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September 11, 2007 10:12 AM

Report: Seahawks acquire QB Charlie Frye

Posted by Danny O'Neil

The Seahawks acquired Charlie Frye, the Browns quarterback, in a trade, according to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports.

Frye started Sunday's season-opener at quarterback for Cleveland, but there were indications on Monday the Browns were bringing back Ken Dorsey in anticipation of making a change at quarterback.

Coach Mike Holmgren indicated last week he had never began a season with only two quarterbacks as he did this year with only Seneca Wallace behind Matt Hasselbeck on the depth chart. Holmgren indicated the Seahawks would add another quarterback at some point during the season.

Presumably, Frye will take the roster spot vacated by Bryce Fisher, the defensive end who was traded to Tennessee for a draft choice on Tuesday.

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Posted by Scott (Marysville)

10:26 AM, Sep 11, 2007

He's a 3rd year QB with alot of potential, how in world did they get him for a 6th. round draft choice? I realize he hasn't had very good instruction there or a great team around him but really? OH, and good luck to Bryce Fisher and god bless. I Hope he has many more healthy years, and thank goodness they didn't trade him within our

Posted by Scott (Marysville)

10:36 AM, Sep 11, 2007

I like these moves! Good luck to Bryce Fisher, he was the man when we needed him to be. as for the team just another possitive move to get younger, relizing they have to make moves like this too sustain this level of play year after year with out any drop off, if not just get better now. and Charlie Frye will be a great addition, he will benifit under Holmgren PLUS he never really had the chance to back up especially behind a good QB like Matt. plus didn't give much and he's still just 25 yrs. old and this might be the guy good enough to free up Senica Wallace to play the X-Factor in a few games.

Posted by Adam (Portland)

10:45 AM, Sep 11, 2007

Alright now that they have a capable back-up QB will Holmgren finally put his best athlete on the field at WR and take advantage of his talent? I know he hinted to it, please don't tease us Mike!

Posted by Andrew

11:12 AM, Sep 11, 2007

Overall, good moves by Ruskell...

Frye has more experience than most #3 QBs in the league and he'll get a chance to work in Holmgren's system in a real football team. His 64.3 completion percentage from last year is also encouraging. Especially wince the WCO is all about making quick, accurate passes. Not sure in the end if he will be Hasselbeck's replacement down the line in a few years, but he'll make a formidable backup. It also frees up Wallace for WR now.

I liked Fisher a lot, but Tapp has obviously played to the level where he is better than him now. We had a backlog of DEs with Babin, Atkins, and Fisher (not to mention Wyms who can also line up at DE).

So basically, we unloaded some salary with Fisher where we were backlogged. Acquired that #3 QB we've needed. And moved up in the 6th round with the pick that is coming back to us from Tennessee. Not bad...

Also just wanted to say good work with the blog Danny. I was a longtime reader of Sando's when he was running Seahawks Insider over at TNT, but that place isn't the same without him. So I'm giving your blog a try this season. Good stuff so far...

Posted by Colin

11:17 AM, Sep 11, 2007

I don't necessarily like seeing Bryce go... I like bringing in Frye, as we really needed a competent backup for Hasselbeck that allows us to be creative with Seneca if we want to be.

But nonetheless I would rather have the smarts of Fisher backing up Tapp as opposed to Babin. I think Tapp will need to be rotated in a lot to maintain his effectiveness and Bryce is good versus the run, can provide a little pressure when rested and is versatile.

Oh well, I guess I just have to trust 'em on this one...

Posted by Go Cougs

11:18 AM, Sep 11, 2007

I dunno about this. I really liked the idea of rotating our DEs to keep everyone fresh/injury free. I think Frye is a hell of a #3 QB though. He may not have looked great in the past but its hard to tell how good a QB is when he has no O-line. I doubt this will free up Seneca for WR though. Frye's still got to learn our system and whatnot and I think that for at least a month or two Holmgren wouldn't feel comfortable with Frye should Matthew go down (knock on wood).

Posted by Scott (Marysville)

11:36 AM, Sep 11, 2007

When comparing Bryce to Babin it not easy because we know what Bryce can do and not Babin. Babin was a #1 draft pick and he was NOT cut this year but was traded only because his last team had a huge need for a DB. the coaches and team brass saw enough of him the traded Michael Bowlware to get him, and yes Micheal was having his dificulties but was still a servicable nickle back with size, youth and a lot of upside, but was also expendible with our teams freeagent signings and eventually made a more valueble trade piece. I guess hopefully you will soon grow to love Babin as our own #1 draft pick as that will meen he's doing a good job! I'm trusting the teams brass, but we will have to grade all these moves in the next few years not days.

Posted by brownsfan711

11:38 AM, Sep 11, 2007

Good luck!! Frye is AWFUL! The guy has no arm & is dumber than a bag of hammers. He is NOT an NFL-caliber QB.

You'd better hope Hassleback stays healthy!

Posted by hawksfan12

12:02 PM, Sep 11, 2007

of course he was awful he played for cleveland he develop here in Seattle

Posted by bnich

12:06 PM, Sep 11, 2007

Bryce Fisher was a class act. For that reason alone, I am sorry to see him go. Bryce, if you read this, thank you.

Posted by Greg in Cleveland

12:09 PM, Sep 11, 2007

You'll like Charlie. He grew up in northern Ohio, took the Univ of Akron to the MAC championship game and was fulfilling a dream to quarterback the Browns. He needs to get more touch on his passes and do a better job of looking off defenders, but he's a gamer and can escape trouble as he's an effective runner.

I wish him luck. It looks like it is the beginning of the Brady Quinn era in Cleveland.

Posted by brian

12:11 PM, Sep 11, 2007

Hey brownsfan711, if Frye is so awful, has no arm and is dumber than a bag of hammers. What does that tell you about your team!!!

Bruce thank you for the great years you had with our team and wish you the best to luck with your new team. You will be missed!!!!

Posted by brownsfan711

12:16 PM, Sep 11, 2007

"You'll like Charlie. He grew up in northern Ohio, took the Univ of Akron to the MAC championship game and was fulfilling a dream to quarterback the Browns. He needs to get more touch on his passes and do a better job of looking off defenders, but he's a gamer and can escape trouble as he's an effective runner.

I wish him luck. It looks like it is the beginning of the Brady Quinn era in Cleveland."

You have obviously not watched him for the last 2 years. Can escape trouble? He was sacked FIVE times in one quarter! Do you remember the game he blew by throwing it up for grabs in the end zone?

Stop posting with Cleveland in your name. Please

Posted by brownsfan711

12:19 PM, Sep 11, 2007


It tells me the Browns haven't had ONE decent quarterback since they've come back.

Again, I hope Hasselback stays healthy for your sake.

Posted by Kevin

1:24 PM, Sep 11, 2007

Yo!, Browns fan, settle down. Fry is not our back up QB, so it doesn't matter what happens to Hasselback. Just one of many reasons the Browns are door mats year in and year out. Your starter for the beginning of the season is our 3rd QB. Face it you've sucked since the real Browns left for greener pastures.

Posted by Kevin

1:25 PM, Sep 11, 2007

Make that Frye

Posted by Adam Coleman

1:33 PM, Sep 11, 2007

Hey brownsfan711,

First of all, no quarterback can succeed without an o-line and outside of Oakland, you guys might have the worst o-line in the league. Second, stick to your own teams blog, that is if anybody in Cleveland cares enough about your sorry team to even bother taking the time to voice an opinion. Can't wait till Nov. 4th when the Hawks come to your house and Kearney, Peterson, and Tatupu put your golden boy Brady in the locker room like they did to Garcia and Cadillac!

Posted by brownsfan711

8:29 AM, Sep 12, 2007

Adam Coleman

Yeah the Seahawks are steeped in pickle-puffers are clueless about sports. Go back to your latte's & tree-hugging.

Hope Hassleback blows out a knee.

Posted by FryeGirl

4:53 PM, Sep 12, 2007

I don't understand it if Charlie were doing Great in Cleveland then everyone would be swinging off his nuts and cheering. He's not so hot and now it's Booooooo! Cleveland's a joke, yeah I said it and I am a Clevelander I don't jump on the bandwagon of the next high hope when things get tough. I stick by my team maybe we'll get better maybe we won't but someone needs to wake up and see that Charlie didn't screw up alone!!! I am forever a Frye girl so GO SEAHAWKS!!! Like always Clevelands a practice team they get them ready and then ship them off to ball out somewhere else....when will they learn?!!!?

BTW....Sorry about Bryce guys the best of luck to him!

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