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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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August 8, 2008 11:09 PM

Silva erupts at teammates; hear audio

Posted by Geoff Baker

The Mariners did indeed lose 5-3 to the Rays as Troy Percival closed out a 1-2-3 ninth. Once James Shields got that three-run lead, you kind of knew he wasn't going to give it back.

Carlos Silva just went off on his teammates (some of them) in the clubhouse post-game. Says only half the team trying to win, the other half padding stats and making starters look bad. Said he's close to throwing someone up against a wall.

Listen to the audio portion of what he said right here.

"Maybe half of the team wants to do the best they can,'' Silva said. "Take the starting rotation...every time we cross that line, we want to do our best. No matter how many games we are behind. But maybe half of the team doesn't have that mentality. They are only thinking of finishing strong. And to put up their numbers. That's great, but that affects us. As a team, that doesn't work out.''

Silva's nickname (the other one that isn't Bison related) is The Chief. Here's another comment from him, referring to himself in the third person.

"Maybe Chief has to go and grab somebody from his neck and throw him into the wall and something's going to change,'' he said. "I'm very close to doing that, so write that down.''

This game was pretty much done by the third inning after Silva gave up four runs, three of them earned. Yuniesky Betancourt put an exclamation point on his Bobblehead Night by throwing a routine grounder into the camera bay behind first base. Two runs scored on that play. Jeff Clement had a nice double off the center field wall and a two-hit night, while Raul Ibanez made a leaping catch at the wall.

But I thought Ichiro could have made a better throw home (or not attempted a throw home in the first place) on a single to right in the third inning that scored Ben Zobrist, who is not exactly a track star. Both runners moved up on the play, allowing each to score on the Betancourt error. Carl Crawford ran hard up the line to first on the Betancourt throw. Remember, the Rays benched B.J. Upton the other day for not running out a grounder. The little things can mean all the difference.

"I don't care if we are 40 games behind, we should have played better than this,'' Silva said. "For me, every game is important. For me, if we are where we are right now, we should take it one game at a time and play one day at a time. Thinking 'We've got to win this game'. And when the day is over 'We've got to win the next one.' ''

Many of you will laugh at Silva and accuse him of making excuses for his poor record and ERA. You would be dead wrong. Silva is the last guy to make an excuse for a poor performance. He isn't saying anything that others haven't mentioned privately throughout the season. He's just the only one with the guts (and maybe the size) to say it in public. Put it this way, as he spoke, Felix Hernandez, a guy who's pitched pretty well this year, was standing about two feet to Silva's right listening to every word and smiling.

"It's tough, man,'' Silva said. "It's tough, because you never want to be in this (last place) position. Because, especially for us, as a pitcher, it's going to kill you. Especially as a starting pitcher, that's going to affect you so much.''

Jarrod Washburn was off to Silva's left. He could also hear -- the clubhouse was almost devoid of other players -- but chose to say nothing. Didn't jump up to protest. Nor agree out loud. He just listened. So, I finally asked Silva whether the other pitchers felt the same way he did. He looked at both Hernandez and Washburn, who both looked back at him.

"I don't know, but, Felix and Wash, we are very competitive,'' he said. "I can talk about those two. Very competitive, I don't know if they feel the same way I feel, but I'm sure they are very close (to it) too.''

Neither pitcher seemed to disagree. At least not out loud.

Jim Riggleman alluded to some of Silva's struggles, moments before the pitcher went off. He talked of how hard Silva has taken every defeat and how he's worked to grind out innings even while struggling all year to find control of his sinker.

"The way he gets after it is the way we want everyone to do it,'' he said.

It's a nice dream. But it's still not happening yet. And winning in the big leagues is about a whole lot more than putting up fancy numbers when they mean little. When these games meant something back in April and May, very few numbers were anywhere to be found. From folks being counted on to win.

Yes, this team still has problems. Learning how to bring it game-in, game-out is one of them. And it's a problem that's been here all season. Won't show up on a stats sheet. But it impacts the games just the same.

By the way, Ryan Rowland-Smith is here and starts tomorrow. Jared Wells goes to AAA.

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Posted by fire_chuck_not_drayer

9:52 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Yuni thought he had to bobble a play on bobblehead night.

Posted by GripS

10:05 PM, Aug 08, 2008

I'm all for trashing Silva because yes....he sucks. But he didn't lose this game. If Betancourt had thrown that out we would have had a good chance at winning the game. 2 runs were scored on that 'bobble' of his.

Posted by RallyFried

10:05 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Don't you mean, this game was pretty much done when Carlos Silva took the mound in the first?

Posted by Kelly

10:06 PM, Aug 08, 2008

That's it folks. No need to say anything else. Fire Chuck wins the prize for the night.

Posted by RagArm

10:25 PM, Aug 08, 2008

What a tease you are Geoff. Tell us more! I think Carlos has been seething under his XXXL uniform for months now. It is amazing a few other players who are giving 100% haven't cracked yet too.

There are several he should throw against the wall: Betancourt, Lopez, Johjima, Vidro via long distance, and Batista. Go for it Carlos. Then look in the mirror.

What a year. Chuck and Howard can be proud of what they have given us, can't they?

Posted by Tom

10:29 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Now if only Carlos would lose some weight and win some games. . .

Posted by DownonStrikes

10:37 PM, Aug 08, 2008

The time has come for Yuni to take a vacation in Tacoma. Good grief he is just plain lazy and not trying. You can see it in his demeanor. See it in his play. See it in his eyes. See it in his body language. Doesn't Wiggleworm notice little things like this? Yuni has an attitude problem and some time in the minors might get his attention.

Just do it!

I'll send Carlos a dozen Krispy Kreams tomorrow morning and he'll settle down by the time he gets to the tenth one. I would have cracked one or two backs by now if I was a starter. The bats and bad defense started this whole slide if you remember correctly. The pitching staff fell apart when they tossed good games earlier this year to no avail.

Did I mention the Front Office sucks?

Posted by A Bison

10:40 PM, Aug 08, 2008

I feel for you man, but your'e giving us a bad name.

Posted by NB

10:50 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Tune in tomorrow when Barry Zito goes off on the Giants, and Carl Pavano call the Yankees a bunch of quitters.

Posted by I C U PEKIN

10:57 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Carlos needs to shut up, where was his ass at in the beginning of the season? Cry me a river dude, how many times did he take his fat ass out of a game.

Posted by Publicbulldog

11:03 PM, Aug 08, 2008

You don't give a fat tub of goo a big contract like that without a weight clause. Maybe the Reds will take him now that Buffalo signing Bill is there.

Posted by Miles

11:20 PM, Aug 08, 2008

"But maybe half of the team doesn't have that mentality. They are only thinking of finishing strong. And to put up their numbers."

Uhh, what? How does "finishing strong" and "putting up their numbers" hurt the team? Is Carlos mad because no one else wants to go on late night Taco Bell runs with him?

I'd think that players who've quit on the team would be a bit different than that description.

Posted by yho

11:22 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Where you watching the game? The ball hit to Ichiro was first not a very hard hit ball (thus did not get to him quickly), and second , the ball changed directions on him. If you don't believe me go look at the tape again. He did the best he could and nearly nabbed that guy. I really do think you don't care much for him. Is it the money?

Posted by mr. wellbeloved

11:23 PM, Aug 08, 2008

dude, look at your era. now shut up.

Posted by davidgee24

11:35 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Silva is certainly "putting up numbers". His ERA is downright majestic.

Posted by ethan

Posted by cesame

12:00 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Shut up Silva, seriously. Take yourself out of another game after giving up a dinger because your "back hurts".

Your fb isn't fast, your sinker doesn't sink, and you throw more meatballs up to the plate than you consume. No one wants to hear you and you aren't impressing anyone with these outburts.

Screw Bavasi for creating this disaster. For a guy that puts way too much value into team chemistry, he sure doesn't know how to create it.

Posted by DC

12:12 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Silva has been crap this year. However, in his defense, I thought he did his job tonight while the defense behind him blew the game. In the ugly inning, two of TB's singles were not so much "seeing eye" ground balls as ground balls that help further expose Lopez's lack of range. So many of the bloggers here complain about Ibanez's defense and he plays LEFT FIELD!--the most inconsequential position on the field. With a decent 2B and SS, Silva gives up one run tonight on the Pena deep ball.

Posted by Dave from the apathetic coast

12:15 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Silva may or may not have had the right to criticize his fellow M's, but what he said is true...there's a lack of energy and focus on this team, this year, in this disastrous season. Yeah, they're winning here and there, but as Buddy Holly sang, "It Don't Matter Anymore". Of Course "Wash" didn't verbalize his (implied) agreement with Silva..."Wash" might still get to go to another team before the end of the season, so he doesn't want to be branded a hothead. Felix, well, he's young; he's still learning the ropes. I do think Silva's comments were spot-on, tho. You see Beltre regularly nailing slow squiibbers he picks up with his throwing hand, and yet Yuni-form can't make a simple throw on an easy ground ball when he catches it in his Mitt.'s always something...

Posted by New Carlos Fan

12:15 AM, Aug 09, 2008

If this is a double post, sorry about that:

Seriously, how can you criticize a guy who wants to win? Kudos to Carlos for having the courage to stand up and call out the team.

Yes, he's overpaid, but that belongs to Bavasi. He could sit in the background and say, hey, I kept my team in the game, yada yada, but he publicly called them out and challenged them to do better, and that takes courage.

For those who are so critical, what if he's saying exactly what Felix or perhaps Ichiro or Ibanez would like to say? The super stars have to watch everything they say. Surely some players on this team must feel the same way.

You have to hate the Bavasi contract for a purely - at best - average pitcher. But you've got to admire someone who stands up for his teammates and for winning, someone that does his job to the best of his ability.

Posted by Strasburg in 2009

12:43 AM, Aug 09, 2008

I wish Carlos Silva would care more about his own numbers.

Posted by Norwester

12:44 AM, Aug 09, 2008

There's an old American saying that Silva should learn, if he hasn't heard about it yet:

Put up or shut up.

Sometimes a fielder has to pick up his pitcher; sometimes a pitcher has to pick up a fielder.

If Silva wants his fielders to pick him up, he'd better shut his mouth...especially at the buffet table.

The D-backs and the M's have the same number of errors and Fielding Percentage. So how come the D-backs' starters have the second-best ERA in the majors and the M's have the 23rd-best (or eighth-worst)?

Oh, yeah...because the D-backs' starters can pitch.

I can't believe Geoff Baker is actually validating Silva's cop-out. This is "guts"? No, Geoff...guts is when you own up to your own failures without trying to foist the blame onto somebody else.

Posted by NB

12:51 AM, Aug 09, 2008


This kind of crappy public back stabbing while pitching horribly earns praise while a silent Bedard is heaped with ridicule while he gets healthy?

Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous

Posted by Capo

12:56 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Maybe fat ass needs to look in the mirror before "calling out" his teammates. Simply pathetic....his numbers tell the real story, mystery back injury be damned.

Posted by Mariner John

1:04 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Why is Silva trying to be like Ryan Franklin? And why are you approving of it? Silva has been a giant tub of suck this year, along with Batista, Betancourt, Johjima and Vidro. He's lucky he only gave up 4 ER. He had a lead. He can't except the M's to do much against a pitcher of Shields's ilk.

Posted by Z4EC

1:42 AM, Aug 09, 2008

For a guy who's won exactly 1 game in his last 20 starts, he probably wasn't in the best position to go off on his teammates.

And what's with people who keep saying "you know" 3 times in every sentense?

"you know" "you know"

No perhaps I do'nt f$#cking know. Just finish your sentense and stop asking me to guess what you're trying to say.

Posted by Norwester

2:00 AM, Aug 09, 2008


It was that last "FAT" that put me over the edge! ROFLMAO!

Posted by Serg

3:20 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Geoff please stop. You take a shot at Ichiro but fail to mention Silva is just plain terrible. Don't give a guy a forum to rip into his teammates for "underperforming" when he's easily the worst starting pitcher in the AL.

Posted by Matt W

3:49 AM, Aug 09, 2008

It would be interesting to have your view on whether there are people on the team not working hard at their game and not practicing and training hard to be at their best. Only then we truly judge the validity of comments such as those made Silva's interview.

On the face of it Silva's physical condition does not appear to be great and this gives rise to a view that before he criticses others he ought to show more dedication between starts to get himself in the best possible shape rather than get on the mound and expect his defence to come to the rescue when he gets hit.

However this view maybe mistaken based on a lack of understanding of the physical condition pitchers need to be in to pitch at their optimum level.

Covering the team day in and day out this is something which you are best placed to do - any chance of a little more of your insight (without naming names if this is required to maintain your goodwill inthe clubhouse).

Posted by Confused Joe

6:27 AM, Aug 09, 2008

GEOFF! Please cut to the chase -- Who is Silva talking about and what does he mean? He says only half of the team wants to do their best. What's that mean?? Beltre is swinging for the fences too much? Ibanez too? Is he talking about the Triple-A guys? Is he saying people aren't intense enough? Is he calling out Ichiro for focusing on singles? Yuni for mindless errors? PLEASE EXPLAIN!

Posted by Tek Jansen

6:59 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Silva is a bad, overpaid pitcher. By any measure, he has been awful, and I am taking into account the M's bad defense when judging his performance. Remove the W/L record and the ERA, which are poor measures of pitching performance. Every peripheral number from swinging strike percentage to line drive percentage indicates that Silva is a bad starting pitcher. He had made enormous contributions to the M's poor season. The M's problem isn't that they don't "bring it" every day. Their problem lies in the lack of talent that allows them to win only 3 or 4 out of every ten days. And Silva is a part of that lack of talent. If the M's develop and sign good players you will be surprised at how they suddenly "bring it" every day.

Posted by Top pick in 09 draft

7:53 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Silva was in a bad mood because by the time he got to the post-game buffet spread, the good food had disappeared already. He's been a pathetic pitcher since the beginning of May and to me, he has crossed the line from being a stand-up guy to just being a terrible teammate.

Posted by Rudy L

8:01 AM, Aug 09, 2008

I know this is a Mariner blog, but why weren't the Rays even mentioned in today's story. Y'know, they're a division leading team, and this series is big for them, as they try to show they can win on the road.

Not every reader is a Mariner homer. The Silva story is fine. But at least *mention* the other team. It's just like listening to Niehaus/Rizzs. Only one team seems to be playing.

Posted by meagain

8:20 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Until Silva starts naming names, for public consumption, names are speculation. Why did cite Ichiro? The throw to the plate doesn't pass the smell test for justification; nothing casual about it.

Posted by ricofoy

8:21 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Not only is Silva fat but he's stupid too. First he says this.."Maybe half of the team wants to do the best they can". Then he says this. "But maybe half of the team doesn't have that mentality. They are only thinking of finishing strong"
Hey DUMBASS...if EVERYONE finshed STRONG do you think maybe the Mariners might win some games?
I know Silva's anger stems from the fact that he wasn't allowed to particpate in the Coney Island Hot Dog eating contest. Bavasi had originally told him he could go but when Pelokoudas took over he said no. Then McLovin went back to Bill's office and hid under the desk.
I have a feeling one of the guys Silva is talking about is Jody Reed. There's no doubt he's concerned with putting up numbers. And I don't blame him one bit. His career and future are at stake. He doesn't have a fat contract like Fat Silva.

Posted by RagArm

8:34 AM, Aug 09, 2008

The audio file was great. Thanks.

I still think that Carlos is a victim of this team's crappy attitude. His record is awful, yes, but he had good stuff at the first of the year and was going the distance when others were claiming hurt pinky or lazy eye or something.

He was the only one who spoke up months ago claiming something was amiss. He took the chance then and did again last night. The loafing position players like Yuni deserve the criticism. It would be nice for Geoff to name names, however.

Silva's record can't be defended, but his fire, desire to win, and his attempts to point out problems affecting all are lauditory. (if that is a word)

And I've poked fun at his size, but remember Babe Ruth wasn't any great physical speciman. And Cecil Fielder and Kirby Pucket come to mind as well.

Any player who speaks up and admits there is a bad brand of baseball going on in Seattle gets my support.

Posted by Al

8:37 AM, Aug 09, 2008

I still want to know who Silva is referring to in terms of not playing hard and padding their numbers.

Also were you actually watching that ball Ichiro fielded, or are you trying to insinuate that Ichiro is the problem and the one who isn't playing hard enough. I mean seriously he sure is padding his numbers by going 1 for 4 right?

Hey how's Al Reyes doing, didn't he just get DFA'd, sure glad the M's didn't trade for him last year like someone suggested.

Posted by Nat

8:42 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Geoff, you do have a tendency to go with the big mouths, don't you? A big mouth calling out nameless teammates does not a leader make. That is not leadership.

I don't believe he should name names, either. Silva should go directly to that person and have a word with him if he feels so led about someone's or some players (plural) lack of effort. That would take guts. And the public doesn't need to hear a word about it. But Silva mouths off in front of the media. A real class act.

I agree with Norwester's 12:44pm post and NB's 12:51 post- both well-articulated. Bavasi created this monster, perhaps envisioning "real leaders" running around calling players out. As Cesame said, "Screw Bavasi for creating this disaster. For a guy that puts way too much value into team chemistry, he sure doesn't know how to create it."

Don't think for a minute when Silva was acquired that the mandate to be a vocal leader wasn't part of his $48 million dollar package. So, if el bufalo can't pitch up to expectations, he will earn his salary by becoming a so-called vocal leader. Completely ridiculous. As Capo and others have stated, his numbers tell the real story.

And RudyL- why does it surprise you that a Mariners blog dwells on the Mariners? If you google Tampa Ray blogs, you should find at keast one or two blogs that pays homage to TB.

Posted by Mr. X

8:45 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Some players are just concerned with padding stats? Hmmm. I wonder who Silva could have been referring to there? Maybe the same guy who is just concerned with padding his stats every year.

Posted by ragarm

8:46 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Bloomquist for fulltime Shortstop. Yuni to the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. Our utility man cares enough to give 100%. Use him. Attitude is important

Posted by Chris from Bothell

8:49 AM, Aug 09, 2008

That's nice.

A for effort, D for results from Carlos.

a) This came about 2 months too late. Yes, true professionals should put in 100% even on a last-place team, even when the season's obviously over. But c'mon.

b) He does not have the skills to back it up. Hell, I'd take this kind of tirade from Washburn more seriously than I would from Carlos.

c) Effort does not equal results. Beltre and Batista have been playing through injuries, "manning up" as it were; fat lot of good that's done.

d) Name names, man. When he's vaguely threatening to shove people against walls, it's macho b.s. that thinly disguises his frustration at his own inadequacy. If he's calling specific people out, THEN it's about accountability.

Posted by ricofoy

9:00 AM, Aug 09, 2008

If I were one of the players putting up numbers, I would be pissed at Silva for pitching like crap.
It's pretty obvious who he could be talking about. Silva thinks that if you go 3 for 4 but the team loses, you should be throwing f-bombs and stewing in the locker room. Because if you do that, it will help the team win more games. Give me a fricking break! If we had 9 Ichiros or 9 Rauls or 9 Lopezs or whoever the hell else he could be talking about that's actually having a decent year, the team would have a better record than 9 Silvas.

Posted by pbk13

9:00 AM, Aug 09, 2008


You gotta define your terms. What the hell does "padding his stats" really mean? That he selfishly is hitting home runs? Doubles? How does that translate into hurting the team? This is not basketball where you have ball hogs who won't pass the ball. Same question to you, Mrs. X. What do you mean by that comment?

The problem is that players aren't hitting. They aren't pitching.

As for Silva, even though his ERA is huge, he's so fat he hasn't seen it for years.

Posted by meagain

9:01 AM, Aug 09, 2008

X's comment--who could have seen that coming?--is a perfect example of why Silva's remarks, and Geoff's, are not done properly.

I assume Geoff is pulling the old journalistic trick perfected to an art by Bob Novak. Name the implied name(s) later in the article. But until he comes right out with it, it's only an implication. Speculators will take it wherever they like.

Silva needs to name the accused directly, or keep it behind closed doors.

Posted by Chris from Bothell

9:06 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Read through the comments again... who else could Carlos be talking about except Yuni, Adrian or Ichiro?

We've all read about Yuni's laid back attitude, and Adrian hanging out with the Vidro/Sexson no-extra-practice crowd, and Ichiro's aloofness and dedication to his own stretching/conditioning has been well documented (hi Mr. X, what a shock to see you in this thread).

Unless Balentien, Reed and Clement are playing XBox before games or something.

As much as I think Carlos is the wrong guy to do this, it's nice to see Felix taking all this in. I think he's about 2 good seasons, or 1 all-star appearance, from being able to credibly go off like this himself. Now if Felix lived up to his potential on the field, AND took it on himself to get in guys' faces and be a clubhouse leader.... wow, that could be impressive for many years... all the more reason to sign Felix to an extension soon...

Posted by Roscoe

9:08 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Ridiculous... M's just won 3 of 4 vs playoff teams.. playing some of their toughest and exciting games all seasons..

Who the heck is he talking about? Yuni and Ichiro??

Please we all know Yuni just stinks.. and doesnt fall into a category of putting up stats... his numbers are horrific.. i fail to see how he's all about padding his stats.. have u looked at his stats?

Silva is just a giant cry baby who has run out of excuses for why he has a 6 ERA and is being paid 12 million a season..

This tirade would make alot more sense if the M's were in a losing streak... but given how they have been playing some of their best ball the last week, with comeback wins.. I really think it's absurd to say half the team isnt trying.. cause i dont believe that.. Who isnt trying?

Clement, Wlad, Lopez, Ibanez, Reed, Lahair? These guys all look to be playing very hard and producing..

I really think he's talking about Ichiro and Betancourt... and if that's the case he need to pipe down about Ichiro.. and he can go ahead and slam Betancourt vs a wall if it makes him feel better..

Posted by Tek Jansen

9:12 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Well, if padding one's stats are selfish, then Silva is an unselfish player. He sacrifices all of his stats so that the opponents can look good. The man is a saint. Sure, he could have strikeouts, a low ERA, a high GB%, but he is simply too unselfish. He goes out there and lets the opposing players hit line drive after line drive. And don't forget, sometimes he will leave the game after only 2 or 3 innings so that he can unselfishly allow the relief pitchers can play in the game. We can only hope that other Mariner players will soon follow Silva's lead.

Posted by Scanman

9:35 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Maybe Silva’s veiled reference to Ichiro has to do with the way Ichiro plays the game----SAFE with little or no risk. Take his hitting for example, we all have heard about the homerun power he has and many who attend batting practice have seen it. But in the games he plays it safe and goes for ground ball singles knowing that if he puts any loft to it the ball maybe caught.
The same thing happens on the base paths. He only tries to steal when its easy, not like Willie who has stolen bases when the other team knows that is what he is going to do.
And finally, in the field Ichiro plays a very safe low risk style. He doesn’t dive for balls or try for the spectacular play. If he did so, sure he might get hurt or not and I think the biggest reason, he might commit an error.
This is how some people perceive Ichrio’s game and maybe its how Silva sees it. Like a lot of us he probably wishes Ichrio would go ahead and take a few more risks and also to swing for the fences once in a while.

Posted by Tek Jansen

9:46 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Yes, Ichiro refuses to unselfishly run into outs and hurt himself. What a selfish, selfish player. He has lazed his way to being only 2nd in the AL in both infield hits and stolen bases.

Silva unselfishly keeps himself in poor shape and decides to play it dangerously with his straight fastballs that he pipes down the middle of the plate.

Maybe its just me, but Silva has more to learn from Ichiro than Ichiro has to learn from Silva.

Posted by Slik Doggg

9:52 AM, Aug 09, 2008

So I was at the game last night and spent a good amount of time watching it from behind the bullpen. I'm not exaggerating when I say that Miguel Batista didn't watch one minute of the game the entire time I was out there. That sorry excuse of a pitcher spent the entire time hitting of some chick in the crowd, then talking to his "boy" who was wearing the Red Sox hat. That chump needs to start paying some attention so maybe he can pick up a few pointers as to what it takes to be a successful pitcher in the bigs. It seemed pretty obvious to me that he rather be on our side of the fence hanging out rather than spending any amount of time talking with his fellow player. Batista….YOU SUCK!

Posted by Tek Jansen

9:57 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Silk Doggg -- to be fair to Batista, he isn't going to pick up any pointers while watching Silva.

Posted by FG

9:58 AM, Aug 09, 2008

My understanding is we are paying Silva 12 million dolalrs/yr for 4 yrs.

I have been to two games this year. The first was the series opener against Detroit this spring. Silva pitched. 5 minutes into the game he had gotten 1 out and given up 7 runs.

Look in the mirror Chief. Maybe other guys are mailing it in and you haven't. But my understanding is teamates don't listen to incredible underachievers, which you are.

Get YOUR act together, and then maybe you can exert some positive influence over guys you perceive as not giving their all.

Posted by AZ Mariner

9:59 AM, Aug 09, 2008

You want to know who Silva's talking about? Ask yourself these questions... who is unwilling to take a few pitches to work the pitcher? who is unwilling to bunt a guy over? who is unwilling to hit the ball to the opposite side of the field to make sure you advance a runner?

I'm guessing it's Yuni, Beltre, Johjima... maybe Lopez (even if he is hitting well right now). But I'm only guessing.

Posted by Tek Jansen

10:07 AM, Aug 09, 2008

AZ Mariner -- Are they unwilling, or incapable?

One of my problems with Silva's comment is that he seems to believe that if the team just "tried" it could do better.

Yuni is willing to bunt, but he is bad at it. Kenji is a dead pull hitter, so hitting to the right side isn't going to work out well, even if he tries. It is like asking Silva to throw the ball harder and get more strikeouts. I'm sure he tries, but he simply can't do it.

Posted by Esteban

10:07 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Looks like we have somebody ‘who can light a fire under everyone.’ So, do we still need Jose Guillen and his contract? Just my opinion, mind you, but it seems to me that we have plenty of ‘accountable’ types here, guys ready to parlay their ‘veteran grit’ into good ‘chemistry’ and ‘culture’. Personally, I’d kind of like more ‘selfish’ players, you know, the ones that can actually pitch, hit and play defense. Insane idea, huh?

BTW, does being a good ballplayer automatically make you 'selfish' here in Mariner-land?

Posted by Esteban

10:21 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Regarding Tek Jansen’s comments at 9:12 and 9:46:

Well said. It really puzzles me to find that there is seemingly a strong correlation in a lot of people’s minds (fans, the media, and seemingly even players) between being competent at one’s job as a baseball player and being ‘selfish’. This despite the fact that baseball is probably the least team-oriented of the three major American sports. Where does this odd notion come from, I wonder?

Posted by M Dogg

10:23 AM, Aug 09, 2008

"So, do we still need Jose Guillen and his contract?" At the risk of stirring up the Guillen hornets nest again, at least Guillen can back up his criticism with solid play. If Silva wants to lead by example, he might start by getting his ERA a digit or two lower.

Posted by Nat

10:26 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Tek Jansen- I couldn't agree with you more- Silva should be put up for a humanitarian award with his unselfish numbers- amazing! And generous- why, he makes the other team feel right at home with all the runs he gives up to them!

And I second your conclusion- Silva COULD learn more from Ichiro than Ichiro from Silva. If he wasn't so hell-bent on looking for escape goats rather than owning up for his own inadequacies as a pitcher.

Posted by 11Records

10:26 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Yeah, Ichiro has really been hurting the team with his 14 game hitting streak.

Admittedly - there were situations last night in which a stolen base by Ichiro (Or Yuni) would have put them in scoring position with 2 outs. But, if Ichiro's leg is bothering him, then you can't get on him too much for not stealing bases. As to Yuni - this was supposed to be a point of emphasis for him this season. And, he's tried to steal 4 times, and he's 2 for 4. That's ridiculous. You need your 9 hitter to swipe some bags. Way to waste Rich Amaral's time in S.T., Yuni!

Honestly - Bloomquist isn't a long term solution, and he has less range than Yuni, but if he'd probably make less errors... And, he's a better offensive player than Yuni. Better baserunner. More selective hitter, albeit with less pop... I'd be down with playing Bloomquist at SS at least part time the rest of the year.

I think the M's have to try to find another solution at SS for next year. And, there's no one in the organization ready to play the position at an above average major league level. Rafael Furcal will be a free agent. I know he's an injury risk, but when healthy he's a brilliant player. If they can get him to sign a relatively short term (2 or 3 years) deal, they should try to make a move. In 2 or 3 years, Triunfel should be ready to take over. He's 18, and for the last 5 weeks he's been dominating in high A ball.

Posted by Tom

10:29 AM, Aug 09, 2008

I agree with the post which suggested starting Bloomquist in place of Betancourt for a while. Sure, Bloomquist lacks Betancourt's potential, but if he had played SS all season, he would have committed a fraction of the errors Betancourt has. Some of Yuni's numerous lack-of-concentration errors, like last night's, have just killed competitive games. Got to be frustrating to be the pitcher in that situation. Good for Silva.

Posted by nature

10:38 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Silva is my new hero for the day.

Reading into it (which may not be fair) but with Felix standing two feet away and smiling you gotta figure he agrees.

Now certainly Carlos can get some criticism for his part. But he's not "wrong". He's dead on.

And give him a break. He's basically calling out Yuni for being lazy and possibly costing Silva his his second win in 20 starts.

I think he's got a right to be pissed especially on the night he pitches and pitches OK.

And you never know... maybe this will motivate the other "half" of the team that is trying hard to step up and call out the slackers.

This team needs someone to speak up. And we know it won't be Ichiro. It won't be our youth movement. Raul?

We've got Silva for a few more years. Maybe, just maybe, it might be worth getting behind at least his words a little bit. That is unless you enjoy watching the big guy suck.

just my 2 cents. you deserve change.

Posted by 11Records

10:39 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Hey -

This makes no sense, but it would be kind of fun...

I'm sure Omar Vizquel has cleared waivers already. The M's should take him off the Giants' hands for essentially nothing and let him finish his career as a Mariner. Let Yuni watch a professional at work for a few weeks.

For a team in the M's situation, I wouldn't suggest bringing in an old guy at any position in which they can be developing a legitimate prospect, for instance - I'd rather see Wlad in the OF than Ken Griffey Jr, but at SS - we've seen enough of Yuni and his 50 walks in 500 games to know that he's probably never going to be a very good player.

To clear a spot on the roster, they could release Miguel Cairo.

Posted by scrapiron

10:43 AM, Aug 09, 2008

In the pre-season Silva was raving that the left side of the defense (Beltre, Yuni) was the 'best in baseball" and how "strong we were up the middle" (Yuni, Lopez). As a groundball pitcher, he thought he'd have solid defense behind him and have a good season. Silva pitches to contact and absolutely depends on his defense to help him out.

Beltre had held his part defensively, but any groundballs hit up the middle are not sure outs. Lopez is playing okay, but doesn't have the range we all thought he would have. This hurts Silva.

Shortstop has to be the biggest disappointment for Silva. Yuni was supposed to be the wizard with the glove, and time after time makes routine throws an adventure and is out of position on hits in his range. He should have learned the hitters by now, and is regressing. This is hurting Silva, and the team, more than anything else. The Mariners have expected their shortstop to be in the mold of Ozzie Smith. You know, great glove, not such a great hitter. That's fine as long as you get all-star defense every night. Yuni is not providing that.

As far as being a team player, McLaren said in spring training he expected Yuni to steal 20 bases this year. He now has 2. His refusal to steal and get in scoring position to help the team is selfish. Let's face it, Ichiro has stopped stealing because he's trying to save his body in a lost season.

Let Yuni sit for a while. Play Tug. Bloomquist is not a threat to Yuni's job. Let Tug play for a couple of weeks and Yuni can go to the batting cage and work on his bunting.

Posted by scrapiron

10:48 AM, Aug 09, 2008

11records - That actually is not a bad idea. Miguel Cairo was signed this off season to "push Lopez". Maybe that worked and is why Lopez is having a good second half this year. So sign Omar Vizquel to "push Yuni". Let Yuni know before the season is done that they are going to give Carlos Truinfel a shot to earn the shortstop job in Spring Training. If he doesn't come to ST next year focused with his job on the line, you know it's time to move on.

Posted by scottM

10:54 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Yeah, those José Guillen hornets. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

It's a two-way street with Silva. The M's overpaid, yes, but Silva's frustration is that he will be on this team for three more seasons. He's has the alpha dog personality, and, yes, he only looked impressive his first few starts in April. His performance doesn't warrant doing what José Guillen did so effectively last season, but no one else has stepped forward to lead. This interview speaks volumes about the leadership void that still exists with the M's.

I watched Felix warming up before the opening game with the Rays. He was visibly nervous, working hard to focus, determined, and ready to go to work. He gave up four hits and one run through seven. That's the attitude that IS missing with Yuni, and a few others. The new guys playing seem to bring a fresh intensity.

Pitchers hate errors behind them more than anything. How many Yuni/Lopez lack of focus errors have these pitchers endured this season. At what point in this frustrating season do they have the right to come unglued.

It would sure be nice to see Silva come to camp next year 40 pounds lighter, with this resolve, better pitching, AND an infield behind him playing ever game like it matters.

Posted by MichaelGross

11:05 AM, Aug 09, 2008

OK Geoff, it's time for you to be a REAL journalist and start naming names. WHO is just trying to pad his stats (besides veiled references to Ichiro)?What do other Mariners (besides pitchers) feel about Silva's comments? The only time we ever hear about players' not fitting in is after they're traded.

If this was a news story in any other part of the newspaper, we'd expect to hear a little more depth, a little more exploration. Don't use the lame excuse that you have to cover these folks daily - dig, explore, and print. That's what real journalists do.

Posted by Adam

11:32 AM, Aug 09, 2008

Some players are just concerned with padding stats? Hmmm. I wonder who Silva could have been referring to there? Maybe the same guy who is just concerned with padding his stats every year.

I wondered how long it would take Mr. X to say this...

Posted by ken

11:36 AM, Aug 09, 2008

A strong example needs to be made of a few slackers we have that just aren't making an effort - Yuni needs to be optioned to Tacoma for a few weeks and replaced by Tug Hulett as one example. I would like to see Joh, who hasn't played in the past 4 games, get optioned out and replaced by Rob Johnson. This would send a loud message to the rest of the team that unless you make adjustments, you have no future with this team. Maybe Joh will decide his future is best spent returning to the Japanese league. Batista needs to be called on the carpet by Norm C, our bullpen coach, if he isn't watching the game and paying attention.

Posted by A Parent

11:40 AM, Aug 09, 2008

If Silva can honestly say he's given it 100% for the entire season, then he should give some of his money back because his best is pretty damned bad.

The guy has an ERA of nearly 6. His ERA for the month of May? 11.00. His ERA for the month of July was over 7.

He's part of the problem of this team, the hitters should be lynching him up in a hurry.

Posted by Walla Walla Girl

11:57 AM, Aug 09, 2008

"Yeah, those José Guillen hornets. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ."

Ha ha, that's funny right there!!!

I've read through these posts. I'm glad Silva went off on his teammates, even if he hasn't been the best pitcher in the world. At least he cares about winning. We need more players who give a rat's a** about winning and put out their best efforts every day.

We are getting fresh energy and effort from the young guys who have been called up. Hooray for the youths!

Posted by Nat

12:16 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Slow news day, Geoff? Pleeeze. Way too much relevance given to Silva's remarks. If he was speaking of Yuni - which he wasn't (Yuni padding his stats?) then calling out nameless teammates to turn up the jets is as stupid as it gets. That nameless calling out crap doesn't strilke me as being tough or helpful to anyone - but is about as divisive as can be.

We all saw Yuni throw the ball over first base, a reflection of his lack of focus. Nobody has to call hiim out, as Riggleman will make sure he hears about it. And Silva wasn't calling Yuni out. So wondering who else Silva is calling out - why, let's all scrutinize the OTHER players.

Hmmm...could it be that was Silva's intention all along- move the spotlight to his fellow team players rather than have anyone scrutinize him?

Posted by Waz

12:23 PM, Aug 09, 2008

4-13 for Silva? and I hope M's not let him pitch anymore, he lost 13 games for us and that is pretty hurt the team.

I cant wait for Morrow to stretch out and getting ready to replace for him. I'll pray that he will do good in next start in Tacoma. I think he will.

Ibanez made a great defensive play. Balentien finally hit his fifth homerun and he's getting better, LaHair is doing awesome too with lot of singles.

Posted by Eburg T

12:39 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Tits is calling people out? Does he really think he's had the performance this year that allows him to do that. This is hilarious. A big part of our problem is that we're giving a AAAA pitcher $48 million over four years. If he really wants to change things, he should give some of that money up, rather than calling out Ichiro, of all people. Other than that, he should just shut up and waddle out every five days. We've already got him on a countdown until we can send him packing like Vidro, Washburn and all the other horrible Bavasi acquisitions. It just so happens that his has another 3+ years on it.

Posted by Rudy L

1:18 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Nat, Geoff --

When I say I want the Rays mentioned, I mean in the Times story, not this blog. Of course this is an M's blog. But I expect the actual newspaper to cover the entire game, including mentioning the Rays. That's what's required in a major-league baseball story.

Posted by meagain

1:31 PM, Aug 09, 2008

RudyL: I have a hunch that the editors had more to do with that omission than Geoff. Geoff may be a gloomy Gus, but he's a pretty good sports writer.

Of course, I'm just indulging in more speculation.

Posted by Adam

1:32 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Geoff - Have you heard whether the Mariners have had any bites on Washburn now that he's cleared waivers?

Both NY teams could use the guy. Let's hope Lee P. comes to his senses and just takes the freakin' salary dump...

Posted by Nat

1:42 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Rudy L- there's a really good story on Tampa Bay, specifically re: Troy Percival, in the Seattle P.I. you might like:

Geoff was doing double duty with his Silva story both in the Times and the blog entry, with nothing much to say about Tampa Bay. He works hard though, so we should give him a break:)

Posted by jan marie

1:42 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Sorry Mariner fans, but I have to agree with the "Chief"! When WAS the last time Raul, Ichiro, Adrian, J-Lo, or Willie showed up to play???? And these kids Clement, Lahair, Reed, Morrow et al, when will they learn this is a TEAM game and stop trying to pad their own stats? And don't even get me started on those bullpen prima-donnas like Lowe, J.J., Jiminez, and Morrow again! Yep, until the rest of his under-achieving teammates start putting "Bison" first and start scoring 7-8 runs for him, then I'm afraid Carlos will want to take his team leadership and under 7 ERA elsewhere.

Posted by Geos

2:02 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Geoff, man up as a reporter.. and ask Silva if he feels he's giving "100%".. or make him name names if he's gonna keep calling people out his teammates in the media..

Or ask him if being overweight and disgusting looking maybe hurts his effectiveness

Posted by NightGame

2:10 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Padding stats? I don't get the "padding stats" comment. Nobody on the M's has any stats worth padding. But someone on the starting rotation does seem to have too much "padding" under his uniform. Not being in shape is a sure sign of not having the winning attitude. Buffalo needs to use that fire in his gut to burn the blubber on his waistline.

Posted by bavasisucks

2:42 PM, Aug 09, 2008

RagArm your stupid.
For one thing, i think its obvious to everyone here that lopez is putting everything but not effort
aka hitting streak, .308 average, etc, etc, etc.

Posted by Brian

3:37 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Give me a break.

Silva sucks, and attempts to deflect the attention of that suckiness with crap like this. Why wasn't he calling out Wash, who's been as big a distraction as anyone wanting his own catcher? What about Bedard, who has himself on a self-imposed pitch count?

To say all the pitchers are giving 100% is ludicrous and shows just how little we should be listening to the 'Chief' (and his going third person invalidates EVERYTHING he might have to say).

Posted by RagArm

4:03 PM, Aug 09, 2008


your post didn't really make any sense. I suggest you go back for your third year of 9th grade.

Lopez is hitting, true, but his fielding is not so great and his energy on second is low. Earlier this season, I remember watching him let a routine grounder go right between his legs and he just shrugged his shoulders. He has his good nights, but I bet he has made more errors this year than Bret Boone did in his career.

One thing you and I agree on is that Bill Bavasi Sucks!

But overall, I think Carlos will brand you, "El Stupido!"

Posted by Cheeseburger

4:21 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Geos, good call.

Silva talks tough to the reports and calls his team out but where is his dedication to being in shape.

If he really wanted to win, he wouldn't look like Bartolo Colon.

He's being paid big money, the least he could do is put down the fork.

He's all talk. Wow, he tries really hard every 5th day, big deal. Try hard 7 days a week and get in shape.

Posted by Brian

4:23 PM, Aug 09, 2008

RagArm, talk about selective amnesia. Lopez has 9 errors this year, Boone had 10, 7, 7, and 14 in his 4 years here.

Posted by Sean

4:39 PM, Aug 09, 2008

RRS posted a new blog enty about his upcoming start tonight:


Posted by Sounders

4:43 PM, Aug 09, 2008

I know Stottlemeier is some kind of big shot, and recovering from something, and he lives in Issiquah, but why can't we get a decent pitching coach?

Why can't we get someone like St. Louis has, someone that can make Joel Piniero look good?

Bryan Price wasn't bad. Where'd he go?

Veteran grit in the coaches hasn't looked so great either. Best coaching staff ever??????? Yuni is still flailing, the hitters and pitchers don't look like they have a plan, etc etc etc ad nauseum

Posted by tugboatcritic

4:45 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Perhaps a better question to ask Geoff: Was there ever, at any point any proof that the M's priced themselves out of trading Washburn? Most of what I have seen is centered around blog speculation, now taken as evidence in its customary form. It would seem that the Yanks certainly need a pitcher, now, and if they were really interested, would have put a claim in on him.

Factually, the M's actually reduced what was already a stagnant payroll during the last re-build. So, given the propensity of taking the salary dump in order to shift the resources works provided that the resources are shifted, and not pocketed.

Recent history (last 6 years or so) suggests otherwise. So, if the locals get their way and we are in a re-building mode, and the M's agree, just what guarantee do we have that the money is re-distributed? Sounds a bit like conjecture and subjective reasoning that would contradict the Scientific Method.

Changing out Washburn is fine. Same with Ibanez. I would like some return value for each. I think that Pelekudous doesn't need to regain his senses to see this.

Posted by J. Hicks

11:20 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Carlos Silva should just shut up. Poor 4-13 record plus giving up the most homers (17), doesn't give him the right to criticize others. Silva should strive to improve pitching performance before opening his mouth up again.

Posted by RustyJohn

8:54 PM, Aug 10, 2008

Let me get this, like every other job, bases success on stats. If a team scores more runs than another- they win. If a business brings in more money than they spend they are productive. For the individual player, this involves striving for better stats- by getting hits, stealing bases, hitting homeruns, driving in runs, scoring runs, getting on base, etc...

So, Silva has made these comments before- he has said something to the effect of, "All some people want to do is get their two hits each night and go home."

Well bravo for them if they do- cause that would mean your team would get 18 hits which would probably result in you winning, you dumb fat tub of lard.

Are there some players that go up to the plate with runners on and say, "I'm not going to hit right now, I'll hit when the bases are empty." Of course not. Is he pissed because there are players who are not giving up outs to "advance the runner"? I think we discovered about 30 years ago that the stupidest thing you can do is give up outs to move runners 90 feet.

Silva should really just shut up and go away. You give 100%? Thank God you don't give 110%, otherwise your ERA would be 7.00 and you'd be 1-16.

When you start showing up prepared (and the best way to be prepared is to not show up in camp in February 50 pounds overweight) then maybe you might have grounds to complain.

I think this month I will show up for work, get nothing done and then call out all my co-workers. Then my boss will say, "It took a lot of guts for Russ to rip on everybody, considering how much he's sucked for the past month."

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