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Danny O'Neil covers the Seahawks for The Seattle Times.

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January 1, 2008 4:16 PM

Home-field disadvantage?

Posted by Danny O'Neil

Well, that's overstating things especially given Seattle's remarkable success at Qwest Field. But in the past three seasons, take a look at the results of the playoffs in the wild-card round cast at least a little bit of a question on just how much that home-field advantage might mean in the first playoff game.

Last season, the home team won every one of the league's four wild-card round games, but the season before that, the home team won only one of the league's four wild-card games. Same for the 2004 season.

So over the past three seasons, the home team is 6-6 in the wild-card round of the NFL playoffs.

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Posted by Keith C

5:47 PM, Jan 01, 2008

I am excited to see how this one pans out!

Posted by Bill

6:31 PM, Jan 01, 2008

Doesn't that mean there isn't an advantage either way? Hence: the disadvantage doesn't exist?

Posted by LiberalMike

9:57 PM, Jan 01, 2008

Hold your excitement Seagulls fans. Skins by 15. HAIL!

Posted by Joshua Lowe

4:55 AM, Jan 02, 2008

Dear Seahawk Fans,

I am a Rams fan living in the DC area for 35 years. I like Joe Gibbs and the Skins are a nice team. But if this local reporter wants to stick his foot in his mouth, well so be it. Here is a sample of what Washington is saying. Go NFC West. See you next year. Whiners suck. If you want to send some Holiday Cheer to him, his email is below.

PS: The Hawks have good reason to be thin skinned for the 2005 season, you were robbed of a Superbowl. I made it my personal misson to give as many Stealer fans a hard time as possible and I got lots of chances since people from Pittsburgh move to Washington after college. Better living market. Peace.

Dear Seahawks fans,
Theyíre back. The Redskins are returning to java town and this time with a quarterback. You have three days left in your season before worrying about the draft, free agency and minicamp.
Yes, that water on your cheeks wonít be raindrops for once. Itís called tears. Since Seahawks fans are a bunch of crybabies, you should recognize the look.
The 2005 playoff encounter revealed how thin-skinned residents of the northwest outpost can be. Lots of angry e-mails for suggesting the Redskins might win. Yeah, yeah, the Seawhawks won that day, but only because Redskins cornerback Carlos Rogers dropped an interception and quarterback Mark Brunell was awful. Neither is in the lineup this time.
Weíre 2,328 miles apart, but Iím starting to sense a serious rivalry. Maybe itís sibling rivalry since weíre both named after George Washington. Just remember Martha liked us best.
Iím not calling for another Starbucks boycott. Seems we now have one or two on every corner in our Washington, too. Nobody wants congressmen with the jitters ó might get something done by mistake. But tell you what ó keep your tall half-caf soy sugar-free ice mocha with no whip, caramel syrup, double shot expresso and a chocolate stick. Red Bull is half the price.
Sorry, maybe Iím just bitter over losing two umbrellas on the last trip to your rain forest. Nothing like wet hair and wrinkly hands on the red-eye home.
The Sonics beating the Bullets in the 1979 NBA Finals still irks me, too. That was the best pro basketball team in our Washingtonís history. At least our Fat Lady sung the previous year. Your fat lady is Alice in Chains.
Meanwhile, Iím hating this Microsoft Vista on my new laptop. Please send that patch that enables logging on to wireless Internet requiring a password. Guess you guys invented that on a Friday afternoon. says Seattle is the midwest with none of the charm where you canít dine between 2-5 p.m. unless itís Red Robin. Actually, the site only cited four reasons to hate the town, itís so boring. I can name 10 for Green Bay and itís smaller than Rockville.
You may have Bill Gates, but we have Robert Gates. Secretary of Defense trumps the lord of the PC.
Who needs the Emerald City anyway when we have Charm City down the street where the crabs are better than those steroid-legs you eat? Somebody call George Mitchell to investigate the Pacific seafood industry.
So go back to writing code. Play Nirvana. Wait for Mariners spring training.
But wake up and smell the coffee ó the Seawhawks are going down.
And as for you Cowboys fans, enjoy the break. Youíre on next weekís hit list.
Rick Snider has covered local sports since 1978.

Contact him at

Posted by Everett fan

6:32 AM, Jan 02, 2008

Well, Rich Snyder's rant was good for a Monday morning laugh - at least it feels like Monday morning, back to work after 10 days off (Aerospace does that). BTW, we're Washington, you guys have to have an explanation behind your name.
The 'Skins will be a formidable foe, as they are playing well right now. But, we do have the homefield advantage - ask Dallas about last year. 120 db's work wonders on false starts - like sitting behind a 747 ready for take-off.
I expect a great game, say 'Hawks 27-24.

Posted by Joshua Lowe

9:56 AM, Jan 02, 2008

I believe the name Washington for Washington DC comes from the fact that he (George) owned the land and donated it to the nation. 75% sure.

Posted by PapaHawk

10:31 AM, Jan 02, 2008

Joshua, great link for us to get extra fired up for this one. Not sure how much the guy means it. Talked more about coffee and his crappy computer issues than football. By the way- our defense is better this year than the last time these two teams played.

Also, we have more receiving weapons this time around as well. So, the Deadskins have momentum, good for them. I am happy for them, having to overcome a tragedy its great to see them be rewarded for hard work. With their Hall-of-Fame coach, who is still working somehow.

I'll take my chances at Qwest Field against anyone, anytime. This time we'll play the Deadskins with our running back.

Funny, I don't remember Carlos Rogers dropping a ball. I do remember our DB having a ball deflect off his head and directly into your WR's hands for a TD. I think it was Dyson to Moss. In fact, I think we upgraded from Dyson. We now have DB's who catch the ball.

Note to all- Qwest Field is not the typical home field advantage. Us, the 12th man needs to make sure that continues.

Posted by Wes

10:53 AM, Jan 02, 2008

Rebuttal to Ricky

Truly will be interesting to see what swagger the savant of mouth hood will have to share with everyone when Washington Fore Skins, loose in every facet of the game.

By the way, Ricky nice way to motivate the Seahawks with your brainless commentary, you should be very proud of your banter thru text before a playoff game. Youíre not so bright.

Good luck with that.

Posted by 12thmanforlife

11:08 AM, Jan 02, 2008

Like Everett Fan, I expect it to be a battle, but no Redskin or their fans should be talking trash right now. Its a great story and all with you rallying behind the loss of Sean Taylor and it is a truly sad story, but this is where it will end. I have been fired up for this one since we clinched and I will be there with the rest of the 12th man family and I know the Hawks will be ready to raise some hell. Its about to get rowdy! Go Hawks!!!!!

Posted by LiberalMike

12:45 PM, Jan 02, 2008

Washington, D.C. was named in honor of George Washington. Had nothing to do with the land. George Washington did not own the land. His land was in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Washington, D.C. is made up primarily of what used to be part of the State of Maryland.

Skins by 15. Hail! Shehawks are soft.

Posted by nfcbeast

12:48 PM, Jan 02, 2008

I am a Redskins fan and I am just happy at the opportunity to be playing the Hawks. The Redskins are riding a perfect storm now and the Hawks will need to bring their A game to beat them.

I am as puzzled as alot of you Hawks fans are about the inconsistency of your team.

Both these teams are capable of suprising alot of people. I just hope that what ever happens, the NFC will win over the AFC. I am so tired of feeling like something more than an Arena league compared to the AFC.

Good Luck Hawks! May the better team win.

Posted by Everett fan

1:11 PM, Jan 02, 2008

To nfcbeast - I'm with you, sick and tired of the AFC love-fest. It's obvious that NE and Indy are very good teams, but Indy lost a couple, and NE could have lost two of their last few games. Pitt's win in SB XL was a fraud.
Dallas was coasting, losing to Wash. last week. GB had a good year, but they are very one-sided. TB and the 'Skins came on strong, but the home-field advantage will help the 'Hawks more than any other team. And after watching GB stumble in bad weather in Chicago, I'm less apprehensive over a second round match at their place.
Assumming NE gets to the SB, the NFC winner will have two solid weeks to figure out how to combat the no-huddle offense (instead of the usual 3 days they get during the regular season).
All in all, lots of good games to anticipate. . . .

(Submission #2 - it pays to highlight and copy)

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