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Geoff Baker covers the Mariners for The Seattle Times. He provides daily coverage of the team throughout spring training, and during the season.

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July 31, 2008 1:03 PM

Deadline done

Posted by Geoff Baker

*****We're hearing talk of a Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers deal. Let's wait and see.*************

No official word yet, but it looks as if the Mariners' trade of Arthur Rhodes to the Marlins will be their only deal of the day. It can take 10 or 15 minutes to get word of any last-second deals, so let's hold off on saying anything is certain. Those Raul Ibanez-to-Toronto rumors? No idea where that got started. Talked to my contacts in Toronto and they seemed mystified. It's not like the Blue Jays are actually in the wild-card race. They've taken quite a tumble the past few days.

Forget about local boy Travis Snider. The Jays are not parting with him. But they might be willing to part with pitcher Jesse Litsch, then take the draft picks when Ibanez leaves. But all that is predicated upon the Jays actually contending this year. You don't give up Litsch for two months of Ibanez and a longshot playoff bid -- draft picks or not. Unless you think those picks will pay off more than Litsch.

I don't know. I'll believe it when I see it. We'll know for certain in a few moments. Ibanez isn't going anywhere in August. He'd be claimed off waivers in a heartbeat.

Actually, this just went up, crediting Jayson Stark. Says the M's backed out of a deal for two major leaguers in exchange for Ibanez. If that's true, there might be some splainin' to do. I mean, I love Ibanez. Draft picks are nice. But David Purcey is a former No. 1 draft pick who's now pitching in the major leagues. He has control issues, but so what? You work on them. Brandon League was once touted as a closer. He's has issues with his windup and delivery -- and been messed up by coaches trying to reinvent him the past few years -- but again, so what? The native of Hawaii used to gun it up to 98 mph. Not sure where he's at now. He's obviously dropped off in stature, even when I was still in Toronto in 2006. But even if he's down to 93 mph, that's still a decent filler arm.

With draft picks, it usually takes three to five years to get to the majors. If they make it at all. I'm only going off Stark's speculation here, but if Purcey and League were the names offered back, that sounds like a decent deal. Then again, he says "something like" Purcey and League, which might be a big difference between what was actually offered.

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Posted by scottM

1:05 PM, Jul 31, 2008

This feels like New Years Eve on the millenium. The clock strikes midnight and nothing significant happened, except kissing Rhodes goodbye. Time moves forward.

Posted by Sounders

1:07 PM, Jul 31, 2008

They should rename the team The Seattle Goof

Posted by Choska

1:08 PM, Jul 31, 2008

I want to pitch a fit, but there was no point in moving Ibanez for nothing given the picks we'll get in the fall if we let him walk.

Same for Washburn, if there were no takers then move him tomorrow.

Chris Antonetti in '08

Posted by Adam

1:10 PM, Jul 31, 2008

If the Mariners wanted a package simliar to the value of two comp picks, and they turned down TWO ML players, I hope it was Scutaro and Wilkerson that Pelekoudas turned down.

For his sake...

Posted by Stats11

1:11 PM, Jul 31, 2008

According to Jayson Stark, M's had a deal in place for two major league players, but backed out at the last second.

Other than lose games, that's all this team does on a consistent basis.

Ibanez will probably accept arbitration, or the Mariners will sign him to a ridiculous contract because he had some good years in the mid 90s. At every opportunity, this team fails miserably.

Posted by joebbaseball

1:12 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Wow. I guess since a team that was on pace to win over 100 games didn't do anything to improve themselves, I shouldn't be suprised that a team that will lose 100 games didn't do anything to cut their losses. Not sure what is more pathetic, the team on the field, or the idiots in charge of this team.

Posted by Adam

1:12 PM, Jul 31, 2008

The only thing with Raul is: How sure are you that he's going to turn down arbitration? If he thinks he could get close to $10 million, he might just accept it. And do the Mariners want to pay that kind of money to an aging DH?

Posted by Tommyfoutball

1:12 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Remember the post game interview a few years ago pitched a fit about the front office not doing a darned thing? That was to try to make that team better....i thought nothing could be more painful than that day.
I remember looking at my kid and saying, "well, he's gone", and he was.
This is worse. While I understand some of the logic for standing pat, I pray to the baseball Gods that fans will tell this team to take a hike. Nothing will impact these owners other than losing ten cents.
As long as fans keep heading out for Dave Niehaus bobblehead day, and Kevin Cremin's induction into the radio producers hall of fame, NOT A DAMN THING will change.

Posted by Miles

1:13 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Hmm, should I believe Geoff or Jayson Stark?

Stark says the M'd pulled Ibanez out of a deal with the Jays at the last minute, a deal that would have brought two major level players back. No word on who those players were.

Posted by Tommyfoutball

1:13 PM, Jul 31, 2008

PS...When Jeff Nelson pitched a fit.

Posted by Tom

1:13 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Wow, how pathetic.

Posted by Briguy17

1:15 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Another deadline gone, another deadline wasted making no major moves. Typical Mariners.

Posted by will

1:17 PM, Jul 31, 2008

I am looking forward to everyone freaking out about it but turning down the Jays offer for Ibanez was smart. ESPN says it involved no prospects and was for 2 major league players.

Since im sure those player's names weren't Rios, Rolen, or Wells it is better not to clog our roster further and take the 2 extra draft picks

Solid long term decision by Lee Platypus

Posted by cesame

1:18 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Washburn still here.

Lee, consider this as your first step to not be coming back next year. You really missed out.

Posted by scrapiron

1:22 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Why would the Blue Jays want Ibanez? That makes no sense. Too many sources say it was true to ignore, but if the Blue Jays offered anything for Ibanez it would be crazy. They aren't going anywhere this year.

I heard the names Lind, Purcey and League in the discussions.

Posted by Adam

1:25 PM, Jul 31, 2008

League is still a guy I'd love to have - averaging 96.3 mph on his fastball, with a GB rate over 56%. If you can get his control in order, he's a closer candidate.

As for Purcey, he's a lefty who had a great year in AAA, but he's 26. Not sure how much projection he has left, if any.

That's a pretty good deal for Ibanez, but that link appears to be speculative, so I'll withhold judgment - for now.

Posted by Adam

1:27 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Scrap - if Lind was in the deal, even by himself, the M's were CRAZY to turn that down. CRAZY.

Posted by Mint Husky

1:29 PM, Jul 31, 2008

I'm resisting the urge to fill the comment submission text box with a rant of epic and vulgar proportions.

I hate this team so much this year it's sickening.

Posted by will

1:30 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Even if Ibanez accepts arbitration and screws up the draft pick plan Id rather have him at DH next year than adding two more bullpen pitchers that lack control/ good mechanics. f you add them who do you drop? Our pen has been solid and we already have a #1 draft pick and AAA guys waiting to be called up

Posted by BavasiSucks

1:31 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Trading Ibanez for two crud ML players would have been stupid and not done anything for our future

We would just clog up our team with more bad ml players and have no where to put them. I say bring in the first round picks! Thats what rebuilding is effing about anyways, getting good talent and developing it, not getting untalented qucik fixes

all you whiners are stupid

Posted by shane/olympia

1:33 PM, Jul 31, 2008

it's 1:30 is lee fired yet?

hire Kim Ng

f**k bavisi would have made those moves

after the deadline how do you get anyone back in return?

isn't that the point to get younger and cut payroll

Posted by JP

1:35 PM, Jul 31, 2008

I am so utterly disgusted with this orginization. I am officially done blogging and officially done watching and officially done caring about this piece of expletive, expletive, expletive, expletive, expletive, expletive, no good dirty rotten, unprofessional, un educated poor excuse for a front office.

Go Hawks Peace out!

Posted by Lance

1:36 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Trading Arthur was really just about all one could expect Seattle to do.

Best to deal with the Beltre matter in the wintertime.

They'd probably prefer to keep Raul around at least another year. Or, take the draft choices.

Anyone else that has any kind of market would probably clear waivers. I'm sure their is another deal coming down in the next few weeks.

XM Radio saying Manny's a Dodger, a 3-way that sends Bay to Boston.

Posted by Resin isn't Cheating

1:36 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Good job Pelekoudas, for not giving in.

Ibanez is worth more than Purcey and League. Relievers are a dime a dozen in our own minor league system. Brandon League also has been injury prone the last few years.

Purcey is not enough value for Ibanez. Ibanez is a good bat and certainly will command more than a Purcey at the winter GM Meetings. Heck, Arizona offered better value to the M's than Toronto.

Posted by cesame

1:36 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Start up the fire Lee chants. Well not fire, but don't hire!

New GM please.

Posted by Adam

1:37 PM, Jul 31, 2008

First of all, Lind, Purcey, and League are not "untalented."

Second, if you get lucky and Ibanez rejects arbitration, you have to hope that your two comp picks turn out to be good, which is not a given (at least Lind, League, and Purcey have made the bigs), and that they can help the team sometime before 2011.

Third, why, exactly, would we want to pay an aging 37 year-old DH close to $10 million? I'd take Lind over Ibanez eight days a week.

Posted by will

1:39 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Bavasi Sucks - You're right! Finally another sensible human being.

Let's imagine this was Bavasi making this deal...he jumps at 2 crappy bullpen armseven htough its our one area of strength guaranteed

Way to not be bulled over by Toronto or NY Lee. Now complete the washburn salary dump, DFA Vidro and call up Balentien and RRS or Fierebend

Posted by Miles

1:41 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Ha ha, I like how some people are freaking out about Washburn not being traded for salary relief. Like Geoff keeps saying, that deal can happen any tiime in the next month if all you care about is a salary dump. Let's wait until the teams that might be interested all solve their problems before we call that deal a bust and a failure. Did the Yankees solve their pitching problem today? Nope.

Posted by fred

1:41 PM, Jul 31, 2008

About what we expected. Washburn and Ibanez will never again have the trading value they had today (July 31). Respectable offers for either of them should have been snapped up--especially if, as in Washburn's case---millions in this and next year's Mariners payroll could have been saved for rebuilding.

Peter Gammons just said on ESPN that the Mariners were the biggest losers in the pre-July 31 trading period, indicating the team does not recognize the need to restock ASAP with young talent.

One good thing has come of this. We now know that Pelakoudas is not up to being permanent GM.
His trade of Rhodes was an easy no-brainer.
Otherwise he got caught over his depth.

Another disappointing day for this team. Remember Lincoln's "nothing is off the table" statement? Turns out, the team lacked guts and brains to take advantage of the July 31 period.

Posted by Soonerman22

1:43 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Another year, another deadline, and another anti clamatic day. I don't know why I even get worked up for this day. Nothing ever happens. Lots of talk little action.

So how long till they cut Cairo and Vidro?

Posted by Adam

1:44 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Ibanez won't command anything at the GM meetings, since he'll be a FA.

So, if you think the risk of Ibanez accepting arbitration plus the hope that two comp picks pan out and help the team sometime before 2011 or so isn't worth Purcey and League, or Lind, then clap Lee on the back.

And since when was Purcey a reliever?

Posted by Bill

1:46 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Wow. The Sox get Jason Bay, the Dodgers get Manny, and the Pirates get 4 prospects. Not bad for anyone involved in that deal. 4 prospects for Jason Bay...and the M's turned down 2 players for Raul? Does any major league GM want to make deals with the M's?

Posted by Jon Wells

1:51 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Over at ESPN, Peter Gammons called the Mariners "the big losers at the trade deadline, saying, "The Rangers and A's have both picked up a ton of good young talent in the last year. I don't think Seattle realizes just how far behind the rest of the division they really are. It could be a long four or five years in Seattle."

Posted by Full Count

1:52 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Nothing new happens, wow what an unexpected path, the same old same old, even when the walls are collapsing around them. A farm system so unprepared and weak with talent, the Mariners future is a risk and in question.

Mr.Pelekoudas has just secured his exit. Just sit back and ride it out and lets get new blood and a new vision. Mr. Armstrong must be thanked for his years in Seattle and let go..Change...Change... Change., come ownership group lets make it happen.

Posted by Sounders

1:53 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Prediction Time: Manny, The Dodgers and Torre will beat the Yanks in the WS. That would Rule!!!

More interesting than watching The Goof.

Posted by Miles

1:53 PM, Jul 31, 2008

fred said:
About what we expected. Washburn and Ibanez will never again have the trading value they had today (July 31). Respectable offers for either of them should have been snapped up--especially if, as in Washburn's case---millions in this and next year's Mariners payroll could have been saved for rebuilding.

Peter Gammons just said on ESPN that the Mariners were the biggest losers in the pre-July 31 trading period, indicating the team does not recognize the need to restock ASAP with young talent."

That's great to say, but where did they pass on those deals? They didn't trade Washburn because the Yankees weren't offering anything but salary relief. The whole point was to hold out for young talent.

You can't have it both ways fred. What was on the table was salary dumps.

Posted by GripS

1:54 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Adam..... there's only 7 days in a week. :)

Good for Lee holding firm on Washburn.

Posted by downonstrikes

1:54 PM, Jul 31, 2008


Posted by booger

1:55 PM, Jul 31, 2008

this is like going to the prom with the hottest floozie in the school then at the end of the dance she turns born again on ya

Posted by Adam

1:56 PM, Jul 31, 2008

It's not often that I agree with Peter Gammons, but he's right. The A's, Rangers, and Angels are all in good shape for the future. The Mariners are not.

Maybe ownership didn't want a bunch of moves before a permanent GM was in place, maybe the team thinks their players will have better value in the offseason (Ibanez won't have any). Who knows?

Sure feels like the good ship Mariner has nobody at the wheel...

Posted by Resin isn't Cheating

1:56 PM, Jul 31, 2008

I believe the M's re-sign Ibanez, they love him. They were offered nice pitching prospects by Arizona. The Purcey and League offer is a joke in comparison. My reference to a reliever was Brandon League. He is a reliever for your information, Adam.

Posted by Joebbaseball

1:56 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Geoff, please stop updating us! As diehard fans of this train wreck we are better off in the dark. WTF are they doing! As a season ticket holder for the Syracuse Chiefs I have seen Purcey and League pitch several times this year. Purcey was good enough to start the AAA all star game, and when League would come into the game, you could be walking around the concourse not paying attention, and by the sound of the catchers glove, you would know League came in. What the hell are the M's doing!!

Posted by markus

1:58 PM, Jul 31, 2008

I'm starting to get the feeling that the M's are going to go at this next year with pretty much the same team. This team sucks so bad, but they refuse to make any changes! I'm horrified that I cheer for the most inept franchise in baseball.

Posted by Adam

2:00 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Ibanez is worth more than Purcey and League. Relievers are a dime a dozen in our own minor league system. Brandon League also has been injury prone the last few years.

No, that's a reference to both Purcey and League as relievers.

And if the Mariners do re-sign Ibanez, then it's the ultimate show of incompetence.

Posted by Ragarm

2:00 PM, Jul 31, 2008

We fans are so getting used to disappointment. With all the ill will out there in the fan base, you'd think FO would do something, anything, to appease the beast. This shows they just don't care.

The M's continue to play utility men as regulars and bat a weak hitting DH in the 4th spot and expect support. This will come crashing down on them, mark my words. Those of us on this blog are representative of the people on the street, except we may be less apathetic. The team's financial bottom line will take a hit on all this. Maybe not now or after another rally fry night, but in the future.

We know how we got here, and there is no leadership to get us out of the hole.

Today's a sad day indeed.

Posted by scrapiron

2:06 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Not trading Washburn is no big deal. They'll be able to pass him through waivers soon and when the Yankees claim him be able to get a prospect in return. Once the Yankees get one more start out of Rasner they'll realize how desperate they are.

Not trading Ibanez? Inexecusable. They could have traded Raul for Purcey and League, or Lind straight up. They could have still signed Ibanez for Vidro's salary in '09 and made him the DH. Two prospects and Raul. Steal.

The only good thing that comes out of this is that the M's will get two compensation picks for Raul this off season, and hopefully we'll have a new GM in place that can effectively evaluate talent to make those picks worthwhile.

Which makes me think that Lee was handcuffed by the FO and not allowed to make any major moves so that the new GM could build his/her team.

Posted by Resin isn't Cheating

2:06 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Adam-Lind was never mentioned in any deal.

M's Deadline deal:

I feel the M's failed in not dealing away Beltre to the Twins. He had the most value on the team next to Ibanez. In the winter there will be question marks surrounding Beltre's wrist. He had the most value at the deadline.

The M's also failed in taking the two pitching prospects the Diamondbacks offered us a few weeks ago for Ibanez.

Posted by scottM

2:07 PM, Jul 31, 2008

From Adam: "And would you rather have Washburn with $0 or RRS and $10 million??"

Again, Adam, the unknown question is what the M's intend to do with the Salaries that will come off the book in '09 for Sexson, Vidro and Ibanez if he's not re-signed, and/or Washburn if he's dumped/traded. If we don't know our '09 spending budget, we don't know what our potential options might be.

This issue for this trade deadline was not about dumping salary, but about improving the team and NOT creating more holes than you already have.

I don't think the M's front office has given up on 2009 yet. If this is so, then, logically:

Why dump a veteran lefty who has pitched like a #2 or #3 starter in June/July and create more of a hole in your weak rotation? Why can't RRS take Batista's or Silva's place in the rotation if those guys continue to pitch much worse than Washburn?

Why dump a legitimate solid DH/ 1st baseman for 2009 in Ibanez who has deep enough family roots in Seattle now that he might be very willing to re-sign here this offseason? Ibanez is arguably the best all around offensive presence on a team with powerlite/ free-swinging bats. Why make a bigger hole in what is your team's greatest weakness?

Posted by Resin isn't Cheating

2:11 PM, Jul 31, 2008

No, that's a reference to both Purcey and League as relievers.

I'm sorry Lord Adam you must know what I was thinking. How dare someone question "he who knows everything." Lol!

Posted by The Observer

2:12 PM, Jul 31, 2008

With the deadline past the next big goal of the Mariners is to get Larson as owner lose the designated managing partner, President and interim GM and start to build an organization that isn't the laughingstock of MLB.

Posted by Adam

2:12 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Purcey worked 120 innings in AAA this year. He K'd 121 and walked 34. Had a GB rate of 46%. He's a 6'5", 230 lb. lefty. His last two years in the minors, he didn't have any control problems, while getting almost a K/IP. That's a pretty good prospect, other than the fact that he's 26. I don't see how he's any worse than Washburn, Silva, or Batista.

League is a true power arm. He relies on a hard fastball that gets a ton of GBs (his career GB% is almost 64%). His big problem has always been control.

Posted by Andy

2:13 PM, Jul 31, 2008


Posted by Adam

2:14 PM, Jul 31, 2008

I'm sorry Lord Adam you must know what I was thinking. How dare someone question "he who knows everything." Lol!

No big deal. I think we could have avoided a lot of confusion if you had just better writing skills.

Posted by joebbaseball

2:16 PM, Jul 31, 2008

I am not sure I am more disapointed in these boneheads now, or when I was visiting Seattle in 2000 driving around in my rental all afternoon listening to kjr to hear who the M's got to push them to the series, only to find out they thought getting Al Martin was enough. Another sad, sad day in M's history.

Posted by kaseyswagger

2:19 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Wow they could only trade Arthur RHodes the most obvious least risky person to trade great job front office,

We are supposed to be rebuilding and Pelekoudis cant even deal Ibanez for some top prospects?You cant just get rid of Washburns Salary?Pitiful he if he gets a second chance that is ridiculous he got his shot to prove himself and got gun shy I dont want anybody who is scared to make a move running my team.

Posted by Willmore

2:19 PM, Jul 31, 2008

"I love Lucy" went off the air 50 years ago. Don't you think that it might be time to update those catchphrases?

As for the Ibanez non-trade, I'm fine with it. If they didn't get what they want it shows patience or timidity, depending on how you look at it. Regardless of the end result, Lee didn't screw up the team for the next decade, and I'm fine with that. Especially if we get a new GM and Manager in the off-season.

Posted by scrapiron

2:22 PM, Jul 31, 2008

So now is it more worthwhile to sign Ibanez to be your 2009 DH at a (hopefully) "home town discount" or get the two compensation picks?

Posted by Resin isn't Cheating

2:25 PM, Jul 31, 2008

With the deadline past the next big goal of the Mariners is to get Larson as owner lose the designated managing partner, President and interim GM and start to build an organization that isn't the laughingstock of MLB.

Agreed. Lincoln and Armstrong need to step down. The lack of urgency they showed the entire league is a classic sign these bozos have no clue how to fix this mess. ESPN was talking like Ibanez was nearly untouchable in trade talks, which shows the root of our franchise problem is the front office. Washburn, Ibanez, Beltre, all should have been moved.

Posted by deepthroat

2:26 PM, Jul 31, 2008

This is what we losers get for actually showing up at Safeco to watch this crap team. If there are more than 10000 people at the next game every non move will be validated by US the fans.

Posted by meagain

2:28 PM, Jul 31, 2008

There is a reason Gillick is known as "stand Pat"; he refuses to knowingly take a bad deal; Pelekoudas worked for him, not just Bavasi. We don't know what Pelekoudas passed up. But dealing because the fans want it brings you Sexson, Beltre, Silva and Bedard at exhorbitant salaries. I'm still in wait and see mode, particularly regarding Washburn.

The M's continue to play like a bunch of ribbon clerks, giving stuff away on the field right and left. That concerns me more at the moment, because it sets a tone for next year. They need to wake up and play alertly for the next two months, doesn't matter who they run out there. I'll bet Riggleman is acutely aware of that.

Posted by ChicoV

2:29 PM, Jul 31, 2008

When they are winning they make no moves, when they are losing they make no moves, what a freakin joke.

Posted by ChicoV

2:30 PM, Jul 31, 2008

On the other hand..... How about them Cubbies?!!!!

Posted by PayClayBennett

2:35 PM, Jul 31, 2008

they should have traded Washburn for an order of fries man....keep Raul, but no excuse for Wash being here still - he has 0 value anyway and is a drain on the M's economy....time to stay busy for a new GM - Lee ain't got it, LOL

Posted by BARF

2:40 PM, Jul 31, 2008

awesome no moves, no distractions! Now we can get back to playing super shitty loser baseball Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Posted by Mike

2:43 PM, Jul 31, 2008

I'd offer Ibanez arbitration since it would only be a one year deal. If he takes it you likely have a near .800 OPS DH which certainly isn't great but isn't shabby either. Sinceit is only for a year you don't have long-term expensive exposure for his inevitable decline and you can focus your attention elsewhere.

If he declines you pick up the draft picks and let a smart GM find the next Cust or Pena on the cheap.

As for Washburn, I'm less confident that the Yankees will pick him up on waivers than Geoff. I hope he's right. He certainly has more information than I do. I really worry about trying to dump him in the offseason when there are a lot more and cheaper options. I fear Lee may have screwed the pooch on this. If we have to pay Wash that's $10M we don't get to use on someone else.

Posted by C-Boyd

2:44 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Who are the M's calling up to fill Rhodes' spot?

Posted by Vomit

2:48 PM, Jul 31, 2008

The Mariners will probably trade for John PArrish to take Rhodes spot


2:51 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Parish would be great, maby the mariners could even try to fish Slocumb out of retirement!


2:56 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Peter Gammons is talking about how sad the Mariners are for not making any moves for young prospects. We have no idea how to rebuild like the a's and rangers! We should just trade Lee pelokoudas and Ichiro and get Billy Beane.

Posted by Bill

2:57 PM, Jul 31, 2008

At least we still have garlic fries and our all-star RF to get tourists to come to Safeco.

Posted by ~MARINER 4 LIFE~

3:00 PM, Jul 31, 2008

A case for Ng:

Just look at what that Dodger front-office pulled off....

Essentially Manny Ramirez for Andy LaRoche & Minor League pitcher (AAA?). Not a bad rake, eh?

Imagine what she could have done with Beltre/Ibanez/Washburn.... *sigh*

Posted by Kev

3:19 PM, Jul 31, 2008

Commenting on all the references to Red Sox Gammons errr Peter..The mariners weren't being offerred good young talent like the Rangers or A's have been. Unfortunately Washburn, Ibanez, Beltre or Rhodes will not bring back the same talent as Haren, Teixera, or Harden. Now if..our management would stop half stepping and either go nuts on the free agent market or start rebuilding and offer Lopez, Ichiro and Putz then maybe we'd get some talent offered back. Sitting on the fence will continue to make us mediocre to terrible.

Posted by Big Ebu

3:28 PM, Jul 31, 2008

I thought that only Type A (highest rated) Free Agents result in a team getting two compensation picks if they sign elsewhere. Iím not sure what the formula is for determining whether a free agent is going to be Type A, Type B, or neither, but is it a given that Ibanez will be a Type A?

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