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The Seattle Times Political Caucus is an online community aimed at adding diverse voices to our coverage of politics. How we'll use the Caucus will evolve over time. But the idea is to create a conversation with people of various backgrounds and political beliefs. As the election season unfolds, we'll ask participants to weigh in on key political questions and then post their comments here.

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September 1, 2008 10:52 AM

McCain-Palin ticket will help Dino Rossi

Posted by Richard Wagoner

This post is by Brendan Woodward of Woodinville, who is an alternate delegate from Washington state to the Republican National Convention. He's been interested in politics since high school and worked on former Congressman George Nethercutt's U.S. Senate campaign in 2004.

By Brendan Woodward

While eating breakfast with the Washington Delegation, I read David Postman's article in this paper about the Rossi campaign distancing itself from McCain. Mr. Postman's article misses the point that is being made clear from my position in Minnesota: The excitement of the McCain-Palin ticket has not been lost on us.

Obviously, a candidate running for governor must keep his message clear of distractions like the Iraq War, and on relevant local topics such as transportation and education - postman makes that clear - but this does not mean that George Bush-weary Republicans are confused about which candidates represents "the change we need."

In fact, Governor Gregoire's egregious mismanagement of the state budget and now empty attempts to tie both her fundraising and political message to Barak Obama make it clear that after four years, she has no new ideas for fixing Washington state. All she has is the illusion of Democrat momentum created by Barak Obama. But will that momentum really spill over to her governor's race, or will Obama voters turn out for Dino Rossi? Nobody knows yet, but one thing is certain: Dino Rossi does not need John McCain's coattails to win, but Christine Gregoire desperately needs Obama's.

Sarah Palin has fertilized the grass roots of Washington State's Republican Party with new enthusiasm and commitment to the GOP, and Dino Rossi will undoubtedly benefit from this. From the ├╝ber conservative to the judicious moderate, the McCain-Palin ticket has something for everyone and our new energy and "hope for change" is going straight into the Dino Rossi campaign. Please tell David Postman.

Brendan Woodward became politically active during high school as a volunteer with the John Carlson Campaign for governor and later was a staffer on George Nethercutt's run for the U.S. Senate. Woodward attended Wheaton College and started a home business selling carbon offset credits and consulting for organizations interested in fighting climate change. He said he's excited about John McCain's free thinking brand of politics that promises to protect American families, economy and national security.

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