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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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August 15, 2008 4:46 PM

Game thread, Aug. 15, Mariners vs. Twins

Posted by Larry Stone

Update, 6:46 p.m. : Jim Riggleman just got tossed for the first time as Mariners' manager, and it looked like he had a good reason to be upset (beyond Carlos Silva's bad pitching). Ichiro caught a popup by Adam Everett for what seemed to be the second out of the fiftah, then dropped the ball as he was making the transfer to toss it in. The first-base umpire, Mark Wegner, ruled no catch. Looked like a bad call to me. Riggleman thought so, too, and must have said a magic word to get tossed.

Carlos Silva, tonight's starting pitcher, returns to Minnesota for the first time since he left as a free agent. It's not exactly a triumphant return, what with the 4-13 record and the 5.93 ERA. I hear that Silva hosted a team party yesterday (for the Mariners, not the Twins). No word on whether he threw anyone up against the wall.

I'm looking forward to seeing Francisco Liriano, who was so brilliant in 2006 before undergoing Tommy John surgery.

Lineups (I'm going to take this nice and slow)


Ichiro RF

Miguel Cairo 1B

Raul Ibanez LF

Adrian Beltre 3B

Jose Lopez 2B

Wladimir Balentien CF

Kenji Johjima C

Jeff Clement DH

Yuniesky Betancourt SS

Carlos Silva P


Denard Span RF

Nick Punto 2B

Joe Mauer C

Justin Morneau 1B

Jason Kubel DH

Delmon Young LF

Brian Buscher 3B

Adam Everett SS

Carlos Gomez CF

Francisco Liriano P

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Posted by Bill

5:08 PM, Aug 15, 2008

"No word on whether he threw anyone up against the wall."

Larry, that just made my day.

Posted by Pirata Morado

5:28 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Only 2 runs allowed by Silva? 2 doubles, 2 long flyouts, another single. His defense is surely not backing him up tonight either.

Posted by Tball

5:30 PM, Aug 15, 2008

So who's fault is it that he gave up 2 runs in the first inning (and fortunate there wasn't more damage)? With his performance this year, he should keep his mouth shut.

Posted by Cynical Optimist

5:41 PM, Aug 15, 2008

I just wanna say that I told someone before the game started Liriano was going to no hit us. I wonder if I am actually psychic.

Posted by Pirata Morado

5:44 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Not much of a psychic, I would rather say that you've seen many M's games, we're just too easy to predict.

Posted by Cynical Optimist

5:52 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Crap, I guess we can't get out every time, oh wait we want to get a hit?

Posted by BoofM

6:15 PM, Aug 15, 2008

ScottM moonlighting as Cynical Optimist

Posted by Go Cubs!

6:19 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Boy Silva brought is F game tonight! Is he still playing for the Twins?

Posted by TimsHead

6:21 PM, Aug 15, 2008

I'm listening to the Twins' broadcast right now (with XM, you have to take the home team's radio broadcast, tho I'd rather hear Dave N than the Minnesotans, honestly), and they made a pretty good point: With the Twins in general, and when Silva had success last year, it involved pitching inside. They said they haven't seen Silva throwing inside tonight as he's getting pounded (and they stated the obvious, which is that Silva doesn't really have anyone to blame but himself).

What happened to all that talk of the Mariners pitching inside more this year, anyway?

Posted by dav

6:27 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Silva is just being unselfish! he doesnt want to hog all the glory and personal stats so he is letting the rest of the team have a chance!

Posted by Pirata Morado

6:34 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Please Larry, you've got to ask Silva how does he feel about team effort tonight, you just have to ask him, please.

Posted by Bums

6:37 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Good thing Silva is doing so great this year. I blame this on Woods. Can't wait until next year where we get to still watch Silva, Washburn, and Batista. Should be a real fun year.

Funny they don't want to get rid of a guy just to dump salary, but this guy does not want to be here and tanks when there is no possibility of trade. Another example of the fans getting shafted. They will get to pay tons of money to watch inferior garbage that don't want to be here for yet another year with Chuck and Howie telling people to give them at least three years to get things right. This team makes me want to puke more ways than one.

Posted by BoofM

6:38 PM, Aug 15, 2008

If scottM is really Brett J Miller (or is that Brent J Miller), then who is Brett J Miller (or is that Brent J Miller)?

Posted by Doug

6:41 PM, Aug 15, 2008

any one care to comment on raul's "bad" defense now? I thought not.

Posted by shibakid

6:49 PM, Aug 15, 2008

"If scottM is really Brett J Miller (or is that Brent J Miller), then who is Brett J Miller (or is that Brent J Miller)?"

Oh dear I've gone cross eyed.

Posted by boofM

6:54 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Does Brett or Brent equal CS?

Posted by Super at bat!

6:58 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Yay! Beltre grounds into a Double Play! I think I am going to go watch my grass grow now.

Posted by boofM

6:58 PM, Aug 15, 2008

scottM = Boone Brothers

Posted by DaWg Bite

7:05 PM, Aug 15, 2008

While the language is a bit rough, perhaps to be expected from a coug, I must agree with you WSUx3

Posted by Rick

7:31 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Silva obviously has an attitude problem, since we know he's such a good player. He needs Chief to knock him around a little.

Oh wait.

But according to Geoff, the guy is a positive clubhouse presence, so it's all good. Carlos Silva tells things like they are, goshdarnit, and that's exactly what the M's need more of. I'm sure we'll all hear how much of a class act he is for taking responsibility for the loss. Geoff, why don't you ask him if he plans on returning $12 million to the team this year?

Posted by Messiah

7:38 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Do you ever notice how the stat heads come out before and after the games, but never during them?

Posted by CheapSeats

8:28 PM, Aug 15, 2008

Anyone want to comment on how Consistent Ichiro is?

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