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The Seattle Times Political Caucus is an online community aimed at adding diverse voices to our coverage of politics. How we'll use the Caucus will evolve over time. But the idea is to create a conversation with people of various backgrounds and political beliefs. As the election season unfolds, we'll ask participants to weigh in on key political questions and then post their comments here.

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September 4, 2008 9:26 AM

Hockey mom or pit-bull with lipstick?

Posted by Richard Wagoner

Brendan Woodward of Woodinville is an alternate delegate from Washington state to the Republican National Convention. He's been interested in politics since high school and worked on former Congressman George Nethercutt's U.S. Senate campaign in 2004.

By Brendan Woodward

Sarah Palin: Which is it, Hockey Mom or Pit-bull with Lipstick?

The base is united, finally. Sarah Palin's single speech before the RNC has given new energy to the John McCain Campaign that will carry us through Election Day. On the floor and in the galleries of the Excel Energy Center, Republican delegates let lose a cannon of enthusiasm during their third convention session that will be difficult to beat tonight when they drop the balloons. Men were crying, women were roaring and Baptists were dancing in the aisles as the glass ceiling was broken by a veritable tomahawk missile from the State of Alaska. Sarah Palin has been launched.

Like a well heeled political pit-bull, Sarah Palin has the brains, beauty and bite to bury Joe Bidden in the backyard of national politics. He will have to watch out for her in two ways now. First, he will have to restrain himself from attacking her provincial roots as a small town mother of five. She is simply too likable on this account and any attempt to paint her as a political douce will make him seem like a chauvinist blue blood. Second, he will have to begin practicing for the vice presidential debates. After Sarah Palin's shock and awe performance last night it is clear that she will not be intimidated by the national stage that Joe Bidden has basked in for 30 years.

Barak Obama's hope in a new kind of politics has just been fulfilled by Sarah Palin, and the media has been put on notice. During the past six months network outlets have favored Senator Obama in the race for president and have gone as far as talking about what he will do in a second term - as if his first is all but locked up. For a Republican activist like me it has been an admittedly demoralizing bias to endure. But last night during Sarah Palin's speech, the political talking heads were put on-guard when she criticized the Washington elite and members of the media in her speech.

What the cameras did not show were the fists and fingers that we raised and pointed toward the press boxes surrounding the stage, especially NBC. We are fired up, we are not going to take it, and we are going to fight for every vote and put John McCain and Sarah Palin in the Whitehouse.

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