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Danny O'Neil covers the Seahawks for The Seattle Times.

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January 4, 2008 11:09 AM

Keeping schedule

Posted by Danny O'Neil

The Seahawks haven't had the toughest schedule in the league. In fact, they've had one of the least difficult of all the teams to make the playoffs. This is hardly newsworthy or groundbreaking. How does it compare to Washington's?

Well, let's take a look:

Opp. combined
Opp. combined
Playoff teams
Playoff teams
Seattle 103-153 .402 Tampa Bay Tampa Bay
Washington 142-114 0.555 N.Y. Giants (2) N.Y. Giants
      Dallas (2) Dallas
      New England  
      Green Bay  
      Tampa Bay  

Washington played a much more difficult schedule. That's undeniable. It played both the top teams in the NFC and a Patriots team that went undefeated. But Washington also lost five of the seven games it played against teams that eventually made the playoffs.

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Posted by 12th MAN!

12:02 PM, Jan 04, 2008

The Redskins may have lost to 5 playoff teams but how many non-playoff teams did Seattle lose to? makes you think if they had the skins schdule they would be a 4 win team. On the other hand if the Skins had the Hawks games they would be a 14 win team.

Posted by BEATtheSKINS

12:23 PM, Jan 04, 2008

what is "undeniable" is that :

1. NO teams pick who they'll play every year, the NFL sets the schedule based on the PREVIOUS year
2. NO teams can foresee weather, bad referee calls, injuries to theirs or other teams affecting a game, and thus, your record for the year
3. NO teams choose which conference or division they are in, so why talk about it
4. the media "experts" who pick winners and predict records at the beginning of the season are usually WRONG

I feel this is a tired and lazy argument to make by ANY fan of ANY team.You can analyze a QBs TDs, or, how many 1st downs a team had, or their running yardage, but, c'mon, their "strength of schedule", the whole thing is completely ridiculus, I would hope that 'Hawk fans wouldn't be saying these type of things if the 'Skins and our team were in each others respective divisions with the other's record. It is just so dumb to talk about "strength of schedule"

Posted by Be Louder!

12:41 PM, Jan 04, 2008

If the 'Hawks are only (allegedly) successful thanks to their (alleged) "weak division", JUST WHY THEN are they 7-1 against the NFC EAST over the PAST 3 SEASONS ?

Posted by Flybait

12:48 PM, Jan 04, 2008

The Seahawks played some of last years playoff teams! coming into this season those supposed tough teams were supposed to be tough but they werent! It goes to show that no one really knows who is who before the next season starts, so lets get off of this dumb tougher schedule bs and go beat the Red Skins!!!!!

Posted by Steve

12:59 PM, Jan 04, 2008

Do you have any comments on the weather the Seahawks face in the game. It looks like it is forecasted to be windy and rainy, which, from the last windy game, looks like a serious disruption for this team. I am more scared of the Hawks ability to play in adverse conditions than their ability to beat the Redskins on a neutral surface.

Posted by SkintheSkins!

1:26 PM, Jan 04, 2008

I agree with BEATtheSKINS, strenght of schedule is a stat that should stay in college football... Plus the Skins are all cocky that they played and won against playoff contenders but 2 of those wins came at a point when both of those teams where already in the playoffs and with little to play for, namely NY on the 16th and Dallas last week...the only reason they are on the playoffs is really because the Vikings laid an egg and choked on their game against the Skins on week 16th otherwise they would be sitting on the couch blaming their bad luck and looking for a new coach!

Posted by Go skins!!!

2:01 PM, Jan 04, 2008

I don't think the crowd noise can get the Hawks through this one, the Skins are on a mission

Posted by what a moron

2:03 PM, Jan 04, 2008

The skins 6 of 7 losses have come by 8 points or less and 4 of the 7 they were leading in the 4th quarter. Seahawks havent played or beaten anyone worth a damn. We will see on sat

Posted by blakely16

2:19 PM, Jan 04, 2008

It's going to be a very close game and statistics don't mean a damn. Whichever team shows up tomorrow and makes the crucial plays will take it. They are very evenly matched and I think the Skins will have to start fast to win. If you are having to rely on your unexperienced mid 30's QB to rally you back, you are in trouble. Portis needs to chew the clock, meaning the Skins better have the lead early. I personally can't wait until after the game when people are asking what happened to Collins? Four decent end of the year games do not make one ready for a HUGE playoff game. He's in trouble.

Posted by Skins for Life

2:22 PM, Jan 04, 2008


To be clear, the Giants HAD NOT clinched a playoff berth when the Skins beat them. And in fact, if not for a week 16 win vs. the Bills (they came back from I believe 10 down) and the Vikings week 17 loss, the Giants wouldn't even be in the I believe the G-men had A LOT to play for.

Posted by Hail to the Redskins

2:23 PM, Jan 04, 2008

Skins were winning all of those games (minus Patriots) but we lacked execution on a play here or there. I agree, "could of, would of 15-1 season" but when you add the extra emotion of #21, we're able to transform that into execution. Truly not sweating your 12th man because we have our your place.

Posted by 12 women

2:28 PM, Jan 04, 2008

All Hail Redskin Nation!
R.I.P #21

Posted by Everett fan

2:33 PM, Jan 04, 2008

Well, "what a moron," if the Hawks beat the Skins tomorrow, will you still say "they haven't played or beaten anybody worth a damn?"

Posted by Sick of the Skins already

3:14 PM, Jan 04, 2008

How can Sean Taylor "Rest In Peace" when you are all treating him like a mascot? His death was tragic, and his teammates have obviously been emotionally impacted by it, but Redskin fans treat it as a rally cry like "SODO MOJO" or something.

Posted by Seattle MLS

5:38 PM, Jan 04, 2008

I think Seattle will win because we are a better team all around and we are playing at home. Having said that, the teams' schedules are one of many valid point of reference when comparing the two teams. That doesn't just apply here. That applies for any two teams matching up in any sport, regardlesss of how schedules are developed. All the chest pounding and irrelevant points being made here do not change that.

Posted by spectre

9:20 PM, Jan 04, 2008

No one is "treating Sean Taylor like a mascot". What happened is a tragic thing that no person could possibly want to claim as their own. The fans take their cue from the players and it's undeniable that it is a major factor in the current play of the team.

Posted by jt

1:33 AM, Jan 05, 2008

Dan, you're an idiot. You have the nerve to pick the Redskins over the Hawks?????? How the hell can you be the Seahawks blogger and pick the other team?? You're a pathetic writer, and just a flat out idiot. What are you gonna say when the SEAHAWKS WIN?? Please move out of Seattle and giet a job with the Dolphins or something

Posted by hawksalltheway

3:29 AM, Jan 05, 2008

I could't agree more. HOW can you be the moderator of this blog and pick against the Seahawks? You really should pack up and leave because frankly, all your articles this week have sounded like your all for the Redskins.

Posted by Everett fan

6:11 AM, Jan 05, 2008

Goodbye, Danny - you're entitled to your opinion (17-16), but I no longer need your opinion.

Posted by guard dog

7:36 AM, Jan 05, 2008

Stop talking that junk and let it play out on the field. When its over, skins fans, come back and let us know how it feels.
Schedule doesn't matter. The skins can take their "much more diffucult schedule" all the way back to DC and watch the rest of the playoffs on TV, dreaming of what could have been...

Posted by I Know, Its a symbol of respect

9:11 AM, Jan 05, 2008

"Skins were winning all of those games (minus Patriots) but we lacked execution on a play here or there"

Yeah, and if my aunt had a package, she'd be my uncle.

The two playoff teams the skins beat were Dallas in the last week (Romo only played a half and no TO) and the Giants (bad Eli showed up that day). Thats not exactly like beating the '85 Bears and '07 Pats in the same year.

Go away and root for your racist mascot elsewhere.

Posted by REAL 12th MAN

10:42 AM, Jan 05, 2008

Any truth to published reports in TX that Nolan Cromwell is headed to the HOME of the REAL 12TH MAN - TX A&M as the OC???

Posted by 84Hawk

11:44 AM, Jan 05, 2008

It's sad when the owner of the blog picks the opposing team. We all know Danny O'Neil isn't the best blogger though, so it might be a good thing he picked the Redskins!

Go Seahawks!!!

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