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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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August 8, 2008 5:18 PM

Drayer, Capuano out

Posted by Geoff Baker


In the photo above, see Shannon Drayer and Cara Capuano, both on the far right (closest to the stands), walking past the area behind home plate last night following Raul Ibanez's game-winning home run in what would be their final M's game worked this season. Capuano is furthest to the right.

A couple of fixtures for those listening to Mariners broadcasts on both KOMO 1000 radio and FSN television won't be on the airwaves any more this season. While it had been known for some time that Cara Capuano was doing her final broadcast work on M's games -- and for FSN -- last night, the news today that radio sideline reporter Shannon Drayer had been let go came as a shock.

I rode up in the elevator with both last night after we'd all done post-game interviews. Drayer was wishing Capuano, whose contract was up at the network, well in her efforts to land with another network. She didn't sound like someone who knew she'd also worked her final Mariners game of 2008. Then today, news came that Drayer would not continue to work M's games this season. It's a tough business. From what I'm told, KOMO will no longer be sending a reporter on the road with the team or doing any post-game interviews. Drayer also wrote a very interesting blog that I had checked out routinely, including right before coming to the ballpark just today. She had good insights. Hopefully, we'll see her get picked up by KIRO when they take over M's broadcasts next season.

Either way, it's disappointing to see both go.

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Posted by Chris from Bothell

5:42 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Oh no!
Capuano I could take or leave, but Shannon Drayer has always been farily insightful on the post-game shows, and put in a lot of effort to work well with the team. She could be sympathetic to the players w/o being a shill for the team. Really hope KIRO or similar does the right thing and picks her up.

Posted by Nat

5:47 PM, Aug 08, 2008

I don't pretend to know why her and not someone else, but good luck Shannen- hope to see you next year on KIRO!

Posted by ancient mariner

5:53 PM, Aug 08, 2008

It's a tough business. Good luck.

Posted by whocares

6:01 PM, Aug 08, 2008

there's always someone younger, hotter, and smarter (see chick on the far left)......don't see how anyone is going to lose sleep over this "news"

Posted by Bruce

6:05 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Whocares: insightful and classy.

Posted by Harsh

6:14 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Sorry Geoff, but I for one will not be missing Shannon's "interesting" blog about which players do or do not tease her about her height. Hopefully her next employer requires more substance in her writing. Tough business, probably. But I would never be paying the salary for her work.

Posted by CMH

6:21 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Fisher Broadcasting is a half-assed operation and will be creamed by KIRO (Bonneville) next year. At least finish out the year with the broadcast team.

Posted by GetJimmy

6:23 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Noooooo! Cara Capuano, the love of my life, is gone!!! Ah well, guess it's back to Erin Andrews.....

Posted by Jeff

6:48 PM, Aug 08, 2008

This is a bad and classless way for KOMO to wrap up its run with the Ms. I'm really bummed about Shannon - what a great reporter she is. I can't imagine what it's like to try to bring a new perspective to or keep a continual interest in the worst team in baseball each day, and I commend her (and Baker) for keeping us fans more than adequately informed.

I'm sure KIRO will be the first to call her, if they're smart at least.

Posted by 11Records

7:19 PM, Aug 08, 2008

1 question about the M's lineup tonight... Isn't Jeremy Reed the teams 2nd best defensive outfielder? Then why is he DH'ing?

Anyway - Hopefully Wlad does a good job out there tonight. And, I guess they don't want to move Raul out of LF for some weird fear that it'll knock him out of his hot streak with the lumber.

Posted by Dugan

7:26 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Reed is the DH because the manager and front office are clueless in Seattle.

Posted by bellinghamster

7:26 PM, Aug 08, 2008

I really will miss Shannon. I listen to pretty much every game and enjoyed her interviews and opinion greatly. Hopefully, we'll here from her again soon!

Posted by DownonStrikes

7:58 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Naw, Geoff, it was time for both of em to hit the bricks. I'm happy. Now if Dave and Rick would get their walking papers and rally fries die the sun would shine again.

Posted by its only a game

8:10 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Are you fricken serious? Shannon Drayer is TERRIBLE!!!! She makes my ear's bleed when she talks. No enthusiasm, always sounds depressed. She brought KOMO down and I can't believe they're only NOW canning her. 5 years too late. Good riddance.

KOMO radio will be gone in a year. Nobody wants to hear the same story every hour ALL day long.

Good luck KIRO.

Posted by grey

8:15 PM, Aug 08, 2008

It's another sign of an awful season. Up in Juneau, don't have cable TV, but was finally in a position to watch a game. Turned to FSN and it's Mack Strong talking Seahawk football.

Sigh, now I know the season is truly lost.

Posted by Snorgtroll

8:41 PM, Aug 08, 2008

I thought both Drayer and Capuano were ok. While Drayer was good, she was depressing and could bring the broadcast down in some ways. Unfortuantely, the moves made on the broadcast are the wrong one. The Mariners need to get rid of Blowers and maybe Dave Sims. Mike Blowers is boring and depressing. He never gets to excited, or really depressed. Mike Blowers brings everyone, including Dave Niehaus down. The Sports Radio people in Portland consistently laugh at Blowers he's so depressing. As far Sim, he seems to eager to impress everyone. Thank God he's toned it down from last year and insisting on using those colorful baseball terms on every freaking play and AB. When Dave Valle filled in for Mike Blowers, when I am assuming he was on vacation Dave Sims wasn't too bad of an announcer, so I am willing to give him a chance, but Mike Blowers need to be relieved of his duties from Mariners broadcasts ASAP!!

Posted by bracher

10:05 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Hate to see Drayer go. She's pretty knowledgeable and if she sounds a little down about this season, who isn't?

Compared to the folk at USSMariner, she's a ray of sunshine.

I hope she finds herself in a better place next year, with an organization with a lot more class than KOMO/Fox. I wonder why they couldn't have waited til this horrible season was over before dumping her (and Capuano).

And not to be too negative, but why are Sims and Ricky still around?

Posted by msb

10:18 PM, Aug 08, 2008

just a reminder, Drayer is/was employed by KOMO; SIms & Blowers are employed by the Mariners.

Posted by jim_h

10:25 PM, Aug 08, 2008

Salary dump by the networks. It's unfortunate, especially for Shannon. I think she was terrific. She brought a lot of class to her reports.

Posted by adovelikeboy

10:36 PM, Aug 08, 2008

That's a shame about Shannon Drayer. She brings more insight and wit to her reports than the rest of the KOMO crew. She rarely gives the impression of having been at the company Kool Aid either. I'll miss her.

Posted by Miles

11:26 PM, Aug 08, 2008

KOMO letting Drayer go now is pretty crappy. Yeah, their contract is up and they are moving on, but saving a month or so of salary seems pretty horrible (unless her contract was up after the year anyway and she's getting paid the rest of the way - then I'm not so mad).

I won't be surprised to see here at KIRO. People may not remember, but she was a solid Seahawks reporter/expert on KJR before she went to KOMO. Seems like the perfect person to have on KIRO since they will have both.

Or maybe KJR will hire her back if they lose some people to KIRO themselves.

Posted by MarinersFan51

11:55 PM, Aug 08, 2008

I can;t believe that they let Shannon Drayer go. She was so insightful. That was a stupid move

Posted by Dave from the flustered coast

12:04 AM, Aug 09, 2008

KOMO has obviously given up on the season if they've curtailed Shannon Drayers' activities. She was great, insightful, and wasn't afraid to speak her mind when it came to how lousy this season's been for the M's. That's a shame. I've been listening to Ms. Drayer for YEARS. KOMO radio has made a stupid, bungling move. Can Nicole Zoomer-zoomer's days be numbered, too? I read up on her, and her broadcasting past hasn't been all that successful. Oh, I forgot, she's eye-candy, so she'll get to keep her job.

Posted by 7hourlinedrive

2:44 PM, Aug 09, 2008

I, too, could take or leave Cara Capuano (along with Angie Mentink AND Brad Adam), but to let Shannon Drayer go like this, with a month and a half left in the season, is a bad move.

Shannon brought considerable credibility to the Mariners broadcasts, from her featury pieces in the "Beyond The Baselines" to her post-game coverage. She has a great perspective on the big picture of today's baseball and particular insight on the Mariners because she made the most of her relationship with the players, in the locker room, on the team airplane, etc. She made great effort to know them as people and yet maintain objectivity and journalist integrity.

Depressing? Wow. I didn't know reporters were hired to be bubbly or "enthusiastic". Well, maybe on the TV side they are (since that's what Capuano, Mentink, Zaloumas, etc., seem to be best at), but Shannon's strength was delivering the material without being a sycophantic cheerleader.

From listening to other teams' broadcasts through the season, I'm convinced the Mariners' package of pre-game, game and post-game is the best. But it will only suffer through the balance of the season without Drayer's work.

Hopefully, KIRO does not hesitate to include Shannon Drayer to its coverage next season.

I'm curious who some people think should replace Niehaus and Rizzs. You'd be hard-pressed to find others better around the game. And Blowers and Valle are just fine, for a lot of the same reasons Drayer succeeded. They each have great insight for the game (by having been in it) and deliver their info with a certain care for the team and the individuals involved with professional objectivity.

And I wouldn't be concerned with what those paragons of broadcast excellence at The Fan in Portland have to say. They're amateurs at best and largely jealous because they're stuck at The Fan in Portland.

And compared to the fine folks at USSMariner, Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi and Debbie Downer would be brilliant rays of baseball optimism.

Posted by Hughesie

3:31 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Now if we as listeners/viewers can only vote to get rid of that Angie (gawd she's dumb) and Brad Adam (he's not funny or insightful) our following of the M's will improve

Posted by ronrob

8:12 PM, Aug 09, 2008

Shannon's blog is still posted at the MyOhMy location above. If you don't think she knew her job, check out the Aug. 3rd entry on Lopez and Betancourt. Told me a lot more about those two guys than anyone else has.

Posted by ronrob

8:16 PM, Aug 09, 2008

If you don't think Shannon knew her job, check out her blog entry for Aug. 3. She tells me more about Lopez & Betancourt & their personalities than anyone else has.

Posted by Dave Hall

9:38 PM, Aug 09, 2008

I listen to and read Shannon's stuff because she gets it. Baseball is a lot more than stats, and by being a solid, highly-professional reporter, the ballplayers current and past respect her, and reveal truths that most sports reporters never elicit. Depressing? Naw, just well-modulated. Of course, those seeking comfort in banal cliches and superficial chats will do well to look elsewhere. Besides, Shannon is exceptionally courteous to her audience, and that's unfortunately a rare trait in reporters as a whole. KIRO will definitely benefit from having her superb understanding of the game, the continuity with the team, and great credibility with fans.

Posted by putzy

11:54 AM, Aug 10, 2008

what a bunch of cry babies here !

Posted by radiofan

4:35 PM, Aug 16, 2008

I'll listen to the broadcast games - because I don't get it on tv. Niehaus and Rizzs are THE best at radio broadcast. But I am not listnening to the pre and post with those other KOMO yahoos. Shannon was the only one who could figure out what was actually going on. She never tried to make a big deal out of nothing nor puff up her ego with stupid speculation - it was always about the real guys and about baseball.

KOMO deserves to lose the contact. Hopefully Shannon will be back with Mariner baseball or she will have a better opportunity elsewhere. Stupid KOMO.

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