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Danny O'Neil covers the Seahawks for The Seattle Times.

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January 5, 2008 1:54 PM

Game discussion

Posted by Danny O'Neil

Opening quarter: Two Washington possessions and the team still hasn't moved past its own 40. Washington gained one first down and had third-and-1 on its second possession when Darryl Tapp moved off his block and stopped Washington running back Clinton Portis for a 4-yard loss.

Seattle passed on six of its first seven offensive plays from scrimmage. Its only run in that time gained 6 yards. The Seahawks did run on third-and-1, a pitch to the right to Maurice Morris, which was not particularly well blocked, but Morris got to the corner, ran through first contact and picked up the first down.

Shaun Alexander gained 13 yards and had the ball stripped after he was tacked from behind by linebacker Marcus Washington. Washington defensive back Fred Smoot recovered the loose ball and returned it. The ruling of a fumble was challenged, and replay review determined Alexander's knees were down when the ball came free. Seattle maintained possession.

Seattle took a 7-0 lead on Leonard Weaver's 17-yard touchdown run with 3:45 left in the first quarter. Each team has had two possessions now. Seattle has run the ball four times for 42 yards, Washington has run the ball five times for 7 yards.

The Seahawks gained nearly twice as many yards in the first quarter as Washington, 100 to 51. Seattle has kept Washington on its own half of the field for all of that opening period. Twice, Washington started out pinned inside its own 5 by punts from Ryan Plackemeier.

Washington hasn't had to play from behind during its four-game winning streak, outscoring opponents 58-6 in the first half.

Second-quarter synopsis: Seattle's offense slowed in the second quarter. Washington outgained Seattle 65-45 in the period and field position shifted toward the Seahawks' advantage.

Hasselbeck failed to complete any of his final five pass attempts in the first half.

Fourth quarter: Wow. Seattle comes undone the first 2 minutes of the period just like in Atlanta. The Seahawks give up the lead, give Washington the ball with a chance to add to it, Hasselbeck throws a pair of interceptions to Laron Landry, and then Seattle comes back to take the lead on a 20-yard touchdown pass to D.J. Hackett. A two-point conversion to Marcus Pollard put Seattle ahead 21-14.

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Posted by Keith C

2:54 PM, Jan 05, 2008

Ok...Hasselbeck is setting us back. needs to put his head in the game. He's costing us points that we NEED. The D is doing unbelievable...SO is the run. Our captain needs to step up and glue this mess together. The offense is the one that needs to capitalize, the D has the skins all jacked up. we need to get some picks on the D though to cover up hasselbeck's errors.

Posted by Keith C

2:57 PM, Jan 05, 2008

Matt is exposed...hawks are just trying to get to the locker room to check him out, looks like skins might put some points up. Hawks need to shut the door on this because they should have already.

Posted by good ol' george

3:15 PM, Jan 05, 2008

Seahawks defense is all over Todd Collins. Great stops on third/fourth and short plays, especially on 4th and 1 try by Mike Sellers.
Something of concern: how bad is Hasselbeck's throwing hand hurt after he hit it on Alexander's helmet? It looks more than a stinger.

Posted by Keith C

3:15 PM, Jan 05, 2008

Game is far from over. If holmgren doesn't try to get points and just run clock, we will be in a bad spot. I can't blame Mike though, Matt really is not doing his job out there. I don't care what his stats are today, he isn't being the leader we need. We should have 20+ points the way our defense is playing. If washington finds a gap in our D, they are right back in this, and that sucks because we should have shut the door on this one.

Also, sports bloggers/writers really should look at the hawks D vs Collins matchup. It was obvious our D would be good against him. I am waiting for the INT to blemish collins stats.

Posted by DesMoinesWAHawk

3:29 PM, Jan 05, 2008

Defense is going to have to win this game.

Posted by Keith C

4:09 PM, Jan 05, 2008

omg...defense totally gave up, offense did nothing all day. I CANT BELIEVE THIS.

Posted by TomBee

4:19 PM, Jan 05, 2008

Please tell me Seattle this team is better than what I see now. They SUCK!

Posted by Earle

4:31 PM, Jan 05, 2008


Posted by Keith C

4:33 PM, Jan 05, 2008

matt came back, was the leader, defense came with the turnover, just was the doctor ordered for success. This is a crazy game.

Posted by Keith C

4:34 PM, Jan 05, 2008

it isn't a seahawks game without a few heartattack moments.

Posted by TomBee

4:36 PM, Jan 05, 2008

Hey Danny, how about telling us something we don't already know.

Posted by Keith C

4:51 PM, Jan 05, 2008

I gotta admit we have problems to fix for GB...but we really don't look too bad right about now. I cracked during the game, but in the end, hands down this was our best effort.

Let's get ready...we all know what happens if we win and the cowboys lose!

Posted by Keith C

5:04 PM, Jan 05, 2008

Just goes to show how hard it is to be a hawks fan when every person who is writing on them doesn't give them the credit they deserve. Nothing against danny, but we really showed the world the real Collins in my honest opinion. He is not a good Quarterback, why was everyone acting like he was?

Posted by ape

5:04 PM, Jan 05, 2008

Shall I say...the washington forskins have been CIRCUMCISED!!

Posted by Patrick

5:21 PM, Jan 05, 2008

You know, looking at ESPN earlier this week, 55% of the nation was picking the Redskins to win.

Now I can't speak exactly as to why (I think part of it was that the Redskins were the sentimental choice, and I don't think a lot of the national media knew a lot about which Seahawks would show up), but it clearly wasn't a completely ridiculous pick.

Posted by RockChalkSeaHawk

5:29 PM, Jan 05, 2008


Nice job completely killing your credibility and alienating your entire audience. I, for one, am finished reading your columns.

Nice pick by the way, genius.

Posted by Bill

5:37 PM, Jan 05, 2008

Danny: Keep doing what you do! The comments by SSto and others are those of homers. I really appreciate your analysis and wish others would take it as that. What we need is neutral analysis not those of a fan.

Posted by JT

5:58 PM, Jan 05, 2008

HOW THE HELL....can a blogger for a specific franchise pick the OTHER TEAM to win the game???? It's not like the Hawks were playing the Patriots....then who cares, people would understand....but it was the F'ING REDSKINS AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW THE HELL DO YOU PICK THEM OVER THE HAWKS IN THOSE CIRUMSTANCES?!?!?!?! You're straight trash Danny, and you don't deserve to be the Seahawks blogger. I have no respect for you whatsoever now. Like others have said, you have shown how stupid you really are when it comes to writing about, not only THIS team, but the NFL overall. I hope you get fired, or at least move the hell out of the area...we don't want you here, and you've lost a whole lot of bloggers because of your SH&% pregame prediction. You're a loser, and just a flat out idiot. I'm done with you...and gonna start blogging on the P.I. The only reason I'll ever come back to Seattletimes, is to read Steve Kelley's column. He at least knows what he's talking about. Please move the hell out of Seattle you dumbass

Posted by No.12

6:09 PM, Jan 05, 2008


Why are you still blogging?

Turn this blog over to Jose Romero, please.

Thanks for your past efforts, but you have failed.

Posted by 12 Pack

6:14 PM, Jan 05, 2008

We did enough to win. Hawks will have to play much better to beat the Pack. Any playoff win, is a good win.

To all the Big Talking Skins fans from before the game, I hear music from D.C., what is it?

Oh, it's Patty Smythe singing "Goodbye to You"



6:17 PM, Jan 05, 2008

WWW.SIDELINESHOW.COM--Boaring yes Boaring now because the kicker from the Washington RedSkins can kick a 30 yard field goal. The rest of the NFL fans now has to see the Boaring Seattle Seahawks in the next round of the playoffs.DAMN WWW.SIDELINESHOW.COM

Posted by Jeff

6:22 PM, Jan 05, 2008

Danny, keep picking as you see it. As it is, I'm glad you were wrong.

But we will lose to GB if the offense doesn't get its act together. Hasselbeck has to play better and get his head in the game or we're done.

Posted by BillyinJava

6:40 PM, Jan 05, 2008

All you guys bashing Danny are idiots. He's a journalist - do you even know what that means? It means he's supposed to give his objective opinion, not kiss the asses of the hometown fans. I would much rather have real journalism than someone who ALWAYS picks the Hawks. Cheers to you Danny, for making a tough prediction. I'm glad you were wrong, but I respect your objectivity.

Posted by I be , like, smart, dude.

6:59 PM, Jan 05, 2008

Wow. I usually avoid NFL blogs because of the brain-dead neanderthals posting their replies. I guess this one is no different. S Sto, Rock Chalk Seahawk, JT, and no. 12 - why don't you take your incoherent, nonsense away from here and start your own blog. I'm sure people will love it. Let me help you with your first entry:

"We be going to Green Bay, Minnesota to kick butz 100-0 dude cuz Farve sux and we be like awesome and s***"

Please leave this blog to those of us who want to actually read some analysis, and who are capable of articlulating coherent thoughts and not in need of remedial English.

Posted by Big Earl

7:36 PM, Jan 05, 2008

I think Philip Daniels and Shawn Springs played with Steve Largent here. This Redskin team was old and tired. CMon Randall Godfrey? He is a washed up everything. Anyone who picked the Skins dosent know a damn thing about football. They were lucky to even have 14 points. Todd Collins is horrible better than J Campbell though, but the Skins are too dumb to see that. Go Hawks!! Keep it up!!!!

Posted by Skins for Life

8:56 PM, Jan 05, 2008

HAve fun losing next next week Seahawks....the silver linign is we get a better draft pick! I never once said we would win, only said that it wold be a good game...which it was. Congrats, but you lose next week and everyone knows it. You guys are horrible on the road...
And we still have the history and guys have nothing...

Posted by 12 Pack

10:35 PM, Jan 05, 2008

Don't Count out the Seahawks!

Posted by Keith C

10:38 PM, Jan 05, 2008

What a redskins thing to say. Have fun with your better draft pick. The good players come later in the draft anyway. While you have fun with a draft pick, we will be playing towards the championship. Too bad the redskins true colors showed against our defense today. Once again we knock you out of the playoffs. Also you're crazy if you think this game coming up isn't the biggest game in Holmgren's mind. He wants this game against the Packers. I have faith in the win. Seahawks always get knocked out of the playoffs because of mistakes, and I doubt Hasselbeck is going to make this many mistakes again.

Posted by No.12

10:40 PM, Jan 05, 2008

Skins fans-- you're Team of Destiny lost by 21 points-- ghosts don't make tackles....

Posted by KG

10:48 PM, Jan 05, 2008

I know Holmgren gets a lot of flak about being too conservative, which is ridiculous if you understand how he runs the game. But Clayton talked about how good he was today, "Holmgren showed in five plays why he's one of the game's greatest playcallers and why he is probably the most dangerous coach in the playoffs. When Washington's Joe Gibbs turned conservative with the lead, Holmgren turned aggressive in directing a brilliant five-play touchdown drive that sparked a 22-point fourth-quarter explosion in a weird 35-14 victory over the Redskins."

Holmgren will have us ready against the Pack - I admit, we are definitely underdogs but no one knows Favre tendencies better than Favre's teacher.

It's going to be a tough game - good luck fellas!

Posted by 12thmanforlife

11:00 PM, Jan 05, 2008

No, ForeSkins for Life, we don't have nothing. We have a game to play next week. Who are you playing next week? Why are you even on here still talking trash when we just whooped your punk ass?

Danny is just like every other moronic "expert" who had no respect for us. Even though, as I said before, we have been to the playoffs for 5 years in a row and have won games time and time again. I don't know how you could pick against us in our own house when you know what its like here. Thats okay. America didn't want us to win, but we smacked the crap out of some bitch ass, fake ass Washington team from that other coast where the air smells almost as bad as the people. And now we are moving on in the playoffs.

Posted by 12thmanforlife

11:04 PM, Jan 05, 2008

One more thing. That play call to Weaver for the td was a thing of play calling beauty. No body was expecting it. Also, Kerney is such an animal. I was at the game so I didn't get the replays, but wasn't there some pass interference on that 2nd pick of Hasselbeck? It sure looked like it to me.

Posted by KG

11:20 PM, Jan 05, 2008

12thmanforlife, love the enthusiasm my man! I'm cool with Danny having his own opinion, but you're right - doesn't seem like much thought was put to it and he may have been riding that emotion with everyone else.

I felt like there was too much biased reporting this week with everyone picking the 'Skins because of "emotion." I mean, what team in their right mind won't have "emotion" for a playoff game? And we're at HOME! It's hard to match our intensity at home and Danny knows that so I was suprised but it's his opinion -- can't be mad at that. He is a reporter and he is supposed to be unbiased, but at the same time I felt like he was biased because he got caught in the national scene of rooting for #21. On paper, the Seahawks are easily the better team - and any analysis can figure that out.

I won't say much more because for some reason my comments were not being allowed earlier this week, not sure why. And I don't want to get kicked off the blog again...

Oh, and to answer your question 12thmanforlife, no - that wasn't a PI - Hasslebeck threw a bad ball. Landry was reading his eyes all game, which of course ended up working out later in the game when he bit on the pump fake and then the beautiful toss to Hackett. And yes, Kerney is an animal -- best defensive free agent pickup this season!

Go 'Hawks!

Posted by BillyinJava

6:12 AM, Jan 06, 2008

Seahawks are horrible on the road? I'm sorry, maybe I misheard - who's horrible on the road? Who lost on the road today? Whose season is over?

Posted by 12thmanforlife

10:37 AM, Jan 06, 2008

KG- you were right. I saw the highlight and Obamanu was getting lit up on that pick but it was as Landry was catching it. Danny is always entitled to his own opinion. I think he was spending too much time hanging out in DC and got caught up in the hype. We get no respect and thats fine by me. I like it when we play with that edge.

Posted by MRB

11:16 AM, Jan 06, 2008

Did anyone find Babineaux's last TD return a bit excessive?

The worst was when Todd Collins mosey'd over with his walker, gamely looking as if he might want to make a tackle. I dont remember who was blocking, but I'm pretty sure he looked back at Babineaux, shrugged his shoulders, then unplugged Collins from the life support.

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