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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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July 27, 2008 2:36 PM

"That's not the same Washburn!''

Posted by Geoff Baker

tor0727 040.jpg

A stunned Blue Jays slugger Alex Rios (image may not be an exact likeness) watches as one of his two popouts and groudouts goes into the history books this afternoon. Rios had been .389 lifetime off Jarrod Washburn, but goes hitless today in a 5-1 win for Seattle. Washburn went eight innings, then was pulled at 101 pitches to allow J.J. Putz some work. Washburn could easily have gone longer, but allows just four hits and one run in notching the win.

He has not looked the same for two months. If Washburn had pitched like this all year, the M's might not be looking to trade him. Or, maybe they still would be. In any case, this was likely Washburn's final start for the M's and he goes out victorious.

By the way, as to whether this bolster's Washburn's trade values, this post says the Yankees are holding firm. That they'll take on Washburn's salary -- which many of us envisioned as a dream scenario back in May -- but will not include a top prospect (like Brett Gardner) in the deal. And there you have a reason for the trade holdup.

Perhaps this latest Washburn outing did strengthen Seattle's position. What you have right now appears to be a game of "chicken" where the first guy to blink winds up on the side of the road. What would help Seattle's position now, as I've said before, is a bidding war. A second team getting involved. If that doesn't happen, the M's may have to call New York's bluff and wait this out until Thursday, or blink.

Washburn talked after the game about how an improved change-up has benefitted him most during this two-month stretch of success. He's lowered his ERA down to 4.50, a drop of more than two runs since June.

"To me, the toughest part was trusting the grip and throwing it like a fastball with the exact same arm-speed,'' Washburn said. "That's the biggest thing, is you try to fool the hitters by selling it with the same delivery.''

He sold it today. The Blue Jays looked off-balance all-day. For HenryTracks in the comments thread, it's not just about fly balls and groundballs and dividing up ratios and stuff. It's how solidly those balls have been hit off him. Washburn didn't give up any hard-hit balls, other than the John McDonald home run.

You can gripe about it being a two-month "fluke", or maybe accept that perhaps the first two months was a "slump'' and that Washburn is what he is right now -- a league average pitcher. Maybe he's better than that now. He tinkered with a new change-up grip this year, then reverted back to his old one and found that it finally clicked for him.

Washburn admits it's been "a 14-year struggle'' to find a proper changeup.

"I have more confidence right now in all my off-speed pitches than I've ever had,'' Washburn said. "Which allows me to mix it up more than I have in the past. So, hitting the spots with the fastball and the off-speed is just a good recipe right now. I feel I've matured a little bit as a pitcher. I'm learning the secondary pitches and getting more comfortable with them and I feel I've really taken a step forward in my career.''

Yes, he was facing the Blue Jays. Yes, that team uses David Eckstein as a DH against lefties. But Washburn held the Boston Red Sox to three runs over 5 2/3 innings last week. About the same as Felix Hernandez, who gave up three runs over six frames.

So, time will tell whether this is a lasting change or not. For now, it's given the M's a trade commodity. That's more than you can say about a good part of this roster.

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Posted by Nick

12:41 PM, Jul 27, 2008

That is an amazing photo!!!

Posted by nature

12:45 PM, Jul 27, 2008

nice doll.

Maybe Washburns asking price just went up a little bit?

Posted by bunt4ahit

12:45 PM, Jul 27, 2008

That is a figurine not Rios. What kind of garbage is this.

Posted by Adam The Lord

12:48 PM, Jul 27, 2008

I was happy to see Washburn go out with a win thanks to a great outing and some rare run-support, a nice way to end his Mariner career....

Posted by HenryTracks

12:50 PM, Jul 27, 2008

actually it is the same guy... tons of fly balls and line drives.. finding mitts it the only difference..

Im glad you're not running my team Baker, sounds like youd keep him

Posted by Tom

12:53 PM, Jul 27, 2008

haha, where did you get the toy?

Posted by Toe Tag

12:57 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Great graphic, Geoff. It reminded me that Amazon is delivering my copy of "Hitler Moves East" tomorrow.

Posted by GripS

12:58 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Should have let him pitch a full game. I could see him finishing this one out which makes him look even better.

JJ STILL doesn't look good.

Posted by bleacher bum

1:07 PM, Jul 27, 2008

good for wash. he's actually been a good solid pitcher for us and kind of an amusing guy who always takes the heat when he gets bombed. too bad he never had decent run support or his numbers would be far better. but then that's true of so many pitchers who've been through rain city the last six years or so. wash deserves better and he's going to probably get it.

Posted by Nick

1:09 PM, Jul 27, 2008

i'm guessing nobody saw the sarcasm in my comment...

Posted by JuneauTom

1:13 PM, Jul 27, 2008

What are the chances of a surprise bidder showing up for Washburn's services?

Posted by wag the dog

1:47 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Gotta love how Washburn is pretty much a mediocre pitcher who eats innings in unspectacular fashion but somehow manages to dig a little deeper when he stands to personally benefit. Where has 8 innings and 1 ER been all season? Heck, the entire time he's been a Mariner? To me, he's the perfect example of one of the many things that ails this team.

As to who blinks first, of course it will be the Mariners. There one shot at getting a decent prospect in return for this garbage season and they'll undoubtedly blow it.

Posted by Top pick in 09 draft

1:53 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Sometimes the best trades are the ones not made. It makes absolutely NO SENSE to consider a trade where the NYY dump their garbage (Igawa) on the M's as part of the package for Washburn. If Pelekoudas gets sucked into that one, he should be fired immediately. We already have $20m/year in dead contracts for 2009-11 with Silva and Joh and to add another $4m in Igawa's salary each of those years for at best a long reliever makes no sense. I would rather see them keep Washburn through his contract and in his walk year, he may have a solid year then you can get a couple of sandwich draft picks for him - a much better alternative than taking on Igawa's contract. If you can get Melky Cabrera or Gardiner without having to take on Igawa, that may be worth considering otherwise Cashman is just taking advantage of an inexperienced interim GM. Maybe Yamauchi just wants the Tacoma Rainiers to win a title with their rotation headed by Igawa.

Posted by youmustbekidding

2:00 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Every pitcher has good stretches... The Mariners can dump his salary, or they can eat it...

But to think they'll get more for him NOW, when whomever they trade him to will now get one LESS start, flies in the face of common sense.

The Yankees, for example, wanted Washburn to take Rasner's spot in the rotation... There is no chance a compitent executive is going to give more now than he would have BEFORE Washburn pitched today.

Everybody has good games... The only thing Washburn starting today did was make it one LESS game he will be able to pitch for his new team.

Posted by M's_Hawks

2:00 PM, Jul 27, 2008

In 6 Sundays the Hawks will be kicking the sh*t out of the Bills.

Posted by oink

2:07 PM, Jul 27, 2008

"If Washburn had pitched like this all year, the M's might not be looking to trade him."

if Vidro, Joh and Sexson didn't stink, if Silva and Batista weren't bums if if if

if my aunt had balls she would been my uncle

Posted by I heart Perconte

2:11 PM, Jul 27, 2008

I say F the Yankees!! good a good deal or don't deal at all. Let the Yankees rot. I hate the Yankees, why do them any favors F THE YANKEES!!!!

Posted by FunnyGirl

2:26 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Yes, forget the Yanks. Forget the trading deadline, too. What's the urgency? Trade him during the offseason.

Wouldn't it be great if the Rays discover a few bucks stashed away in their owners' suite and decided to trade for Washburn...then with a few good outings from Washburn, between them and the Red Sox keep the Yanks out of the playoffs altogether?

An anti-Yankee can dream.... :)

Posted by Ry

2:31 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Unlike the M's, the Yanks are trying to load up and go for it this year. The stakes are much higher for them and so of the two teams involved, they have more incentive to get the deal done than do the M's. Unless NY is looking to deal for a starting pitcher with another team, the M's should hold firm and call the bluff. If the M's are the only team the Yanks are working with right now, they should wait for Cashman to blink.

Posted by BrianL

2:34 PM, Jul 27, 2008

FunnyGirl - There's no way the Rays GM would trade for Washburn. They've got plenty of #5 arms, all of which are far cheaper than Wash.

Posted by Chip1010

2:38 PM, Jul 27, 2008

"That is a figurine not Rios. What kind of garbage is this."

There's no way that's a figurine. I'm pretty sure that's actually Rios, playing baseball inside the press box, 75 feet above the field, with his back to the playing field.

Posted by scottM

2:39 PM, Jul 27, 2008

from Nick: "scottM, when have the mariners actually had a must win game? Last year was the only time that the M's have even had a chance since he has been here .. and he wasn't even close to being the biggest problem they had in August."

In 2006 the M's were in the hunt in August and the M's had must win games on an 11 game road trip starting with Texas. Meche and Washburn both tanked big time.

Last season, he was 10-15 on a team that won 88 games and lost 74. There were several must-win games he let us down on.

This year since May 21st when it was clear that the M's were out of it, Washburn's ERA dropped from 6.99 to 4.50 today. Washburn was part of this team's collapse. Far more than Bedard. In '08, the M's are 6-14 in the games Washburn started. Some of that is our obscene offense, but much is also Washburn as a pitcher.

The better question is where has this mediocre journeyman ever been when his team needed him?

I do hope Washburn's personal showcasing does bring back to the M's a legitimate prospect. If trading him is just to dump salary WITHOUT replacing that salary with better players, then this trade is a joke that won't benefit the M's organization.

Posted by Dono

2:44 PM, Jul 27, 2008

I find it quite interesting that NY Yankees already have picked up Sexton and may now take on Washburn and Vidro.........beyond belief that this will get the Yankees over the top.......they aren't that stupid

Posted by scott

2:45 PM, Jul 27, 2008

The M's need to stand pat if the Yankees won't pony up more than a "marginal prospect." If not, the M's should just keep Wash. That would give us a rotation of Felix, Bedard, Washburn, Silva (ughh -- no way to dump his salary on anyone else so he'll be here), and perhaps Morrow.

There is no point in a dealing just to deal. If we can't get a better than marginal prospect from the Yanks, then the deal doesn't improve our organization and it shouldn't be made. I'm really glad that Bavasi isn't the one making this decision.

Posted by Patrick F.

2:51 PM, Jul 27, 2008

The way Wash has pitched recently, the Yanks had better sweeten the deal. Washburn has always gotten lousy run support with the Mariners. Going to NY will probably boost his win total significantly. I say we hold firm on acquiring Melky Cabrera for him.

Posted by JD

2:52 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Mariners need to hold firm. The Yankees stole two players from the Pirates because Pittsburgh got desperate.

Posted by Gerald

2:54 PM, Jul 27, 2008

The McDoanald HR was the only hard hit ball?

I don't know what you were watching during the first 4 innings, Geoff. I remember hoping Cashman was only getting updates, and not actually watching this game, because the Blue Jays were hitting a bunch of liners right at Mariner defenders.

Posted by byebye

3:05 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Hey youmustbekidding, I support the M's pitching Wash today. If they hadn't, it would be saying we are sitting here waiting for the phone to ring. If the M's don't get a reasonable deal, keep him. He will be worth just as much or more later unless he is injured. Why help the Yankees? We have a mess to clean up if they get Wash or not.


Posted by Norwester

3:11 PM, Jul 27, 2008


PLEASE tell the M's front office not to let themselves get plowed by the Yankees by taking this lowball deal for Washburn. For once, the M's should tell a team to stuff it when they try to ream us in a trade. A lefty who's been pitching like Wash has lately has more value than Cashman is willing to admit, and the M's should be talking to other teams that could use him. To hell with the Yankees. They act like they're doing us a favor, but all they really want is to do us.

Posted by yankee fan

3:24 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Keep Washout--- I do not want him even if it costs $0

Posted by ken

3:36 PM, Jul 27, 2008

For the past two months, Washburn has been our 2nd best sp - the only one besides Felix that you can count on to keep the team in a game. Hold firm with NYY - FO may want to approach the Cardinals and Philly again to gauge their interest in Wash as both teams are showing signs of fading from the race without a jolt of new energy. I'm just glad that rumors of the M's taking on classic bust Igawa are fading.

Posted by youmustbekidding

4:02 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Don't do the YANKEES any favors???

Some people would consider taking the entire $14 million due a guy who has given up WELL over a hit per inning for 3 1/3 years running as doing the MARINERS a favor.

Jarrod Washburn is AT BEST a mediocre Major League pitcher... He is not about to make or break ANYBODY'S season, and certainly not the Yankees'.

So just keep and pay that $14 million for your 5-9 pitcher with a near 5 era.

Posted by Sodo Mojo

4:34 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Get a prospect or keep him. Dumping him for nothing (or Igawa), makes absolutely no sense. I thought we got rid of Bavasi because we always got the raw end of trades. If the Yankee trade goes down without Cabrera or a decent prospect, then Pelekoudas is Bavasi, Jr. Will someone in the front office show some common sense for once?

Posted by Norwester

4:34 PM, Jul 27, 2008

"Don't do the YANKEES any favors???

Some people would consider taking the entire $14 million due a guy who has given up WELL over a hit per inning for 3 1/3 years running as doing the MARINERS a favor.

Jarrod Washburn is AT BEST a mediocre Major League pitcher... He is not about to make or break ANYBODY'S season, and certainly not the Yankees'.

So just keep and pay that $14 million for your 5-9 pitcher with a near 5 era."

Your lips to Cashman's ear.

We'll gladly let you keep Igawa and his salary, and we'll keep a lefty who held your Yankees to 4 hits and two earned runs. We can afford his salary next year, when he'll be a decent 4th or 5th starter, and he'll be off the books a year later.

I hope the Yankees' front office appraises starters by win-loss records like you do. Meanwhile, I hope the M's front office looks at Washburn's Defense Independent Pitching, which gives him a 4.48 ERA, just slightly better than the Angels' Joe Saunders with his 13-5 record.

BTW, Washburn's regular ERA is 4.79--I guess that's "close to 5" if you went through the New York public school system--and his ERA since June 1st is 3.05. Over the same period, Pettitte's ERA is 3.57.

Cashman can take his BS offer and stuff it.

Posted by meagain

4:55 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Washburn has always been a tough competitor. He hasn't always pitched well, but he never rolled over. That's my view.

I did notice today and in a couple of other games that Johjima seems to catch him just fine when he's pitching well. It's when he's in a pickle that they haven't been in synch. I wish Geoff or one of the other beat guys had been able to define the problem(s) better. Neither of these guys is a quitter.

Posted by yankee fan

5:35 PM, Jul 27, 2008

yea, why would your front office want to get rid of Washout? Probably because they are a product of the New York public school system. I do not want Washout, but what do I know I am a product of the New York public school system

Posted by The Bicyclist

5:35 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Dereka is at it again taking pot shots at Geoff. His web traffic must be down for the month of July.

Posted by Terry

6:10 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Either give Washburn away or buy a useful body like Cabrera by chipping in some of Washburn's salary but there is absolutely no reason for Pelekoudas to be frozen in the headlights on this one.....

Posted by youmustbekidding

6:31 PM, Jul 27, 2008

"Your lips to Cashman's ear.

We'll gladly let you keep Igawa and his salary, and we'll keep a lefty who held your Yankees to 4 hits and two earned runs. We can afford his salary next year, when he'll be a decent 4th or 5th starter, and he'll be off the books a year later."

If the Yankees are trying to pull that, then I would reject it, too, because that would mean the Mariners would only be getting about $5 million worth of relief.

Based on the reports I've seen, that is not the case...

The Yankees have said that they are willing to give a better player IF the Mariners take Igawa, OR give a lesser player and take on the entire $14 million...

The Mariners want both - ALL the salaray relief AND a good prospect which, based on what they are offering, is ridiculous.

Posted by Frankie

7:57 PM, Jul 27, 2008

"The Mariners want both - ALL the salaray relief AND a good prospect which, based on what they are offering, is ridiculous."

Ok. So then we will keep Washburn and you guys can keep trotting out Darrell Rasner. How does that sound? ;)

Posted by Norwester

8:02 PM, Jul 27, 2008

'The Mariners want both - ALL the salaray relief AND a good prospect which, based on what they are offering, is ridiculous.'

It's still not clear what the proposed deal is, but if that's it, it's not ridiculous. The Yankees are the ones trying to make a run while chasing two teams in their division.

The M's don't have to make a deal, because they're going nowhere. Wash's contract is off the books in 2010, and there's no likelihood that the M's will be close to contending between then and now.

The M's need to remember that the Yankees are the ones trying to shore up their rotation in a thin market. Supply and demand determine price.

Right now, the Yankees are acting like we're the needy ones, as if a salary dump were some kind of imperative when we're in last place and will have several big contracts coming off the books before we're close to contending--and that's truly ridiculous.

Posted by Sodo Mojo

8:29 PM, Jul 27, 2008

The bargaining position only strengthened today with Washburn having a great start and Ponson struggling against the Red Sox. Both occurred at just the right time. Agree to pay $5 million of Washburn's remaining salary and offer him for Cabrera. The Yankees get a left hander for the stretch drive and a bit of relief from his salary and the Mariners get a young outfielder to build for the future and save some money on the rest of Washburn's contract.

Posted by youmustbekidding

8:30 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Then keep him... It certainly looks like that's what going to happen anyway, based on the latest story on

I'm not crazy about giving up a good prospect for a mediocre pitcher anyway. And over the course of any significant stretch of time, that's exactly what Washburn is.

Posted by youmustbekidding

8:41 PM, Jul 27, 2008

According to Jon Heyman, in exchange for the mediocre Washburn, the Mariners want Melky Cabrera AND Brett Gardner.

You must be kidding...

No thank you.

Posted by Sodo Mojo

8:53 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Asking for more than a player is worth and negotiating toward the middle sounds like a good change in policy for our front office. So if asking for both young outfielders results in getting one of them through negotiation, we'll take it. Or we could just give Washburn for Igawa. After all, this is the front office who gave away Carlos Guillen for Ramon Santiago. We're about to see if things have changed.

Posted by SteelerDan

9:04 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Is Neuhaus really the first Mariner in Cooperstown?

Wow, thats pretty sad!

Any Seattle teams with bonfide tradition?

Posted by Top pick in 09 draft

9:16 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Keeping Washburn unless NYY agrees to give up Cabrera or possibly Gardner and another prospect (NOT IGAWA) isn't a bad option for the M's to pursue. Washburn, if he has really learned how to throw a changeup, would give the M's some flexibility in unloading Bedard this offseason. Washburn has been a much more standup guy and has taken on accountability for his failures which is something we haven't seen from Bedard. The M's definitely need to keep at least one l/h starter in addition to the unproven RRS.

Posted by SteelerFoo!

9:23 PM, Jul 27, 2008

This has got to be the only board where a Pirate fan can come and talk smack. Must be nice to be living in 1978... What's next? a smack talking Padre fan? How sad.....

Posted by Anything Can Happen

9:32 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Although I advocate trading Washburn (because I think RRS will be able to put up equal numbers next year for $10 million less), the Ms should be negotiating from a position of strength.

The Yankees really don't need to dump Igawa's $4 million salary--that's a drop in the deep Yankee bucket; they have enormous TV revenue to work with and sell-out crowds every night. Washburn's $9 million this year would barely put him in the top HALF of the Yankees payroll:
A-Rod (age 33): $28 million
Giambi (37) $23 million
Jeter (34) $21 million
Pettite (36) $16 million
Abreu (34) $16 million
Rivera (38) $15 million
Posada (36) $13 million
Matsui (34) $13 million
Damon (34) $13 million
Mussina (39) $11 million
Pavano(32) $11 million

Yes, that's right--the Yankees are paying $11 million to Carl Pavano who has thrown more than 135 innings in only two of his 10 MLB seasons, whose career ERA (mostly in the NL) is higher than Washburn's, and who has pitched only 1049 innings in his 10-year career (compared to Washburn's 1644).

I think there's a bit of precedent here for paying $10 million next year for a lefty who's pitching among the best right now, AND pitches well at Yankee Stadium--and REALLY well at Tropicana. If the Yankees want to improve their chances of beating the Mighty Tampa Bay Rays this year, they could find a few worse ways of blowing $10 million. And looking at the list above, I think they already have. If the Yankees aren't willing to deal, then wait till the off-season or next year.

Posted by scottM

9:47 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Any Seattle teams with bonfide tradition?

The Supersonics....oh yeah someone pulled a Brooklyn Dodger heist on them.

Posted by David

9:57 PM, Jul 27, 2008

I wouldnt trade Washburn to dump salary...we have no prblem with salary! We need talent!!! They better get something for him!!!!

Posted by tomtom

10:19 PM, Jul 27, 2008

The "salary dumpers" are trying to make room for a free agent Felix next year. They figure they have to find $20M/yr for him, and have to get rid of half the M's.

Posted by sicvee

10:46 PM, Jul 27, 2008

Check out tonights box score of Yankees-Red Sox:
Note Sexson went 1 for 4, struck out twice. Melky Cabrera stats just below show poor OBP and slugging percentage, We already have a .250 BA center fielder.

Posted by Chris from Bothell

11:14 PM, Jul 27, 2008

To heck with dumping Washburn for a couple outfielders, or even for salary... dump him to free a roster spot.

Washburn to Yanks for salary relief and no one coming back is ideal, because then RRS takes his spot (i.e. more RRS) and we don't have yet another AAAA player clogging up the outfield and/or bench, making room to evaluate and then cycle out the backlog of "talent" we have here and at AAA.

Posted by Karno11

11:56 PM, Jul 27, 2008

I think we should wait it out if we can't get what we want for Washburn...He has pitched really well and if you can't get quality back for him don't make a deal...What if he has found that change-up and pitches like Moyer did for 5 more years...I say that's worth a gamble...Far from what I was saying in May!

Posted by Jonathan

12:43 AM, Jul 28, 2008

Note Sexson went 1 for 4, struck out twice. Melky Cabrera stats just below show poor OBP and slugging percentage, "We already have a .250 BA center fielder."

Cabrera is only 23 years old, lots of room for improvement. Bloomquist and Reed are in their late 20's and one is horrible against righties, the other horrible against lefties making them inadequate every day players.

Posted by dave

1:41 AM, Jul 28, 2008

I couldnt agree mor Karno11

Posted by Stat Prof

3:44 AM, Jul 28, 2008

This happens every time the Ms get into semipublic trade discussions.

The FO gets sucked into a whirlpool where a deal has to get done, and they forget the reason for the deal in the first place.

This is how we gave up 5 prospects for Bedard, because the FO felt that a deal had to get done. We got talked out of Sherrill and 3 other guys because BB wanted to trade Jones for Bedard, and the Orioles just keep upping what they wanted.

This is how we get Sterling Hitchock and Russ Davis in exchange for Tino Martinez and Jeff Nelson. We "had" to trade Tino for Andy Pettitte, and somehow or another we ended up having to give up Nelson and a third guy to get Sterling Hitchcock (who lasted one season0 and Russ (Stonehands) Davis instead. We're gonna get taken again. You can count on it, because Lincoln and Armstrong have it in their heads that a deal has to be done.

Posted by Hezzy

5:51 AM, Jul 28, 2008

I heard M's are trying to get Sexson back in Washburn trade with Yanks.

Posted by Bavasi Insider

7:04 AM, Jul 28, 2008

Bill Bavasi would have already traded Washburn for two top prospects like Jesse Foppert and Marcos Carvajal. He restocked our farm system, and didn't burn it down like Pat Gillick, who gave us nothing but winning seasons.

Posted by Ryan

7:06 AM, Jul 28, 2008

Washburn for Igawa straight up. Absolutely no way would I do that deal. Throw in Cabrera, then I think you do it.

Posted by Ryan

7:13 AM, Jul 28, 2008

What are the odds that a team like St Louis or Milwaukee seps in here too?? I've heard rumors that both those teams have been scouting Washburn and/or Rhodes. You can't trade Wash for Igawa straight up. That would almost be worse than the Bedard trade.

Posted by ken

7:22 AM, Jul 28, 2008

If the M's could package Washburn with either "Buffet" Silva or Johjima, I would do that trade for a bag of balls. Both of those contracts, with three years remaining, will really hamper this organization. Maybe the Yankees could also be forced to hire Bavasi as head of their scouting department.

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