saw a listing of cap room somewhere and we were somewhere in the bottom fourth of all NFL teams. We had room (9 mill?) but Tru will take up a lot of that.

Posted by Jeff

2:40 PM, Jan 07, 2008

The hawks can free up enough cap room to resign Trufant and Brown and pick up a star guard. I think Faneca would be perfect for us.

Posted by Mike

3:51 PM, Jan 07, 2008

BlueThru. The Hawks have a run stopper... Tubbs... Yeah... I have a hard time remembering him because he can't stay healthy... He can be a good runstopper IF he stays healthy...

Posted by KG

3:47 PM, Jan 08, 2008

I agree, Tubbs is a great run-stopper. The stats are pretty amazing on our run defense with Tubbs playing and without - you guys should check them out.

Unfortunately, the guy can never stay healthy. But I would rather use our money on a new guard because Sims didn't show the progression we anticipated - Faneca would be nice. Maybe give Tubbs one more shot to stay healthy.

We definitely need a new TE - Pollard was a bust. And I still think we need another starting corner - Tru is good on one side, but Jennings is more of a #3.

But that's the offseason, luckily we're still playing so let's keep our focus for next week! Go 'Hawks!

Posted by 12thmanforlife

4:32 PM, Jan 08, 2008

I agree, its playoffs and we should stop talking about the offseason, but I do want to make a point. Our run D is not that bad. Mebane has done a great job in there and that is not one of our pressing needs. Sims has been terrible this year and Gray is at the end, so I think we need to find 2 guards. I think we should look for a TE and a RB in the draft. Fred Davis out of USC is a beast and could be another Antonio Gates.

Posted by Scott

8:47 AM, Jan 09, 2008

Faneca IS what we're looking for, and a signing can't come soon enough. If this team wants to continue to be competitive, we need to start investing in our offensive line in a big hurry! I would suggest investing a first and probably even a second round pick on the O-line this offseason. Gray has been a huge success but he can't have much more fuel in the tank. Don't even get me started on what Rob Sims has done this season... My opinion? That decision not to franchise Hutchinson 2 years ago had far reaching consequences, and is probably the single worst personnel decision since the 1991 draft.

Posted by Jared Thomas

12:55 PM, Jan 16, 2008

You guys are forgetting a decent name out there with your focus on Faneca and Gross. Ryan Lilja, LG for the Indianapolis Colts, also a FA. But I'd prefer Faneca because a premium, ACCOMPLISHED interior lineman is hard to get and I think the Hawks need precisely his skill set to make holes for their new RB, Jonathan Stewart of Oregon. I'm willing to bet they'll go for him in the draft.

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